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Petroleum Geology of Arbuckle Group (Ordovician), Healdton Field, Carter County, Oklahoma

Jack W. Latham

Facies and Geometry of Swan Hills Reef Member of Beaverhill Lake Formation (Upper Devonian), Goose River Field, Alberta, Canada

A. J. Jenik , J. F. Lerbekmo

Quantitative Fracture Study--Sanish Pool, Mckenzie County, North Dakota

George H. Murray, Jr.

Geology and Development of Lusk Strawn Field, Eddy and Lea Counties, New Mexico

Dewey E. Thornton , H. H. Gaston, Jr.

Palo Pinto Limestone Production, Western Runnels County, Texas

A. K. Doss, Jr. , Frank J. Spiva, Jr.

Petrology of Upper Smackover Limestone in North Haynesville Field, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana

William F. Bishop

Stratigraphy and Paleoenvironments of Cretaceous Rocks, Mitchell Quadrangle, Oregon

W. D. Wilkinson , Keith F. Oles

Lower Devonian Limestone of Post-Hunton Age, Turkey Creek Inlier, Marshall County, South-Central Oklahoma: NOTES

Thomas W. Amsden , Gilbert Klapper , A. R. Ormiston

Revision of Cambrian Stratigraphy, Silver Island Mountains, Utah: NOTES

Richard A. Robison , Allison R. Palmer

Supplement to Report of Committee on Preservation of Samples and Cores: NOTES

John C. Frye

Coping with Computers--Suggestions for Survival: ABSTRACT

John P. Olson

Stratigraphy of Deeper Marietta Basin in Oklahoma and Texas: ABSTRACT

H. H. Bradfield

Introduction to Composition and Stratigraphy Relationships of Permian Basin Oils, Texas and New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Harold J. Holmquest, Jr., Robert T. Johansen, Harold M. Smith

Pennsylvanian-Wolfcamp Study: ABSTRACT

Stewart Chuber, Elton E. Rodgers

Oils from Yeso Reservoirs and Their Basinal Equivalents: ABSTRACT

Elton E. Rodgers, Bill B. Belt, Ed H. McGlasson

Oils from Abo Reservoirs of Northwestern Shelf: ABSTRACT

N. A. Sax, William K. Stenzel

Relationships of Oil Composition and Stratigraphy in Multipay Fields: ABSTRACT

B. B. Coester, Jacob L. Williams

Some Tectonic Principles in Permian Basin of Texas and New Mexico: ABSTRACT

John E. Galley

Recent Developments in Marietta Basin: ABSTRACT

Gary E. Henry

Critical Evaluation of Hardeman Basin and Its Environs: ABSTRACT

John E. Thornton

Stratigraphic Relations in Palo Duro--Hardeman Basin Area: ABSTRACT

Glen S. Soderstrom

Sedimentational Influence of Pedernal Uplift: ABSTRACT

Frank E. Kottlowski

Natural Chromatography--A Factor in Petroleum Migration: ABSTRACT

Arthur S. Ritchie

Surface Evidence of Deep Structure in Anadarko Basin: ABSTRACT

William V. Trollinger

Geologic Development of Anadarko Basin and Its Deposits of Hydrocarbons: ABSTRACT

Donald C. Swanson

Nature of Margins of Sedimentary Basins: ABSTRACT

Dan E. Feray

Stratigraphy of Permian Basin: ABSTRACT

Charles E. Mear