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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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AAPG Bulletin

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Putting Exploration Back Into Focus

Kenneth H. Crandall

Report of Academic Advisory Committee of American Association of Petroleum Geologists

Lewis M. Cline, Chairman

Newly Discovered Cenozoic Basins, Bering Sea Shelf, Alaska

David W. Scholl , David M. Hopkins

Floral Zones and Correlations of Cretaceous Kukpowruk and Corwin Formations, Northwestern Alaska

Charles J. Smiley

Geologic Reservoir Analysis, Mississippian Madison Formation, Elk Basin Field, Wyoming-Montana

J. A. McCaleb, D. A. Wayhan

Cretaceous Strike-Valley Sandstone Reservoirs, Northwestern New Mexico

Donald G. McCubbin

Subsurface Temperature in South Louisiana

Pedro Jam L. , Parke A. Dickey , Eysteinn Tryggvason

Lower West Baden (Mississippian) Sandstone Body of Owen and Greene Counties, Indiana

S. V. Hrabar , Paul Edwin Potter

Pore Studies of Highly Indurated Appalachian Rocks

W. Cullen Sherwood , Jinn Huie Huang

Paleostructure and Lithologic-Variation Coefficients: Their Use in Exploration for New Oil and Gas Pools

S. T. Ovnatanov , G. P. Tamrazyan

Note 37--Records of the Stratigraphic Commission for 1966-1968

Frank E. Kottlowski

Note 37--Records of the Stratigraphic Commission for 1966-1968: ADDENDUM

Younger Mesozoic Sedimentary Rocks, State of Johore, West Malaysia: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

S. Senathi Rajah

Well Symbols and Title Blocks on Geological Maps: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

James M. Forgotson, Sr.

Pliocene Oils of Rumania: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Ray P. Walters

Diapirs of Magdalena Delta: DISCUSSION

M. M. Ball

Natural Gas: Oil's Principal Competitor: ABSTRACT

B. W. Beebe

New Global Tectonics Related to West Coast Structure: ABSTRACT

Mason L. Hill

Salt Tectonics and Pleistocene Stratigraphy on Continental Slope of Northern Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Peter Lehner

Middle Devonian Reef Production, Rainbow Area, Alberta: ABSTRACT

Michael E. Hriskevich, John C. Rudolph

Practical Computer Usage for Subsurface Geologists: ABSTRACT

James O. Lewis

Gross Transport of Suspended Sediments over Continental Shelves as Analyzed from Gemini and Apollo Space Photography: ABSTRACT

Robert E. Stevenson