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AAPG Bulletin

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Progress Through Service

Orlo E. Childs

Geology and the A.A.P.G.--Reconsidered

Carey Croneis

Classification of Carbonate Rocks of Marine Origin

N. J. Sander

Sand Bodies and Sedimentary Environments: A Review

Paul Edwin Potter

Paleocurrent Analysis in Relation to Modern Marine Sediment Dispersal Patterns

George DeVries Klein

Paleocurrents and Shoreline Orientations in Green River Formation (Eocene), Raven Ridge and Red Wash Areas, Northeastern Uinta Basin, Utah

M. Dane Picard

Revised Stratigraphic Nomenclature of Pennsylvanian System, Paradox Basin

D. L. Baars , J. Wm. Parker , John Chronic

Comparison of Some Formation Water Classification Systems

A. G. Ostroff

Interim Report on Mississippian Arroyo Penasco Formation of North-Central New Mexico: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Augustus K. Armstrong , Lee D. Holcomb

Dune Sands Examined by Infrared Photography: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Daniel J. Stanley , Donald C. Rhoad

Useless Publication: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Howard A. Meyerhoff

Petrography of a Reef Complex in Lower Cretaceous James Limestone, Fairway Field, Texas: ABSTRACT

Charles W. Achauer

Late Pleistocene and Recent Sedimentation in Strait of Juan de Fuca: ABSTRACT

Franz E. Anderson, Dean A. McManus

Origin of Diapiric Shale Structures of South Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Gordon I. Atwater

Designing an Exploration Program for Maximum Profit: ABSTRACT

John T. Awald

Depositional Environment of White Rim Sandstone (Permian), Canyonlands National Park, Utah: ABSTRACT

D. L. Baars, W. R. Seager

Paleontological Guides to Depositional Environments: ABSTRACT

Orville L. Bandy

Neogene Planktonic Events and Radiometric Scale, California: ABSTRACT

Orville L. Bandy, James C. Ingle, Jr.

Future of Petroleum Geologists: ABSTRACT

T. D. Barrow

Sedimentary Processes Operative Along Western Louisiana Shoreline: ABSTRACT

Arthur O. Beall, Jr.

Sediments of Nha Trang Bay, South Viet Nam: ABSTRACT

S. Allen Bell

Role of Membrane Hyperfiltration on Origin of Thermal Brines, Imperial Valley, California: ABSTRACT

Frederick A. F. Berry

Effect of E.S.C.P. on Geologic Professions: ABSTRACT

Ramon E. Bisque

Paleozoic Age Determinations: ABSTRACT

Arthur J. Boucot, Leon T. Silver

Role of Compaction in Development of Geometry of Superposed Elongate Sandstone Bodies: ABSTRACT

Leonard F. Brown, Jr., J. H. McGowen, M. J. Seals, T. H. Waller

Paleoecology and Stratigraphy of Holocene Carbonates, Frazers Hog Cay, Bahamas: ABSTRACT

Hugh Buchanan

From Shore to Abyss: Nearshore Transport, Slope Deposition and Erosion, Canyon Transport, and Deep-Basin Sedimentation: ABSTRACT

E. C. Buffington, D. G. Moore, R. F. Dill, J. W. Vernon

Experimental Investigation of Effects of Coatings on Quartz Growth: ABSTRACT

Charles B. Cecil, M. T. Heald

Recent Shallow-Water Carbonate Sediments: ABSTRACT

Keith E. Chave, Calvin C. Daetwyler

Age Relations of Mid-Atlantic Ridge Sediments: ABSTRACT

Richard Cifelli

Grain Fabrics in Turbidite Sandstone Beds and Their Relation to Sole-Mark Trends on Same Beds: ABSTRACT

Ivan P. Colburn

Early Diagenetic Changes in Fresh-Water Clay Deposits: ABSTRACT

James M. Coleman, Clara Ho

Sedimentation in Malaysian High-Tide Tropical Delta: ABSTRACT

James M. Coleman, Sherwood M. Gagliano, William G. Smith

Atlantic Coastal Plain Terraces and Terrace Formations: ABSTRACT

Donald J. Colquhoun

Reconstruction of an Ancient Shallow-Water Marine Environment: ABSTRACT

P. J. Cook

Palynomorphs as Indicators of Nearshore and Offshore Features in Modern Sedimentary Basins: ABSTRACT

Aureal T. Cross

Theme: Stratigraphy Guides Structure: (A) Interrelation Between Stratigraphy and Structure (Crowell); (B) Ventura Basin, Example of Theme (Paschall): ABSTRACT

John C. Crowell, Robert H. Paschall

Petrology of Buckner Member of Haynesville Formation in Adjacent Parts of Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas: ABSTRACT

Kendell A. Dickinson

Geomorphic Evolution of Continental Margins: ABSTRACT

Robert S. Dietz

Processes of Submarine Erosion in La Jolla Fan-Valley and Their Relation to Sediment-Distribution Patterns: ABSTRACT

Robert F. Dill

Depositional Environments of Salem Limestone (Mississippian) of South-Central Indiana: ABSTRACT

Jack Donahue

Exploration Decision-Making: Ten-Year Forecast and Case History on Anadarko Shelf, 1956-1966: ABSTRACT

John P. Dowds

Exploring North Sea: ABSTRACT

Robert Dyk

Absolute Age, Stratigraphic Correlation, and Mineralogy of Ash Layers in Tertiary Sediments from Atlantic off Florida: ABSTRACT

J. Dymond, L. Lidz, E. Bonatti

Naked Foraminifera from Shallow-Water Environments: ABSTRACT

Dorothy J. Echols, Arthur E. Wegweiser

Radiometric Dating of Cenozoic Epochs: ABSTRACT

J. F. Evernden

Comparison of Marine-Bar with Valley-Fill Stratigraphic Traps, Western Nebraska: ABSTRACT

Frank A. Exum, John C. Harms

Marine Geology of Santa Cruz Submarine Canyon, California: ABSTRACT

Murray Felsher

Athabasca Oil-Sand Evaluation Using Computer and Data-Processing Methods: ABSTRACT

Richard W. Fetzner

Late Pleistocene Planktonic Foraminiferal Trends Off Oregon: ABSTRACT

Gerald A. Fowler, John R. Duncan

Niger Delta Oil Province: Recent Developments Onshore and Offshore: ABSTRACT

E. J. Frankl, E. A. Cordry

Trace Elements as Possible Environmental Indicators in Carbonate Rocks: ABSTRACT

Gerald M. Friedman

Recognition of Deep-Water Limestone Sequences, Austrian Alps: ABSTRACT

Robert E. Garrison, Alfred G. Fischer

Floral Succession in a Pennsylvanian Coal Swamp as Indicated by Palynomorphs: ABSTRACT

Lee B. Gibson

Quantitative Analysis of Prospect to Determine Whether It Is Drillable: ABSTRACT

Vito A. Gotautas

Sedimentary Facies and Their Importance in Oil Finding: ABSTRACT

Howard R. Gould

Early Tertiary Foraminifera from Jasper Ridge, San Mateo County, California: ABSTRACT

Joseph J. Graham

The Play That Did Not Sell: ABSTRACT

Edward A. Gribi, Jr.

Quantitative Environmental Analysis of Lower Cretaceous Reef Complex: ABSTRACT

L. S. Griffith, M. G. Pitcher, G. W. Rice

Unit Regional Value as Basis for Decision-Making in Selecting an Exploration Strategy: ABSTRACT

John C. Griffiths

Stratigraphy and Petrology of Beck Spring Dolomite (Precambrian), Kingston Range, San Bernardino County, California: ABSTRACT

Allan M. Gutstadt

Heritage of Petroleum Geologists: ABSTRACT

Michel T. Halbouty

Geologic Success and Economic Failure (Are We Hunting Rocks or Dollars?): ABSTRACT

George C. Hardin, Jr.

Depositional Environment of Cherry Canyon Sandstone Tongue, Last Chance Canyon, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Stanley C. Harrison, Alonzo D. Jacka

Relation of Petroleum to Tectonic Development of Rocky Mountain and Western Plains Region of North America: ABSTRACT

John D. Haun

Bimini Lagoon: Model Carbonate Epeiric Sea: ABSTRACT

William W. Hay

A.A.P.G. Public Information Committee--What It Can Do for Geology: ABSTRACT

Oliver T. Hayward

Education for a Scientific Age: ABSTRACT

Robert L. Heller

Basic Framework, Deformation, and Petroleum in Middle East: ABSTRACT

Richard L. Hester

Hydrodynamic Significance of Mollusks in Pliocene Turbidites Near Ventura, California: ABSTRACT

Cortez W. Hoskins

State of the Society: ABSTRACT

Jack L. Hough

Chenier versus Barrier, Genetic and Stratigraphic Distinction: ABSTRACT

John H. Hoyt

Microfossils from Silurian of England: ABSTRACT

H. Andrew Ireland

Deep-Sea Fans in Permian Delaware Mountain Group, Delaware Basin, West Texas and New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Alonzo D. Jacka

Asphalt Jungle Today: ABSTRACT

John E. Kilkenny

Gas Shows Leading Indicator of Production: ABSTRACT

R. L. Knight

Effect of Nuclear Energy on Petroleum Exploration: ABSTRACT

C. F. Knutson

Comparison of Deep-Sea Channel and Interchannel Deposits Off Oregon: ABSTRACT

L. D. Kulm, C. Hans Nelson

Paleontologic Confirmation of Post-Oligocene Movement Along San Andreas Fault: ABSTRACT

James L. Lamb

Recognition of Transgressive Carbonate Sequence Within Epeiric Sea: Helderberg Group (Lower Devonian) of New York State: ABSTRACT

Leo F. Laporte

No Title Provided: ABSTRACT

Glen W. Ledingham

Ecologic Criteria for Recognition of Depositional Environments in Carbonate Rocks: ABSTRACT

H. A. Lowenstam

Pollen Stratigraphy of Playa Lakes: ABSTRACT

Paul S. Martin

Role of Petroleum Geologist in Public Education: ABSTRACT

William H. Matthews, III

Multiple Component Analysis and Its Application in Classification of Environments: ABSTRACT

Richard B. McCammon

Bank to Basin Transition in Permian (Leonardian) Carbonates, Guadalupe Mountains, Texas: ABSTRACT

Paul N. McDaniel, Lloyd C. Pray

Paleoecology of Santa Barbara Zone, Pliocene of Southern California: ABSTRACT

Robert F. Meade

Depositional Processes in Deltaic Environment: ABSTRACT

James P. Morgan

Classification of Gravity-Formed Second-Cycle Bedding Features in Mississippian Rocks of Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas: ABSTRACT

Robert C. Morris

New Classification of Water-Laid Clastic Sediments: ABSTRACT

M.L. Natland

Application of Utility Theory to Petroleum Decision-Making: ABSTRACT

Paul D. Newendorp, John M. Campbell

Exploitation of California Offshore Field, Parcels 14 and 20A, Huntington Beach, California: ABSTRACT

Frank J. Noble

Statistical Properties of Dunes Generated by Undirectional Water Currents: ABSTRACT

Carl F. Nordin, Jr., James K. Culbertson

R-Mode Factor Analysis of Cincinnatian (Upper Ordovician) Limestones: ABSTRACT

Robert H. Osborne

Stratigraphy of Producing Geothermal Fields: ABSTRACT

Max B. Payne

Paleocurrents and Shoreline Orientations in Green River Formation (Eocene), Raven Ridge and Red Wash Areas, Northeastern Uinta Basin, Utah: ABSTRACT

M. Dane Picard

Shoreline Processes: ABSTRACT

Orrin H. Pilkey

Mineralogy of 140-Foot Core from Willcox Playa, Cochise, Arizona: ABSTRACT

Bernard W. Pipkin

Sedimentation in Andaman Basin, Northeastern Indian Ocean: ABSTRACT

Kelvin S. Rodolfo

Concepts in Late Paleozoic Correlations: ABSTRACT

Charles A. Ross

Exploration in Australia: ABSTRACT

Eric A. Rudd

Villafranchian Age and its Radiometric Dating, II: ABSTRACT

Donald E. Savage, Garniss H. Curtis

Geologic Quantification: Description ^rarr Numbers ^rarr Success Ratio (The Numbers Game, or Evaluating Our Work Without Actually Using Dice): ABSTRACT

Irving T. Schwade

Silica: Source and Distribution in Southeastern Alaska: ABSTRACT

G. D. Sharma

Clay Minerals in Selected Argentine Triassic Units: ABSTRACT

Frederic R. Siegel, Johannes H. Schroeder, Jose F. Bonaparte, Rafael Herbst

Alaskan Exploration: ABSTRACT

Russell R. Simonson, George B. Pichel

Relationships Between Geologists and Geophysicists: ABSTRACT

Neal J. Smith

Educational Programs of American Geological Institute: ABSTRACT

John L. Snyder

Shelf to Deep-Sea Sediment Transportation in The Gully Submarine Canyon Off Nova Scotia: ABSTRACT

Daniel J. Stanley, Noel P. James, James Judd, James I. Marlowe

Unique Playa Scraper and Furrow Near McKittrick, California: ABSTRACT

Richard O. Stone

Nature and Recognition of Limestone Turbidites, Marathon Region, Texas: ABSTRACT

Alan Thomson

Australia, Geophysical Exploration, and Great Artesian Basin: ABSTRACT

H. M. Thralls

Nomenclature for Sedimentary Rocks: ABSTRACT

Russell B. Travis

Criteria Useful in Interpreting Environments of Unlike But Time-Equivalent Carbonate Units, Capitan Reef Complex, West Texas and New Mexico: ABSTRACT

W. W. Tyrrell, Jr.

Relation of Grain Size to Sedimentary Processes: ABSTRACT

Glenn S. Visher

Time Surfaces, Vacuity, and Mappability in Stratigraphy: ABSTRACT

Sherman A. Wengerd, Ernest Szabo

Dish Structure, a Primary Sedimentary Structure in Coarse Turbidites: ABSTRACT

Carl M. Wentworth

Columbia River Sand Waves: ABSTRACT

John T. Whetten, Timothy J. Fullam

Microfacies and Sedimentary Structures in Deeper-Water Lime Mudstones: ABSTRACT

James L. Wilson

K-Ar Mineral Age of Ash Bed in Pico Formation, Ventura Basin, California: ABSTRACT

Robert S. Yeats, W. A. McLaughlin, George Edwards

Railroad Gap Area--New Reserves in Old Province: ABSTRACT

Milton Zeni, John S. Cunningham