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Foreign Development Papers, 1973

Fred J. Wagner

Petroleum Developments in South America, Central America, and Caribbean Area in 1973

P. Jacobsen, Jr. , C. H. Neff

Petroleum Exploration and Production in Europe in 1973

Robert E. King

Petroleum Developments in North Africa in 1973

Marc-Andre Nicod

Petroleum Developments in Central and Southern Africa in 1973

Philippe Biro

Petroleum Developments in Middle East Countries in 1973

John F. Mason , Richard C. Hasson , Quentin M. Moore

Petroleum Developments in Israel, 1973

R. G. S. Hanreck

Petroleum Developments in Far East in 1973

J. D. Bowman

China's Petroleum Industry--an Enigma

Horton R. Connell

Petroleum Developments in New Zealand during 1973

H. R. Katz

Petroleum Developments in Australia and Oceania in 1973

E. F. Durkee

Deposition and Diagenesis of James Limestone (Early Cretaceous) in East Texas Basin: ABSTRACT

C. W. Achauer

Recent Sediments of Hypersaline Estuarine Bay: ABSTRACT

R. T. Alaniz, R. H. Goodwin

Quartz Microtextures as Indicators of Subaqueous Density Flow: ABSTRACT

B. S. Appelbaum, A. H. Bouma

Geology of Suwannee Basin Interpreted from Geophysical Profiles: ABSTRACT

D. J. Arden, Jr.

Stratigraphic Relations and Petroleum Potential of Smackover-Buckner Sequence (Jurassic), Clarke County, Mississippi: ABSTRACT

C. L. Badon

Early Cretaceous Stuart City Shelf Margin of South Texas: Its Depositional and Diagenetic Environments and Their Relation to Porosity: ABSTRACT

D. G. Bebout

Analysis of Water-Level-Rise Effects on Littoral Transport: ABSTRACT

C. R. Bergquist, W. F. Tanner

Environmental Geologic Atlas, Texas Coastal Zone: Role of Geology in Land-Use Planning: ABSTRACT

L. F. Brown Jr., W. L. Fisher

Permeability of Unconsolidated and Consolidated marine Sediments, Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

W. R. Bryant, William E. Hottman, Peter K. Trabant

Recognition of New Potential of Swan Lake Field, Jackson County, Texas: ABSTRACT

P. H. Carter

Deformational Processes in Delta-Front Deposits: ABSTRACT

J. M. Coleman, L. D. Wright

Sand Leakage around Rocky Headland at Niteroi, Brazil: ABSTRACT

M. D. Emmerling, W. F. Tanner

Multivariate Statistical Approach to Sedimentary Environmental Analysis: ABSTRACT

P. H. Feldhausen

Towed Horizontal Resistance and Spontaneous Potential Survey off Sabine Pass, Texas: ABSTRACT

T. W. Ferebee, Jr., A. H. Bouma, G. L. Huebner, Jr.

Clay Mineralogy of Lewisville Member of Cretaceous Woodbine Formation in Arlington, Tarrant County, Texas, Area: ABSTRACT

G. P. Hawkins, C. F. Dodge, J. C. Butler

East Cameron Block 270, Pleistocene Field: ABSTRACT

D. S. Holland, C. E. Sutley, R. E. Berlitz, J. A. Gilreath

Modern and Ancient Reef Complexes and Associated Limestone Diagenesis of San Andres Island, Colombia: ABSTRACT

M. J. Kocurko

Shear Zones in Salt-Dome Stocks Delineate Spines of Movement: ABSTRACT

D. L. Kupfer

Model Study of Morphologies Caused by Exploding Superheated Vapor and Possible Lunar Analogues: ABSTRACT

H. J. McCunn

Dual Spacing Thermal Neutron Decay Time Log: Cased-Hole Exploration Tool: ABSTRACT

B. F. McGhee, J. S. Blackburn, B. C. Leach

Oil Industry Experience in Louisiana Offshore, 1946-1972: ABSTRACT

C. E. McMichael

Wave Characteristics with Restricted Fetch: Case Study of Lake Okeechobee: ABSTRACT

R. S. Murrall

Lithofacies Mapping, a Descriptive Tool for Ancient Delta Systems of Louisiana Outer Continental Shelf: ABSTRACT

E. M. Norwood, Jr., D. S. Holland

Paleodepositional Environments in Upper Jurassic Zuloaga Formation (Smackover), Northeastern Mexico: ABSTRACT

S. M. Oivanki

Anomalous Brine Maps Yield Rapid Prospect Leads: ABSTRACT

H. L. Overton

Bryan Field--a Sedimentary Anticline: ABSTRACT

M. L. Oxley, Daniel E. Herlihy

Preliminary Survey of Freshwater Early Tertiary Invertebrates from Trans-Pecos Texas: ABSTRACT

W. R. Pampe

Geopressures and Secondary Porosity in Deep Jurassic of Mississippi: ABSTRACT

C. A. Parker

Upper Depth Limits and Morphologic Variations of Foraminifera from Continental Slope and Abyss of Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

C. E. Pflum

Framework for Stratigraphic Interpretation of Dip Logs: ABSTRACT

J. M. Robertson

Collapse-Fault Systems of Louisiana Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

J. A. Seglund

Analysis of Energy Crunch: ABSTRACT

P. H. Stark

Mexican "Island" Arc: ABSTRACT

W. F. Tanner

Relict Lacustrine Sediments on Inner Continental Shelf, Southeast Texas: ABSTRACT

P. A. Thayer, A. La Rocque, J. W. Tunnell, Jr.

Origin of Bahama Platform: ABSTRACT

J. L. Walper

Arctic Gas--New Natural Gas for United States: ABSTRACT

R. W. Ward

Effect of Artificial Sea Grass on Wave Energy and Nearshore Sand Transport: ABSTRACT

C. J. Wayne

Depositional Environments Interpreted from Stratigraphic, Seismic, and Paleoenvironmental Analyses, Upper Wilcox, Katy Field, Texas: ABSTRACT

C. E. Williams, L. R. Travis, E. M. Hoover

Calcareous Nannoplankton of Salt Mountain Limestone (Jackson, Alabama): ABSTRACT

F. H. Wind

Evolution of Interior Mesozoic Basin and Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

M. L. Wood, J. L. Walper

New Views on Alpine Tethys Evolution Based on Joides Results: ABSTRACT

Daniel Bernoulli

Environmental Impact of Offshore Petroleum Operations: ABSTRACT

Nugent Brasher, Jr.

Plate Tectonic Models for Thrust Faulting in Southwestern United States: ABSTRACT

Gregory A. Davis

Influence of Eustatic Sea-Level Changes in Oil and Gas Accumulations in Appalachian Basin: ABSTRACT

John M. Dennison

Geothermal Energy--Viable Energy Resource: ABSTRACT

Tsvi Meidav

Emerging Geothermal Resources Exploration Technology: ABSTRACT

Tsvi Meidav

Comparative Geology of Inner Solar System: ABSTRACT

Daniel J. Milton

Solubility of Petroleum in Water and Its Significance to Petroleum Migration: ABSTRACT

Leigh C. Price

Geology of Northern Greenland: ABSTRACT

J. H. Stuart Smith

Geology and Hydrocarbon Discoveries of Canadian Arctic Islands: ABSTRACT

J. H. Stuart Smith