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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Geologic Success and Economic Failure

George C. Hardin, Jr. , Karl Mygdal

Written Communication--A Substitute for Good Dialog

Melba W. Murray

Biostratigraphy of Niobrara-Equivalent Part of Mancos Shale (Cretaceous) in Northwestern Colorado

Harry C. Kent

Point-Bar Origin of Fall River Sandstone Reservoirs, Northeastern Wyoming

Robert R. Berg

Contemporaneous Normal Faults on Flanks of Birmingham Anticlinorium, Central Alabama

William A. Thomas

American Upper Ordovician Standard. IX. Bedrock Geology of Eastern Hamilton County, Ohio

Robert H. Osborne

Geochemical Study of a Reef Complex

Charles E. Weaver

Magnesium and Strontium in Mud Fraction of Recent Carbonate Sediment, Alacran Reef, Mexico

Charles M. Hoskin

Multiple Component Analysis and Its Application in Classification of Environments

Richard B. McCammon

Diapiric Intrusions in Foreset Slope Sediments Off Magdalena Delta, Colombia

Francis P. Shepard , Robert F. Dill , Bruce C. Heezen

Sable Island Bank Off Nova Scotia: Sediment Dispersal and Recent History

Noel P. James , Daniel J. Stanley

Foraminiferal Assemblages as Indicators of High Organic Carbon Content in Sediments and of Polluted Waters

George A. Seiglie

Late Tertiary History of Gulf of Mexico Based on a Core from Sigsbee Knolls: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Thomas E. Pyle

Mediterranean Diapiric Structures: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Jerry A. Watson , G. Leonard Johnson

Redefinition of Tipton Shale Member of Green River Formation of Wyoming: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Henry W. Roehler

Reference Sections and Correlation of Beechwood Member (North Vernon Limestone, Middle Devonian) of Southern Indiana and Northern Kentucky: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

R. William Orr , Charles A. Pollock

Structural Significance and Analysis of Mid-Continent Gravity High: DISCUSSION

Nelson C. Steenland

Excello Shale, Northeastern Oklahoma: Clue to Locating Buried Reefs: DISCUSSION

Don M. Triplehorn

Excello Shale, Northeastern Oklahoma: Clue to Locating Buried Reefs: REPLY

Martin M. Cassidy

The Term Holocene: DISCUSSION

W. P. Woodring

No Title Provided: ABSTRACT