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Truth About Typical Rocky Mountain Oil Traps--Introduction

Donald P. McGookey

The Obscure and Subtle Trap

A. I. Levorsen

Stratigraphic vs. Structural Controls on Carbonate-Mound Hydrocarbon Accumulation, Aneth Area, Paradox Basin

James A. Peterson

Pre-Pennsylvanian Paleotectonics--Key to Basin Evolution and Petroleum Occurrences in Paradox Basin, Utah and Colorado

D. L. Baars

Geology of Saber Bar, Logan and Weld Counties, Colorado

E. G. Griffith

Stratigraphic Traps in a Valley Fill, Western Nebraska

J. C. Harms

Time-Stratigraphic Analysis and Petroleum Accumulations, Patrick Draw Field, Sweetwater County, Wyoming

Robert J. Weimer

Geology of Late Cretaceous Mesaverde and Paleocene Fort Union Oil Production, Birch Creek Unit, Sublette County, Wyoming

D. O. Asquith

Regional Stratigraphy of Frontier Formation and Relation to Salt Creek Field, Wyoming

James A. Barlow, Jr. , John D. Haun

Pennsylvanian and Permian Influence on Tensleep Oil Accumulation, Big Horn Basin, Wyoming

Don E. Lawson , Jordan R. Smith

Stratigraphy and Petroleum Potential of Lower Cretaceous Inyan Kara Group in Northeastern Wyoming, Southeastern Montana, and Western South Dakota

Dudley W. Bolyard , Alexander A. McGregor

Origin of Oil in Lower Member of Tyler Formation of Central Montana

Irvin Kranzler

Reef Trends of Mississippian Ratcliffe Zone, Northeast Montana and Northwest North Dakota

Alan R. Hansen

Relation of Mission Canyon Stratigraphy To Oil Production in North-Central North Dakota

Steven H. Harris , Cooper B. Land, Jr. , John H. McKeever

Paleogeomorphology and its Application to Exploration for Oil and Gas (With Examples From Western Canada)

Rudolf Martin

Sub-Regional Report of Camerina Zone, Southwest Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Frank W. Harrison, Robert A. Anderson

Stratigraphy of Georgetown Formation, Central Texas: ABSTRACT

William Pope Wilbert

Geology of South Bosco-Duson-Ridge Area, Acadia and Lafayette Parishes, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

R. O. Steinhoff

Pre-Cretaceous Geology of Pool Creek Field, Jones County, Mississippi: ABSTRACT

Edward D. Minihan, Marvin L. Oxley

Marine Unconformities in Northwestern Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

Max Bornhauser

Modern Paleoecological Techniques: An Evaluation of Role of Paleoecology in Gulf Coast Exploration: ABSTRACT

Hubert C. Skinner

Inter-Discipline Approach to Paleoenvironmental Interpretations: ABSTRACT

B. J. Scull, C. J. Felix, S. B. McCaleb, W. G. Shaw

Interpretation of Depositional Environment in Gulf Coast Petroleum Exploration from Paleoecology and Related Stratigraphy: ABSTRACT

Gulf Coast Section S.E.P.M. Study Group

Foraminiferal Paleoecology and Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction of Oligocene Middle Frio in Chambers County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Robert E. Gernant, Robert V. Kesling

Ecological Changes in Massive Fresh-Water Clay Sequence: ABSTRACT

J. M. Coleman

Patterns of Foraminiferal Distribution, Northwest Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Robert Lankford

Stratigraphy of Upper Miocene Deposits in Sarasota County, Florida: ABSTRACT

Herbert C. Eppert, Jr.

A Method of Estimating Formation Pressures from Gulf Coast Well Logs: ABSTRACT

H. H. Ham

Geology of West Bastian Bay Field, Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Lee H. Meltzer

Paleostructural Analysis and Application of Later Structural Tilting: ABSTRACT

Arthur S. Dickinson

Black Lake Field--Before and After: ABSTRACT

B. Ross White, Jerry R. Sawyer

Lower Oligocene Delta in Subsurface of Southeastern Texas: ABSTRACT

Jack Lee Gregory

Structural History of Houma Embayment: ABSTRACT

B. J. Sloane

Stratigraphy and Sedimentation of Hackberry Shale (Middle Oligocene) and Associated Beds of Southwestern Louisiana: ABSTRACT

William R. Paine

Extrusive Shale Masses: New Gulf Coast Exploration Frontier: ABSTRACT

Paul S. Freeman

Paleoclimatology: A New Dimension in Oil Exploration: ABSTRACT

Leonard L. Limes

Physical Properties and Stability of Continental-Slope Deposits, Northwest Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Jack Morelock, William R. Bryant

Finding Ancient Streams Means Finding New Reserves: ABSTRACT

Alan R. Ferguson

Concept of Paleoecology and its Practical Application: ABSTRACT

F. P. C. M. Van Morkhoven

Primary Sedimentary Structures in Search for Petroleum: ABSTRACT

Garrett Briggs

Paleoecology of Late Neogene Deposits at Belle Glade, Florida: ABSTRACT

Hubert C. Skinner

Paleoecological Study of Pleistocene Marine Fauna, Flagler County, Florida: ABSTRACT

Jackson E. Lewis

Classification of Neogene Cones (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Genus Conus) from Southeastern United States and Caribbean: ABSTRACT

Katherine M. Kamp

Some Florida Upper Miocene Bryozoa: Paleoecology and Taxonomy: ABSTRACT

Reginald J. Scolaro

West Black Bay, Black Bay, and East Black Bay Fields, Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Dwight A. Free, Jr.

Foraminiferal Ecologic Zones of Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

S.E.P.M. Committee on Paleoecology

Bibliography of Foraminiferal Ecology and Paleoecology (With Annotations): ABSTRACT

Hubert C. Skinner, Herbert C. Eppert

Fault and Salt Map of South Louisiana: ABSTRACT

W. E. Wallace