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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Geology of Selected Sedimentary Basins: INTRODUCTION

E. J. Combs

Toros-Zagros Folding and Its Relation to Middle East Oil Fields

E. Ilhan

Principal Features of Cuban Geology

K. M. Khudoley

Geology of Parras Basin and Adjacent Areas of Northeastern Mexico

A. E. Weidie , Grover E. Murray

Problems of Pliocene Pannonian Facies, Rumania

Mircea Pauca

Geology of Lower Permian Minnelusa Oil Fields, Powder River Basin, Wyoming

Robert R. Berg , Charles S. Tenney

Growth Faulting in McAlester Basin of Oklahoma

David N. Koinm , Parke A. Dickey

Stratigraphic and Tectonic Framework of Libya

Louis C. Conant , Gus H. Goudarzi

Progress of Exploration in North Sea

P. E. Kent

Geology and Exploration of Three Bass Strait Basins, Australia

Lewis G. Weeks , Brian M. Hopkins

Outline of Geology of Niger Delta

K. C. Short , A. J. Stauble

Principal Features of Cuban Geology: DISCUSSION

Charles W. Hatten

Principal Features of Cuban Geology: REPLY

K. M. Khudoley (6)

Pennsylvanian and Permian Basins in Northwestern Utah, Northeastern Nevada, and South-Central Idaho: DISCUSSION

H. J. Bissell

Pennsylvanian and Permian Basins in Northwestern Utah, Northeastern Nevada, and South-Central Idaho: REPLY

Ralph J. Roberts , M. D. Crittenden, Jr. , E. W. Tooker , H. T. Morris , R. K. Hose , T. M. Cheney (5)

Basic Computing Concepts: ABSTRACT

Darold Wilson

Introduction to Geological Computing: ABSTRACT

F. J. Wagner

Some Geological Applications of Trend-Surface Analysis: ABSTRACT

W. A. Read

Computer Usages in Recording, Storage, and Analysis of Geological Data: ABSTRACT

J. P. Hea, C. D. Conley

Computer Usage in Well Logging: ABSTRACT

George Domps

Advent of Digital Technology: ABSTRACT

Kenneth E. Berg

Standard Digital Seismic Formats: ABSTRACT

David S. Mathews

Binary-Gain Recording and Processing: ABSTRACT

F. Reynolds, Robert H. Ray

Convolution and Deconvolution: ABSTRACT

T. Cantwell, Robert H. Ray

Application of New Seismic Methods to Stratigraphic-Trap Exploration: ABSTRACT

M. Cox