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AAPG Bulletin

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Critical Interrelated Geologic, Economic, and Political Problems Facing the Geologist, Petroleum Industry, and Nation

Lewis G. Weeks

Fractured Shale and Basement Reservoir, Long Beach Unit, California

John N. Truex

Asphaltic Substances in Southeastern Turkey

Richard F. Lebkuchner , Ferda Orhun , Monika Wolf

Sedimentology of Gachsaran Formation (Lower Fars Series), Southwest Iran

W. D. Gill , M. A. Ala

Longshore Drift, Submarine Canyons, and Submarine Fans in Development of Niger Delta

Kevin Burke

Permian Tethys and Indian Ocean

Maurice Kamen-Kaye

Bristol Bay: Model Contemporary Graded Shelf

G. D. Sharma , A. S. Naidu , D. W. Hood

Late-Stage Dehydration in Deeply Buried Pelitic Sediments

Edward A. Perry, Jr. , John Hower

Liquid Movement Through Kaolinite under Hydraulic, Electric, and Osmotic Gradients

Harold W. Olsen

Depths of Oil Origin and Primary Migration: a Review and Critique

Robert J. Cordell

Depths of Oil Origin and Primary Migration: ADDENDUM

Aquathermal Pressuring--Role of Temperature in Development of Abnormal-Pressure Zones: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Colin Barker

Approximation of Thermal Gradient in Southeastern New Mexico Using Bottom-Hole Temperatures from Electric Logs

W. K. Summers

Statistical Methods of Petroleum Exploration in Part of Denver Basin, Colorado

Andrew M. Taylor

AAPG Research Conferences

John D. Haun, Chm. , C. A. Burk , J. V. Byrne , Eugene Greenwood

Illamurta Diapiric Complex and Its Position on an Important Central Australian Structural Zone: DISCUSSION

T. S. M. Ranneft

Illamurta Diapiric Complex and Its Position on an Important Central Australian Structural Zone: REPLY

P. J. Cook

Subdivision of Precambrian: an Interim Scheme to Be Used by U.S. Geological Survey: DISCUSSION

M. J. Frarey , W. F. Fahrig

Subdivision of Precambrian: REPLY

H. L. James

Silurian Geology of Lake Erie and Associated Gas Production: ABSTRACT

R. J. Beards

Economic Potential of Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration in United States Portion of Lake Erie: ABSTRACT

E. G. Bulmer, W. E. Bulmer

Lithofacies of Chazy and Chambersburg Groups in Central Appalachians: ABSTRACT

Ping-Fan Chen, L. D. Woodfork

Role of Silurian Salt in Discordance Between Deep and Shallow Structure in Ohio: ABSTRACT

M. J. Clifford

Central Appalachian Tectonics as Indicated by Structural Features in Carboniferous Rocks: ABSTRACT

K. J. Englund

Influence of Salina Salt on Structure in New York-Pennsylvania Portion of Appalachian Plateau: ABSTRACT

M. G. Frey

Structure in Northern Appalachians from Aeromagnetic and Gravity Data: ABSTRACT

A. Griscom

Recent Exploratory Activities and Future Potential--Northeastern Area: ABSTRACT

G. C. Grow, Jr.

Impact of Environmental Impact Statements: ABSTRACT

J. R. Jackson, Jr.

Stratigraphy and Economic Potential of Cambrian and Lower Ordovician Rocks in Ohio: ABSTRACT

A. Janssens, J. R. Ebright

Remote Sensing as Tool for Interpreting Structural Geology in Appalachians: ABSTRACT

J. E. Johnston

Reciprocal Deposition within Niagaran and Early Cayugan (Silurian) Carbonates and Evaporites, Northern Michigan Basin: ABSTRACT

K. J. Mesolella

Hydrocarbon Accumulations in Folded Appalachians of South: ABSTRACT

R. L. Miller

Stratigraphy and Petrography of Upper Silurian Williamsport Sandstone, West Virginia: ABSTRACT

D. G. Patchen

Subsurface Data Bearing on Tectonic Style of Valley and Ridge Province: ABSTRACT

S. Snelson

Potential Impact of Oil Development on Ecology and Environment of Middle Atlantic Offshore Area: ABSTRACT

L. R. Tucker

Stratigraphy and Potential Prospects of Devonian Reefs of New York: ABSTRACT

A. M. Van Tyne

Growth Faults in Upper Cambrian and Lower Ordovician Rocks of Western Pennsylvania: ABSTRACT

W. R. Wagner

Tectonic Framework of Southern Appalachians--Evidence from Gravity and Magnetic Data: ABSTRACT

Joel S. Watkins

Predictions of Future Exploratory Trends in Appalachian Basin: ABSTRACT

O. D. Weaver

Stratigraphic Framework of Relatively Unexplored Section, Devonian to Basement, Eastern Kentucky: ABSTRACT

E. N. Wilson

Tectonics of Folded Appalachians of Pennsylvania as Deduced from Anthracite Region: ABSTRACT

G. H. Wood, Jr.

World Petroleum Exploration: ERRATUM