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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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AAPG Bulletin

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Eometamorphism, and Oil and Gas in Time and Space

Kenneth K. Landes

Source Rocks and Criteria for Their Recognition

R. C. Fuloria

Paleoclimatic Interpretations of Some Mesozoic Floral Sequences

Charles J. Smiley

Lower Cretaceous Stratigraphic Discontinuity in Northern California and Oregon

Gary L. Peterson

Upper Paleocene Buried Channel in Sacramento Valley, California

A. B. Dickas , J. L. Payne

Stratigraphy of Upper Cambrian-Lower Ordovician Subsurface Sequence in Williston Basin

Christina Lochman-Balk , James Lee Wilson

Cincinnatian Geology in Southwest Hamilton County, Ohio

J. P. Ford

Hurricanes as Geological Agents, South Texas Coast: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Miles O. Hayes

Chimneyhill Limestone Sequence (Silurian), Hunton Group, Oklahoma, Revised: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Thomas W. Amsden

A Classification of Subsurface Bodies of Fragmented Rocks: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

J. H. Howard

Critical Analysis of Stack Seismic Systems

L. E. Nugent, Jr.

North American Drilling Activity in 1966

E. L. Dillon , L. H. Van Dyke

Oil and Gas Developments in Northeastern States in 1966

Horace G. Richards, David M. Young, W. Lynn Kreidler, Arthur M. Van Tyne, William S. Lytle, I. S. Latimer, Jr., Donald L. Norling, Allan W. Johnson, Robert L. Alkire

Developments in East-Central States in 1966

Edmund Nosow , Jacob Van Den Berg , D. H. Swann , G. L. Carpenter , H. C. Milhous (5)

Developments in Michigan in 1966

G. D. Ells , R. E. Ives

Developments in North Mid-Continent in 1966

Edward E. Pugh, Jr.

Exploration in Oklahoma and the Panhandle of Texas in 1966

Fred C. Summers, Jr.

Developments in West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico in 1966

Norman A. Sax

Developments in North-Central Texas in 1966

Laurence S. Cooke

Developments in South Texas in 1966

Bobby A. Bishop , A. Ray Jennings , John S. Shambaugh

Developments in Arkansas, North Louisiana, and East Texas in 1966

Richard A. Berryhill , Wayne L. Simpson , Paul Hinyard

Developments in Upper Gulf Coast of Texas in 1966

Thomas G. Clark , Alan R. McGrew

Developments in Louisiana Gulf Coast in 1966

George R. White , Herschel L. Riddle

Developments in Southeastern States in 1966

Samuel C. Guy

Developments in Northern Rockies in 1966

Billy B. Lane , Herman T. Ashmore , James D. Hunter

Developments in Four Corners-Intermountain Area in 1966

Douglas L. Reese

Developments in Eastern and Northwestern Colorado and Western Nebraska in 1966

Edward H. Haynes

Developments in West Coast Area in 1966

E. C. Doell

Developments in Alaska in 1966

Edwin H. East

Developments in Western Canada in 1966

T. J. Latus

Developments in Eastern Canada in 1966

J. E. S. Milne , R. D. Howie