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Continental Margins--Classification and Petroleum Prospects

K. O. Emery

Coastal and Deltaic Sedimentation of Upper Cretaceous Eagle Sandstone: Relation to Shallow Gas Accumulations, North-Central Montana

Dudley D. Rice

Structure, Stratigraphy, and Geologic History of Florida-Hatteras Shelf and Inner Blake Plateau

Charles K. Paull, William P. Dillon

Geodynamic Peaks in Alpinotype Orogenies and Changes in Ocean-Floor Spreading During Late Jurassic-Late Tertiary Time

Werner Schwan

Fan-Delta Sedimentology and Tectonic Setting--Yallahs Fan Delta, Southeast Jamaica

William A. Wescott , Frank G. Ethridge

Analysis of Gravity Anomaly Over Coral-Reef Oil Field: Wilfred Pool, Sullivan County, Indiana

Stephen W. Dana

Abnormally High Fluid Pressure: Survey of Some Basic Principles: GEOLOGIC NOTES

William J. Plumley

Progressive Neogene Deformation of Southern Hedil, Tunisian Atlas: GEOLOGIC NOTES

Curtis R. Cohen , Steven Schamel

Depositional Environment of Source Beds of High-Wax Oils in Assam Basin, India: GEOLOGIC NOTES

M. M. Saikia, T. K. Dutta

Diatoms and Silicoflagellates From Holocene Sediments, Southern California Continental Borderland: ABSTRACT

Robert G. Arends

Glaciomarine Depositional Environments and Biofacies, Yakataga District Continental Shelf, Gulf of Alaska: ABSTRACT

John Armentrout

Holocene Intertidal Deposits of Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, California: ABSTRACT

Brian F. Atwater, Daniel F. Belknap

Variables Affecting Trench and Trench-Slope Sedimentation Along Active Continental Margins: ABSTRACT

S. B. Bachman

Mist Gas Field, Columbia County, Oregon: ABSTRACT

Wesley G. Bruer

Computer Sand Volume Determinations in Long Beach Unit, Wilmington Oil Field: ABSTRACT

Xenophon C. Colazas, Donald D. Clarke, Dennis R. Smith

Hydrocarbon Potential of Aleutian Basin, Bering Sea: ABSTRACT

Alan K. Cooper, David W. Scholl, Michael S. Marlow

Speculations on Hydrocarbon Potential of Deep-Water Basins in Outer Southern California Borderland: ABSTRACT

James K. Crouch

Palynomorphs From Holocene Sediments of Basins in Southern California Continental Borderland: ABSTRACT

Sarah Pierce Damassa

Basin-Edge Tectonics and Stratigraphic Development, Southern San Joaquin Valley, California: ABSTRACT

Thom Davis

Modern and Ancient Coastal Sedimentary Facies, Monterey Bay, California: ABSTRACT

W. R. Dupre, H. E. Clifton, R. E. Hunter

Holocene Foraminiferal Distribution Patterns on Shelf and Slope, Yakataga-Yakutat Area, Northern Gulf of Alaska: ABSTRACT

R. J. Echols, John M. Armentrout

Member Sands of Winters Formation: ABSTRACT

William F. Edmondson

Mass Movement Effects on a Bathyal Macrofaunal Population, California Borderland: ABSTRACT

Brian D. Edwards

Sedimentary Processes Active on Slopes of California Borderland: ABSTRACT

Brian D. Edwards, M. E. Field

Intermargin of Southern California Borderland--Quaternary Tectonics, Seismic Stratigraphy, Sedimentation, and Evolution: ABSTRACT

Peter J. Fischer, Paul A. Kreutzer, Lowell R. Morrison

Petroleum Potential of Great Basin: ABSTRACT

Norman H. Foster, Edward D. Dolly

Sedimentologic History and Characteristics of Continental Margin Basins--California Borderland: ABSTRACT

D. S. Gorsline

Results of Exploratory Drilling, Northern Fallon Basin, Western Nevada: ABSTRACT

Douglas D. Hastings

Quaternary Styles of California Submarine Fans: ABSTRACT

Gordon R. Hess, William R. Normark

Holocene Mollusk Distribution Patterns in Northern Gulf of Alaska: ABSTRACT

Carole S. Hickman, Elizabeth A. Nesbitt

Benthic Foraminiferal Biofacies of Eastern Pacific Margin Between 32°S and 32°N: ABSTRACT

James C. Ingle, Gerta Keller

Montery Rocks Along Santa Barbara Coast, California: ABSTRACT

Caroline M. Isaacs

Pore-Filling Cements--Products of Shale Dewatering in Upper Miocene Stevens Sandstone, Elk Hills Field, Kern County, California: ABSTRACT

Lee F. Krystinik

Recent Arctic Foraminifera: an Overview: ABSTRACT

Martin B. Lagoe

Late Pleistocene-Holocene Sedimentary Infilling and Faunal Change in a Southern California Coastal Lagoon: ABSTRACT

John M. Lohmar, Keith B. MacDonald, Stephen A. Janes

Subsurface Interface Between Zeolitized and Overlying Less-Altered Rocks, Southern San Joaquin Valley, California--Configuration and Implications for Petroleum Entrapment: ABSTRACT

Thane H. McCulloh, Richard J. Stewart

Twentieth-Century History of Gulf of Alaska Coastline, Cape Suckling to Cape Spencer: ABSTRACT

Bruce F. Molnia

Quaternary Sedimentary Facies on Continental Shelf, Northeast Gulf of Alaska: ABSTRACT

Bruce F. Molnia, Paul R. Carlson

Lacustrine, Fluvial, and Fan Sedimentation--Quaternary Climate Change and Tectonism, Pine Valley, Nevada: ABSTRACT

Michael E. Mulhern

Benthic Foraminifers From Eastern Gulf of Alaska: ABSTRACT

Paula Quinterno, Paul R. Carlson, Bruce F. Molnia

Depositional Environments Within High-Energy Tidally Dominated Embayments Along Pacific Margin, United States: ABSTRACT

M. L. Rappeport

Foraminifera of Sangamon(?) Estuary, Central San Francisco Bay: ABSTRACT

Doris Sloan

Geological Assessment of Petroleum Potential of Tertiary Basin, Western Oregon and Washington: ABSTRACT

Dennis Sparks

Yowlumne Oil Field: ABSTRACT

Donald W. Sprouse

Sandstone Compositions Related to Plate Tectonic Settings: ABSTRACT

Christopher A. Suczek, William R. Dickinson

Diagenetic Reactions in Monterey Formation, Pismo Syncline, California: ABSTRACT

Ronald C. Surdam

Oil and Gas Exploration Wells in Pedregosa Basin: ABSTRACT

Sam Thompson III, Jorge C. Tovar, J. N. Conley

Stratigraphic and Structural Relations to Pre-Tertiary Rocks on Perimeter of Santa Maria Basin: ABSTRACT

J. G. Vedder, D. G. Howell, Hugh McLean