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What is Our Geologic Image?

Merrill W. Haas

Hydrocarbons in Non-Reservoir-Rock Source Beds

Ellis E. Bray , Ernest D. Evans

Geochemical Criteria for Differentiating Reef From Non-Reef Facies in Carbonate Rocks

R. Chester

Stratigraphy and Petroleum Potential of Latest Cretaceous Rocks, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

D. N. Miller, Jr. , James A. Barlow, Jr. , John D. Haun

"Suiyosei-Ten'Nengasu," A Special Type of Japanese Natural Gas Deposit

S. S. Marsden , Kozo Kawai

Note 31--Records Of The Stratigraphic Commission For 1963-1964 American Commission On Stratigraphic Nomenclature: STRATIGRAPHIC COMMISSION

Normal Alkane Distributions in Marine Organisms; Possible Significance to Petroleum Origin: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Charles B. Koons , George W. Jamieson , Leon S. Ciereszko

Types of Submarine Valleys: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Francis P. Shepard

Late Precambrian Stratigraphy of Northern Deep Creek Range, Utah: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Lee A. Woodward

Magnetic Expression of Crustal Tectonics: ABSTRACT

James Affleck, Robert A. Hodgson

Environments and Sediments of the Late Quaternary Niger Delta, West Africa: ABSTRACT

J. R. L. Allen

Sedimentary-Tectonic Relations in the Mesozoic of the North-Central Gulf Coastal Plain: ABSTRACT

E. G. Anderson

Historical Implications of a Changing Earth-Moon Relationship: ABSTRACT

Richard J. Anderson

The Effect of Decrease in Porosity with Depth on Future Development of Oil and Gas Reserves in South Louisiana: ABSTRACT

G. I. Atwater, E. E. Miller

San Pedro de Maturin Diapir, Venezuela: ABSTRACT

Orville L. Bandy, Duncan A. McNaughton

A Resume of River Delta Types: ABSTRACT

H. A. Bernard

Origin and Tectonic Significance of High Fluid Pressures, Central Valley and Coast Range, California: ABSTRACT

Frederick A. F. Berry

Basins of Permian Sedimentary Rocks in Southern Nevada: ABSTRACT

H. J. Bissell

Diapirs in the Western Pyrenees and Their Foreland (Spain): ABSTRACT

Roland Brinkmann, Herbert C. Loegters

Salt Tectonics of the Cuanza Basin, Angola, Portuguese West Africa: ABSTRACT

Georges Brognon, Pierre Masson, Georges Verrier, Sherman A. Wengerd

Diapiric and Associated Structures on the Sabana de Bogota, Colombia: ABSTRACT

Otto J. Buis

Response Model Design for a Rhythmic Delta-Platform Domain, Devonian Catskill Complex of New York: ABSTRACT

Peter Buttner, J. R.

A Sedimentary Model of the Continental Margin Off Oregon: ABSTRACT

John V. Byrne, Neil J. Maloney, Gerald A. Fowler

Palynology of Modern Sediments, Gulf of California and Environs: ABSTRACT

Aureal T. Cross, Bernard L. Shaefer

Defining a Gradient in a Sample of Sedimentary Rock: ABSTRACT

E. C. Dahlberg

Diapiric Structures and Upper Proterozoic to Lower Cambrian Sedimentation in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia: ABSTRACT

C. R. Dalgarno, J. E. Johnson

Bathyscaph Observations in the La Jolla Submarine Fan Valley: ABSTRACT

Robert F. Dill

Vadose Pisolite in the Capitan Reef: ABSTRACT

Robert J. Dunham

Uplifts, the Primary Structures of Deformation in the Shelf and Miogeosyncline of the Western United States: ABSTRACT

A. J. Eardley

Tatum Dome, Mississippi, Site of Atomic Exploration, Project Dribble: ABSTRACT

D. H. Eargle, J. W. Lang, J. W. Schlocker

Quartz Content--Grain Size Relationships and Location of Source Terrane: ABSTRACT

Robert Ehrlich

Cycleology--A Discipline Concomitant to Paleoecology: ABSTRACT

Maxim K. Elias

Distribution of Sediments in the World Ocean: ABSTRACT

Maurice Ewing, John Ewing

Factors Influencing Sedimentation in the Shallow Neritic Environment: ABSTRACT

Dan E. Feray

Tectonic Chronology of Pennsylvanian Borderlands: ABSTRACT

John C. Ferm, Robert Ehrlich

Genetic Types of Some Sandstones in the Allegheny Formation of Ohio: ABSTRACT

Romeo M. Flores

Landslide Facies and the Paleoslope in the Catskill Delta: ABSTRACT

Lawrence A. Frakes

Introduction to Symposium on Geophysical and Geological Properties of the Crust and Mantle: ABSTRACT

A. F. Frederickson

The Cambrian Frontier: ABSTRACT

M. F. Glaessner

Environmental Geometry: Its Effect on and Interaction with Sedimentation: ABSTRACT

H. G. Goodell

The Stratigraphy of the Amsden Formation of Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Donald R. Gorman

Processes of Sand Transport in the Inner Margins of the Continental Shelf: ABSTRACT

D. S. Gorsline, J. W. Vernon, A. Schiffman

Piercement Structures in Canadian Arctic Islands: ABSTRACT

Don B. Gould, George De Mille

The Mississippi Delta Complex: ABSTRACT

H. R. Gould

Experiments in Sampling Sedimentary Rocks: ABSTRACT

John C. Griffiths

Energy Source of Intrusive Masses: ABSTRACT

William C. Gussow

Mathematical Simulation of Sediment Organism Community Interactions with an IBM 7090 Computer: ABSTRACT

J. H. Harbaugh, Jay Woods

Disequilibrium Precipitation of Molluscan Skeletal Material and Its Implications Regarding the Use of Trace Elements in Fossil Shells as Paleoecological Indicators: ABSTRACT

Robert C. Harriss

Sediments of the Gulf of Maine: ABSTRACT

John C. Hathaway, John S. Schlee, James V. A. Trumbull, Jobst Hulsemann

Cretaceous Deltas in the Denver Basin and Relationship to Petroleum: ABSTRACT

John D. Haun

Abyssal Basin Sedimentation: ABSTRACT

Bruce C. Heezen

Subsurface Stratigraphy of Coastal Georgia and South Carolina: ABSTRACT

Stephen M. Herrick, Robert L. Wait

Sediment Distribution on the Inner Continental Shelf, West Coast of Southern Africa: ABSTRACT

John H. Hoyt, David D. Smith, B. L. Oostdam

Foundering of Continents and its Relation to Isostasy, Crustal Thinning and Mantle Density Changes: ABSTRACT

K. Jinghwa Hsu

Lower Cretaceous Algae from South Texas: ABSTRACT

J. Harlan Johnson

The Gilbert-Type Delta: ABSTRACT

Daniel J. Jones

Regional Environmental Study of the Nugget and Navajo Sandstones: ABSTRACT

William M. Jordan

Facies and Development of the Colorado River Delta in Texas: ABSTRACT

W. H. Kanes, Dana Wells, A. C. Donaldson

Sedimentary Environments in the Malacca Strait, Malaysia: ABSTRACT

George H. Keller

Paleocurrents and Oceanography: ABSTRACT

George DeVries Klein

Attenuation of Seismic Waves in the Mantle: ABSTRACT

L. Knopoff

Mineralogical Composition and Textural Properties of River Sediments from British Honduras: ABSTRACT

William C. Krueger, Jr.

The Relationship Between Internal and External Structure in Gulf Coast Salt Domes: ABSTRACT

Donald H. Kupfer

Sediments and Fauna of the Rhone Delta, France: ABSTRACT

Robert Lagaaij

A Micro-Organic and Ecologic Investigation of Recent Sediments from Two Gulf Coast Cores: ABSTRACT

Hsin-Yi Ling, Dorothy Jung Echols

Biological and Ecological Information from Physical and Chemical Properties of Skeletal Carbonates: ABSTRACT

H. A. Lowenstam

Geology and Geophysics of the Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Paul L. Lyons

Gravity Interpretation of Major Crustal Properties and Mass Distribution: ABSTRACT

Paul L. Lyons

The Hockingport and Waynesburg Sandstones (Pennsylvanian and Permian) of the Dunkard Group: ABSTRACT

Wayne Martin, Bernard Henniger

Upheaval Dome, San Juan County, Utah: ABSTRACT

Richard B. Mattox

Cretaceous Strike-Valley Sandstones, Northwestern New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Donald G. McCubbin

An Application of Electronic Data Processing Techniques to Paleontology and Stratigraphy: ABSTRACT

James D. McLean, Jr.

General Geology and Hydrocarbons of the Northern Amadeus Basin, Australia: ABSTRACT

Duncan A. McNaughton, Grover E. Murray, C. W. Siller

Gross Sedimentary Facies in Uppermost Cretaceous and Lower Tertiary Sediments, West-Central Alberta: ABSTRACT

William M. Merrill, Caryl Edward Buchwald

Cuban Evaporite Diapirs: ABSTRACT

A. A. Meyerhoff

Density Currents Experiments: ABSTRACT

Gerard V. Middleton

Deposition Accompanying Laramide Tectonics, Red Desert (Great Divide) Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

D. N. Miller, Jr., James A. Barlow, Jr.

Crustal Shear Patterns and Orogenesis: ABSTRACT

J. D. Moody

Continuous Reflection Studies of Marginal Basin Sedimentation: ABSTRACT

David G. Moore

Mudlumps: Diapiric Structures in Mississippi Delta Sediments: ABSTRACT

James P. Morgan, J. M. Coleman, S. M. Gagliano

A Depositional Model for the Jackfork (Mississippian) Group of Arkansas: ABSTRACT

Robert C. Morris

Conodonts from the Wabamun Group (Upper Devonian) from the Canadian Subsurface: ABSTRACT

Michael C. Mound

Internal Structure and Growth of Salt Domes: ABSTRACT

William R. Muehlberger, Patricia S. Clabaugh

Geology of Gulf Coast Salt Domes: ABSTRACT

Grover E. Murray

Outlining of Shale Masses by Geophysical Methods: ABSTRACT

A. W. Musgrave, W. G. Hicks

Rhythmic Sedimentation in Upper Part of Madera Limestone, Northern Manzano Mountains, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Donald A. Myers

Magnetism of the Earth's Crust and the Earth's Interior: ABSTRACT

Takesi Nagata

Some Aspects of Lower Godavari River and Delta Sediments, India: ABSTRACT

A. S. Naidu, C. Borreswara Rao

Diapiric Structures in the Diablo Range, California: ABSTRACT

G. B. Oakeshott

Viscous Properties and Creep of Salt: ABSTRACT

H. Ode

Planktonic Foraminifera, Paleoecology, Paleogeography, and Correlation: ABSTRACT

Richard K. Olsson

Faunal Zones of the Paleocene and Eocene Geologic Section Along Chattahoochee River, Alabama: ABSTRACT

C. H. Oman, L. D. Toulmin

Recent Peat Diapirs in the Netherlands: A Comparison with Gulf Coast Salt Structures: ABSTRACT

William R. Paine

Sedimentation in Arctic Waters: ABSTRACT

B. R. Pelletier

The Salt Plugs of Southern Iran: ABSTRACT

R. A. Player

Fluid-Release Mechanisms in Compacting Mudrocks and Their Importance in Oil Exploration: ABSTRACT

M. P. Powers

Environmental Significance of Fossil Algae: ABSTRACT

Richard Rezak

Geotechnical Aspects of Recent Marine Sediments, Oslofjord, Norway: ABSTRACT

Adrian F. Richards

Present Status of Geological Studies in the Alaska Range: ABSTRACT

C. L. Rowett

Nearshore Sands Off Southeastern Virginia: ABSTRACT

John E. Sanders

Analysis of the Sediments from the Subsurface of the Bogra Area, Bengal Basin, East Pakistan: ABSTRACT

John T. Sanford, Hugo Mandelbaum, Ali Imam, Stephen G. Starr

Salt Stock Families in Northwestern Germany: ABSTRACT

D. Sannemann

Iza, an Unusual Diapir in North Spain: ABSTRACT

L. W. Sappenfield, E. R. Schroeder

Salt Deposits and Structure of the Maritime Provinces of Canada: ABSTRACT

W. S. Shaw

Geosynclinal Filling: Some Stratigraphic-Structural Relationships: ABSTRACT

John W. Shelton

Some Oil Occurrences in the Tar Springs (Mississippian) Delta, Illinois: ABSTRACT

Robert M. Sneider

Distribution of Hydrocarbons in South Louisiana by Types of Traps: ABSTRACT

James P. Spillers

Locating the Source of Sands in Flysch Troughs: ABSTRACT

Daniel J. Stanley

Direction of Crustal Movements Indicated by Earthquake Data: ABSTRACT

William Stauder

Local Variations in Earth Tides: ABSTRACT

Robert Stonely

Age of Some California Coast Range Lower Tertiary Marine Red Beds: ABSTRACT

F. R. Sullivan, D. W. Weaver

The Surf-Break: Key to Paleogeography?: ABSTRACT

William F. Tanner

The Use and Detection of Fluorescent Sand Tracers: ABSTRACT

P. G. Teleki

Origin of Pisolites: ABSTRACT

Carroll M. Thomas

Geology, Geophysics, and Their Common Ground: ABSTRACT

H. M. Thralls

Silurian and Devonian Arenites of the Franklinian Eugeosyncline: ABSTRACT

H. P. Trettin

Origin of Sodium-Rich Triassic Lacustrine Deposits, New Jersey and Pennsylvania: ABSTRACT

F. B. Van Houten

Submarine Fan Deposits and the Transition From Turbidite to Shallow Water Sediments in the Upper Carboniferous of Northern England: ABSTRACT

Roger G. Walker

Late Paleozoic Deltas in the Central and Eastern United States: ABSTRACT

H. R. Wanless, A. Rocha Campos, J. C. Horne, R. C. Trescott, R. S. Vail, J. R. Baroffio, D. E. Orlopp

The Stratigraphy and Sedimentary Petrology of Miocene Turbidites in the San Joaquin Valley: ABSTRACT

Gregory W. Webb

Chemical Composition of Siderite Nodules in the Environmental Classification of Shales: ABSTRACT

Jon N. Weber, Eugene G. Williams

O18--O16 Ratios of Evaporitic Dolomite from the Mississippian Charles Formation and Their Significance to the Dolomite Problem: ABSTRACT

Jon N. Weber

Late Cretaceous Deltas, Rocky Mountain Region: ABSTRACT

Robert J. Weimer

Illinois Basin: Depositional or Post-Depositional?: ABSTRACT

H. E. Wheeler, D. L. Smith, B. A. Silver

Depositional and Stratigraphic Features of Littoral Algal Bioherms and Basin Facies: ABSTRACT

Karl H. Wolf

Sedimentologic Design of Deltaic Sequences, Devonian Catskill Complex of New York: ABSTRACT

Manfred P. Wolff

Modern Role of Paleontology in Basin Geology: ABSTRACT

R. D. Woods

High-Pressure Assemblage Changes Near Moho Depths: ABSTRACT

H. S. Yoder, Jr.