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Geology of Petroleum in Wind River Basin, Central Wyoming

William R. Keefer

Major Upper Triassic Lithogenetic Sequences in Colorado Plateau Region

John H. Stewart

Interdigitation Versus Arbitrary Cutoff: Resolution of an Upper Cretaceous Stratigraphic Problem, Western Saskatchewan

R. A. H. Nichols , J. M. Wyman

Lithofacies of Pella Formation (Mississippian), Southeastern Iowa

Gary D. Johnson , Carl F. Vondra

Reynolds Oolite of Southern Arkansas

Ralph H. Akin, Jr. , Roy W. Graves, Jr.

Depositional Environments of Subsurface Potomac Group in Southern Maryland

Harry J. Hansen

Principal Characteristics of Cuban Neogene Stratigraphy

Manuel A. Iturralde-Vinent

Oil and Gas Prospects of Southern Taranaki Bight, New Zealand

R. C. Sprigg , J. C. Braithwaite , A. Yakunin , R. B. Wilson

Geophysical-Geologic Study of Northern Amadeus Trough, Australia

A. J. Froelich , E. A. Krieg

Note 36--Amendment of Article 5, Remarks (a) and (e) of the Code of Stratigraphic Nomenclature for Treatment of Geologic Names in a Gradational or Interfingering Relationship of Rock-Stratigraphic Units: STRATIGRAPHIC COMMISSION

George V. Cohee , Ronald K. Deford (5), H. B. Willman (6)

Russian Predictions of Future of Petroleum Geology in the Next 50 Years: GEOLOGICAL NOTE

Parke A. Dickey

Sedimentation and Tectonism in Upper Cretaceous Puerto Rican Part of Caribbean Island Arc: ABSTRACT

Charles C. Almy

Ordovician Chitinozoans from Florida Well Samples: ABSTRACT

Noel E. Andress, Fritz H. Cramer, Robert F. Goldstein

Geophysical Studies of Northern Florida Platform, Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

John W. Antoine

Geologic History of Nicaraguan Rise: ABSTRACT

Daniel D. Arden, Jr.

Origin of Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Sea; Implications Regarding Ocean Ridge Extension, Migration, and Shear: ABSTRACT

Mahlon M. Ball

Gravity Survey of Florida Bay and Lower Keys: ABSTRACT

Mahlon M. Ball, Woodson R. Oglesby

Pleistocene Paleotemperature Record Based on Planktonic Foraminifers, Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

John H. Beard

Environmental Control of Porosity in Upper Smackover Limestone, North Haynesville Field, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

William F. Bishop

Thalassia testudinum, Habitat and Means of Dispersal for Shallow-Water Benthonic Foraminifera: ABSTRACT

Wayne D. Bock

Geochemistry, Mineralogy, and Absolute Ages of Caribbean Sediment Core: ABSTRACT

E. Bonatti, K. Bostrom, B. Eyl, E. Rona

Upper Sediment Column of Gulf of Mexico Presented in New Type of Map: ABSTRACT

Arnold H. Bouma, William E. Sweet, Jr., Alan-Jon Zupan

Geometry of Fluvial and Deltaic Sandstones (Pennsylvanian and Permian), North-Central Texas: ABSTRACT

Leonard F. Brown, Jr.

Isostatic Gravity Map of Eastern Caribbean Region: ABSTRACT

Sam A. Bush, Patricia A. Bush

Calcareous Nannoplankton and Biostratigraphic Subdivision of Upper Cretaceous: ABSTRACT

Pavel Cepek, William W. Hay

Comparison of Electrical Logs and Physical Parameters of Marine-Sediment Cores: ABSTRACT

Frank B. Chmelik, Arnold H. Bouma, Richard Rezak

Redeposition of Pelagic Sediment by Turbidity Currents; a Common Process for Building Abyssal Plains: ABSTRACT

John R. Conolly, Maurice Ewing

Let's Improve our Wilcox Success Rate!: ABSTRACT

Verne L. Culbertson

Problems of Tectonic Relations Between Lesser Antilles, Venezuela, and Trinidad-Tobago: ABSTRACT

Gabriel Dengo

Upper Jurassic Carbonate Rocks in Northern Texas and Adjoining Parts of Arkansas and Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Kendall A. Dickinson

List, Bibliography, and Index of Fossil Vertebrates of Louisiana and Mississippi: ABSTRACT

Daryl P. Domning

Late Neogene Palynomorph Diagrams, Northern Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

William C. Elsik

Profile Analysis--A Geologically Oriented Gravity Interpretation: ABSTRACT

Clint F. Fagg, Daniel E. Herlihy

Depositional Episodes: Their Relation to Quaternary Sea-Level Fluctuations in Gulf Coast Region: ABSTRACT

David E. Frazier

Bay Marchand--Timbalier Bay--Caillou Island Salt Complex, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

M. G. Frey, W. H. Grimes

Profile of Biogenic Sedimentary Structures in Holocene Barrier Island--Salt Marsh Complex, Georgia: ABSTRACT

Robert W. Frey, James D. Howard

Correlation of Neogene Planktonic Foraminifer and Calcareous Nannofossil Zones: ABSTRACT

Stefan Gartner, Jr.

Depositional Environments Defined by Dipmeter Interpretation: ABSTRACT

J. A. Gilreath, J. S. Healy, J. N. Yelverton

Silurian Chitinozoans from Florida Well Samples: ABSTRACT

Robert F. Goldstein, Fritz H. Cramer, Noel E. Andress

Southwest Lake Arthur Field, Cameron Parish, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Vito A. Gotautas, George E. Gordon, Johnnie Johnson, Clyde Lee

Geothermal Gradients in Florida and Southern Georgia: ABSTRACT

G. M. Griffin, P. A. Tedrick, D. A. Reel, J. P. Manker

Photogeologic Applications in Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

Edward F. Haye

Relict Nature of Sediments and Submarine Topography off Alligator Harbor, Florida: ABSTRACT

E. Hopkins, S. Chesser, J. May, D. Poche, H. G. Goodell

Late Cenozoic Structural Movement, Northern Florida: ABSTRACT

John H. Hoyt

Relation Between Globorotalia truncatulinoides and G. tosaensis in Pliocene-Pleistocene Deep-Sea Core from South Pacific: ABSTRACT

James P. Kennett, Kurt R. Geitzenauer

Planktonic Foraminiferal Datums and Late Neogene Epoch Boundaries in Mediterranean, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

James C. Lamb

Significance of Pliocene Stratigraphic Paleontology, Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

W. P. Leutze

Geology of West Flower Garden Bank, Northwest Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Charles F. Levert, Jr., Hershal C. Ferguson, Jr.

Some Comparisons of Neogene Microbiostratigraphy in Offshore Louisiana and Blake Plateau: ABSTRACT

H. L. Levin, D. J. Echols, D. J. Thompson, E. S. Hughes

Distribution of Silicate Minerals in Florida Bay: ABSTRACT

J. P. Manker, G. M. Griffin

Impact of Salt on Man's Environment: ABSTRACT

Joseph D. Martinez

Function of Test in Foraminifera: ABSTRACT

Donald S. Marszalek, Ramil C. Wright, William W. Hay

Possible Future Petroleum Provinces of Western Gulf Basin: ABSTRACT

B. B. Mason

Miocene Trend of Calhoun and Matagorda Counties, Texas: ABSTRACT

J. A. McCarthy

Lower Cretaceous Glen Rose Reef Complex of East Texas and Central Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Donald F. McNamee

Shallow Structural Characteristics of Florida Atlantic Shelf as Revealed by Seismic-Reflection Profiles: ABSTRACT

Edward P. Meisburger, David B. Duane

Carbonate Sedimentation on Four Southwestern Caribbean Atolls and Relation to "Oolite Problem": ABSTRACT

John D. Milliman

Systematics, Distribution, and Abundance of West Indian Micromollusk Rissoina catesbyana: ABSTRACT

Donald R. Moore

Deposit-Feeding Pelecypods in Recent Marine Faunas: ABSTRACT

David Nicol

Moreau-Caminada Chenier Complex, Southeastern Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Ervin G. Otvos

Megafaunal Facies, Estuary to Shelf Edge, Surrounding Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Robert H. Parker

Uranium on Horseback, or, South Texas Revisited: ABSTRACT

W. A. Petersen

Environmental Significance of Physical Attributes of Calcareous Sedimentary Particles: ABSTRACT

Orrin H. Pilkey, Blake W. Blackwelder, Larry J. Doyle, Ernest L. Estes

Use of Radial Pores in Taxonomy and Paleoecology of Ostracoda: ABSTRACT

Harbans S. Puri, Bruce E. Dickau

Hydrocarbons Cored from Knolls in Southwestern Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Richard Rezak, Arnold H. Bouma, Lela M. Jeffrey

Review of Recent Studies on Marine Pleistocene of Atlantic Coastal Plain--New Jersey to Georgia: ABSTRACT

Horace G. Richards

Coiling Directions in Planktonic Foraminifera from Coastal Group of Jamaica: ABSTRACT

E. Robinson

Permeability Anisotropy in Microsucrosic Dolomites: ABSTRACT

Perry O. Roehl

Possible Groundwater Influence on Habitat of Oil in Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

James K. Rogers

Organic Carbon ^dgr C13 Values from Quaternary Marine Sequences in Gulf of Mexico: A Reflection of Paleotemperature Changes: ABSTRACT

M. A. Rogers, C. B. Koons

Geochemistry of Uranium in Cariaco Trench: ABSTRACT

Elizabeth Rona, Clara C. Dorta

Uranium Geochemistry of Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

W. M. Sackett, G. Cook

Pleistocene Discoasters from Stratotype of Calabrian Stage (Santa Maria di Catanzaro) and Section at Le Castella, Italy: ABSTRACT

Lee Anderson Smith

Surface and Subsurface Morphology of Two Small Areas of Blake Plateau: ABSTRACT

T. R. Stetson, Elazar Uchupi, J. D. Milliman

Diagenetic Patterns in Subsurface Bahaman Rocks, San Salvador Island: ABSTRACT

Peter R. Supko

Virtues and Vices of Paleomagnetic Method as Applied to Marine Sedimentary Cores: ABSTRACT

N. D. Watkins

Structural Relations Between Lesser Antilles, Venezuela, and Trinidad-Tobago: ABSTRACT

L. A. Weeks, R. K. Lattimore, R. N. Harbison, B. G. Bassinger, G. F. Merrill

Tectonics of Southern Rim of Gulf of Mexico Basin: ABSTRACT

A. E. Weidie