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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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AAPG Bulletin

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Mesozoic Stratigraphy of Honduras

R. A. Mills , K. E. Hugh , D. E. Feray , H. C. Swolfs (5)

Deep-Sea Drilling Project


Island Arc System in Andaman Sea

L. Austin Weeks , R. N. Harbison , G. Peter

Ocean-Ridge System in Northwest America

Robert C. Bostrom

Basin Subsidence and Hypersubsidence

Maurice Kamen-Kaye

Depositional Environment of Sparland Cyclothem (Pennsylvanian), Illinois and Forest City Basins

Constantine Manos

Note 34--Records of the Stratigraphic Commission for 1964-1966 American Commission on Stratigraphic Nomenclature: STRATIGRAPHIC COMMISSION

Peter Harker

Note 35--Application to American Commission on Stratigraphic Nomenclature: For an Amendment of Article 3 and Article 13, Remarks (c) and (e), of the Code of Stratigraphic Nomenclature to Disallow Recognition of New Stratigraphic Names that Appear Only in Abstracts, Guidebooks, Microfilms, Newspapers, or in Commercial or Trade Journals: STRATIGRAPHIC COMMISSION

Ronald K. DeFord , John A. Wilson , Frederick M. Swain

Direction of Upper Paleozoic Currents, Central Alabama: GEOLOGICAL NOTE

Robert C. Whisonant

Peripheral Gulf Rifting in Northeast Texas: DISCUSSION

Max Bornhauser

Peripheral Gulf Rifting in Northeast Texas: REPLY

B. H. Walthall , Jack L. Walper (5)

Peripheral Gulf Rifting in Northeast Texas: Rifting or Continental Thrust?: DISCUSSION

Howard A. Meyerhoff

Peripheral Gulf Rifting in Northeast Texas: REPLY

B. H. Walthall , Jack L. Walper (5)

Spectacular Oil-Field Fires: ABSTRACT

Red Adair

Tertiary Wind River Formation--Uranium Resources and Geology: ABSTRACT

R. D. Adamson

Future Role of Rocky Mountain Coal: ABSTRACT

Paul Averitt

Keynote Address: ABSTRACT

Thomas D. Barrow

Devonian Geology of Canada, Montana, and Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Gordon Bassett, John Stout

Triassic-Jurassic of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Montana, and North Dakota: ABSTRACT

C. E. Carlson, H. A. Gibson

Geology of the Moon: ABSTRACT

N. James Clinton

Use of Nuclear Explosives in Oil and Gas Production: ABSTRACT

H. F. Coffer, H. E. Grier, H. H. Aronson

Isostasy and Overthrusting in Western Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Gary W. Crosby

Eocene Green River Formation--Multiple Mineral Resource: ABSTRACT

W. C. Culbertson, J. R. Dyni, D. A. Brobst

Habitat of Oil in Rockies: ABSTRACT

William Curry, III

Western Cordillera--Alaska to Mexico: ABSTRACT

Armand J. Eardley

Devonian-Mississippian Stratigraphy of Western Mid-Continent Area: ABSTRACT

Edwin D. Goebel, Paul L. Hilpman

Contribution of Computers to Exploration--Management Viewpoint: ABSTRACT

J. Edward Green

Quantitative Environmental Analysis of a Lower Cretaceous Complex: ABSTRACT

L. S. Griffith, Max G. Pitcher, G. W. Rice

Marine and Channel Sandstones in Lower Cretaceous of D-J Basin: ABSTRACT

John Harms, Frank Exum

Exploration Management, ESP or IBM?: ABSTRACT

Jack Hendrickson

Regional Precambrian Tectonics and Stratigraphy of Rocky Mountains with Emphasis on Wyoming Province: ABSTRACT

Robert S. Houston

Pre-Pennsylvanian--Post-Cambrian Geology of Cordilleran Trough: ABSTRACT

Ralph Langenheim, Jr.

Mississippian Geology of Canada and Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

George Macauley

Mississippian and Pennsylvanian Stratigraphy in Middle and Southern Rocky Mountains: ABSTRACT

William W. Mallory

Middle Devonian Facies Relations, Zama Area--Alberta, Canada: ABSTRACT

John McCamis, L. S. Griffith

Bank-to-Basin Transition in Permian (Leonardian) Carbonates, Guadalupe Mountains, Texas: ABSTRACT

Paul N. McDaniel, Lloyd C. Pray

Tertiary Wasatch-Green River Formations of Western Wyoming, Utah, and Western Colorado--Oil and Gas: ABSTRACT

Robert McDonald

Computer as Aid to Geologic Communication: ABSTRACT

Robert W. Meader

Permian System of Southern Rocky Mountains and Surrounding Provinces: ABSTRACT

James A. Momper

Cambrian History of Western United States: ABSTRACT

Allison R. Palmer

Regional Ordovician Stratigraphy of Rocky Mountain Region: ABSTRACT

J. R. Patterson

Jurassic and Triassic of Wyoming and Southern Rockies: ABSTRACT

George N. Pipiringos

Exploration Progress in Alaska: ABSTRACT

N. N. Requist

Geothermal Energy: ABSTRACT

Merrill J. Reynolds

Bituminous Sandstone Deposits of Utah: ABSTRACT

Howard Ritzma

Breaking Geological Communication Barriers: ABSTRACT

John W. Rold

Lower Cretaceous of Montana, North Dakota, and Canada: ABSTRACT

R. A. Rudkin

Tertiary Fort Union Formation of Northern Rockies: ABSTRACT

W. A. Sears, Jr., John J. Sullivan

Pennsylvanian Geology of Western Mid-Continent: ABSTRACT

Donald C. Swanson

Geology of Canadian Heavy Oil Sands: ABSTRACT

L. W. Vigrass

Rates of Sedimentation and Intrabasin Deformation, Upper Cretaceous, Rocky Mountain Region: ABSTRACT

Robert J. Weimer

Lower Cretaceous of Wyoming and Southern Rockies: ABSTRACT

Robert G. Young