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Mid-Continent Exploration: INTRODUCTION

J. Paul Jennings

Shape Up or Get Shipped Out

Michel T. Halbouty

Depositional Environments of Pennsylvanian Red Fork Sandstone in Northeastern Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma

Philip C. Withrow

Application of Trend Analysis to Pre-Morrow Surface, Southeastern Hugoton Embayment Area, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas

Martin W. Schramm, Jr.

Carbonate Rock Characteristics and Effect on Oil Accumulation in Mid-Continent Area

John F. Harris

Early Paleozoic (Arbuckle) Overlap, Southern Mid-Continent, United States

Philip A. Chenoweth

Application of Sedimentary Directional Features and Scalar Properties to Hydrocarbon Exploration

Gary A. McDaniel

Stratigraphic Applications of Dipmeter Date in Mid-Continent

R. L. Campbell, Jr.

Heavy Oil in Western Missouri

J. S. Wells , K. H. Anderson

Mississippian Rocks Of Western Kansas

Edwin D. Goebel

Upper Ordovician Stratigraphic Relations Between Covington and Clays Ferry, Kentucky: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

J. P. Ford

Paleoenvironment of Phosphate-Bearing Monterey Shale in Salinas Valley, California: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Patsy B. Smith

Stratigraphy and Classification of Type Esna Group of Egypt: DISCUSSION

Hassan Sabry

Stratigraphy and Classification of Type Esna Group of Egypt: REPLY

Z. R. El-Naggar

Origin of Gulf of Mexico, II: Additional Data: ABSTRACT

William F. Tanner

A Theory of Crustal Development Based on Experimental Analysis of Vertical Uplift: ABSTRACT

H. J. McCunn

Gravity Anomalies, Basement Rocks, and Crustal Structure, Central and Southeast Texas: ABSTRACT

James E. Case, W. R. Moore

Geological History and Oil and Gas Potential of Central Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

E. H. Rainwater

Basic Delta Systems in Eocene of Gulf Coast Basin: ABSTRACT

W. L. Fisher

Depositional Systems of Lower Wilcox Group, North-Central Gulf Coast Basin: ABSTRACT

William E. Galloway

Wilcox Dipmeter Applications: ABSTRACT

Dale O. Reese

Sedimentation in Breton Sound and Effects of Mississippi River-Gulf Outlet: ABSTRACT

Garrett Briggs

Depositional Environments of Sandstones as Interpreted from Subsurface Measurements--an Introduction: ABSTRACT

William C. Krueger

Bar and Barrier-Island Sands: ABSTRACT

A. E. Weidie

Pleistocene Oil and Gas in Coastal Louisiana: ABSTRACT

R. W. Sabate

Differential Pressures: A Trapping Mechanism in Gulf Coast Oil and Gas Fields: ABSTRACT

John D. Myers

Sulfur Deposits of Isthmus Salt Basin, Southeastern Mexico: ABSTRACT

Stewart H. Folk

Petrography and Origin of Lower Tuscaloosa Sandstones, Mallalieu Field, Lincoln County, Mississippi: ABSTRACT

Robert R. Berg, Billy C. Cook

Geology of McAllen-Pharr Field Area, Hidalgo County, Texas: ABSTRACT

James W. Collins

Federal Activity in Marine Geology in Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Henry L. Berryhill, Jr.

A Study of West Florida Escarpment: ABSTRACT

J. W. Antoine

Depositional Anticlines, Florida Straits: ABSTRACT

Richard J. Malloy

Geophysical Studies of South Florida Continental Margin and Western Straits of Florida: ABSTRACT

T. E. Pyle, J. W. Antoine, W. R. Bryant

Distribution of Minor Structures in Gulf of Mexico Sediments: ABSTRACT

Arnold H. Bouma

Origin and Configuration of Alaminos Canyon, Northwestern Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Arnold H. Bouma, William R. Bryant, John W. Antoine

Influence of Sampling on Geologic Interpretation Based on Piston Coring in Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

F. B. Chmelik, A. H. Bouma, W. R. Bryant

Major Transition Zones of Gulf of Mexico: DeSoto and Campeche Canyons: ABSTRACT

J. W. Antoine, W. R. Bryant

Stability and Geotechnical Characteristics of Marine Sediments, Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

W. R. Bryant, Charles S. Wallin

Habitat of Oil in Carbonate Rocks: ABSTRACT

M. Malek-Aslani

Reintegration: Synthesis EDP Techniques in Geology: ABSTRACT

Ed Goodin

Salt Tectonics as Related to Several Smackover Fields along Northeast Rim of Gulf of Mexico Basin: ABSTRACT

Dudley J. Hughes

Pelahatchie Field--Mississippi Giant?: ABSTRACT

Harold E. Karges

Norphlet Sandstone, Pelahatchie Field, Rankin County, Mississippi: ABSTRACT

J. A. Hartman

Jurassic Geology of Alabama and Florida Panhandle: ABSTRACT

Marvin L. Oxley, Edward D. Minihan

Paleoclimatologic and Paleobiologic Implications of Louann Salt Deposition: ABSTRACT

Richard L. Bowen

Gulf Basin-East Texas Shelf-Lower Cretaceous--An Environmental History: ABSTRACT

Dewey J. Bushaw

Relation Between Interior Salt Domes and Basin Morphology: ABSTRACT

Oscar L. Paulson, Jr.

Aturia alabamensis (Morton) in Jackson Beds at Creola Bluff, Montgomery, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Louis De A. Gimbrede

Factors Controlling Carbonate Sand Distribution in Shallow Shelf Environment: Illustrated by Texas Cretaceous: ABSTRACT

Clyde H. Moore, Jr.

Sinkhole Prediction: ABSTRACT

Roger Jahnke

Statistical Biostratigraphic Correlation and Senonian Stratigraphy in West Texas and Northeastern Chihuahua, Mexico: ABSTRACT

James A. Wolleben

Palynomorph Distribution and Depositional Environments in Glen Rose Formation (Lower Cretaceous), Somervell County, Texas: ABSTRACT

L. Gifford Kessler II

Molluscan Guide Fossils in Late Miocene Sediments of Southern Florida: ABSTRACT

Muriel E. Hunter

Sedimentation and Distribution of Marine Biofacies: ABSTRACT

Walter H. Trenchard

Ancient Mississippi River: ABSTRACT

C. John Mann, William A. Thomas

Illinois Basin, Mississippi Embayment, and Ouachita Orogenic Belt: ABSTRACT

C. John Mann

Lower Limit of Pliocene and Pleistocene in Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

John H. Beard, James L. Lamb

Explosion in Geological Education and Its Future Effects on the Profession: ABSTRACT

Ramon E. Bisque

Pleistocene Sea Levels and Continental Margin Sedimentation: ABSTRACT

Robert F. Dill

Sedimentary Rock Deformation Related to Structure in Basement: ABSTRACT

John James Prucha