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Foreign Development Papers, 1971

Fred J. Wagner

Petroleum Developments in South America, Central America, and Caribbean Area in 1971

P. Jacobsen, Jr. , C. H. Neff

Petroleum Exploration and Production in Europe in 1971

Robert E. King

Status of Oil and Gas Prospecting in USSR in 1971

N. A. Eremenko , G. P. Ovanesov , V. V. Semenovich

Petroleum Developments in North Africa in 1971

Roland Michel

Petroleum Developments in Central and Southern Africa in 1971

Augusto Cortesini , John R. Minner

Petroleum Developments in Middle East Countries in 1971

John F. Mason , Quentin M. Moore , Richard C. Hasson

Petroleum Developments in Israel in 1971

R. G. S. Hanreck

Petroleum Developments in Far East in 1971

J. J. Tanner , W. E. Kennett

Petroleum Developments in New Zealand during 1971

Hans R. Katz

Petroleum Developments in Australia and Oceania in 1971

Edward F. Durkee

Petroleum Developments in Mexico in 1971

Ricardo Acosta-Estevez

Smackover Stratigraphic Traps--New Production in "Old" Areas: ABSTRACT

J. J. Amoruso

Geology of Upper Continental Slope in Alaminos Canyon Region: ABSTRACT

B. S. Applebaum, A. H. Bouma

Oil-Column Calculations in Stratigraphic Traps: ABSTRACT

R. R. Berg

Geothermal Power in the Southwest: ABSTRACT

H. S. Birdseye

Recent and Ancient Turbidites and Contourites: ABSTRACT

A. H. Bouma

South Texas Eolian System--Model of Coastal Eolian Processes: ABSTRACT

L. F. Brown, Jr.

Pressured Shale and Related Sediment Deformation--Mechanism for Development of Regional Contemporaneous Faults: ABSTRACT

C. H. Bruce

Diversity-Equitability Analysis as Paleoecologic Tool: ABSTRACT

E. A. Butler, H. W. Simpson

Paleomagnetism of Late Pleistocene-Holocene Sediments, Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

H. C. Clark

Economic and Other Factors Affecting Petroleum Exploration: ABSTRACT

K. H. Crandall

Consolidation Studies of Deltaic Sediments: ABSTRACT

D. M. Fitzgerald, A. H. Bouma

Drilling Funds and the Energy Crisis: ABSTRACT

B. L. Floyd

Significance of Reservoir Diagenetic Alteration for Petroleum Exploration, Gulf of Alaska Tertiary Basin: ABSTRACT

W. E. Galloway

Depositional Systems and Oil-Gas Reservoirs in Queen City Formation (Eocene), Texas: ABSTRACT

E. H. Guevara, R. Garcia

Petroleum Exploration and Environmental Conservation: ABSTRACT

M. W. Haas

Oil is Found in the Minds of Men: ABSTRACT

M. T. Halbouty

Nannoplankton Biostratigraphy and Sedimentary Petrology of a Vertical Facies Sequence Crossing the Campanian-Maestrichtian Boundary in Central Alabama: ABSTRACT

N. C. Hester, J. B. Risatti

Gulf Coast Photogeologic Applications: ABSTRACT

G. W. Hinds

Distribution and Isotopic Composition of Uranium in a Lower South Texas River and Estuary: ABSTRACT

C. W. Holmes, E. A. Slade

Bottom Characteristics of Northern Gulf of Mexico Continental Shelf: ABSTRACT

C. M. Johnson, A. H. Bouma, W. R. Bryant

Use of Downhole Gravity Data in Formation Evaluation: ABSTRACT

B. R. Jones

Appraisal of Computer Mapping Techniques as Applied to Miocene Formations of Bayou Carlin and Lake Sand Fields, Southwestern Louisiana: ABSTRACT

M. B. Kumar, D. H. Kupfer

Stratigraphic Utility of Some Miocene and Younger Arenaceous Foraminifera: ABSTRACT

W. P. Leutze

Significance of Changes in Shoreline Features along Texas Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

J. H. McGowen, L. E. Garner, B. H. Wilkinson

Review of South Texas Uranium Geology: ABSTRACT

W. M. McKnight, Jr.

Energy and the Environment: ABSTRACT

G. E. Murray

Waves, Currents, Sediments, and Sand Bars Associated with Low-Energy Coastal Environments: ABSTRACT

A. W. Niedoroda

Pre-Sangamon Beach Ridges along Northeastern Gulf Coast--Fact or Fiction?: ABSTRACT

E. G. Otvos, Jr.

Computer Mapping in Lower Frio Formation (Oligo-Miocene), Southwestern Louisiana: ABSTRACT

W. R. Paine

Stratigraphy, Sedimentation, and Petrology of Oligo-Miocene Lower Frio Formation, Southwestern Louisiana: ABSTRACT

W. R. Paine, A. A. Meyerhoff, M. A. Furrer

Nuclear Power and Uranium: ABSTRACT

J. A. Patterson

Cost-Conscious Geology: ABSTRACT

Vernon Peppard

Gulf Coast Submarine Banks as Potential Hydrocarbon Traps: ABSTRACT

C. W. Poag

Shelf-Edge Submarine Banks in Gulf of Mexico--Their Paleoecology and Biostratigraphy: ABSTRACT

C. W. Poag

Factors which Control Petroleum Accumulations: ABSTRACT

E. H. Rainwater

Late Quaternary Climates Indicated by Foraminifers from Southwestern Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

B. R. Sidner, C. W. Poag

Equatorial Acceleration and Continental Paths: ABSTRACT

W. F. Tanner

Negative Evidence and Pleistocene History: ABSTRACT

W. F. Tanner

Petrology and Diagenesis of Tertiary Aquifer Carbonates, North Carolina: ABSTRACT

P. A. Thayer, D. A. Textoris

High-Resolution, Subbottom Profiles and Sediment Characteristics of Mississippi Delta: ABSTRACT

P. Trabant, W. R. Bryant, A. H. Bouma

Living Foraminifera of West Flower Garden Bank: ABSTRACT

R. C. Tresslar, C. W. Poag

Denkman Sandstone Member--Important Jurassic Reservoir in Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida: ABSTRACT

W. W. Tyrrell, Jr.

Bathymetry of Recent Marine Ostracoda in Northwest Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

F. P. C. M. Van Morkhoven

Environmental Criteria--Their Use and Misuse: ABSTRACT

G. S. Visher

Plate Tectonics and Origin of Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

J. L. Walper, C. L. Rowett

Chertification Phenomena in Antarctic and Pacific Deep-Sea Sediments--a Scanning Electron Microscope and X-ray Diffraction Study: ABSTRACT

F. M. Weaver, S. W. Wise

Late Cretaceous Depositional Systems in Northeastern Mexico: ABSTRACT

A. E. Weidie, J. A. Wolleben, E. F. McBride

Paleostructural Analysis of Old Ocean Field: ABSTRACT

D. P. Wilson, J. E. Melton

Dollar Bay Formation of Early Cretaceous (Fredericksburg) Age in South Florida: ABSTRACT

G. O. Winston

Inferred Diagenetic History of Weakly Silicified Deep-Sea Chalk: ABSTRACT

S. W. Wise, K. R. Kelts

Digital Well Logs Plus Digital Computer Equals New Practical Exploration Tool: ABSTRACT

P. L. Work

Upper Paleozoic Fluvial-Deltaic, Shelf, and Slope Depositional Systems in a Cratonic Basin, West-Central Texas: ABSTRACT

L. F. Brown, Jr.

Environmental Geology and Genetic Mapping: ABSTRACT

L. F. Brown, Jr.

Original and Secondary Pores in Sedimentary Reservoir Rocks: Relation to CaCO3 Cements: ABSTRACT

Gerald M. Friedman

Practical Classification of Reefs and Banks, Bioherms, and Biostromes: ABSTRACT

Karl W. Klement

Basement Tectonics and Fold Patterns--Kinematic-Model Approach: ABSTRACT

E. S. T. O'Driscoll

Geology of Western Canadian Continental Shelf: ABSTRACT

D. H. Shouldice

Modern and Ancient Hurricane Deposits--Their Geological Significance: ABSTRACT

William R. Walton

Oil Boom in Indonesia--Too Optimistic?: ERRATUM

R. A. Soeparjadi, R. C. Slocum