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Association's Long-Range Plan

William H. Curry

Long-Range Plan For The American Association of Petroleum Geologists

Frank R. Clark

History, Development, and Geology of Oil Fields in Hocking and Perry Counties, Ohio

W. K. Overbey, Jr. , B. R. Henniger

Structural Development of Some Shallow Salt Domes in Louisiana Miocene Productive Belt

Howard A. Johnson , D. H. Bredeson

Production Potential of Deep Miocene Rocks in Southeastern Louisiana

Louis O. Vidrine

Outcrop Geomorphic Study of Basal Unconformities and Related Movements, Upper Gulf Cretaceous Basin of Oklahoma and Arkansas

John H. Speer , Frank A. Melton

Sedimentation and Petrology of Spiro and Foster Sands (Pennsylvanian), McAlester Basin, Oklahoma

David N. Lumsden , Edward D. Pittman , Richard S. Buchanan

Clay Mobility in Landslides, Ventura, California

Paul F. Kerr , Robert A. Stroud , Isabella M. Drew

Folded Faults and Sequence of Thrusting in Alberta Foothills

P. B. Jones

Mini-Permeameters for Consolidated Rock and Unconsolidated Sand: GEOLOGICAL NOTE

R. Eijpe , K. J. Weber

Origin of Capitan Formation, Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico and Texas: DISCUSSION

John M. Cys

Origin of Capitan Formation, Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico and Texas: REPLY

C. W. Achauer

Late Cambrian Algae from Central Texas: ABSTRACT

Wayne M. Ahr, Richard Rezak

Texture and Grain Surface Character of St. Peter Sandstone: ABSTRACT

Eugene J. Amaral, Wayne A. Pryor

Smackover Trend From Mexico to Florida: ABSTRACT

John J. Amoruso

Micropaleontologic Investigation of Ewekoro Area, Southwestern Nigeria: ABSTRACT

L. O. Asseez, E. A. Fayose

Time-Transgressive Aspects of Some Critical Planktonic Species: ABSTRACT

Orville L. Bandy

Niagaran Reef Exploration in Northern Michigan Basin: ABSTRACT

A. L. Benson, L. M. McCormick, J. D. Robinson

Biostratigraphy and History of Circulation of North Atlantic: ABSTRACT

William A. Berggren, Charles D. Hollister

Physical Chemistry of Carbonates in Oceans: ABSTRACT

Robert A. Berner

Sources of Sediment in Western Basins of Atlantic Ocean: ABSTRACT

Pierre Biscaye, E. Julius Dasch, David Krinsley, Karl K. Turekian

Experimental Study of Heavy Mineral Segregation Under Alluvial Flow Conditions: ABSTRACT

Lawrence L. Brady, Harvey E. Jobson

Causes of Temporal Changes in Carbonate Compensation Level: ABSTRACT

Wallace S. Broecker

Recognition of Fluvial and Deltaic Sandstones of Pennsylvanian and Permian Ages in North-Central Texas: ABSTRACT

L. F. Brown, Jr., William E. Galloway

Origin and Controls on Distribution of Arid Supratidal (Sabkha) Dolomite, Abu Dhabi, Trucial Coast: ABSTRACT

Godfrey P. Butler

Oil and Gas Accumulations in Tin Fouye Tabankort Area (Algeria): ABSTRACT

Claude Chanut, Charles Hubault, Philippe Riche

Unconformity Traps: ABSTRACT

Philip A. Chenoweth

Permian and Eocene Clastic Stratigraphic Traps in Texas and Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Stewart Chuber

Halibut Field, Gippsland Basin, Southeastern Australia: ABSTRACT

B. B. Clifton, E. H. Franklin

Recent Silica Gel from Saline Lake in Galapagos Islands: ABSTRACT

Paul A. Colinvaux, Daniel Goodman

Geology and Development of Hewett Gas Field, United Kingdom North Sea Area: ABSTRACT

A. D. Cumming, Charles L. Wyndham

Geology, Oil Fields, and Future Petroleum Potential of Santa Barbara Channel Region, California: ABSTRACT

John F. Curran, Kemptom B. Hall, Robert F. Herron

The Petroleum Geologist--Tomorrow: ABSTRACT

William H. Curry

Some Concepts on Cementation of Sandstones: ABSTRACT

E. C. Dapples

Petrographic Analysis of Sandstones in Stratigraphic Exploration: ABSTRACT

David K. Davies, Robert R. Berg

Sedimentation of Pliocene Sandstones in Santa Barbara Channel, California: ABSTRACT

James R. Davis

Beach and Nearshore Processes and Morphology in Nontidal Environment: ABSTRACT

Richard A. Davis, Jr., William T. Fox

Geochemical and Hydrogeologic Methods of Prospecting for Stratigraphic Traps: ABSTRACT

Parke A. Dickey, John M. Hunt

Future Considerations Concerning Geodynamics: ABSTRACT

Charles L. Drake

Neogene Echinoid Assemblages of Carolinas--Their Paleoecology, Morphologic Adaptations, and Stratigraphic Relations: ABSTRACT

Jules R. Dubar, Richard A. Walls, Susan S. Dubar

Uranium Geology of Coastal Plain of South Texas: ABSTRACT

D. Hoye Eargle, Alice M. D. Weeks

Caribbean Sea Deep-Sea Drilling Results: ABSTRACT

N. Terence Edgar

Sedimentology of Reservoir Sandstones in El-Morgan Field, Gulf of Suez, U.A.R.: ABSTRACT

M. T. El-Ashry

Ordovician Graptolite Facies and North Atlantic Continental Drift: ABSTRACT

Bernd-D Erdtmann

Foraminiferal Studies: Wilkinson Basin, Gulf of Maine: ABSTRACT

Richard W. Faas

Late Pleistocene-Holocene Sedimentation History of Cape Kennedy Inner Continental Shelf: ABSTRACT

Michael E. Field, Edward P. Meisburger, David B. Duane

Problems of Chert in Ocean: ABSTRACT

Alfred G. Fischer

Variations in Heavy Mineral Composition During Transport of Short-Headed Stream Sands: ABSTRACT

Romeo M. Flores

Mineral Deposits Found in Exploring for Petroleum: ABSTRACT

Stewart H. Folk, John A. Wolfe

Magnesium-Rich Water from Evaporite-Bearing Shales, and Diagenesis of Subjacent Carbonates--Keuper-Muschelkalk, Iberian Range, Spain: ABSTRACT

Tom Freeman

Progress in Ichnology--Study of Animal Spoor: ABSTRACT

Robert W. Frey

The Geological Attitude: ABSTRACT

John G. C. M. Fuller

Building New Marshes and Estuaries in Coastal Louisiana Through Controlled Sedimentation: ABSTRACT

Sherwood M. Gagliano

Sedimentology and Ecology of Holocene Carbonate Facies Mosaic, Cape Sable, Florida: ABSTRACT

Conrad D. Gebelein

Effect of Three Different Depositional Environments of Dipmeter Results: ABSTRACT

J. A. Gilreath

Landward Movement of Carbonate Mud: New Model for Regressive Cycles in Carbonates: ABSTRACT

Robert N. Ginsburg

Slide-Block Geology, Coyanosa and Adjacent Areas, Pecos and Reeves Counties, Texas: ABSTRACT

Mark A. Guinan

Rationale for Deliberate Pursuit of Stratigraphic and Paleogeomorphic Traps: ABSTRACT

Michel T. Halbouty

Geology and Environmental Factors Affecting Giant Fields: ABSTRACT

Michel T. Halbouty, Robert H. Dott, Sr., A. A. Meyerhoff

Geologic History of Oceans: Introduction: ABSTRACT

William W. Hay

History of Biogenic Silica in Deep Sea: ABSTRACT

James D. Hays

Thin-Section Examination of Oil Source-Rock Samples: ABSTRACT

R. L. Heacock

Dissolved Silica and Its Relation to Deep-Sea Sediments: ABSTRACT

G. Ross Heath

Morphologic Variation in Recent Planktonic Foraminifera: ABSTRACT

Alan D. Hecht, Robert G. Douglas

Transport and Deposition of Coarse Clastics in Turbidite Basin in French Alps: ABSTRACT

Hugh E. Hendry

Down-Current Bed Thickness and Grain-Size Variations Along Graywacke Beds, Gault Formation, Eastern Alps: ABSTRACT

Reinhard Hesse

Barrier Bar Sedimentation in Upper Cretaceous Facies Sequence, Southeastern USA: ABSTRACT

Norman C. Hester

Nearshore Facies Relations, Eocene Lake Uinta, Utah: ABSTRACT

Lee R. High, Jr., M. Dane Picard

Evaporites--Clue to Chemistry of Seawater During Phanerozoic: ABSTRACT

H. D. Holland

AGI Activities: ABSTRACT

Linn Hoover

Production of Reef-Margin Breccias by Submarine Cementation and Slumping of Carbonate Sands, Miette Reef Complex: ABSTRACT

John C. Hopkins

Dipmeter Errors and Reliability: ABSTRACT

Daniel H. Horowitz, Harry M. Buchner

Stratigraphic and Paleoecologic Significance of Ostracods from Shubuta Clay (Tertiary) of Mississippi: ABSTRACT

Robert C. Howe, Herbert J. Howe

Knifley Sandstone: Early Mississippian Infralittoral Sandstone Body: ABSTRACT

S. V. Hrabar, R. C. Kepferle, C. T. Klekamp, W. A. Pryor, P. E. Potter

Late Pleistocene Biostratigraphy and Paleoclimate of Gulf of Mexico Deep-Sea Cores: ABSTRACT

Paul F. Huddlestun, James P. Kennett

Depositional Environment of Widespread Pennsylvanian Black Shale (Excello): ABSTRACT

Gerard W. James

Holocene and Pleistocene Subaerial Crusts and Pisolites, Northern Barbados, West Indies: ABSTRACT

Noel P. James

New Aspects of Quantitative Interpretation of Velocity Data and Their Impact on Geologic Evaluation of Exploration Prospects: ABSTRACT

Werner J. Jankowsky

Use of Ridge Regression Analysis in Geology: ABSTRACT

Thomas A. Jones

Bioclastic Sediment Dispersion Off Bermudan Patch Reefs: ABSTRACT

Clifton F. Jordan, Jr.

Prudhoe Bay--Greatest Geologic Explosion of Our Time: ABSTRACT

Thomas E. Kelly

Jurassic Geology of Flomaton Field Area of Southern Alabama: ABSTRACT

Paul L. Keyes

Stratigraphic Exploration Symposium--Summary: ABSTRACT

Robert E. King

Environmental Model for Some Sedimentary Quartzites: ABSTRACT

George deVries Klein

Lower Triassic Lithofacies of Cordilleran Miogeosyncline, Western United States: ABSTRACT

W. Jerry Koch

Sediment Facies Patterns and Geologic History of Coastal Marsh: ABSTRACT

John C. Kraft, Glenn K. Elliott

Early Evolution of Oceans--A Weathering Model: ABSTRACT

G. Michel Lafon, Fred T. MacKenzie

Deep-Sea Chert in Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Robert L. Laury

History of Circulation in Pacific Ocean: ABSTRACT

Jere H. Lipps

Petrology and Stratigraphy of Earp Formation, Pima and Cochise Counties, Arizona: ABSTRACT

Richard B. Lodewick

Quantitative Basin Analysis of Permo-Carboniferous Dunkard Group in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia: ABSTRACT

Douglas M. Lorenz

Sea-Floor Spreading and Structural Evolution of Southern Red Sea: ABSTRACT

James D. Lowell, Gerard J. Genik

Pennsylvanian-Permian Miogeosyncline to Nearshore Shelf Carbonate Facies Transition, Clark County, Nevada: ABSTRACT

David N. Lumsden, Michael T. Ledbetter

Aspects of Trace Fossil Occurrence in Trinidad Sandstone (Cretaceous) of Northern New Mexico: ABSTRACT

John O. Maberry, Charles L. Pillmore

Submerged Reefs of Eastern Caribbean: ABSTRACT

Ian G. MacIntyre

Primary Stratigraphic Traps in Sandstones: ABSTRACT

David B. MacKenzie

Chemical History of Oceans: ABSTRACT

Fred T. MacKenzie, Robert M. Garrels

Depositional Environment of Mission Canyon (Mississippian) Oil Fields in North-Central North Dakota: ABSTRACT

M. Malek-Aslani

Petrography of Composite Vertical Section of Cincinnatian Series Limestones, Southwestern Ohio and Adjacent Areas: ABSTRACT

Wayne D. Martin

"Muddy" Mississippi: ABSTRACT

C. D. Masters

Utilization of Well Logs in Exploring for Stratigraphic Traps: ABSTRACT

David R. Matuszak, Alfred H. Jageler

Deltaic Origin of Difunta Group (Late Cretaceous to Paleocene), Parras Basin, Coahuila and Nuevo Leon, Mexico: ABSTRACT

E. F. McBride, A. E. Weidie, J. A. Wolleben

Reservoir Analysis, Pennsylvanian Tensleep Formation, Little Buffalo Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

J. A. McCaleb, W. R. Emmett, K. W. Beaver

Oil Occurrences Related to Breakup of Gondwanaland: ABSTRACT

A. N. McDowell

Origin and Distribution of Natural Gas: ABSTRACT

Richard D. McIver

Geologic Outline and Oil Fields of Sergipe Basin, Brazil: ABSTRACT

Egon M. Meister, Nestor Aurich

Major Discrepancies in Current Sea-Floor Spreading Models: ABSTRACT

A. A. Meyerhoff

Geologic Factors Which May Affect Gas Occurrence in Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Carl A. Moore

Preliminary Diagenetic Model of Carbonate Beach Sequences: ABSTRACT

Clyde H. Moore, Jr., Stephen A. Allen

Porosity-Cement-Depth Relation for Minnelusa Sandstones, Powder River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

W. Richard Moore, Robert R. Berg

Island Chains, Aseismic Ridges, and Plate Motions: ABSTRACT

W. Jason Morgan

Tectonics and Stratigraphy of Dead Sea Region: ABSTRACT

Anthony E. L. Morris

Clay Mineral Composition of Beaufort Sea Sediments, Arctic Ocean: ABSTRACT

A. S. Naidu

Translocation of Chemical Constituents and Pedogenesis in Early Eocene Willwood Formation in Northwestern Wyoming: ABSTRACT

John W. Neasham, Carl F. Vondra

Origin of Tuffs in Stanley Group, Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas and Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Alan R. Niem

Stratification in Willow Creek Alluvial Fan, Eureka Valley, Inyo County, California: ABSTRACT

Robert Q. Oaks, Jr., Emily C. Oaks

Contributions of Seismology to Plate Tectonics: ABSTRACT

Jack E. Oliver

Salt Ridge-Salt Dome Origins in Gulf Coast Area: ABSTRACT

Philip Oxley

Sedimentary Breccia in Bayport Limestone at Bellevue, Michigan: ABSTRACT

John W. Parker, Lawrence D. Taylor

Influence of Deep Sea Drilling Project on Concepts of Global Tectonics: ABSTRACT

M. N. A. Peterson, N. Terence Edgar

Oil-Impregnated Lacustrine and Fluvial Sandstone in Green River Formation (Eocene), Southeastern Uinta Basin, Utah: ABSTRACT

M. Dane Picard, Lee R. High, Jr.

Sedimentary Structures and Bedding along Ephemeral Streams: ABSTRACT

M. Dane Picard, Lee R. High, Jr.

Submarine Slope Erosion along Permian Bank Margin, West Texas: ASBTRACT

Lloyd C. Pray

Sedimentary Environmental Control of Sandstone-Type Uranium Deposits: ABSTRACT

Ruffin I. Racklay

Lower Cretaceous Rocks in Gulf Coastal Plain of United States: ABSTRACT

E. H. Rainwater

New Geologic Map of United States--Procedures and Techniques Used in AAPG Geological Highway Map Project: ABSTRACT

H. B. Renfro

Tectonics and Sedimentation in Relation to Occurrence of Prolific Cretaceous Oil Fields: ABSTRACT

Anthony Reso

Organic Influences on Carbonate Cementation: ABSTRACT

Richard Rezak

Water Content, Void Ratio, and Specific Gravity Calculable from Bulk Density Measurements of Cohesive Marine Sediments: ABSTRACT

Adrian F. Richards, Andrew Parker

Environmental Quality Control and Minerals: ABSTRACT

Hubert E. Risser

Stratigraphic Trap Classification: ABSTRACT

Gordon Rittenhouse

Origin of Coloration in Upper Devonian Catskill Facies, New York: ABSTRACT

Herman E. Roberson, Kenneth Eichenlaub

Geophysics Is Here to Stay: ABSTRACT

W. B. Robinson

Subduction, Orogeny, and Mainstream Mantle Convection: ABSTRACT

Dietrich H. Roeder, Thomas H. Nelson

Stratigraphic Revision, Edwards Group (Lower Cretaceous) of Texas, and Regional Surface-Subsurface Synthesis: ABSTRACT

Peter R. Rose

Historical Geology from Late Neogene Planktonic Foraminifera: ABSTRACT

W. Thomas Rothwell, Jr.

Algal Mudstone Mounds in Morrowan Stage (Lower Pennsylvanian) in Northeastern Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

T. L. Rowland

Positive Elements Within Ouachita Tectonic Belt in Texas: ABSTRACT

Roger A. Rozendal, Richard L. Nicholas

Can an Ocean Dry Up? Results of Deep-Sea Drilling in Mediterranean: ABSTRACT

William B. F. Ryan

Geologic Applications of Remote Sensing: ABSTRACT

Floyd F. Sabins

Distribution of Carbonates in Deep-Sea Sediments: ABSTRACT

Tsunemasa Saito

Interstitial Water Composition and Geochemistry of Gulf Coast Deep Shales and Sandstones: ABSTRACT

Gene W. Schmidt

Petroleum Possibilities of Central and South Afghanistan: ABSTRACT

Alfred Schreiber, Dietrich Weippert, Hanspeter Wittekind, Reinhold Wolfart

Calcified Algal Filaments in Reefs: Criterion of Early Diagenesis: ABSTRACT

Johannes H. Schroeder, Robert N. Ginsburg

Cretaceous Lithoclasts in Modern Beach and River Sands, Veracruz, Mexico: ABSTRACT

Robert P. Self

Gypsum--Environmental Indicator in Evaporites: ABSTRACT

D. J. Shearman

Deltaic Deposits of Upper Part of Dakota Formation (Upper Cretaceous), Central Kansas: ABSTRACT

Charles T. Siemers

Budget of Calcium Carbonate Sedimentation, Southern California Continental Borderland: ABSTRACT

Stephen V. Smith

Silicoflagellate Biostratigraphic Zonation of Deep-Sea Sediments: ABSTRACT

Carol J. Stadum, Hsin-Yi Ling

Multiple Origin of Hemipelagic Mud Fill in Mediterranean Basin: ABSTRACT

Daniel J. Stanley, Ter-Chien Huang

Paleoecologic and Biostratigraphic Implications of Eocene Planktonic Foraminiferal Assemblages, California: ABSTRACT

P. Lewis Steineck, Macomb T. Jervey, James Gibson

Biogenic and Sedimentary Features Associated with Jurassic Carbonate Tidal Channel, West Pakistan: ABSTRACT

Jonathan D. Stoen, John E. Kennedy

Aspects of Subsurface Bahamian Dolomites and Insights into Their Origin: ABSTRACT

Peter R. Supko

Geologic History of Oceanic Plankton: ABSTRACT

Helen Tappan, Alfred R. Loeblich, Jr.

Continuity of Pliocene Turbidite Sandstones, Ventura Area, California, with Applications to Supplemental Recovery: ABSTRACT

Alan F. Thomson

Experimental Cementation of Carbonate Sands: ABSTRACT

Donald C. Thorstenson, Fred T. MacKenzie, Byron Ristvet

Sunda Basin--Important New Indonesian Oil Province: ABSTRACT

Donald F. Todd, A. Pulunggono

Uniquely Rounded Desiccation Columns Near Euphrates River, Northwestern Iraq--Produced by Prolonged Erosion in Arid Climate: ABSTRACT

James R. Underwood, Jr., Y. Y. Youash, George Philip

Time Stratigraphy from Seismic Data: ABSTRACT

Peter R. Vail, John B. Sangree

Adaptive Strategies and Structure and Stability of Ecosystem: ABSTRACT

James W. Valentine

Diagenesis of Calcareous Dune Rocks, Northeastern Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico: ABSTRACT

William C. Ward

Communities of Bioeroders on Submarine Outcrops of Pacific Coast: ABSTRACT

John E. Warme

Stable Carbon Isotope Investigation of Natural Gases from Sacramento and Delaware-Val Verde Basins--Possible Igneous Origin: ABSTRACT

T. J. Weismann

Geochemistry of Cayman Trench Sediments: ABSTRACT

Herbert L. Windom, William J. Neal

Microbiologic Alteration of Crude Oil in Muddy Sandstone and Other Reservoirs: ABSTRACT

John C. Winters, Jack A. Williams

Plio-Pleistocene Geology, Outer Continental Shelf, Louisiana and Texas: ABSTRACT

H. O. Woodbury, I. B. Murray, Jr., W. H. Akers, P. J. Pickford

Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary Event: ABSTRACT

Thomas R. Worsley