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Sedimentology and Dolomitization of Muschelkalk Carbonates (Triassic), Iberian Range, Spain

Tom Freeman

Geology of Oil Fields of West Siberian Lowland

Parke A. Dickey

Salt Dissolution in Subsurface of British North Sea as Interpreted from Seismograms

Hans H. Lohmann

Early Tertiary Paleogeography of Central California

David H. Chipping

Permian Patch Reefs in Finlay Mountains, West Texas

John B. Myers

Paleoenvironmental Patterns in Middle to Lower Upper Cambrian Interval in Eastern Great Basin

John C. Kepper

Pressure-Depth Relations in Appalachian Region

William L. Russell

Rationale for Deliberate Pursuit of Stratigraphic, Unconformity, and Paleogeomorphic Traps

Michel T. Halbouty

Remote Sensing for Petroleum

Joseph Lintz, Jr.

"G2" Channel Sandstone, Main Pass Block 35 Field, Offshore Louisiana: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

J. A. Hartman

Shears of Second Order Caused by Flexure Folding: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Lee A. Woodward

Revised Classification and Nomenclature of the Jackson Group (Eocene), South-Central Texas: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

D. Hoye Eargle

Origin of Petroleum Geology: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

Bahngrell W. Brown

Pocket Permeameter: Hand-Held Device for Rapid Measurement of Permeability: GEOLOGICAL NOTES

J. S. Bradley , R. W. Duschatko , H. H. Hinch

Unique Oil-Gas-Water Transition Zone: ABSTRACT

W. A. Adent, S. E. Szasz

Stratigraphy of Lower Triassic Sandstone of Northwest Algerian Sahara: ABSTRACT

O. S. Ali

STratigraphic Petrology as Aid to Mapping Calcarenite Bodies in Lower and Middle Trinity Cretaceous Rocks of San Marcos Platform, Texas: ABSTRACT

D. L. Amsbury

Secondary and Postdepositional Redbeds of Duchesne River Formation (Eocene-Oligocene?), Uinta Basin, Utah: ABSTRACT

D. W. Andersen, M. D. Picard

Transport and Deposition of Suspended Sediments on Estuarine Tidal Flats: ABSTRACT

F. E. Anderson

Stratigraphic Trap Potential, Permian Phosphoria Formation of Central Wyoming: ABSTRACT

E. Arro

Espirito Santo--Pattern of Brazilian Marginal Basins: ABSTRACT

H. E. Asmus

Sedimentary Models, Cycles, and Deltas, Upper Cretaceous, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

D. O. Asquith

A Method of Finding Oil--Unorthodox Thinking: ABSTRACT

T. A. Baldwin

Concepts of Micropaleontology Applied to Petroleum Geology: ABSTRACT

O. L. Bandy

Basic Disposal-Well Design: ABSTRACT

A. C. Barlow

Zoogeographic Provinces of Holocene Planktonic Foraminiferida: ABSTRACT

A. W. H. BE

Late Neogene Stratigraphy (Foraminiferal, Coccolith, and Paleomagnetic), Upper Coastal Group, Jamaica, West Indies: ABSTRACT

J. H. Beard, W. V. Sliter, L. A. Smith

Carbonate Porosity Related to Depositional Fabric--Zelten Field, Libya: ABSTRACT

D. G. Bebout, C. Pendexter

Hilight Muddy Field--Lower Cretaceous Chenier Plain Deposits in Powder River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

R. R. Berg, S. Teflian

Cretaceous and Tertiary Deep-Sea Sediments from Atlantic Ocean: ABSTRACT

W. H. Berger

Three-Dimensional Stylolites and Migratory Routes of Oil and Gas: ABSTRACT

H. J. Bissell

Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of Moenkopi Formation in Southeastern Utah: ABSTRACT

R. C. Blakey

Continental Sedimentation in Tectonically Active Geosynclinal Basin, Glacial Outwash Plain of Northeastern Gulf of Alaska: ABSTRACT

J. C. Boothroyd, G. M. Ashley

Rhythms in Deep-Sea Sediments from Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean: ABSTRACT

A. H. Bouma

Correlation of Near-Surface Sedimentary Strata by Electric Logging: ABSTRACT

A. H. Bouma, W. E. Sweet, Jr.

Diagenesis of Carbonate Muds in Lagoons of Northeast Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico: ABSTRACT

M. J. Brady

Sedimentology of a Middle Devonian Shale, Erie County, New York: ABSTRACT

R. G. Bray, J. R. Beerbower

Oxfordian Sedimentation in Western Interior, USA: ABSTRACT

R. L. Brenner, D. K. Davies

Bedded Barite Deposits in Sedimentary Environment: ABSTRACT

D. A. Brobst

Possible Living Algal-Foraminiferal Consortia in Nodules from Modern Carbonate Sediments of Great Bahama Bank: ABSTRACT

H. Buchanan, S. S. Streeter, C. D. Gebelein

Exploration and Development of Uranium Reserves: ABSTRACT

W. F. Bunker

Resource Significance of Uranium Deposits in Fluvioclastic Rocks in Tertiary Volcanic Terranes: ABSTRACT

A. P. Butler, Jr.

Isotope Geochemistry of Modern Arid Supratidal (Sabkha) Evaporite Environment, Abu Dhabi, Trucial Coast: ABSTRACT

G. P. Butler, R. H. Krouse, R. Mitchell

Plastic Deformation Theory of Oil Accumulation: ABSTRACT

G. S. Campbell

Newburg of West Virginia: ABSTRACT

D. H. Cardwell

Surficial Sediments of Barkley Sound and Adjacent Continental Shelf, Vancouver Island, British Columbia: ABSTRACT

L. Carter

Morphologic Evolution of Cambrian Algal Mounds, Texas, with Changing Depositional Environment: ABSTRACT

H. S. Chafetz

Phosphate Deposits of Cabinda District, Angola, Portuguese West Africa: ABSTRACT

T. M. Cheney

Evaluation of Hydrocarbon Potential from Stratigraphic Analysis of Mesozoic Clastic Sequence, Saskatchewan: ABSTRACT

J. E. Christopher, F. Simpson

Depositional Models from a High-Energy Coast: ABSTRACT

H. E. Clifton, R. E. Hunter, R. L. Phillips

Miocene Marine to Nonmarine Transition in Southern Coast Ranges of California: ABSTRACT

H. E. Clifton

Jurassic Limestone Facies of Atlas Mountains and Comparison with its Recent Red Sea Model: ABSTRACT

J. R. Conolly, W. H. Kanes

North American Stratigraphic Principles as Applied to Deep-Sea Sediments: ABSTRACT

H. E. Cook

Stratigraphy and Petrology of Type Escondido Formation (Upper Cretaceous), Maverick County, Texas, and Adjacent Coahuila, Mexico: ABSTRACT

J. D. Cooper

New Component of Braided River Model: ABSTRACT

W. R. Costello, R. G. Walker

Postdepositional Reactions Involving Boron, Sediment, and Pore Water in Mississippi Delta System: ABSTRACT

E. L. Couch

Lower Paleozoic Palynomorph Provinces and Paleoclimate: ABSTRACT

F. H. Cramer-Diez, M. C. R. Diez De Cramer

Exploration and Development of Petroleum Resources, 1970-1975: ABSTRACT

K. H. Crandall

Java Sea Platform and Madura Basin, Central Indonesia: ABSTRACT

A. Cree

Trona and Halite Resources in Wilkins Peak Member of Green River Formation, Green River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

W. C. Culbertson

Electrical Accessory Curves--New Tool for Subsurface Correlation: ABSTRACT

W. H. Curry, III

Upper Paleozoic Evaporites in Sverdrup Basin, Arctic Canada: ABSTRACT

G. R. Davies, W. W. Nassichuk

Postdepositional Changes in Deep-Sea Sediments: ABSTRACT

T. A. Davies, P. R. Supko

Shallow Sand Bars and Nearshore Processes: ABSTRACT

R. A. Davis, Jr., W. T. Fox

Basal Marine and Deltaic Deposits of Pennsylvanian Age in Western Kentucky: ABSTRACT

R. W. Davis

Paleotopography: Key to Locating Concealed Structure and Related Petroleum Traps: ABSTRACT

H. M. Degraw

Late Paleozoic Tectonism in Central Colorado: ABSTRACT

R. H. De Voto, F. A. Peel, J. V. Taranik, W. H. Pierce

Displacements Across, and Strain in, Orogenic Belts: ABSTRACT

J. F. Dewey

Injection Wells and Operations Today: ABSTRACT

E. C. Donaldson

Conical-Columnar Stromatolites and Subtidal Environment: ABSTRACT

J. A. Donaldson, A. H. Taylor

Model of Cretaceous Paleogeography and its Consequences: ABSTRACT

R. G. Douglas, M. Moullade, A. E. M. Nairn

Application of Oil Correlation and Source-Rock Data to Exploration in Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

W. G. Dow

Discrimination Function Analysis and Bayesian Classification Approach to Muddy Sandstone Exploration, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

L. J. Drew, R. W. Tillman

North Sea Basinal Area, Europe--Important Oil and Gas Province: ABSTRACT

W. W. Dunn, S. Eha

Biomerization: Ecologic Theory of Provincial Differentiation with Examples from Modern and Fossil Biotas: ABSTRACT

C. J. Durden

Tintinnids in Shelf Sediments from Alaska, Oregon, and California: ABSTRACT

R. J. Echols, G. A. Fowler

Marine Geology of Caribbean Sea Compared with Mediterranean Sea: ABSTRACT

N. T. Edgar

Radiographic and Sedimentologic Examination of Holocene Salt Marsh, Georgia: ABSTRACT

J. M. Edwards, R. W. Frey

Magnetic Susceptibility Studies of Shales from Northern Anthracite Field of Pennsylvania: ABSTRACT

M. T. El-Ashry, U. R. Nejib

Neogene Calcareous Nannoplankton, Sigsbee Abyssal Plain, Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

C. H. Ellis, W. H. Lohman

Regional Explorations for Oil and Gas in USSR: ABSTRACT

N. A. Eremenko, G. P. Ovanesov, L. N. Mordvin

Mineralogy of some Hawaiian Coastal and Marine Carbonates: ABSTRACT

Pow-Foong Fan

Hydrologic Systems: ABSTRACT

J. G. Ferris

Trends in Modern Agglutinated Foraminiferida across Continental Margin of Northern California and Oregon: ABSTRACT

G. A. Fowler

Petroleum Geology of Subandean Basin of Ecuador, Northern Peru and Southern Colombia: ABSTRACT

R. N. Freeman

Coral Reef Rock From Red Sea: Sequence and Time Scale for Progressive Diagenesis and its Effect on Porosity and Permeability: ABSTRACT

G. M. Friedman

Algal Mats, Carbonate Laminites, Ooids, Oncolites, Pellets, and Cements in Hypersaline Sea-Marginal Pool, Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea: ABSTRACT

G. M. Friedman, A. J. Amiel, M. Braun, D. S. Miller

Sand Diagenesis: Some Results and Applications: ABSTRACT

H. Fuchtbauer

Muddy Formation of Northern Powder River Basin--A Stratigraphic Paradox: ABSTRACT

A. Gaither, L. D. Meckel

Geologic Framework for Successful Underground Waste Management: ABSTRACT

J. E. Galley

Depositional Systems of Cisco Group: Their Relation to Reservoir Distribution and Petroleum Production on Eastern Shelf, Midland Basin: ABSTRACT

W. E. Galloway

Origin of Petroleum: ABSTRACT

L. P. Gaucher

Biologic Control of Stromatolite Microstructure: Implications for Precambrian Time-Stratigraphy: ABSTRACT

C. D. Gebelein

Geochemical Effects and Movement of Injected Industrial Waste in a Limestone Aquifer: ABSTRACT

D. A. Goolsby

Physical Controls on Marine Biotic Dispersal in Jurassic: ABSTRACT

W. A. Gordon

Sedimentary Features and Nearshore Processes of Arctic and Sub-Arctic Beaches: ABSTRACT

H. G. Greene

Van Horn Sandstone, West Texas--Early Paleozoic Alluvial-Fan System: ABSTRACT

C. G. Groat, J. H. McGowen

Sandstone and Chert Columns in Permian Rocks of Southwest Montana: Biogenic or Inorganic?: ABSTRACT

R. C. Gutschick, L. J. Suttner

Groundwater Flow and Uranium Deposition, Powder River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

J. L. Hagmaier

Plate Tectonics of Southeast Asia and Indonesia: ABSTRACT

W. B. Hamilton

Space Photography's Role in Exploration: ABSTRACT

C. W. Hammond

Transport of Ocean Sediments by Debris Flow: ABSTRACT

M. A. Hampton

Significance of Thin Carbonates in Interpreting Depositional Environments of Thick Clastic Sequences: ABSTRACT

J. H. Hanley, E. F. Pearson

Exploration and Development of Natural Gas, 1970-1975: ABSTRACT

G. C. Hardin, Jr.

Coprecipitation of Strontium and Magnesium with Holocene Cave Calcites, Barbados, West Indies: ABSTRACT

W. H. Harris, T. K. Guha

Some Factors Controlling Evolution of Near-Surface Diagenetic Fabrics in Pleistocene Carbonates of Barbados: ABSTRACT

R. S. Harrison, R. K. Matthews

Permian Palynofloras and their Bearing on Continental Drift: ABSTRACT

C. F. Hart

Exploratory Success Is Predictable--Example from Denver Basin: ABSTRACT

J. D. Haun, J. M. Cronoble

Implications of Probabilistic Stratigraphy: ABSTRACT

W. W. Hay

Significance of Paleontological Record of Deep Sea: ABSTRACT

W. W. Hay

Gulf Coast Photogeologic Applications: ABSTRACT

E. F. Haye

Diagnostic Sedimentary Structures of Mesotidal Barrier Beaches: ABSTRACT

M. O. Hayes

Coastline Sedimentation in Tectonically Active Geosynclinal Basin, Glacial Outwash-Plain Shoreline of Northeastern Gulf of Alaska: ABSTRACT

M. O. Hayes, R. L. Henry, C. H. Hobbs, III, F. J. Raffaldi, P. R. Hague

Planktonic Foraminiferal Assemblages and Pleistocene Temperatures: ABSTRACT

A. D. Hecht

Composite Bedding in Lower Ordovician Resedimented Conglomerates of Quebec: ABSTRACT

H. E. Hendry

Depositional Anticlines of Continental Margins and Their Oil-Producing Counterparts: ABSTRACT

M. E. Hennes

Petroleum Geology, Sweetgrass Arch, Alberta: ABSTRACT

E. L. Herbaly

Biostratigraphy of Graptolite-Bearing Beds of Upper Ordovician Maquoketa Formation of Northeastern Iowa: ABSTRACT

S. R. Herr

Selective Silicification of Ooids in Graywackes of Gault Formation, Early Cretaceous, East Alps: ABSTRACT

R. Hesse

Industry's Expectations as to National Minerals and Mining Policy: ABSTRACT

J. E. Heston, R. E. Sampson

Some Major Structures and Fluorite-Barite Deposits of Mississippi Valley: ABSTRACT

A. V. Heyl

Potassium and Magnesium in Cretaceous Evaporites of Northeast Brazil: ABSTRACT

R. J. Hite

Aulacogenes: Intracratonic Proterozoic Basins That Control Phanerozoic Sedimentation: ABSTRACT

P. Hoffman

Proterozoic Stromatolites of Cyclic Shelf, Mounded Shelfedge and Turbidite Offshelf Facies, Northwestern Canadian Shield: ABSTRACT

P. Hoffman

Algal Mats, Cryptalgal Fabrics, and Structures, Hamelin Pool, Western Australia: ABSTRACT

P. Hoffman, B. W. Logan, C. D. Gebelein

Stromatolites: Characteristics and Utility: ABSTRACT

H. J. Hofmann

Geologic Reservoir Analysis of Kirkwood Sandstone, Illinois: ABSTRACT

M. Holmes, A. J. Eloy, D. J. Ver Steeg

Proposed Model for Cenozoic Sedimentary History of Bering Sea: ABSTRACT

D. M. Hopkins, C. H. Nelson, D. W. Scholl

Relations of Cenozoic Tectonics of Central Rockies to Possible Movements of North American Plate: ABSTRACT

R. A. Hoppin, T. V. Jennings

Usable Beach-to-Offshore Model for Tide-Dominated Shoreline; Sapelo Island, Georgia: ABSTRACT

J. D. Howard, J. Dorjes, R. W. Frey, S. Gadow, G. Hertweck, H.-E. Reineck, F. Wunderlich

Compatibility of Injection Fluids with Reservoir Components: ABSTRACT

W. F. Hower, R. M. Lasater, R. G. Mihram

Stromatolitic Microfabric: Petrographic Model: ABSTRACT

J. A. E. B. Hubbard

Paleogeography, Paleohydrology, and Diagenesis of Middle Trinity (Lower Cretaceous) Carbonate Beach Sequence, Texas: ABSTRACT

R. F. Inden

Scleractinian Coral Alteration in Subaerial Vadose Diagenetic Environment: ABSTRACT

N. P. James

Diagenesis of Oolites in Lodgepole Formation (Mississippian), Central Montana: ABSTRACT

S. E. Jenks, J. L. Wilson

Lower Permian Limestones of Southern New Mexico and West Texas: ABSTRACT

C. F. Jordan, Jr.

South Pacific Planktonic Foraminiferal Biogeography and Late Cenozoic Paleo-Oceanography: ABSTRACT

J. P. Kennett

Geologic Factors that Control Thickness and Composition of Upper Pennsylvanian Coals in Appalachian Basin: ABSTRACT

B. H. Kent, M. Gomez

Patterns of Coastal Sedimentation: Carbonate Muds of Florida Bay: ABSTRACT

S. D. Kerr, Jr.

Channel Sequence Development in Aggradational Streams with Example from South Canadian River, Texas: ABSTRACT

L. G. Kessler, II

Nonskeletal Carbonates from Baffin Bay, Texas: ABSTRACT

J. S. Kier

Characteristics of Basins with Giant Fields: ABSTRACT

H. D. Klemme

New Light on Petroleum Possibilities of the Basin and Range Province, Arizona: ABSTRACT

E. A. Koester

Effects of Depositional Environment and Postdepositional History on Chemical Composition of Lower Tuscaloosa Oils: ABSTRACT

C. B. Koons, F. L. Peirce, J. G. Bond

Facies Relations in Holocene-Pleistocene Coastal Sediments: Model for Interpretation of Ancient Transgressive-Regressive Sequences: ABSTRACT

J. C. Kraft

Texture of River and Beach Sediments Seaward from Active Volcanic Highlands, Southwestern Guatemala: ABSTRACT

W. D. Kuenzi, R. V. McGehee

Sand Body Created by Migration of Fire Island Inlet, Long Island, New York: ABSTRACT

N. Kumar, J. E. Sanders

Fox Hills Sandstone, Rock Springs Uplift, Wyoming: Shoreline-Tidal River Sandstone Model for Upper Cretaceous: ABSTRACT

C. B. Land, Jr.

Contemporaneous Dolomitization of Middle Pleistocene Reefs by Meteoric Water, North Jamaica: ABSTRACT

L. S. Land

Petroleum Generation in Gulf Coast Tertiary Sediments: ABSTRACT

R. E. Laplante

Comparison of Types of Imagery for Photogeomorphic Studies: ABSTRACT

L. H. Lattman

Response of Streams to Structural Uplift: ABSTRACT

L. H. Lattman

Southern Labrador Sea--Key to Mesozoic and Early Tertiary Evolution of North Atlantic: ABSTRACT

A. S. Laughton

Tertiary Limestone Dikes, Oamaru, New Zealand: ABSTRACT

D. W. Lewis

Petroleum Exploration with Radar--Eastern Panama and Northwestern Colombia: ABSTRACT

H. C. MacDonald, R. S. Wing

Gypidulid Brachiopods: Their Life Position and Paleoenvironment: ABSTRACT

J. H. Makurath, E. J. Anderson

Toward a Morphological Classification of Organic Reefs and Reef Complexes: ABSTRACT

R. Martin

Exploration on Continental Shelf Off Northwest Australia: ABSTRACT

N. W. Martison, D. McDonald, P. Kaye, A. Challinor

Systematic Geophysical Mapping of Continental Shelves and Deep Ocean Areas: ABSTRACT

J. M. McAlinden

Facies and Paleocurrents of Gallup Sandstone: Model for Alternating Deltaic and Strand-Plain Progradation: ABSTRACT

D. G. McCubbin

Theory of Crustal Development Based on Analysis of Vertical Uplift Experiments: ABSTRACT

H. J. McCunn

Relation between Texas Barrier Islands and Late Pleistocene Depositional History: ABSTRACT

J. H. McGowen, L. E. Garner

Evidence of Migrating Hydrocarbons in Deep Sea Drilling Project Cores: ABSTRACT

R. D. McIver

Anatomy of Distributary Channel-Fill Deposits in Recent Mud Deltas: ABSTRACT

L. D. Meckel

Geochemical Study of Crude Oils from Ghadames Basin, Western Libya: ABSTRACT

R. E. Metter, W. W. Fraser

Johannes Walther's Law of Correlation (or Succession) of Facies: ABSTRACT

G. V. Middleton

Pleistocene Ice-Rafted Pebble Abundance, Eastern North Atlantic Ocean: ABSTRACT

B. F. Molnia

Evaluating Source Beds for Petroleum: ABSTRACT

J. A. Momper

Factors Which May Affect Occurrence of Gas in San Juan and Uinta Basins, Rocky Mountains: ABSTRACT

C. A. Moore

Lower Cretaceous Carbonate Beaches: ABSTRACT

C. H. Moore

Submarine Megabreccia Debris Flows and Slumped Blocks of Devonian of Australia and Alberta--a Comparison: ABSTRACT

E. W. Mountjoy, P. E. Playford

Size Trends of some Living Invertebrate Groups with Calcareous Shells: ABSTRACT

D. Nicol

Patterns of Flysch Deposition of Lower Stanley Group (Mississippian), Ouachita Mountains, Oklahoma and Arkansas: ABSTRACT

A. R. Niem

Relation of Oil Occurrence to Source-Bed Distribution in Mowry Shale: ABSTRACT

R. P. Nixon

Mississippian Conodont Zones of Southeastern Arizona: ABSTRACT

R. D. Norby, R. F. Lundin

Paleogeography of Cincinnati Arch Area in Early Silurian Time: ABSTRACT

E. O'Donnell

Working Model for Barrier-Island Development along Low-Energy Coast of Georgia: ABSTRACT

G. F. Oertel, II, J. D. Howard

Government's Expectations as to National Mining and Minerals Policy: ABSTRACT

E. F. Osborn

Computer Mapping in Lower Frio Formation (Oligo-Miocene), Southwestern Louisiana: ABSTRACT

W. R. Paine

Stratigraphy, Sedimentation, and Petrology of Oligo-Miocene Lower Frio Formation, Southwestern Louisiana: ABSTRACT

W. R. Paine, A. A. Meyerhoff, M. A. Furrer

Expanding Human Horizons in Geosciences: ABSTRACT

L. C. Pakiser, R. W. Bromery, C. Kisslinger, P. L. Lyons

Sedimentary and Structural Characteristics of Lower Paleozoic Strata Adjacent to Buried Precambrian Topography in Southeastern Missouri: ABSTRACT

J. E. Palmer

Future Plans for Deep Sea Drilling Project: ABSTRACT

M. N. A. Peterson

Some Case Histories in Projective Well-Log Interpretation: ABSTRACT

S. J. Pirson

Geopetal Fabrics: Important Aids for Interpreting Ancient Reef Complexes: ABSTRACT

P. E. Playford, A. E. Cockbain

Devonian Algal Stromatolites from Canning Basin, Western Australia: ABSTRACT

P. E. Playford, J. L. Wray, A. E. Cockbain

Subsidence and its Control: ABSTRACT

J. F. Poland

Biogenic Pelletization and Alteration of Suspended Argillaceous Sediments: ABSTRACT

W. A. Pryor

Interpretation of Unusual Geologic Features on Continental Slope Off Louisiana: ABSTRACT

M. Quarles, Jr.

Sedimentary Structure Across Bottom of Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

M. Quarles, Jr.

Progress in Applying Potential Fields to Sedimentary Section: ABSTRACT

M. D. Quigley

Late Mississippian Epeirogeny and the Wichita Orogeny in the Mid-Continent: ABSTRACT

B. Rascoe, Jr.

Precipitation of Sulfates and Chlorides by Mixing Seawater Brines: ABSTRACT

O. B. Raup

Shallow-Marine Environments in Late Precambrian of Finnmark, Northern Norway: ABSTRACT

H. G. Reading

Geologic Analysis of Remote Sensor Data, Bonanza Project: ABSTRACT

R. G. Reeves

Mineralogy of Deep-Sea Sediments from Cretaceous te Holocene: ABSTRACT

R. Rex

Variability of Geotechnical Properties of Lutite in Wilkinson Basin, Gulf of Maine, as Measured in Place from Submersible Alvin: ABSTRACT

A. F. Richards, M. Perlow, Jr.

Beaver River Anticline and its Associated Giant Gas Reserve in Canada's Northland: ABSTRACT

W. B. Richards

Calcareous Algae and some Associated Microfossils from Ancient Wall Reef Complex (Upper Devonian), Alberta: ABSTRACT

R. Riding

Value of Sea-Bottom and Coastal Morphologic Studies to Offshore Exploration: ABSTRACT

D. A. Rigassi

Recent Developments in Petroleum Exploration in Adriatic Sea, Italy: ABSTRACT

F. Rigo

Exploration and Development of Coal Resources, 1970-1975, and Beyond: ABSTRACT

H. E. Risser

Exploration and Development of Oil Shale and Oil-Impregnated Rock, 1970-1975: ABSTRACT

H. R. Ritzma

Microboring Organisms as Environmental Indicators and Sediment Tracers, Arlington Reef Complex, Australia: ABSTRACT

W. S. Rooney, R. D. Perkins

Foraminiferida and Carbonate Environments of South Florida and Bahamas: ABSTRACT

P. R. Rose

Problems in Provinciality: ABSTRACT

C. A. Ross

Uranium Roll-Front Zonation in Southern Powder River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

B. Rubin

Computer Correlation of Geophysical Logs: ABSTRACT

A. J. Rudman, R. F. Blakely

Navigation, Field Operation, and Image-Processing Techniques for Thermal Infrared Imagery Surveys: ABSTRACT

F. F. Sabins, Jr.

Diagenetic Changes in Ultrastructure of Skeletal Carbonates from Pleistocene of South Florida: ABSTRACT

P. A. Sanberg, N. Schneidermann

Paleogeology in 21st Century: ABSTRACT

C. H. Savit

Geologic History of Blue-Green Algae: A Paradigm of Evolutionary Conservatism: ABSTRACT

J. W. Schopf

Geologic Implications of River-Pattern Variability: ABSTRACT

S. A. Schumm

Geology of Wagon Wheel Nuclear Stimulation Project: ABSTRACT

J. Shaughnessy, R. H. Butcher

Phosphate Deposition Seaward of Barrier Islands at Edge of Phosphoria Sea in Northwestern Wyoming: ABSTRACT

R. P. Sheldon

Bedded Zeolites in United States--Potential Industrial Minerals: ABSTRACT

R. A. Sheppard

Marine Diagenesis of Carbonate Sediment, Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles: ABSTRACT

D. F. Sibley, R. C. Murray

Oil Boom in Indonesia--Too Optimistic?: ABSTRACT

R. C. Slocum

Near-Surface Coal Resources and Reserves of Western United States: ABSTRACT

J. B. Smith

Depositional Cycles of Lodgepole Formation (Mississippian) in Central Montana: ABSTRACT

D. L. Smith

Reef Calcification: ABSTRACT

S. V. Smith

Sequence of Bedform and Stratification in Silts, Based on Flume Experiments: ABSTRACT

J. B. Southard, J. C. Harms

Sand Surface Textures: Exploration Applications: ABSTRACT

D. R. Spearing

Recognition and Delineation of Fluvial Sedimentary Bodies in Subsurface: ABSTRACT

N. Spoljaric

Distribution of Forms of Millepora (Hydrozoa) on Recent Coral Reef, Barbados: ABSTRACT

C. W. Stearn, R. Riding

Spanish Mediterranean Amposta Marino Oil Field: ABSTRACT

W. T. Stoeckinger

Grand Canyon Bight--Significant Tectonic Feature of the Southwest: ABSTRACT

W. L. Stokes

Stratigraphy and Exploration of Lower Cretaceous Muddy Formation, Northern Powder River Basin, Wyoming and Montana: ABSTRACT

W. D. Stone

Lithologic Associations and Sandstone Provinces: ABSTRACT

L. J. Suttner

Provincial Aspects of Some Neogene Ostracoda of United States: ABSTRACT

F. M. Swain

Provincialism Exhibited by Ordovician Conodont Faunas: ABSTRACT

W. C. Sweet, S. M. Bergstrom

Natural Hydrocarbon Seepage in Marine Environment: ABSTRACT

W. E. Sweet, Jr., R. A. Geyer

Requirements for Monitoring of Industrial Deep-Well Waste-Disposal Systems: ABSTRACT

J. S. Talbot

Continental Plate Tectonics: North America: ABSTRACT

G. E. Thomas

Sedimentologic Data on Ordovician-Silurian Boundary in Central Appalachians: ABSTRACT

A. M. Thompson, P. A. Offutt

Depositional Environments and Hydrocarbon Traps in "J" Sandstone (Lower Cretaceous), Denver Basin, Colorado: ABSTRACT

B. O. Tohill

Earth Resource Photography--Payoff in Space: ABSTRACT

W. V. Trollinger, H. A. Tiedemann

Geomorphology--Interesting Academics or Applied Science?: ABSTRACT

W. V. Trollinger

Fractured Shale and Basement Reservoir, Long Beach Unit, California: ABSTRACT

J. N. Truex

Dynamic Relationship between Estuary Hydraulics and Sedimentation: ABSTRACT

G. S. Visher, J. D. Howard

Future Petroleum Potential of Pre-Cretaceous Rocks of Eastern Colorado: ABSTRACT

R. W. Volk

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