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Rocky Mountains--Exploration Unlimited: INTRODUCTION

David A. Bentzin

Salt Solution and Subsidence Structures, Wyoming, North Dakota, and Montana

John M. Parker

Trap Mechanics in Nisku Formation of Northeast Montana

Robert E. Swenson

Cache Field--A Pennsylvanian Algal Reservoir in Southwestern Colorado

R. S. Gray

Stony Mountain (Ordovician) and Interlake (Silurian) Facies Analogs of Recent Low-Energy Marine and Subaerial Carbonates, Bahamas

Perry O. Roehl

Use of Sedimentary Structures in Determination of Depositional Environments, Mesaverde Formation, Williams Fork Mountains, Colorado

Charles D. Masters

Relationship of Lower Cretaceous Depositional Environment to Oil Accumulation, Northeastern Powder River Basin, Wyoming

Robert W. Stapp

Theory of Paleozoic Oil and Gas Accumulation in Big Horn Basin, Wyoming

D. S. Stone

Pitchfork Oil Field, Park County, Wyoming

A. V. Robertson Coe

Influence of Geologic Heterogeneities on Secondary Recovery from Permian Phosphoria Reservoir, Cottonwood Creek Field, Wyoming

James A. McCaleb , Robert W. Willingham

Eagle Springs Oil Field, Railroad Valley, Nye County, Nevada

D. Keith Murray , Louis C. Bortz

Standard Stratigraphic Code Adopted by AAPG Committee on Standard Stratigraphic Coding: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

George V. Cohee

Oil and Gas Operations in West Virginia, 1966: ADDENDUM

I. S. Latimer, Jr.

Geophysical Studies of Continental slope, Scarp, and Basin, Eastern Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

J. W. Antoine, B. R. Jones

Tectonic Control of Configuration of Bahama Banks: ABSTRACT

Mahlon Ball

Florida Embankment Compared with Mississippi Embayment: ABSTRACT

J. E. Banks

Diffusion and Settling of Suspended Sediment at River Mouths: a Computer Simulation Model: ABSTRACT

G. F. Bonham-Carter, Alex J. Sutherland

Why and Whither Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies?: ABSTRACT

Leslie Bowling

Marine and Terrestrial Pliocene and Pleistocene Deposits of Florida: ABSTRACT

H. K. Brooks, C. V. Conklin

Shale Diapirs of Lower Texas Gulf Coast as Typified by North LaWard Diapir: ABSTRACT

Frank I. Brooner, Jr.

World-Wide Exploration Effort and Its Effect on Gulf Coast Geologist: ABSTRACT

Ray A. Burke

Paleoclimatic Significance of Bryozoan Metrarabdotos: ABSTRACT

Alan H. Cheetham

Diapirs in Southwestern Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

John Ewing

Depositional Systems in Wilcox Group of Texas and Their Relationship to Oil and Gas Occurrence: ABSTRACT

W. L. Fisher, J. H. McGowen

Recent Deltaic Deposits of Mississippi River: Their Development and Chronology: ABSTRACT

David E. Frazier

A Local Geologist Tries to Explain San Antonio: ABSTRACT

W. R. Gray

Hidden Trends and Features: ABSTRACT

Michel T. Halbouty

Calcareous Nannoplankton Zonation of Cenozoic of Gulf Coast and Caribbean-Antillean Area, and Transoceanic Correlation: ABSTRACT

William W. Hay, Hans P. Mohler, Peter H. Roth, Ronald R. Schmidt, Joseph E. Boudreaux

Hypothesis Concerning Origin and Development of Salt Structures in Gulf of Mexico Sedimentary Basin: ABSTRACT

B. R. Jones, J. W. Antoine, W. R. Bryant

Groundwater Flow and Geothermal Regime of Florida Plateau: ABSTRACT

F. Kohout

Stratigraphic Utility of Sphaeroidinella Cushman in Louisiana: ABSTRACT

W. P. Leutze

Source of Detritus in Gueydan (Catahoula) Formation, Southern Texas Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

William L. Lindemann, Earle F. McBride

Energy--Past, Present, and Future: ABSTRACT

Dean A. McGee

Future Hydrocarbon Provinces of Gulf of Mexico-Caribbean Region: ABSTRACT

A. A. Meyerhoff

Stratigraphy of Edwards and Associated Formations, West-Central Texas: ABSTRACT

Clyde H. Moore, Jr.

Imbalance of Sulfur Supply and Demand, and Future Resources: ABSTRACT

John C. Myers

Role of Federal Government in Changing Energy Picture: ABSTRACT

Lawrence J. O'Connor

Gravity Profile of South Florida Shelf: ABSTRACT

Woodson R. Oglesby

Jurassic Sediments of Mississippi and Alabama: ABSTRACT

M. L. Oxley, Ed. D. Minihan, J. M. Ridgway

Organic Matter in Bottom Sediments, Choctawhatchee Bay, Florida: ABSTRACT

James G. Palacas

Some Problems in Marine Geology, Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Fred B. Phleger

Development of Basin-in-Basin Honeycomb of Florida Bay and Northeastern Cuban Lagoon: ABSTRACT

W. Armstrong Price

Role of Micro-Organisms in Formation of Limestone: ABSTRACT

H. S. Puri, Albert Collier

Resume of Jurassic to Recent Sedimentation History of Gulf of Mexico Basin: ABSTRACT

E. H. Rainwater

Structural and Stratigraphic Traps Related to Extrusive Rocks in South-Central Texas: ABSTRACT

John S. Rives

Relationship of Mineral Composition of Shales to Density: ABSTRACT

Comparison of Some Gulf Coast Mesozoic Carbonate Shelves: ABSTRACT

James K. Rogers

Recent Geologic History of West Coast of Florida: Coastal Mangrove Swamps, and Florida Bay: ABSTRACT

David W. Scholl, Frank C. Craighead

Stratigraphy of Upper Cretaceous Austin Group, Central Texas: ABSTRACT

Kenneth O. Seewald

Delta-Front Diapirs off Magdalena River, Colombia, Compared with Hills off Other Large Deltas: ABSTRACT

Francis P. Shepard

Environmental Relationships of Recent Ostracoda in Mesquite, Aransas, and Copano Bays, Texas Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

F. M. Swain, P. T. Engle

Subsurface Upper Cretaceous Stratigraphy of Southwestern Arkansas: ABSTRACT

F. M. Swain, J. H. Dolloff, R. A. Rozendal, E. N. Siratovich, John Woncik

Faults of South and Central Texas: ABSTRACT

Delos R. Tucker

Bathymetry of Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Elazar Uchupi

Is There Longshore Drift Convergence on Central Padre Island, Texas?: ABSTRACT

Richard L. Watson

Geologic Framework of Gulf of Mexico Basin: ABSTRACT

Hunter Yarborough, Jr.

Sedimentary Processes and Their Roles in Formation of Future Source and Reservoir Rocks: ABSTRACT

Donn S. Gorsline

Lunar Stratigraphy and Sedimentation: ABSTRACT

Harold Masursky

Status of Geothermal Resources Development: ABSTRACT

James R. McNitt

Paleoecological Reconstruction of Depositional Environments--Some Techniques of Possible Exploration Interest: ABSTRACT

Francis G. Stehli