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Migration of Fluids in Sedimentary Basins

S. Neglia

Fractures in Cretaceous Rocks from Selected Areas of San Juan Basin, New Mexico--Exploration Implications

Frank D. Gorham, Jr. , Lee A. Woodward , J. F. Callender , Albert R. Greer

Differential Entrapment of Oil and Gas in Niagaran Pinnacle-Reef Belt of Northern Michigan

Dan Gill

Major Uranium Discovery in Volcaniclastic Sediments, Basin and Range Province, Yavapai County, Arizona

J. E. Sherborne, Jr. , W. A. Buckovic , D. B. Dewitt , T. S. Hellinger , S. J. Pavlak

Conodont-Based Reinterpretation of Bane Dome--Structural Reevaluation of Allegheny Frontal Zone: GEOLOGIC NOTES

William J. Perry , Anita G. Harris , Leonard D. Harris

Devonian Bentonites in Eastern Ohio: GEOLOGIC NOTES

Horace R. Collins

Mississippi River Delta--April 9, 1976--from Landsat 2: GEOLOGIC NOTES

George T. Moore

Gas Seeps and Subsurface Structure off Panama City, Florida: GEOLOGIC NOTES

Sunit K. Addy, J. Lamar Worzel

Patterns of Porosity and Cement in Ooid Reservoirs in Dogger (Middle Jurassic) of France: DISCUSSION

D. N. Clark

Patterns of Porosity and Cement in Ooid Reservoirs in Dogger (Middle Jurassic) of France: REPLY

R. Cussey , Gerald M. Friedman

Dissolution and Authigenesis in Host Sandstones: ABSTRACT

S. R. Austin

Direct Measurement of Uranium by Prompt Fission Neutron Method of Pulsed Neutron Borehole Logging: ABSTRACT

Hugh M. Bivens, Dal H. Jensen, Ralston W. Barnard, William A. Stephenson

Mechanisms for Uranium Deposition in Grants Mineral Belt: ABSTRACT

D. G. Brookins

Periods of Mineralization in Grants Mineral Belt, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

D. G. Brookins

Exploration in Grants Uranium Region Since 1963: ABSTRACT

William L. Chenoweth

Geochemical Studies of Grants Mineral Belt, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

R. S. Della Valle, D. G. Brookins

Geology and Ore Deposits of Johnny M Mine, Ambrosia Lake District, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

S. K. Falkowski

Exploration for Uranium Deposits in Grants Mineral Belt, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

David C. Fitch

Radon Emanation Over Orebody: Has Long-Distance Transport of Radon Been Observed?: ABSTRACT

Robert L. Fleischer, Antonio Mogrocampero

Anomalous Orebody Within Ambrosia Lake Trend at Sandstone Mine: ABSTRACT

John F. Foster, Robert J. Quintanar

Deposition and Early Hydrologic Evolution of Westwater Canyon Wet Alluvial-Fan System: ABSTRACT

W. E. Galloway

Disconformities in Grants Mineral Belt and Their Relation to Uranium Occurrence: ABSTRACT

Morris W. Green

Thermoluminescence of Uranium Host Rocks in Ambrosia Lake Area: ABSTRACT

D. L. Hayslip, G. E. Fuller, P. W. Levy, J. R. Renault

Depositional Environments as Ore Controls in Salt Wash Member of Morrison Formation (Upper Jurassic), Carrizo Mountains, Arizona and New Mexico: ABSTRACT

A. Curtis Huffman, Jr., Allan R. Kirk, R. James Corken

Depositional Environment of Poison Canyon Sandstone in Gulf Mariano Lake Mine: ABSTRACT

J. T. Jenkins, Jr., S. B. Cunningham

Effects of Uranium Mining on Groundwater in Ambrosia Lake Area, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

T. E. Kelly, R. L. Link, M. R. Schipper

Stratigraphic Control of Uranium Deposits: ABSTRACT

Fred F. Langford

Organic Geochemistry and Uranium in Grants Mineral Belt: ABSTRACT

Joel S. Leventhal

Geology and Development of Marquez, New Mexico, Uranium Deposit: ABSTRACT

B. A. Livingston

Magnitude and Variability of Disequilibrium in San Antonio Valley Uranium Deposit, Valencia County, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Stephen C. Moore, N. G. Lavery

Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Mariano Lake Uranium Deposit, Smith Lake District, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

J. T. Place, R. Della Valle, D. G. Brookins

Uranium in Todilto Limestone--Sabkha-Like Deposit: ABSTRACT

Richard R. Rawson

Roll-Type Uranium Occurrence at Dennison-Bunn Claim and Possibility of Uranium Deposits in Eastern Part of San Juan Basin, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Jennie L. Ridgley

Application of Solution-Mineral Equilibrium Chemistry to Solution Mining of Uranium Ores: ABSTRACT

A. C. Riese, C. J. Popp

Mount Taylor Uranium Deposit, San Mateo, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Walter C. Riese, Douglas G. Brookins

SEM Investigation of Paragenesis of Uranium Deposits, Grants Mineral Belt, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Walter C. Riese, Douglas G. Brookins, Richard Della Valle

Geology of Eastern Smith Lake Ore Trend: ABSTRACT

Steven J. Ristorcelli

Mineralogical and Geochemical Zonation Across Roll-Type Uranium Deposits--Mariano Lake Type: ABSTRACT

Suresh C. Sachdev

Tertiary Oxidation in Westwater Canyon Member of Morrison Formation: ABSTRACT

A. E. Saucier

Redistributed Orebodies of Poison Canyon Mine: ABSTRACT

Timothy Neal Tessendorf

Geophysical Experiments at the Mariano Lake Uranium Orebody: ABSTRACT

D. T. Thompson

New Mexico and World Uranium: ABSTRACT

Robert J. Wright

Petroleum Geology of Campeche Offshore Area, Southeastern Mexico: ABSTRACT

Jose Santiago Acevedo

Process for Primary Migration of Petroleum in Sedimentary Basins: ABSTRACT

E. E. Bray, W. R. Foster

Microbiological Prospecting for Hydrocarbons: ABSTRACT

Lewis R. Brown

Geology of Gu-Dao Oil Field and Adjacent Areas: ABSTRACT

Chen Si Zhong, Wang Ping

Carbon Isotope Measurements of Hydrocarbons Adsorbed in Near-Surface Sediment Samples: ABSTRACT

Eckhard Faber, W. J. Stahl

Geologic Significance of LANDSAT data on some Known Giant Fields: ABSTRACT

Michel T. Halbouty

High-Resolution LANDSAT for Geologic Studies: ABSTRACT

Clyde Hubbard, R. E. Sheriff, Howard Brister

Prudhoe Bay, a Ten-Year Perspective: ABSTRACT

H. C. Jamison, L. D. Brockett, R. A. McIntosh

Predictions of Oil or Gas Potential by Near-Surface Geochemistry: ABSTRACT

Victor T. Jones, R. J. Drozd

Dissolved Hydrocarbons in Coastal Waters of North America: ABSTRACT

Richard J. Mousseau, John C. Williams

Petroleum Potential of Eastern Gulf of Alaska Shelf Based on Dredge Samples from Adjacent Continental Slope: ABSTRACT

George Plafker, G. R. Winkler, P. R. Carlson, T. R. Bruns, George Claypool

Wave-Form Factor Analysis--Quantitative Approach to Seismic Stratigraphy: ABSTRACT

G. W. Rice, B. M. Brandt

Quantitative Comparison of Geologic Maps to Petroleum Prospects: ABSTRACT

J. E. Robinson, W. A. Burroughs, P. D. Willette, D. F. Merriam

Tertiary and Cretaceous Ocean Temperatures: ABSTRACT

Samuel M. Savin, Robert G. Douglas

Locating Stratigraphic Features and Hydrocarbons by Measurements Derived from Seismic Data: ABSTRACT

R. E. Sheriff, Don Rollinson, M. T. Taner

Bacterial Degradation of Crude Oils--Identification by Carbon Isotopes: ABSTRACT

Wolfgang J. Stahl

Origin of Gases Adsorbed in Near-Surface Sediments Identified by Carbon Isotopes: ABSTRACT

Wolfgang J. Stahl, E. Faber, B. D. Carey, D. L. Kirksey

Structural Analysis of Northern Termination of Lewis Thrust, Front Ranges, Southern Canadian Rocky Mountains: ABSTRACT

Glen S. Stockmal, John H. Spang

Ekofisk--First of Western European Giant Oil Fields: ABSTRACT

Edwin Van Den Bark, Owen D. Thomas

Mechanisms of Basin Subsidence: ABSTRACT

A. B. Watts, M. S. Steckler, J. Thorne