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AAPG Bulletin

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Characteristics of Continental Shelves and Slopes

K. O. Emery

Trend and Genesis of Lowermost Sandstone Unit of Eagle Sandstone at Billings, Montana

John W. Shelton

Fundamental Transcurrent Faulting in Northern Rocky Mountains

Jan G. Smith

Depositional Environments of Ireton Formation, Central Alberta

T. A. Oliver , N. W. Cowper

Petrography and Derivation of Jurassic-Cretaceous Clastic Rocks, Southern Rocky Mountains, Canada

June E. Rapson

Cenozoic Stratigraphy and Depositional History, Red Sea Coast, Sudan

J. Sestini

Paleocene--A Micropaleontologist's Point of View

W. A. Berggren

Observations on Marine Lower Jurassic Stratigraphy of North America, with Special Reference to United States

A. Hallam

Quantitative Determination of Reservoir Pressures from Conductivity Log

J. R. MacGregor

Type Section of Naturita Formation: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Robert G. Young

Tertiary Sediments from Sigsbee Knolls, Gulf of Mexico: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

William R. Bryant , Thomas E. Pyle

Results of 1965 Nationwide Geology Examination Offered by United States Civil Service Commission: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Gilbert Corwin , E. G. A. Weed

Handling of Statistical Well Data by Computer: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

E. L. Dillon , C. W. Nichols

Keynote Address: ABSTRACT

M. J. Davis

Mid-Continent Region--Laboratory for Petroleum Exploration: ABSTRACT

A. I. Levorsen

Outlook for Domestic Petroleum Industry to 1975: ABSTRACT

J. G. Winger

Geologist's Role in Economics of Finding Oil in Mid-Continent Area: ABSTRACT

R. C. Clinton

Gas Fields from Hartshorne Sand of Arkoma Basin: ABSTRACT

L. L. Wynn

Oswego Limestone Facies Change in Mid-Continent Region: ABSTRACT

W. E. Richardson

Sedgwick Basin: ABSTRACT

J. E. Brewer

O.S.A. and Gillian Pools, Sedgwick County, Kansas: ABSTRACT

Orvie Howell

Alameda Field--Sedgwick Embayment "Sleeper": ABSTRACT

C. R. King

Lyons West Field, Rice County, Kansas: ABSTRACT

B. J. Wright

New Approaches to Arkoma Basin Gas Exploration: ABSTRACT

C. S. Bartlett, Jr.

Mississippian Osage, Northwest Oklahoma Platform: ABSTRACT

L. O. Ward

Criner-Payne Area, Study in Structural Growth: ABSTRACT

L. E. Gatewood

Challenge of Deep Exploration--Chitwood Pool, Grady County, Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

L. R. Riley

Healdton Arbuckle Field and Its Relationship to Other Potential Arbuckle Structure: ABSTRACT

R. C. Larson

Stratigraphic Traps in Northwest Quinlan and Cedardale Fields, Northwestern Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

K. H. Holmes

Recent Advances in Geology and Geophysics: ABSTRACT

J. F. Johnson

Paleontology in Mid-Continent Exploration: ABSTRACT

A. B. Shaw

Palynological Evidence for Folding, Faulting, and Erosional Contacts in Subsurface: ABSTRACT

L. R. Wilson

Forest City Basin of Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa: ABSTRACT

K. H. Anderson

Heavy Oil in Mid-Continent: ABSTRACT

G. H. Weber

The Obscure and Subtle Trap: ABSTRACT

A. I. Levorsen

The Oldest is the Newest: ABSTRACT

Ira H. Cram

If They Had No Fear, Why Should We?: ABSTRACT

Michel T. Halbouty

Palynology and its Use in Petroleum Exploration: ABSTRACT

Henry L. Ott

Exploration in Canadian Rockies and Foothills: ABSTRACT

Louis F. Keating

Application of Paleogeomorphology to Exploration for Oil and Gas: ABSTRACT

Rudolph Martin

Exploration and Development in Utah and Nevada, 1964-1965: ABSTRACT

Robert P. Kunkel

Exploration and Development High-Lights in Denver Basin: ABSTRACT

Warren S. Lippitt

Exploration for Oil and Gas in Wyoming, 1964-1965: ABSTRACT

John S. Runge

Exploration and Development High-Lights in North Dakota, 1964-1965: ABSTRACT

Kye Trout

Recent Mineral Discoveries in Sedimentary Basin Area of Saskatchewan and Possible Future Developments: ABSTRACT

D. D. McLean, H. B. Sawatzky

Sedimentation and Economic Prospects of Middle Devonian Winnipegosis Formation of Saskatchewan: ABSTRACT

Llewelyn Jones

Nisku of Northeastern Montana with Special Reference to Tule Creek Area, Roosevelt County, Montana: ABSTRACT

Frank A. Radella

Quantitative Fracture Study--Sanish Pool, McKenzie County, North Dakota: ABSTRACT

George H. Murray, Jr.

Relation of Mission Canyon Stratigraphy to Oil Production in North-Central North Dakota: ABSTRACT

Steven H. Harris, Cooper B. Land, Jr., John H. McKeever

Reef Trends of Mississippian Ratcliffe Zone, Northeastern Montana and Northwestern North Dakota: ABSTRACT

Alan R. Hansen

Kibbey Formation of Montana: ABSTRACT

William W. Ballard

Lisbon Valley Anticline, Paradox Basin, Utah--Exploration and Development: ABSTRACT

James L. Albright

Stratigraphic vs. Structural Controls of Hydrocarbon Accumulation in Aneth Area, Paradox Basin: ABSTRACT

James A. Peterson

Pre-Pennsylvania Paleotectonics--Key to Basin Evolution and Petroleum Occurrences in Paradox Basin: ABSTRACT

D. L. Baars

Permo-Pennsylvanian Deposition in Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Charles S. Tenney

Pennsylvanian and Permian Influence on Tensleep Oil Traps: ABSTRACT

Donald E. Lawson, Jordan R. Smith

Permo-Pennsylvanian Oil Traps of Western Powder River Basin of Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Stanley M. Edwards

Dillinger Ranch Field, Campbell County, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

John P. Weldon

Origin of Lower Tyler Oil in Central Montana: ABSTRACT

Irvin Kranzler

Problems of Correlating Permo-Triassic Redbeds in Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

Donald E. Campau

Lower Cretaceous Oil Fields of Northern Sweetgrass Arch, Montana: ABSTRACT

A. Saterdal

Stratigraphy and Petroleum Potential of Lower Cretaceous Inyan Kara Group in Northeastern Wyoming, Southeastern Montana, and Western South Dakota: ABSTRACT

Dudley W. Bolyard, Alexander A. McGregor

Stratigraphic Accumulation of Oil in Salt Creek Field, Natrona County, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

James A. Barlow, John D. Haun

Patrick Draw Field, Sweetwater County, Wyoming--An Old Stratigraphic Trap: ABSTRACT

Robert J. Weimer

Stratigraphic Traps in a Valley Fill, Western Nebraska: ABSTRACT

J. C. Harms

Geology of Saber Bar, Logan and Weld Counties, Colorado: ABSTRACT

Earl G. Griffith

Many Rocks--Gallup Field, San Juan Basin, Northern New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Curtis J. Little, Thomas C. Carlson

Trapping Mechanisms of Selected Fields, Cherokee Ridge, Wyoming and Colorado: ABSTRACT

Donald I. Foster

Mesaverde and "Almy" Production, Birch Creek Unit Sublette County, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Donald O. Asquith

Stratigraphic and Structural Controls of Bituminous Sandstone Deposits of Utah: ABSTRACT

Robert E. Covington, Ralph L. McDonald

Comprehensive Surface Mapping in Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

Jerald Alliger, Gilbert Thomas