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Heat Conductivity of Some Carbonate Rocks and Clayey Sandstones

H. Zierfuss

Petrography-Porosity Relations in Carbonate-Quartz System, Gatesburg Formation (Late Cambrian), Pennsylvania

Richard E. Smith

Mather and Hockingport Sandstone Lentils (Pennsylvanian and Permian) of Dunkard Basin, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio

Wayne D. Martin , Bernard R. Henniger

Chenier Versus Barrier, Genetic and Stratigraphic Distinction

John H. Hoyt

Relation and History of Structures in a Sedimentary Succession with Deeper Metamorphic Structures, Eastern Great Basin

Robert B. Nelson

Petrographic Analysis of Atokan Carbonate Rocks in Central and Southern Great Basin

Mark Rich

Structural Analysis of Fractures in Cores from Saticoy Field, Ventura County, California

M. Friedman

Physiography and Sedimentary Processes of La Jolla Submarine Fan and Fan-Valley, California

F. P. Shepard , R. F. Dill , Ulrich Von Rad

Stratigraphy of Eastern Assemblage Rocks in a Window in Roberts Mountains Thrust, Northern Toquima Range, Central Nevada: GEOLOGICAL NOTE

Edwin H. McKee , Reuben J. Ross, Jr.

Age of Nation River Formation, East-Central Alaska: DISCUSSION

Earl E. Brabb , Michael Churkin, Jr.

Gravitational Tensional Faulting and Tectonic Denudation: DISCUSSION

Peter J. Coney

Gravitational Tensional Faulting and Tectonic Denudation: REPLY

Ernst Cloos

Lower Cretaceous Geology, Northwestern Karnes County, Texas: DISCUSSION

Larry L. Jones

Lower Cretaceous Geology, Northwestern Karnes County, Texas: REPLY

Delos R. Tucker

Pleistocene Sea-Level Fluctuations off Southern California and Their Relation to Continental Slope Sedimentation: ABSTRACT

Robert F. Dill

Development of Long Beach Unit in Offshore Part of Wilmington Field: ABSTRACT

S. E. Szasz, J. H. Fantozzi, William A. Adent

Advances in Interpretation of Offshore Seismic Data: ABSTRACT

Judson B. Hughes, Jr., J. R. Harris, S. O. Patterson

International Law and Technology for Sea Floor: ABSTRACT

M. K. Albright

What's Ahead on O.C.S. in Pacific: ABSTRACT

D. Solanas

Glomar Challenger and Deep-Sea Drilling Program: ABSTRACT

A. J. Field, Melvin N. A. Peterson

Adak "Paleozoic" Site, Aleutians--In Fact of Eocene Age: ABSTRACT

David W. Scholl, H. Gary Greene, Warren O. Addicott, William R. Evitt, Richard L. Pierce, Sergius H. Mamay, Michael S. Marlow

Air Force Western Test Range Operations: ABSTRACT

Donald M. Benn

Rapid Changes in Head of Rio Balsas Submarine Canyon, Mexico: ABSTRACT

Erk Reimnitz

Summary Report on Recent Developments, Santa Barbara Channel, California: ABSTRACT

K. B. Hall, John F. Curran

Anacapa Rift, California: ABSTRACT

Robert S. Yeats

Miocene Volcanic Rocks of Northern Channel Islands, California: ABSTRACT

B. Nolf

Miocene Volcanics of Western Santa Monica Mountains, California: ABSTRACT

Bruce A. Blackerby

Lower Tertiary Paleocurrent Trends, Santa Cruz Island, California: ABSTRACT

Walter R. Merschat

Field Geology in a Marine Environment: ABSTRACT

B. C. Osborn

Sediments of Inner Continental Shelf off Northern Washington Coast: ABSTRACT

K. Venkatarathnam, Dean A. McManus

Bathymetry and Sedimentary Structures of Santa Cruz Basin, California: ABSTRACT

Peter W. Barnes

Geologic Effects Produced by Compaction of Meganos Gorge Fill, California: ABSTRACT

William F. Edmondson

Processes Affecting Distribution of Foraminifera and Other Biogenic Sediment Components off Coast of Washington and Oregon: ABSTRACT

Robert A. Harman

Sediment-Foraminiferal Relations within Inner Sublittoral Zone off Coast of Washington: ABSTRACT

Ronald J. Echols, Sarah S. Barnes, Robert A. Harman

Sedimentary Structures and Paleocurrent Analysis of Sespe Formation, Ventura Basin, California: ABSTRACT

Willard A. McCracken

Hierarchical Analysis of Variance of Shelf-Sediment Texture: ABSTRACT

James C. Kelley, Dean A. McManus

Heavy Minerals on Continental Shelf of Northern Bering Sea: ABSTRACT

K. Venkatarathnam, Dean A. McManus

Processes Affecting Distribution and Dispersal of Suspended Matter in Columbia River Effluent System: ABSTRACT

T. J. Conomos

Sand Transport in Region of Shoaling Waves: ABSTRACT

David O. Cook

Computer Simulation of Nearshore Sediment Transport: ABSTRACT

Graeme F. Bonham-Carter

A "Semipro" Revisits Middle Tertiary Foraminiferal Sequence of California Coast Ranges: ABSTRACT

Robert M. Kleinpell

Lineage Genera Classification of Lower Paleogene Planktonic Foraminifera: ABSTRACT

P. Lewis Steineck

Planktonic Foraminiferal Indices Common to Lower Pliocene of Southern California and Italy: ABSTRACT

Orville L. Bandy, Meei-Meei Yen, Ramil C. Wright

Foraminiferal Trends in Oregon Sublittoral: ABSTRACT

Richard S. Boettcher, Gerald A. Fowler

Distribution of Foraminifera on Alaskan and Siberian Continental Shelves: ABSTRACT

Robert A. Harman, Susan C. Cooper

Secondary Calcification in Globorotalia Menardii (Foraminiferida): ABSTRACT

Robert L. Fleisher

Size-Depth Variation in Foraminifer Cyclammina Cancellata Brady from Peru-Chile Trench Area: ABSTRACT

Fritz Theyer

Geologic Significance of Prunopyle Titan Campbell and Clark: ABSTRACT

Orville L. Bandy, Richard E. Casey, Ramil C. Wright

Ultrastructure Studies of Selected Benthic Foraminifera: ABSTRACT

Richard P. Stapleton

Tertiary Foraminiferal Paleoecology and Biostratigraphy of Part of Oregon Continental Margin: ABSTRACT

Gerald A. Fowler, Gary E. Muehlberg

Correlation of Marine Middle Tertiary Stages of California with Tropical Planktonic Zones: ABSTRACT

Orville L. Bandy, James A. Wilcoxon

Sedimentation in Santa Barbara Basin, California: ABSTRACT

Andrew Soutar

Anaerobic Basin Sedimentation and Differential Preservation of Planktonic Foraminifera: ABSTRACT

Wolfgang H. Berger

Middle Tertiary Stratigraphy of Santa Rosa Island, California: ABSTRACT

Fred A. Avila

Paleogene Sequence in Northern Channel Islands, California: ABSTRACT

David Doerner

Miocene Biostratigraphy of Southwestern Santa Cruz Island, California: ABSTRACT

S. Robert Bereskin

Geophysical Survey Application of Doppler Sonar Navigation Systems: ABSTRACT

Robert L. Maxwell, P. A. Gaechter

Velocity Anisotropy of Upper Mantle: ABSTRACT

G. B. Morris, R. W. Raitt, G. G. Shor, Jr.

Oil Fields, Gravity Anomalies, and Surface Chemical Manifestations--Correlations, Causes, and Exploration Significance: ABSTRACT

Thane M. McCulloh

Gravity of Northern Channel Islands: ABSTRACT

John K. Aldrich

Bouguer Reduction Technique for Surface Ship Gravity Meter Data: ABSTRACT

E. Berkman, T. R. Lafehr

Applications of Continuous Reflection Parameter Determination: ABSTRACT

Melvan D. Carter

Seismic Record Section in Depth: ABSTRACT

James M. Hornsby

Searching for Stratigraphic Traps: ABSTRACT

C. H. Dix

Title to be announced: ABSTRACT

Milton Dobrin

Portable Refraction Seismography Survey of Gold Placer Areas Near Nome, Alaska: ABSTRACT

H. Gary Greene

Title to be announced: ABSTRACT

Richard Tagg

Structure of the Continental Shelf off Southern Oregon: ABSTRACT

William E. Bales, L. D. Kulm

Shallow Structure and Sedimentation of Upper Continental Slope off Southern and Central Oregon: A Preliminary Investigation: ABSTRACT

L. D. Kulm, William E. Bales

Continuous Seismic Profiling on Continental Shelf off Washington: ABSTRACT

Lee C. Bennett, Jr.