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Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of Baltimore Canyon Trough

C. Wylie Poag

Review of Petroleum Geology of Anadyr and Khatyrka Basins, USSR

Hugh McLean

Effects of Texture and Composition on Mechanical Behavior of Experimentally Deformed Carbonate Rocks

R. H. H. Hugman, III , Melvin Friedman

Reconnaissance Geologic Mapping in Chagai Hills, Baluchistan, Pakistan, by Computer Processing of Landsat Data

Jon D. Dykstra , Richard W. Birnie

Determination of Organic Content of Appalachian Devonian Shales from Formation-Density Logs: GEOLOGIC NOTES

James W. Schmoker

Proposed Type Sections for Upper Silurian and Lower Devonian Subsurface Units in Permian Basin, West Texas: GEOLOGIC NOTES

John M. Hills , Margaret Allen Hoenig

Tertiary Stratigraphy and Petroleum Potential of Cold Bay-False Pass Area, Alaska Peninsula: GEOLOGIC NOTES

Hugh McLean

Aqueous Solubility of Methane at Elevated Pressures and Temperatures: GEOLOGIC NOTES

Leigh C. Price

Super Overpressured Gas: GEOLOGIC NOTES

James M. Forgotson, Sr.

Aeromagnetic Detection of Diagenetic Magnetite Over Oil Fields: DISCUSSION

Jock A. Campbell, Howard R. Ritzma

Petrology and Maturation of Dispersed Organic Matter in New Albany Shale Group of Illinois Basin: ABSTRACT

Mary H. Barrows, Robert M. Cluff, Richard D. Harvey

Lineaments and Water Wells as Exploration Tools in Midway-Extra Gas Field, West Virginia: ABSTRACT

Robert R. Beebe, Henry W. Rauch

Suggested Origin for Gas in Eastern Devonian Shales: ABSTRACT

Irving A. Berger

Gas-Bearing Ohio Shale along Lake Erie--Stratigraphy, Petrology, and Sedimentology: ABSTRACT

R. F. Broadhead, R. C. Kepferle, P. E. Potter

Fracture Pattern in Outcrop of Gas-Producing Devonian (Ohio) Shale in Northeastern Ohio: ABSTRACT

Frank Calcagno, Jr.

Pyrolysis of Eastern Gas Shales--Effects of Temperature and Atmosphere: ABSTRACT

Mei-in M. Chou, D. R. Dickerson

Regional Coalification Patterns in Eastern Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, and Southern Pennsylvania: ABSTRACT

Gary A. Cole, David A. Williams, Carl J. Smith

Exploration Strategy for Unconventional Natural Gas Resource--Devonian Shales: ABSTRACT

Claude S. Dean, William K. Overbey, Jr.

Middle and Upper Devonian Stratigraphy in Northwestern West Virginia: ABSTRACT

Mary E. Dowse

Past and Current Developments for Drilling New Albany Shale Gas in Western Kentucky: ABSTRACT

Julian Duffy, Howard Schwalb

Novel Formation-Evaluation Concepts for Shale Reservoirs and Black Shale Formations: ABSTRACT

W. H. Fertl, H. H. Reike

Characterization of Production Mechanism in Devonian Shale and Its Sensitivity to Change in Various Reservoir Parameters: ABSTRACT

W. Kent Ford, Harvey S. Price, Kenneth L. Ancell

Petrographic Evaluation of West Virginia Coals for Coal Utilization Schemes: ABSTRACT

William C. Grady

Theoretical and Experimental Analyses of Hydraulic Fracturing and Sonic Logging in Gas Shales: ABSTRACT

M. E. Hanson, G. D. Anderson, R. J. Shaffer, N. R. Burkhard, A. G. Duba

Eastern Projection of Valley and Ridge Beneath Metamorphic Sequences of Appalachian Orogene: ABSTRACT

Leonard D. Harris, Kenneth C. Bayer

New River Formation Coals in Southern Boone and Northern Logan Counties, West Virginia--Possible New Coal and/or Methane Resource: ABSTRACT

William R. Henkle, Jr.

Unconventional Evaluation of Cottageville Field, Devonian Shale: ABSTRACT

W. M. Hennington

Elemental Analyses of Devonian Shales in Southern West Virginia: ABSTRACT

Michael E. Hohn, Donald W. Neal

New Economics of Natural Gas Production in Appalachian States: ABSTRACT

W. Gibson Jaworek

Devonian Shales--In-Depth Analysis of Well EGSP NY 1 with Respect to Shale Characterization, Hydrocarbon Gas Content, and Wire-Log Data: ABSTRACT

R. S. Kalyoncu, J. P. Boyer, M. J. Snyder

Geologic Age Versus Major, Minor, and Trace-Element Compositions of West Virginia Coals: ABSTRACT

Hobart M. King, John J. Renton

Compositional Variations in Fabric-Element-Based Lithotype Classification for Devonian Shales: ABSTRACT

David S. Klanderman, Michael E. Hohn

Modeling of Devonian Shale Gas-Reservoir Performance: ABSTRACT

Fikri Kucuk, Walter Rose

Submarine Slumping in Reef-Flank Deposits (Middle Silurian) of Indiana: ABSTRACT

Ralph L. Langenheim, Jr., C. John Mann

Bishop-Bradshaw Creek Fault: ABSTRACT

Peter Lessing

Meteoritic Impact--Reservoir-Forming Process: ABSTRACT

C. John Mann, John F. Mchone, Jr.

Oil- and Gas-Producing Configurations in Trenton Limestone, Northwestern Ohio: ABSTRACT

Marilyn H. Maxey, Alan H. Coogan

Interaction of Proppants with Crack Formation and Propagation in Hydraulic Fracturing: ABSTRACT

Stuart L. McHugh, Paul E. Senseny, Douglas D. Keough, Alexander L. Florence

Petroleum Geochemistry and Geology of Southeast Georgia Embayment and Florida-Hatteras Slope: ABSTRACT

R. E. Miller, D. M. Schultz, H. Lerch, D. Ligon, D. Owings, C. Gary

Devonian Shale Characterization--Evaluation of Some Significant Exploitation Properties: ABSTRACT

S. W. Nance, P. W. Seabaugh, R. E. Zielinski

Lithology Studies of Upper Devonian Well Cuttings in Eastern Kentucky Gas Field: ABSTRACT

Jane Negus-De Wys

Inorganic Geochemical Studies of Eastern Kentucky Gas Field and Comparison with Gas Production: ABSTRACT

Jane Negus-De Wys, John J. Renton

How Good are Regional Coal Reserve Figures? Case Study of Winifrede Coal, Boone County, West Virginia: ABSTRACT

Warren Norton, Steven McClelland

Computer-Aided Graphics for Analysis of Cottageville Field, Jackson County, West Virginia: ABSTRACT

E. B. Nuckols, Thomas E. Springer

Fabric-Element-Based Classification for Low-Porosity-Shale Gas Reservoirs: ABSTRACT

Edward B. Nuhfer, Robert J. Vinopal

Patch Reefs and Interreef Deposits of Silurian McKenzie Formation, West Virginia: ABSTRACT

Douglas Patchen, Richard Smosna

Mauch Chunk Alluvial Plain and Mud-Flat Sediments in Northern West Virginia: ABSTRACT

Mark W. Presley

Dilation Brecciation--Proposed Mechanism of Fracturing, Petroleum Expulsion, and Dolomitization in Monterey Formation, California: ABSTRACT

P. O. Roehl

Constraints and Problems in Producing Gas from Eastern Shales: ABSTRACT

Walter Rose

In-Situ Testing of Well-Shooting Concepts: ABSTRACT

Richard A. Schmidt, Norman R. Warpinski, David A. Northrop

Implications of Gaseous Hydrocarbon Geochemistry of Shallow Core Sediments from Florida-Hatteras Slope: ABSTRACT

D. M. Schultz, R. E. Miller, D. Ligon, H. Lerch, C. Gary, D. Owings

Interpretation and Statistical Analysis of Kentucky and West Virginia Open-Flow Data, Incorporating Geochemical Information: ABSTRACT

P. W. Seabaugh, R. R. Zielinski, C. A. Komar

Paleozoic Disruptive Deformation in North American Continent and Its Relation to Formation and Development of Interior Basins and Deformation Within Orogenic Core: ABSTRACT

Robert C. Shumaker

Tectonics of Petersburg Region, West Virginia: ABSTRACT

Roy S. Sites

Cottageville Gas Field Correlation Analyses for Reservoir Modeling: ABSTRACT

Thomas E. Springer, Ernest B. Nuckols

Petrology and Depositional Environments of Boyle Dolomite (Middle Devonian) in East-Central Kentucky: ABSTRACT

J. Todd Stephenson, Wayne A. Pryor

Hydrothermal and Uplift Histories of Northern Appalachian Basin: ABSTRACT

J. Edward Tillman, H. L. Barnes

Patterns of Species Diversity in Helderberg Group of West Virginia and Virginia: ABSTRACT

Jack W. Travis

Petrologic Evaluation of Significance of Natural Fractures in Low-Porosity Shale Gas Reservoirs--Results of Investigation in Upper Devonian of Virginia and West Virginia: ABSTRACT

Robert Vinopal, Edward Nuhfer, David Klanderman

Upper Niagaran and Lower Cayugan Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of Central Appalachian Basin: ABSTRACT

Albert J. Warner

Recovery of Energy from Michigan Antrim Shale by In-Situ Process: ABSTRACT

L. J. Washington

Cross-Strike Structural Discontinuities--Exploration Rationale for Eastern Plateau Province: ABSTRACT

Russell L. Wheeler

Structural Control of Onondaga Reefs (Devonian) in South-Central New York State: ABSTRACT

P. D. Willette, J. E. Robinson

Revision of U.S. Geological Survey and U.S. Bureau of Mines Coal Resources Classification System: ABSTRACT

Gordon H. Wood, Jr., Thomas M. Kehn

Projection of Favorable Gas-Producing Areas from Paleoenvironmental Data: ABSTRACT

R. E. Zielinski, J. A. Dixon, R. D. McIver

Pressure Coring of Gas-Bearing Devonian Black Shales, Erie County, Pennsylvania: ABSTRACT

R. E. Zielinski, J. A. Dixon, R. D. McIver, A. E. Hunt

Impact of Diagenesis on Log Interpretation: ABSTRACT

William R. Almon, Alvin L. Schultz

Testing Geopressured Geothermal Resource, Frio Formation, Texas Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

D. G. Bebout, R. G. Loucks, A. R. Gregory

Characteristics of Lower Wilcox Reservoirs, Valentine Field, Lavaca County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Robert R. Berg

Characteristics of Lower Vicksburg Reservoirs, McAllen Ranch Field, Hidalgo County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Robert R. Berg, William D. Marshall, Philip W. Shoemaker

Subsurface Stratigraphy of Midway-Wilcox, Zapata County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Max A. Bornhauser

Upper Mississippian Deltas in Black Warrior Basin of Mississippi and Alabama: ABSTRACT

Matthew A. Broussard, Arthur W. Cleaves

How to Create and Submit a Winning Prospect: ABSTRACT

William J. Burgess

Ecologic Niches of Radiolarians, Planktonic Foraminifers, and Pteropods Inferred from Studies on Living Forms in Gulf of Mexico and Adjacent Waters: ABSTRACT

Richard Casey, Linda Gust, Ann Leavesley, Damon Williams, Richard Reynolds, Theo Duis, Joan Mussler Spaw

Relict and Expatriate Radiolarian Fauna in Gulf of Mexico--Implications: ABSTRACT

Richard Casey, Ken McMillen, Richard Reynolds, Joan Mussler Spaw, Rudy Schwarzer, Joel Gevirtz, Mary Bauer

Radiolarian Distribution, Diversity, and Density in Water Column and Holocene Sediments of Gulf of Mexico and Adjacent Waters: ABSTRACT

Richard Casey, Joan Mussler Spaw, Florence Kunze, Richard Reynolds, Theo Duis, Ken McMillen

You Ain't Seen Nothing Till You've Seen the Tuscaloosa!: ABSTRACT

Carlo C. Christina, Ken G. Martin

Exploration Methods of Discovery and Development of Lower Wilcox Reservoirs in Valentine and Menking Fields, Lavaca County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Stewart Chuber

Applications of Solar Energy: What is Practical in the Near Term?: ABSTRACT

Gene Clark

Subsurface Neogene Stratigraphy of Bay County, Florida: ABSTRACT

Murlene Wiggs Clark, Ramil C. Wright

Nuclear Power and Geology of Uranium: ABSTRACT

Richard H. De Voto

Clasticity Index--Key to Correlating Depositional and Diagenetic Environments of Smackover Reservoirs, Oaks Field, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Charles R. Erwin, David E. Eby, Virgil S. Whitesides, Jr.

Bayou Middle Fork Field, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana--Case History from Discovery to Waterflood: ABSTRACT

C. Kipp Ferns, Mark E. York

Interpretive Well-Logging Concepts Solve South Texas Formation-Evaluation Problems: ABSTRACT

Walter H. Fertl

Log Evaluation of "Tight Rocks" of South Texas: ABSTRACT

T. H. Fett

Depositional Environment of Woodbine Sandstones, Polk, Tyler, and San Jacinto Counties, Texas: ABSTRACT

Deane C. Foss

Middle Strawn (Desmoinesian) Cratonic Delta Systems, Concho Platform of North-Central Texas: ABSTRACT

Thomas C. Greimel, Arthur W. Cleaves

Upper Cretaceous-Lower Eocene Strata, Hainesville, Keechi, and Oakwood Salt Domes, East Texas: ABSTRACT

Edgar H. Guevara, Alice B. Giles

Smackover Reservoir--Interpretation Case Study of Water Saturations Versus Production: ABSTRACT

J. Guillotte, J. Schrank, E. R. Hunt

Petrography of Some Subsurface Igneous Rocks of Mississippi: ABSTRACT

Danny W. Harrelson, Alvin R. Bicker, Jr.

Sedimentation on Trailing Plate Margin--Northern Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

Floyd H. Henk, Jr., Eddie J. Loudon, Stephen N. Raschilla, Jack L. Walper

Hydrology and Water Quality of Eocene Wilcox Group in Relation to Lignite Development in East Texas: ABSTRACT

C. D. Henry, J. M. Basciano, T. W. Duex

Enhanced Oil Recovery: ABSTRACT

James D. Henry

Queen City Formation in East Texas Embayment--Record of Riverine, Tidal, and Wave-Dominated Processes: ABSTRACT

D. K. Hobday, R. A. Morton, E. W. Collins

Distribution of Volcanic Activity in Time and Space in Gulf Coastal Province: ABSTRACT

Bruce E. Hunter, David K. Davies

Chemical Differentiation of Temperate and Tropical Limestone-Derived Soils: ABSTRACT

W. C. Isphording

Facies, Diagenesis, and Porosity Relations of Buda, Georgetown, McKnight, and West Nueces Carbonate Rocks of Maverick Basin: ABSTRACT

Alonzo D. Jacka

Gulf Coast Lignite--Status Report: ABSTRACT

W. R. Kaiser

Revision of Tampa Formation, West-Central Florida: ABSTRACT

Keith C. King, Ramil C. Wright

Suitability Studies of Salt Domes in East Texas Basin for Geologic Isolation of Nuclear Wastes: ABSTRACT

Charles W. Kreitler

Equilibrium in Modern Coral Reefs, Western Gulf of Mexico--Role of Ecology and Ostracod Microfauna: ABSTRACT

Paul R. Krutak, Sue E. Rickles

"Carrillo Puerto Formation" of Northeastern Quintana Roo, Mexico: ABSTRACT

R. W. Lauderdale, W. C. Ward, A. E. Weidie

Outer Deep-Sea Fan Depositional Lobe Sequence from Jackfork Group of Southern Arkansas: ABSTRACT

Brian E. Lock

Importance of Secondary Leached Porosity in Lower Tertiary Sandstone Reservoirs Along Texas Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

R. G. Loucks, M. M. Dodge, W. E. Galloway

Eocene-Oligocene Boundary in Southwest Alabama: ABSTRACT

Ernest A. Mancini

Facies Distribution of Hosston Sand, Central Texas--Implications to Low-Temperature Geothermal Waters: ABSTRACT

Mary W. McBride, Charles M. Woodruff, Jr., Lisa E. Craig

Field Relations and Petrology of Catahoula Formation in Parts of Lavaca, Gonzales, and Fayette Counties, Texas: ABSTRACT

Willard A. McCracken

Radiolarian Ratios and Pleistocene-Holocene Boundary: ABSTRACT

Kenneth J. McMillen

Meridionally Ornamented Hedbergellid Foraminifers from Western Atlantic, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 43, Site 386: ABSTRACT

Charles L. McNulty

Distribution and Significance of Coarse Biogenic and Clastic Deposits on Texas Inner Shelf: ABSTRACT

Robert A. Morton, Charles D. Winker

Geopressure in Houma and Hollywood Fields, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

S. T. Mumme, R. E. Ferrell, Jr.

Stratigraphy and Paleoecology of Tamiami Formation in Lee and Hendry Counties, Florida: ABSTRACT

Douglas M. Peck, David H. Slater, Sherwood W. Wise, Jr.

Variations in Littoral Sand Features with Special Reference to Washover Forms on Caminada-Moreau Coast, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

P. S. Penland, W. Ritchie

Living Foraminifers of West Flower Garden Bank, Northernmost Coral Reef in Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

C. Wylie Poag, R. Christopher Tresslar

Organic Geochemistry of Deep Well in Hinds County, Mississippi: ABSTRACT

Leigh C. Price, Jerry L. Clayton, Linda L. Rumen

Origins of Permanent Inlets Separating Barrier Islands and Influence of Drowned Valleys on Tidal Records Along Texas Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

W. Armstrong Price, Robert H. Parker

Evidence for Post-Jurassic Tectonism in Eastern North America: ABSTRACT

Paul J. Roper

Waveland Field, Unique Structural and Stratigraphic Trap: ABSTRACT

Torstein Sanness, E. D. Minihan

Early Tertiary Lithostratigraphic Interpretation of Southwest Georgia: ABSTRACT

Charles Swann, Jon M. Poort

Origin of Porosity in Deep Woodbine-Tuscaloosa Trend, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Alan Thomson

Wave-Dominated Deltaic Systems of Upper Cretaceous San Miguel Formation, Maverick Basin, South Texas: ABSTRACT

Bonnie R. Weise

Late Pleistocene Fluvial-Deltaic Deposition, Texas Coastal Plain and Shelf: ABSTRACT

C. D. Winkler