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Foraminiferal Zonation and Carbonate Facies of Carboniferous (Mississippian and Pennsylvanian) Lisburne Group, Central and Eastern Brooks Range, Arctic Alaska

Augustus K. Armstrong , Bernard L. Mamet , J. Thomas Dutro, Jr.

Reliability of Saturation-Pressure Method for Dating Time of Oil Accumulation

M. E. Hoshkiw

Stratigraphic Control of Petroleum in White Rim Sandstone (Permian) in and near Canyonlands National Park, Utah

D. L. Baars , W. R. Seager

Application of a Statistical Zonation Method to Reservoir Evaluation and Digitized-Log Analysis

Dan Gill

Low-Angle Growth Faults in Eastern Venezuelan Basin

S. E. Cebull

Outline of Tectonic History of Bolivian Andes

H. H. Lohmann

"Big Injun" Oil and Gas Production in North-Central West Virginia

E. E. Ruley

Main Pass Block 35 Field, Louisiana: Paleostructural Analysis

Donald D. Paynter

Provenance of Johns Valley Boulders in Late Paleozoic Ouachita Facies, Southeastern Oklahoma and Southwestern Arkansas

Gerald L. Shideler

Similarities Between Dental Microstructures of Scutellid Echinoids and Primitive Vertebrates: ABSTRACT

Patricia C. Adshead

Environment and Synthesis of Community Models: ABSTRACT

Edwin J. Anderson

Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential, Deep Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

John W. Antoine

Pre-Pennsylvanian Paleotectonic Framework of Ancestral Rockies of Colorado: ABSTRACT

D. L. Baars, John Bush, Joseph Nadeau, W. Arch Girdley

Chemical Aspects of Crude Oil Preservation: ABSTRACT

N. J. L. Bailey, H. Roy Krouse

Quaternary Paleoclimatic Variations: ABSTRACT

Orville L. Bandy, Richard E. Casey

Depositional Environments of Muddy Reservoir Sandstones (Lower Cretaceous) in Powder River Basin, Montana and Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Robert R. Berg, David K. Davies

Expanded Need for Mineral Economics in Exploration for Metals: ABSTRACT

Maximilian M. Bergendahl, Amax

Petrography and Origin of Krol Sandstones Around Solon, Northwestern Himalaya, India: ABSTRACT

Ajit Bhattacharyya, S. K. Chanda

Geomorphology of Reef Complexes: ABSTRACT

Arthur L. Bloom

Recent Braided-Stream Sedimentation, South-Central, Alaska: ABSTRACT

Jon C. Boothroyd

Triassic Carbonate Buildups of The Dolomites, Northern Italy: ABSTRACT

Alfonso Bosellini, Daniele Rossi

Late Ordovician Benthic Community Structures in St. Lawrence Lowlands, Quebec: ABSTRACT

Peter W. Bretsky

Geologic-Information System: Methodology, Design, and Objectives: ABSTRACT

Darinka Z. Briggs, Louis I. Briggs

Depositional History of Northern Alaska: ABSTRACT

William P. Brosge, Irvin L. Tailleur

Mineral Economy of Canada--Viewpoint of Government: ABSTRACT

W. Keith Buck

Deep-Sea Drilling in Northern Pacific: Paleontology and Biostratigraphy: ABSTRACT

D. Bukry, S. A. Kling, V. Krasheninnikov

Mineral Economy, Industry, and the Geologist: ABSTRACT

Willard F. Bunker

Devonian Reefs in West-Central Alberta as Revealed by Structural Analysis of Shallow Cretaceous Horizon: ABSTRACT

Cornelius F. Burk, Jr.

Principles of Deltaic Prospecting: ABSTRACT

Daniel A. Busch

Importance of Tidal-Inlet Sedimentation in Barrier-Island Systems: ABSTRACT

John B. Byrnes, Donald J. Colquhoun, Jack W. Pierce

Deltaic Sedimentation in Athabasca Tar Sands: ABSTRACT

Maurice A. Carrigy

Geology of Oil and Gas Occurrence in Pennsylvanian Rocks, Mid-Continent Region: ABSTRACT

Philip A. Chenoweth

Correlation of Fold Belts of Alaska, Canada, and Siberia: ABSTRACT

Michael Churkin, Jr.

Transport and Deposition of Carbonate-Reef Sand, Windward Coast, Carriacou, West Indies: ABSTRACT

W. J. F. Clack

Computer Applications in Geology at Industry Level: ABSTRACT

D. A. Clark

Closed System for Generation and Entrapment of Hydrocarbons in Cenozoic Deltas, Louisiana Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

Robey H. Clark, John T. Rouse

Provenance Model Studies: Piedmont Rivers to Atlantic Deep-Sea Floor: ABSTRACT

W. J. Cleary, J. R. Conolly

Project Rulison and Economic Potential of Nuclear Gas Stimulation: ABSTRACT

H. F. Coffer, B. G. Bray, G. W. Frank

Miette Platform Evolution and Relation to Overlying Bank ("Reef") Localization, Upper Devonian, Alberta: ABSTRACT

H. E. Cook

Pinnacle-Reef Model, Zama-Virgo Field, Northern Alberta: ABSTRACT

G. L. Cox

Some Aspects of Paleoecology and Stratigraphy of Lower Mancos Shale (Upper Cretaceous) of Colorado and Utah, Based on Palynologic Analysis: ABSTRACT

Aureal T. Cross, Gary G. Thompson

Structural Geology in Eastern Margin of Canadian Rocky Mountains: ABSTRACT

Clinton D. A. Dahlstrom

Recognition of Depositional Environments Through Thin-Section Analysis of Detrital Sediments: ABSTRACT

David K. Davies, Frank G. Ethridge

Carbonate-Bank Sedimentation, Eastern Shark Bay, Western Australia: ABSTRACT

G. R. Davies

Geology of Hydrocarbon Occurrence in Woodbend Reefs (Devonian) of Western Canada: ABSTRACT

George De Mille

Petroleum Related to Middle and Upper Devonian Deltaic Facies in Central Appalachians: ABSTRACT

John M. Dennison

Tidal-Flat Erosion and Sedimentation by Ice, St. Lawrence Estuary: ABSTRACT

Jean-Claude Dionne

1970s--Now or Never Decade for Minerals and Fuels: ABSTRACT

Hollis M. Dole

Tectonic Controls on Late Paleozoic Sedimentation in Western West Virginia: ABSTRACT

Alan C. Donaldson, William H. Kanes

Limitations in Paleocurrent Analysis of Trough Cross-Stratification: ABSTRACT

R. H. Dott, Jr.

Pennsylvanian Fusulinids from Southeastern Alaska: ABSTRACT

Raymond C. Douglass

Geology and Oil Potential of Canadian Arctic Islands: ABSTRACT

Kenneth J. Drummond

Keystone Vugs in Carbonate Beach Deposits: ABSTRACT

Robert J. Dunham

Deep-Sea Drilling Project--Future Program: ABSTRACT

N. Terence Edgar

Upper Devonian Biostromes and Bioherms on Northeastern Banks Island, Northwest Territories: ABSTRACT

A. F. Embry, III, J. E. Klovan

Biofacies Relations in Buda Limestone (Comanche Series, Cretaceous) of West and Trans-Pecos Texas: Paleogeographic and Paleobathymetric Implications: ABSTRACT

Solmaz Z. Erdogan, Bob F. Perkins

Determination of Bulk Properties of Saturated Sediments Through Spectral Analysis: ABSTRACT

Richard W. Faas, David D. Caulfield

Gasmap--A Method of Geochemical Prospecting: ABSTRACT

G. Feugere

Using Computerized Well-Data System: ABSTRACT

J. D. Fitzgerald, P. M. Gagnon

Well-Data Files and Computer--Exploration Tools for the 70s: ABSTRACT

James M. Forgotson, Jr., Philip H. Stark

Eolian Sand Sheets of Peruvian Coastal Desert: ABSTRACT

Sherwood M. Gagliano, Nestor Teves

Transition from Fluviatile to Marine Sediments in Coomhola Group (Upper Devonian-Lower Carboniferous) of West Cork, Ireland: ABSTRACT

P. R. R. Gardiner

Deposit Feeders Limit Development of Stromatolites: ABSTRACT

Peter Garrett

Silurian Reef in Michigan Basin--Stratigraphic-, Facial-, and Reservoir-Properties Analysis: ABSTRACT

Dan Gill, Louis I. Briggs

Technique of Observation of Organized Organic Remains in Carbonates: ABSTRACT

E. D. Glover

Forereef Slope Ecology and Depositional Processes in Jamaica: ABSTRACT

Thomas F. Goreau

Geologic Reconnaissance of Chukchi Sea, Based on Acoustical Profiling and Magnetic Data: ABSTRACT

A. Granz, S. C. Wolf, W. F. Hanna, L. Breslau, T. Johnson

Biostratigraphy of Carboniferous Rocks, San Saba County, Central Texas: ABSTRACT

Robbie Rice Gries

Latest Devonian Conchostracans Along Cordilleran Miogeosyncline, Alberta, Montana, Utah, and Nevada: ABSTRACT

Raymond C. Gutschick, Charles A. Sandberg

Paleocurrents and Origin of Huronian Lorrain Formation, Ontario and Quebec: ABSTRACT

Donald G. Hadley

Trends of Faunal Morphologic Variation and their Environmental Significance: Key to Paleoecologic Analysis: ABSTRACT

J. D. Harper

Formation Pressure Patterns in Cretaceous Viking Formation, Alberta: ABSTRACT

D. G. Harris, A. Young, H. Hay-Roe

Lower Tertiary Deltas and Petroleum, Rocky Mountain Region: ABSTRACT

John D. Haun, James A. Barlow, Jr.

Diagnostic Primary Structures of Estuarine Sand Bodies: ABSTRACT

Miles O. Hayes, Jon C. Boothroyd, Albert C. Hine, III

Organic Carbonate Buildups in Epeiric Seas: Some Theoretical Aspects: ABSTRACT

Philip H. Heckel

Factors Controlling Chemical Composition of Formation Waters, Alberta: ABSTRACT

Brian Hitchon, Gale K. Billings, J. E. Klovan

Reef-Margin and Basin Sedimentation, Miette Reef Complex, Jasper National Park, Alberta: ABSTRACT

John P. Hopkins, Eric W. Mountjoy

Geochemical Prospecting for Petroleum: ABSTRACT

Leo Horvitz

Examination of Georgia Coastal Sediments with N.E.L. Spade Corer: ABSTRACT

James D. Howard, Robert W. Frey

Occurrence and Significance of Ribbing Variations in Late Ordovician Brachiopods: ABSTRACT

Herbert J. Howe

Solitary Coral Growth Forms and Distribution Patterns as Index of Sediment-Accumulation Rates: ABSTRACT

Julia A. E. B. Hubbard

Geochemical Prospecting at Sea: ABSTRACT

D. A. Jeffrey, W. M. Zarrella

Applications of Digitized Logs in Exploration: ABSTRACT

F. Jeffries

Kinzers Formation--Appalachian Analogue of Burgess Shale?: ABSTRACT

Marvin E. Kauffman, Lyle Campbell

Tectonic Control of Devonian Reef Sedimentation, Alberta: ABSTRACT

J. W. Keith

Computer-Based Information Bank for Cretaceous Foraminifers from Western Interior Region, United States and Canada: ABSTRACT

Harry C. Kent

Worldwide Development in Exploration Field: ABSTRACT

P. E. Kent

Borden Delta (Lower Mississippian) in North-Central Kentucky: ABSTRACT

Roy C. Kepferle, Warren L. Peterson

Importance of Continental Drift to Petroleum Exploration: ABSTRACT

J. William Kerr

Geochemistry, Mineralogy, and Occurrence of Calcium Sulfate Minerals: ABSTRACT

David J. J. Kinsman

Fibrous Aragonite in Sealed Pliocene Glycymeris yessoensis: Postmortem: ABSTRACT

Kenji Konishi

Morphology and Vertical Sedimentary Sequences in Holocene Transgressive Sand Barriers: ABSTRACT

John C. Kraft

Geochemistry and Deposition of Lower Salina Group, Southwestern Ontario and Michigan: ABSTRACT

J. R. Kramer

Devonian Carbonate Complexes of Central Europe: ABSTRACT

Wolfgang Krebs

Width-Thickness Relations for Fluvial and Shoreline Sand Bodies: ABSTRACT

R. B. Lennon

Remote Sensing for Petroleum: ABSTRACT

Joseph Lintz, Jr.

Application of Stable Oxygen and Carbon Isotope Techniques to Studies of Diagenesis: ABSTRACT

R. Michael Lloyd

Markov Chain Analysis of Carbonate Rocks: Applications, Limitations, and Implications as Exemplified by Pennsylvanian Carbonates in Southern Nevada: ABSTRACT

D. M. Lumsden

Diagenesis of Shaly Rocks: ABSTRACT

Fred T. MacKenzie

Sable Island Deep Test of Scotian Shelf: ABSTRACT

Don H. Magnusson

Critique of Membrane-Filtration Concepts as Applied to Origin of Subsurface Brines: ABSTRACT

F. T. Manheim

Chemical Composition of Oceanic Water During Tertiary Time; Evidence from Pore-Water Studies on JOIDES Drill Cores: ABSTRACT

F. T. Manheim, K. M. Chan, F. L. Sayles

Process Approach to Diagenesis of Reefs and Reef-Associated Limestone: ABSTRACT

R. K. Matthews

Pattern Recognition as Guide for Establishing Minimum Sampling Requirements in Regional Stratigraphic Studies: ABSTRACT

Richard B. McCammon

Marine Geology of Eastern Continental Margin of Canada: ABSTRACT

Neil J. McMillan

Sedimentologic Models for Cardium of South-Central Alberta: ABSTRACT

E. R. Michaelis

Bed Thickness in Experimental Turbidites: ABSTRACT

Gerard V. Middleton, William J. Neal

Integrated Exploration Economics in Wyoming: Viewpoint of Geologist: ABSTRACT

Daniel N. Miller, Jr.

Reef Facies and Stratified Mineralization: ABSTRACT

G. Monseur, J. Pel

Recent Intertidal Cements--Their Mineralogy, Texture, and Significance, Grand Cayman, British West Indies: ABSTRACT

Clyde H. Moore, Jr.

Consolidation of Marine Carbonate Mud: ABSTRACT

Jack Morelock, W. R. Bryant

Architecture of Western Part of Alberta Basin and Upper Devonian Reef Trends: ABSTRACT

Eric W. Mountjoy

Comparison of Some Alberta Upper Devonian Reef Complexes with Modern Caribbean Reefs: ABSTRACT

Eric W. Mountjoy

Dolomitization, Dolomite Distribution, Reservoir Rocks: ABSTRACT

R. C. Murray

Cache Creek Fusulinids from Southern British Columbia: ABSTRACT

M. K. Nestell, W. R. Danner

Evaluation of Petroleum Prospects Under Conditions of Uncertainty: ABSTRACT

Richard B. Oldaker

Geologist's Role in Evaluation Economics: ABSTRACT

William B. Oliver

Salinity Variations and Anomalies in Marine Sandstone: ABSTRACT

Harold L. Overton

Operation Arcticquest--Application of Multidiscipline, Multiparticipant Exploration Concept: ABSTRACT

A. E. Pallister

Genetic Implications of Rudist Reef Architecture: ABSTRACT

Bob F. Perkins

Tertiary Microfauna, Mackenzie Delta Area: ABSTRACT

A. N. Petracca

Reefs and Wave Action: ABSTRACT

Michael E. Philcox

Shelf-Edge Carbonate-Redbed Transitions, Red Peak and Thaynes Formations (Triassic), Western Wyoming and Adjacent Idaho: ABSTRACT

M. Dane Picard, Rolf Aadland, Lee R. High, Jr.

Deep-Sea Drilling in Northwest Pacific and Philippine Sea: Lithology and Physical Properties: ABSTRACT

Anthony C. Pimm, Robert E. Boyce, Robert E. Garrison, Alexander P. Lisitzin

Petrology of Permian Weissliegendes Sandstones in North Sea Basin: ABSTRACT

Wayne A. Pryor

Reef Configurations: Some Causes and Effects: ABSTRACT

Edward G. Purdy

Geologic Occurrence of Oil and Gas in Miocene of Gulf Coast of United States: ABSTRACT

E. H. Rainwater

Discontinuity Surfaces in Beaverhill Lake Group (Devonian) Limestones, Alberta: ABSTRACT

Philip E. C. Reed

Characteristics of Shoreface Sediments: ABSTRACT

Hans-Erich Reineck, James D. Howard, Robert W. Frey, Jurgen Dorjes, Gunther Hertweck

A New Look at Old Provinces: ABSTRACT

John W. Rold

Structural Setting of Black Sea: ABSTRACT

David A. Ross, Elazar Uchupi, Kenneth E. Prada

Sedimentation and Reef Development in Turbid-Water Areas of Fanning Lagoon: ABSTRACT

Kenneth J. Roy

Correlation of Mean Sizes Obtained from Size Measurement by Thin-Section and Loose-Grain Methods: ABSTRACT

Basanta K. Sahu

Geology and Oil and Gas Potential of Hudson Bay Platform, Hudson Bay Region, Canada: ABSTRACT

B. V. Sanford

Recent Advances in Geophysics: ABSTRACT

Carl H. Savit

Economic Aspects of Exploration and Development of Mineral Resources: Viewpoint of Educator: ABSTRACT

John J. Schanz, Jr.

Clay Mineralogy of Series of Redbeds in State of Oaxaca, Mexico, and its Geologic Significance: ABSTRACT

Carmen J. Schlaepfer, Liberto de Pablo Galan

Diagenesis of Keg River Bioherms, Rainbow Lake, Alberta: ABSTRACT

Volkmar Schmidt

Uranium Distributions in Recent Skeletal Carbonates: ABSTRACT

Johannes H. Schroeder, Gerald M. Friedman, Donald S. Miller

Applications of Potassium-Argon Dating in Oil Exploration: ABSTRACT

Donald F. Schutz, Ronald C. Senechal

Bethany Falls Limestone (Missourian) Sedimentation and Diagenesis, Missouri and Kansas: ABSTRACT

Gerald L. Scott

Pennsylvanian Deltaic Stratigraphic Traps, Eastern Shelf, Midland Basin, Texas: ABSTRACT

John P. Shannon, Jr.

Cationic Balance and Early Diagenesis of Glacio-Marine Sediments: ABSTRACT

G. D. Sharma

Evaporite-Carbonate Relations in Basin Development: ABSTRACT

Douglas J. Shearman

Submarine Formation of Bored Surfaces (Hardgrounds) and Possible Misinterpretation in Stratigraphic Applications: ABSTRACT

Eugene A. Shinn

Geology of Western Canadian Continental Shelf: ABSTRACT

David H. Shouldice

Antidune Cross-Stratification in Turbidite Sequence, Cloridorme Formation, Gaspe, Quebec: ABSTRACT

Keith Skipper

Physiography, Ecology, and Sediments of Two Bermudan Lagoon Reefs: ABSTRACT

Donald L. Smith, Peter Garrett, David Patriquin, Augustus O. Wilson

Microstructure of Rugosan Skeleton (Coelenterata): ABSTRACT

J. E. Sorauf

Studies on Origin of Crude Oil: Statistical Analyses of Crude Oil Data: ABSTRACT

Derek W. Spencer, C. B. Koons

Cretaceous Deltas, Alberta: ABSTRACT

C. R. Stelck

Geometry of Inyo-White Mountains Allochthon, Eastern California: ABSTRACT

Calvin H. Stevens

Sedimentary and Faunal Associations of Protected Carbonate Shelves and Platforms: ABSTRACT

Jonathan P. Swinchatt

Tectonic History of Northern Alaska: ABSTRACT

Irvin L. Tailleur, W. P. Brosge

Petrology of Pennsylvanian Carbonate Bank and Associated Environments, Azalea Field, Midland County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Carroll M. Thomas

Discriminant Analysis Versus Factor Analysis of Grain-Size Data from Different Environments and Sedimentary Structures: ABSTRACT

R. W. Tillman

Present Knowledge of Fundamental Processes of Oil and Gas Origin and Migration Applied to Petroleum Prospecting: ABSTRACT

B. P. Tissot

Pleistocene Calcarenite Lithosomes of Bermuda: ABSTRACT

H. Leonard Vacher, Fred T. MacKenzie

Pennsylvanian Delta Patterns and Oil Occurrences in Eastern Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Glenn S. Visher, Sandro Saitta-Bertoni, Roderick S. Phares

Thin Marine-Nonmarine Alternations in Upper Devonian "Catskill Delta": ABSTRACT

Roger G. Walker, J. C. Harms

Archean Turbidite Basin, Northwestern Ontario: ABSTRACT

Roger G. Walker, F. J. Pettijohn

Influence of Preexisting Bedrock Topography on Bars of "Lime" Mud and Sand, Biscayne Bay, Florida: ABSTRACT

Harold R. Wanless

Petroleum Exploration and Organic Geochemistry: ABSTRACT

Dietrich H. Welte

Facies in Organic Buildups in Epeiric Seas and along Shelf Margins: ABSTRACT

James Lee Wilson

Cretaceous Stratigraphy of Southern Madison and Gallatin Ranges, Southwestern Montana: ABSTRACT

M. D. Wilson