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Hidden Trends and Subtle Traps in Gulf Coast

Michel T. Halbouty

Depositional Systems in Wilcox Group (Eocene) of Texas and Their Relation to Occurrence of Oil and Gas

W. L. Fisher , J. H. McGowen

Edwards Formation (Lower Cretaceous), Texas: Dolomitization in a Carbonate Platform System

W. L. Fisher , Peter U. Rodda

Diagenesis of Gulf Coast Clayey Sediments and Its Possible Relation to Petroleum Migration

John F. Burst

Origin of Caballos and Arkansas Novaculite Formations

David E. Park, Jr. , Carey Croneis

Illinois Basin--Sediment-Starved During Mississippian

Jerry A. Lineback

Paleogeography of Lower Mississippian Rocks of Michigan Basin

L. Olayinka Asseez

Correlation, Faulting, and Metamorphism of Michigan and Appalachian Basin Salt

Charles H. Jacoby

Correlation of Marine and Nonmarine Strata with Example from Devonian of New York State

I. N. McCave

Reworked Lower Devonian Fossils, Nopah Range, Inyo County, California: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

A. J. Boucot , J. C. Hazzard , J. G. Johnson

Type Locality of Darby Formation, Western Wyoming: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

J. D. Love , W. R. Keefer

Indication of Proximity of High-Pressure Fluid Reservoir, Louisiana and Texas Gulf Coast: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

James M. Forgotson, Sr.

Refraction Shooting with Expendable Sonobuoys: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

J. Ewing , R. Leyden , M. Ewing

"Nubian Sandstone": DISCUSSION

Monzer S. Shawa

Should the term "Nubian Sandstone" be dropped?: DISCUSSION

Danilo A. Rigassi

Economics of Academics: ABSTRACT

Grover E. Murray

New Evidence on Pleistocene Sea-Level Changes from Deepstar Dives: ABSTRACT

Robert F. Dill

Role of Salt Tectonics in Structural History of Western Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

John W. Antoine

Authigenic and Detrital Dolomite in Unconsolidated Deep-Water Sediments of West Florida Slope, Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Robert N. Mitchum, John N. Bubb, Douglas Perry

Breedlove Field, Martin County, Texas: ABSTRACT

James K. Munn

Phylloid Algal Banks: ABSTRACT

Karl W. Klement

Luminescence Petrography of Sandstones: ABSTRACT

Robert F. Sippel

Observations on Sandstone Cementation: ABSTRACT

Alonzo D. Jacka

Canadian (Early Ordovician) El Paso Group, Southern Franklin Mountains, El Paso County, Texas: ABSTRACT

David V. Lemone

Bloodworth Northeast Field, Coke and Nolan Counties, Texas: ABSTRACT

Wilton J. Brown

Basement Rocks in West Texas and Eastern New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Rodger E. Denison

Paleomagnetic Correlation: ABSTRACT

Neil D. Opdyke

Texas Lineament: Pleistocene-Holocene Movement?: ABSTRACT

Corwin C. Reeves, Jr.

Mossbauer Studies on a Large Griphite Crystal: ABSTRACT

Wulf A. Gose

Disharmonic Folding in Iran: ABSTRACT

Robert C. Shumaker

Characteristics and Tectonic Setting of Growth Faults in Eastern Venezuelan Basin: ABSTRACT

Stanley E. Cebull

Energy Resources of Rocky Mountain Region: ABSTRACT

Robert L. Duncan

Gas Potential of Rocky Mountain Region: ABSTRACT

John D. Haun, James A. Barlow, Jr., Donald E. Hallinger

Competitive Position of Energy Resources in Rocky Mountain Region: ABSTRACT

Howard A. Meyerhoff

Uranium Deposits of Grants Region: ABSTRACT

Vincent C. Kelley, Paul E. Melancon, Dale F. Kittel

Geothermics in North America: Present and Future: ABSTRACT

Henry S. Birdseye

Petroleum Exploration in Western United States in Light of Principles of Comparative Tectonics: ABSTRACT

Lee A. Woodward

Helium: An Unnatural Natural Gas: ABSTRACT

Leo Garwin

Preliminary Observations of Postshot Geologic Effects of Gasbuggy Nuclear Stimulation Experiment, Northeastern San Juan Basin, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

William B. Martin

Coal Resources of Rocky Mountains and Their Future Utilization: ABSTRACT

Richard F. Perkins

Environment of Deposition of Late Cretaceous Fruitland Formation Coal Deposits of San Juan Basin, New Mexico and Colorado: ABSTRACT

James E. Fassett

Coal Deposits of Raton Coal Field, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Charles L. Pillmore

Strippable Coal Reserves of Montana, North Dakota, and Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Joseph Blake Smith

Project Thunderbird--An in situ Coal-Extraction Research Program: ABSTRACT

Thomas C. Woodward

Navajo Mine, Supplying Coal for Energy Needs of Southwest: ABSTRACT

James T. Curry

Spreading Sea Floor: by Convection or Conviction?: ABSTRACT

A. A. Meyerhoff

Remote Sensing Techniques in Petroleum Exploration: ABSTRACT

Harold C. MacDonald

Correlation and Stratigraphy of Triassic Red Peak and Thaynes Formations, Western Wyoming and Adjacent Idaho: ABSTRACT

M. Dane Picard, Rolf Aadland, Lee R. High, Jr.

Effective Communications for Explorationists: ABSTRACT

Harold H. Christie

Oil and Gas on Toadlena Anticline, Arizona and New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Jere W. McKenny

Bell Creek Field: A Rich Stratigraphic Trap, Powder River and Carter Counties, Montana: ABSTRACT

Alexander A. McGregor, Charles A. Biggs

Cretaceous Muddy Sandstone in Northern Rockies: ABSTRACT

George R. Wulf

Petroleum Potential of Utah: ABSTRACT

Howard R. Ritzma

Oil-Impregnated Sandstones Between Dirty Devil and Colorado and Green Rivers, Garfield and Wayne Counties, Utah: ABSTRACT

Joe L. Bowman

South Coyote Creek Field, Weston County, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Earl T. Hegna

Petrography and Permeability of Lower Cretaceous Muddy Sandstone, Bell Creek Area, Montana: ABSTRACT

Robert R. Berg, David K. Davies

Structural Evolution of Paradox Basin, Four Corners Area: ABSTRACT

Ernest Szabo

Geology of Petroleum in Wind River Basin, Central Wyoming: ABSTRACT

William R. Keefer

Permian Basin Sulfur, Texas: ABSTRACT

Barney C. McCasland