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Middle East: Stratigraphic Evolution and Oil Habitat

R. J. Murris

Seasat Radar Image of San Andreas Fault, California

Floyd F. Sabins, Jr. , Ronald Blom , Charles Elachi

Niagaran Bioherms and Interbioherm Deposits of Western West Virginia

Richard Smosna , Douglas Patchen

Painter Reservoir Field--Giant in Wyoming Thrust Belt

Charles F. Lamb

Petroleum Geology of Senonian Sediments in Anambra Syncline, Southeastern Nigeria: ABSTRACT

O. K. Agagu, C. M. Ekweozor

Petroleum Accumulation Trends in East Texas Salt Dome Area: ABSTRACT

O.K. Agagu, A. B. Giles, D. H. Wood

Early Cretaceous Arc Sedimentation and Volcanism in Coastal Ranges, Central Peru: ABSTRACT

Antenor Aleman

Evaluation of Temperate Zone Coastal-Marsh Sediments as Hydrocarbon Source Beds: ABSTRACT

Elizabeth A. Allen

Deep Basin, Alberta: ABSTRACT

Fraser H. Allen

Tectonic Significance of Microstructures in Idaho-Wyoming Thrust Belt and Hinterland: ABSTRACT

Richard W. Allmendinger

Permian Trace Fossils of Western Wyoming and Adjacent Areas: ABSTRACT

Knut A. Anderson

Thermal Evolution of Sedimentary Basins Along Atlantic Continental Margins of United States: ABSTRACT

Charles Angevine, D. I. Turcotte

Fresh Look at Some Ouachita Problems: ABSTRACT

J. Kaspar Arbenz

Ophiomorpha From Upper Bathyal Eocene Subsea Fan Facies, Northwestern Washington: ABSTRACT

John M. Armentrout

Late Neogene Depositional and Climatic Cycles in Yakataga Formation, Gulf of Alaska: ABSTRACT

John M. Armentrout

Hydrocarbon Potential of Sitkalidak Formation, Eocene Submarine Fan Complex, Kodiak Island Archipelago, Alaska: ABSTRACT

John M. Armentrout, George A. Anderson

The Mississippian System of New Mexico and Southern Arizona: ABSTRACT

Augustus K. Armstrong, Bernard L. Mamet, John E. Repetski

Oxic-Anoxic and Carbonate Cycles in Cretaceous Organic Carbon-Rich Marine Strata: ABSTRACT

Michael A. Arthur, Walter E. Dean, Richard Pollastro

New Exploration and Evaluation of Coal Resources in Complexly Faulted Area Containing Old Petroleum Production: ABSTRACT

Curtis H. Ault, Donald D. Carr

Petroleum Prospects of Anambra Basin, Southern Nigeria: ABSTRACT

A. A. Avbovbo, E. O. Ayoola

Promising Morrow Sandstone Discoveries in Southeastern Colorado: ABSTRACT

Loren E. Avis, D. R. Booth

Exploration in Classic Thrust Belt and Its Foreland--Bavarian Alps, Germany: ABSTRACT

G. H. Bachmann, G. Dohr, M. Mueller

Geophysical Exploration is Just Beginning: ABSTRACT

Milo M. Backus

Geophysical Case History of Two Hills Colony Gas Field of Alberta: ABSTRACT

F. E. Baker, G. W. Focht

Vertical and Surface Seismic Profiles Map Aquifers in Madison Group and Red River Formation, Powder River Basin, Wyoming-Montana: ABSTRACT

A. H. Balch, M. W. Lee, J. J. Miller

Explorable Structures in Old Bahama Channel, North of Cuba: ABSTRACT

Mahlon M. Ball, Faisal M. Idris, Wayne D. Bock

Graded Beds as Paleogravimetric Cameras: ABSTRACT

Steven S. Barrell

Retrogradational Shelf Sedimentation: Viking Sandstone (Lower Cretaceous), Central Alberta: ABSTRACT

E. A. Beaumont

Depositional Facies, Geometry, and Genesis of Upper Cretaceous Mid-Shelf Sand Complex--Sussex Sandstone at House Creek Field, Powder River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

E. A. Beaumont, J. P. Hobson, Jr., M. L. Fowler

Fractional Preservation of Transgressive Coastal Lithosomes on Atlantic Continental Shelf: ABSTRACT

Daniel F. Belknap, John C. Kraft

Drilling for Methane Gas in Fishers Peak Area, Las Animas County, Colorado: ABSTRACT

Bernard M. Bench

Devonian Reefs Exposed Along Central Cantabric Coast, Northern Spain: ABSTRACT

S. R. Bereskin, S. A. Fry

Hydrodynamic Flow in Lower Cretaceous Muddy Formation, Northeast Powder River Basin, Wyoming and Montana: ABSTRACT

R. R. Berg, G. M. Larberg, J. T. Lin

Early Paleozoic Conodont Biostratigraphy, Biogeography, and Paleoecology: ABSTRACT

Stig M. Bergstrom

Devonian Paleogeography and Paleoenvironments in Northern Arizona: ABSTRACT

Stanley S. Beus

Pennsylvanian and Early Permian Paleogeography, Southern Colorado Plateau and Vicinity: ABSTRACT

Ronald C. Blakey

Applications of Probable Range Concept to Biostratigraphy: ABSTRACT

Richard G. Blank, C. Howard Ellis

Distribution and Alteration of Ogallala Volcanic-Ash Deposits and Their Possible Relation to Uranium Mineralization in Western Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

S. Bloch, Kenneth S. Johnson

Triassic Paleocaliche in Red Beds of Dolores Formation, Southwestern Colorado: ABSTRACT

Robert H. Blodgett

Miocene Spumellarian Radiolaria from South Pacific: ABSTRACT

Joyce R. Blueford

Calcium Budget in Frio Sandstones, Southwest Texas: ABSTRACT

James R. Boles

Signature Processing of North Sea Air-Gun Data: ABSTRACT

E. A. Booth, A. P. Stacey

Indian Creek Field, Fall River County, South Dakota: ABSTRACT

Louis C. Bortz, Edward J. Ackman

Exploration in Great Salt Lake: ABSTRACT

Louis C. Bortz, Donald B. Nixon, Steve C. West

Paleoenvironmental Analysis of Disconformity and Condensed Bed at Contact of Austin and Taylor Groups (Upper Cretaceous), East-Central and Northeastern Texas: ABSTRACT

David J. Bottjer, W. Anthony Bryant

Uranium Exploration Systems Case Study--Copper Mountain, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Larry B. Bramlett, David A. Emilia, John F. Holden

Biogenic Structures as Indicators of Depositional Rate: ABSTRACT

Danita S. Brandt

Permeability of Clay and Shale: ABSTRACT

John D. Bredehoeft

Lower Cretaceous Lacustrine Source Beds from Early Rifting Phases of South Atlantic: ABSTRACT

Suzan E. Brice, Kerry R. Kelts, Michael A. Arthur

Hydrocarbon Occurrences in Nonmarine, Pre-Salt Sequence of Cabinda, Angola: ABSTRACT

Suzan E. Brice, Georges Pardo

Tidal-Current Sand Waves in Vineyard Sound, Massachusetts: ABSTRACT

S. R. Briggs, J. B. Southard

Rb-Sr Dating of Diagenesis--Epigenesis in Mesozoic Rocks, San Juan Basin, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

D. G. Brookins, R. S. Della Valle, J. K. Register

Geochronologic Evidence for Paleozoic Plutonic Activity in Florida Mountains, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

D. G. Brookins

Unusual Ponding of Sediments on Deep-Water Reef: ABSTRACT

Gregg R. Brooks, Douglas M. Parker, John C. Steinmetz

Entrada Oil Fields of Southern San Juan Basin, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

A. C. Bryant

Diagenesis of Lower Coralline Limestone (Chattian), Maltese Islands: ABSTRACT

Joyce M. Budai, James L. Wilson

Geologic History of Deep Southeastern Gulf of Mexico Basin--Seismic Stratigraphic Interpretation Ahead of Drill: ABSTRACT

Richard T. Buffler, F. Jeanneshaub

Assessment of Potential for Fluid Hydrocarbons in Iowa: ABSTRACT

Billy J. Bunker, Raymond R. Anderson

Foreland Fold and Thrust Belt of Carpathians and Its Relation to Pannonian and Related Basins: ABSTRACT

B. C. Burchfiel, J. G. Sclater, L. Royden

Foreland Fold and Thrust Belts--Review: ABSTRACT

B. C. Burchfiel

Coal Resource Data Processing, Old and New Techniques: ABSTRACT

P. A. Burgess

Unconformities--Key to Major Oil Accumulations, North Slope, Alaska: ABSTRACT

Hugh P. Bushnell

Future Exploration for Geothermal Resources: ABSTRACT

David R. Butler

Depositional Environments in Upper Cambrian Jordan Sandstone in Wisconsin: ABSTRACT

Charles W. Byers, Robert H. Dott, Jr.

Bioturbation as Factor in Hydrocarbon Generation--Example from Mowry Shale: ABSTRACT

Charles W. Byers

Microbial and Invertebrate Endolithic Assemblages from Late Cretaceous Belemnite Rostra: ABSTRACT

Barry Cameron, E. Hoffman, S. Golubic

Carbonate Mineral Reactions During Combustion Retorting of Oil Shale: ABSTRACT

Jack H. Campbell

Major Petroleum-Impregnated Rock Deposits of Western Colorado Plateau: ABSTRACT

Jock A. Campbell

Lower Permian Depositional Systems, "Uncompahgre" Basin, Eastern Utah and Southwestern Colorado: ABSTRACT

John A. Campbell

Trapping and Accretion of Aeolian Sediment by Cyanophytes: ABSTRACT

S. E. Campbell

Sacha Field of Ecuadorian Oriente: ABSTRACT

Robert W. Canfield, Guido Bonilla, Raymond K. Robbins

Microfacies and Depositional-Diagenetic Model of Amapa Carbonate Rocks (Paleogene) of Foz do Amazonas Basin, Offshore NE Brazil: ABSTRACT

Albert V. Carozzi, Joel C. Castro, Carlos V. Beltrami

Geologic and Geophysical Investigation of Part of Outer Continental Shelf and Upper Continental Slope, Northwest Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Susan Casby

Paleogeographic Evolution of Late Paleozoic Taos Trough, Northern New Mexico: ABSTRACT

J. Michael Casey

Spectrum of Deltaic Systems in Pennsylvania Tectonically Active Cratonic Basin, North-Central New Mexico: ABSTRACT

J. Michael Casey, Alan J. Scott

Radiolarian Characteristics of Major Oceanographic Environments: ABSTRACT

Richard E. Casey, Joan Mussler Spaw

Genetic Stratigraphy and Provenance of Baca Formation of New Mexico and Eagar Formation and Mogollon Rim Gravels of Arizona: ABSTRACT

Steven M. Cather, Bruce D. Johnson

Variations in Cretaceous Coal-Bearing Strata, Gallup Coal Field, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Victor V. Cavaroc, Jr., Romeo M. Flores

Geologic Controls on Mineral-Matter Content of Coal in Central Appalachian Basin: ABSTRACT

C. B. Cecil, R. W. Stanton, F. T. Dulong

Geologic Controls on Sulfur Content in Coal: ABSTRACT

C. B. Cecil, R. W. Stanton, F. T. Dulong

Burrow Patterns of Ghost Crab Ocypode ceratophthalma (Pallas) as Possible Indicators of Foreshore Slopes: ABSTRACT

A. Chakrabarti

Synonymy, Ethology, and Environmental Implications of Nereites Group of Trace Fossils: ABSTRACT

C. Kent Chamberlain

Decompaction Technique Helps Correlation: ABSTRACT

Yi-Maw Chang, James Helwig

Trace Fossils From Proterozoic Sediments of Godavari Valley, South India: ABSTRACT

Asru K. Chaudhuri

Early Diagenetic Glauconitization of Feldspar Grains in a Middle Proterozoic Tidal-Flat Complex: ABSTRACT

Asru K. Chaudhuri

Rise and Fall of Triassic Conodonts: ABSTRACT

David L. Clark

Appalachian Basin Devonian Shales--Regional Organic Geochemistry and Hydrocarbon Genesis: ABSTRACT

George E. Claypool

Geochemical Effects of Early Diagenesis of Organic Matter, Sulfur, and Trace Elements in Devonian Black Shales, Appalachian Basin: ABSTRACT

George E. Claypool, Joel S. Leventhal, Martin B. Goldhaber

Stratification Types in Intertidal Sediment, Willapa Bay, Washington: ABSTRACT

H. Edward Clifton, R. Lawrence Phillips

Relation of Depositional Facies and History to Hydrocarbon Generation in New Albany Shale Group (Devonian-Mississippian) of Illinois: ABSTRACT

R. M. Cluff, M. H. Barrows, M. L. Reinbold

Uranium Solution Mining--Integration of Exploration and Production Development: ABSTRACT

B. W. Conroy, J. D. Eisel

Crystalline Overthrusting of Paleozoic Shelf in Southern Appalachians Mapped by COCORP Reflection Data: ABSTRACT

Frederick A. Cook, Dennis S. Albaugh, Jack E. Oliver

Prospective and Future Hydrocarbon Provinces of Bering Sea, South of St. Lawrence Island: ABSTRACT

Alan K. Cooper, Michael S. Marlow, David W. Scholl

Multifold Seismic Data Across Outer Bering Sea Continental Margin: ABSTRACT

Alan K. Cooper, Michael S. Marlow, Davis W. Scholl

Paleoenvironmental Control of Biogenic Structures in Upper Devonian Prodeltaic Turbidite Deposit: ABSTRACT

Salvatore Corbo

Introduction (to SEPM Research Symposium): Source Beds--Depositional Environments and Early Diagenesis: ABSTRACT

Robert J. Cordell

Trace Fossil Assemblages of Upper Cretaceous Sand Units, Delaware and New Jersey: ABSTRACT

H. Allen Curran, Ronald L. Martino

Advances in Radon Exploration Techniques for Uranium: ABSTRACT

Robert F. Czarnecki, John C. Pacer, Robert W. Freeman

Application of Regional Geochemical Data to Uranium Exploration: ABSTRACT

Ralph D. D'Andrea, Jr., Don L. Shettel, Jr., Richard J. Zinkl

Internal Structures of Shallow-Marine Tidal Sand Waves: ABSTRACT

Robert W. Dalrymple

Shallow Oil Shale Deposits of Southern Uinta Basin, Utah: ABSTRACT

G. F. (Pete) Dana, J. Ward Smith, Laurence G. Trudell

Dineh-Bi-Keyah Field, Apache County, Arizona: ABSTRACT

T. C. Danie

Graphic Representation of Subsurface Data by Computer: ABSTRACT

Gerald J. Daub, Roger K. Greenall, Jr.

Submarine Diagenesis (Aragonite Dissolution, Cementation by Calcite, and Dolomitization) in Ordovician Galena Group, Upper Mississippi Valley: ABSTRACT

David J. Delgado

Anoxic Environments and Oil Source Beds: ABSTRACT

G. J. Demaison, G. T. Moore

Use of Trace Fossils for Interpretation of Triassic Depositional Environments, Northeast Border of French Massif, Central France: ABSTRACT

Georges R. Demathieu

How Geologic Objectives Should Determine Seismic Field Design: ABSTRACT

L. R. Denham, H. Neal Reeves, R. E. Sheriff

Uranium in Tertiary Sediments in Alaska: ABSTRACT

Kendell A. Dickinson

Paleogene Depositional Systems, Western Transverse Ranges, Southern California: ABSTRACT

William R. Dickinson

Paleoecology in Basin Analysis--Humboldt Basin of California as Example: ABSTRACT

J. Robert Dodd, Robert J. Stanton, Jr., David G. Kersey

Evaluation of Volume of Entrained Methane in Deep, Tertiary Sandstone Reservoirs Along Onshore Texas Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

M. M. Dodge, A. R. Gregory, J. S. Posey

SEG Delegation Visit to People's Republic of China: ABSTRACT

S. N. Domenico

Potential Contribution of Oil Shale to Energy Needs of United States and Other Parts of the World: ABSTRACT

John R. Donnell

Deep-Sea Benthic Foraminifera and Their Biostratigraphic Potential: ABSTRACT

R. G. Douglas, F. Woodruff, John Quinn

Status of Antler Orogeny in Central Idaho--Clarifications and Constraints from Pioneer Mountains: ABSTRACT

James H. Dover

Sands and Sand Transport on Palimpsest Carbonate Shelf: ABSTRACT

Larry J. Doyle, Thomas W. Neurauter, Thomas E. Pyle

Shallow-Marine Trace Assemblages in a Cambrian Tidal Sand Body: ABSTRACT

Steven G. Driese

Paleotopography's Influence on Porosity Distribution in Lansing-Kansas City "E" Zone, Hitchcock County, Nebraska: ABSTRACT

Martin K. Dubois

Trap Spring Oil Field, Nye County, Nevada: ABSTRACT

Herbert D. Duey

X-Ray Mineralogy of Upper Freeport Coal: ABSTRACT

F. T. Dulong, C. B. Cecil, R. W. Stanton

Source-Rock Quality and Thermal Maturity, Palo Duro Basin, Texas: ABSTRACT

Shirley P. Dutton

Bivalve Trace Fossils in British Silesian: ABSTRACT

R. M. C. Eagar

Deep Drilling and Current Models of Cenozoic Crustal Deformation in Western United States: ABSTRACT

Gordon P. Eaton

Lebensspuren of Dysaerobic, Bathyal Basin, California Borderland: ABSTRACT

Brian D. Edwards

Growth Faulting and Sedimentation in Upper Wilcox Delta System, South Texas: ABSTRACT

Marc B. Edwards

Tertiary Structural Development of Selected Valleys Based on Seismic Data--Basin and Range Province, Northeast Nevada: ABSTRACT

I. Effimoff, A. R. Pinezich

Trace Fossils and Stagnation of Deep-Sea Basins: ABSTRACT

A. A. Ekdale

How do Thrust Belts Form?: ABSTRACT

David Elliott

A Test of the Melanoidin Hypothesis: ABSTRACT

John R. Ertel, John Hedges

Carbon Flux from Ocean to Biosphere--Chemical Evidence from Deep-Sea Cores: ABSTRACT

Richard G. Fairbanks, Jean Claude Duplessy, Joseph T. Durazzi

Geostatistical Approach in Coal Resource Estimation: ABSTRACT

J. H. Fang, T. H. Starks, Joe Mattern

Subsidence and Thermal History of Southern Oklahoma Aulacogen--Implication for Petroleum Exploration: ABSTRACT

Shimon Feinstein, William E. Harrison, Thomas L. Thompson

Sergipe-Alagoas Basin, Brazil--Source-Rock Characterization and Evaluation: ABSTRACT

Justo Camejo Ferreira, Paulo Cesar Gaglianone

Geothermal Resources Evaluated by Well Logs: ABSTRACT

W. H. Fertl

Global Occurrence of Abnormal Formation Pressures: ABSTRACT

Walter H. Fertl

Modification of Linear Sand Ridges by Bed-Form Migration--Bering Sea and United States Atlantic Shelf: ABSTRACT

Michael E. Field, Donald J. P. Swift, C. Hans Nelson

Diapir-Like Ridges and Possible Hydrocarbon Occurrence, Northern California Continental Margin: ABSTRACT

Michael E. Field, Samuel H. Clarke, Jr., Keith Kvenvolden

Structure and Hydrocarbon Potential of Kodiak Shelf, Alaska: ABSTRACT

Michael A. Fisher

Dipmeter Validity in Deviated Bore Holes: ABSTRACT

Don D. Fitzgerald, J. C. Theriot, P. L. York

Ebb-Tidal Delta Stratification and Its Relation to Tidal Inlet Processes: ABSTRACT

Duncan M. Fitzgerald, Dag Nummedal

Petroleum Potential of Basin and Range Province, Western United States: ABSTRACT

Norman H. Foster, Edward D. Dolly

Smectite-Illite Transformation--Role in Generating and Maintaining Geopressure: ABSTRACT

W. R. Foster, H. C. Custard

Application of Inversion Processing to Exploration for Point-Bar Sandstones: ABSTRACT

Donald E. Foulkes, John A. Ward

Controls of Zeolite Cementation in Upper Jurassic Sandstones, Lower Cook Inlet, Alaska: ABSTRACT

Stephen G. Franks, David M. Hite

Shale Mineralogy of General Crude Oil and Department of Energy 1 Pleasant Bayou Geopressured-Geothermal Test Well, Brazoria County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Robert L. Freed

Uniformitarianism and Tertiary Reef Paleoecology: ABSTRACT

Stanley H. Frost

Eolian-Fluviatile (Continental) Origin of Ancient Stratigraphic Trap for Petroleum in Weber Formation, Rangely Oil Field, Colorado: ABSTRACT

Steven G. Fryberger

Deep Tuscaloosa Gas Trend of South Louisiana: ABSTRACT

L. W. Funkhouser, F. X. Bland, C. C. Humphris, Jr.

Early Transformation Reaction of Steroids in Marine Environment: ABSTRACT

Robert B. Gagosian

Basement Tectonics of China--Continental-Scale Cataclastic Flow: ABSTRACT

J. J. Gallagher, Martha O. Withjack

Hydrostratigraphic Framework and Flow Dynamics of Uraniferous Aquifer-Oakville Sandstone of South Texas Coastal Plain: ABSTRACT

William E. Galloway, Christopher D. Henry, Gary E. Smith

New Dimensions in Seismic Exploration: ABSTRACT

G. H. F. Gardner

Hydraulic Piston Coring in Equatorial Pacific--Preliminary Results from DSDP Site 503 (Leg 68) Indicate Continuous Section of Undisturbed Late Noegene and Quaternary Sediment: ABSTRACT

J. V. Gardner

Physical Characteristics of Shallow Methane Reservoirs of Northern Great Plains: ABSTRACT

Donald L. Gautier

Diagenesis in Shallow Conventional and Low-Permeability Biogenic Methane Reservoirs of Eagle Sandstone, Montana: ABSTRACT

Donald L. Gautier

Facies and Depositional Tectonics of Middle Jurassic Carmel Formation, Southern Utah: ABSTRACT

Richard C. Geesaman, Brent J. Voorhees

Carbonate Facies of Penas Altas Formation, Venezuela--Case Study of Cretaceous Shallow-Marine Shelf: ABSTRACT

Santosh Kumar Ghosh

Morphometry of Late Ordovician Microbial Borings: ABSTRACT

S. Golubic, A. H. Knoll, W. Ran

Deposition of Enewetak Atoll Reef, Middle Pleistocene to Holocene: ABSTRACT

Edwin R. Goter, Gerald M. Friedman

Calcification Model and Secondary Calcification Effects on Fossil Bolivina seminuda: ABSTRACT

Frances M. Govean

Application of Statistical Models in Continental Margin Biostratigraphy: ABSTRACT

Felix Gradstein, Fritz Agterberg

Implications of Geologic Structure and Regional Sedimentation Patterns for Rifting Geometry of Arctic Basin: ABSTRACT

Arthur Grantz, David A. Dinter

Oil and Gas Potential of San Luis Basin, South-Central Colorado: ABSTRACT

R. R. Gries

Siderite Textures in Cardium Formation, Ferrier Field, Alberta: ABSTRACT

L. A. Griffith

Filament-Producing Hydrocarbons in Palynology Preparations: ABSTRACT

Peter K. H. Groth

Cement Types and Cementation Patterns of Middle Ordovician Ramp-to-Basin Carbonate Rocks, Virginia: ABSTRACT

George Grover, Jr.

Deep Stratigraphy and Evolution of Baltimore Canyon Trough Based on Multifold Seismic Reflection, Refraction, Gravity, and Magnetic Data: ABSTRACT

John A. Grow, Kim Klitgord, John S. Schlee

Petroleum Exploration of National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska (NPRA): ABSTRACT

George Gryc, Arthur L. Bowsher

Mississippian Shelf Margin and Carbonate Platform from Montana to Nevada: ABSTRACT

Raymond C. Gutschick, Charles A. Sandberg, William J. Sando

Petroleum Possibilities in Altar Desert, Sonora, Mexico: ABSTRACT

A. E. Guzman

Foreign Frontiers--An Overview: ABSTRACT

Michel T. Halbouty

Application of Ecologic Studies of Living, Algal Symbiont-Bearing Foraminifera to Paleoecologic Interpretation: ABSTRACT

Pamela Hallock

Deltaic Systems and Associated Growth Faulting of Vicksburg Formation (Oligocene), South Texas: ABSTRACT

John Hwan Han

Depositional and Tectonic Evolution of a Basement-Bounded, Intracratonic Basin, Palo Duro Basin, Texas: ABSTRACT

C. Robertson Handford, Mark W. Presley, Shirley P. Dutton

Utah-Arizona Hinge Line-Thrust Belt--Potential New Hydrocarbon Province: ABSTRACT

Alan R. Hansen, Floyd C. Moulton, B. Frank Owings

Depositional Setting of Middle Dolomite Unit in Metaline Formation, Metaline District, Washington: ABSTRACT

Jerry L. Harbour

Wamsutter Arch Tight Gas Play, Southern Wyoming--New Look at Old Area: ABSTRACT

Constance B. Harbridge

Brae Field Area, North Sea: ABSTRACT

J. C. Harms, T. Tackenberg, E. Pickles

Conodonts--Models of Pragmatic Paleontology: ABSTRACT

Anita G. Harris, Bruce R. Wardlaw

Conodont-Based Assessment of Thermal Maturity in Paleozoic and Triassic Rocks, Central Great Basin: ABSTRACT

Anita G. Harris, Bruce R. Wardlaw, Claude C. Rust

Cretaceous Sea Level and Stratigraphy, Eastern Arabian Peninsula: ABSTRACT

P. M. Harris, S. H. Frost, C. Kendall

Freshwater Cementation of Holocene and Jurassic Grainstones: ABSTRACT

Paul M. Harris

False River Field: ABSTRACT

Frank W. Harrison, Jr.

Authigenic Quartz in Devonian Black Shale: ABSTRACT

Chris Hathon, Duncan F. Sibley

Petroleum Geology in 1980s: ABSTRACT

John D. Haun

Paleogeography of Eustatic Model for Deposition of Mid-Continent Upper Pennsylvanian Cyclothems: ABSTRACT

Philip H. Heckel

Stratigraphy and Depositional History of Powell Formation (Uppermost Canadian) in Northern Arkansas: ABSTRACT

William J. Hedden

Scientific Ocean Drilling near United States: ABSTRACT

J. R. Heirtzler

Stratigraphy and Structure of Early Tertiary Orca Group, Prince William Sound, Alaska: ABSTRACT

James Helwig

Oxidation-Reduction in Oakville Sandstone of South Texas--Implications for Uranium Mineralization: ABSTRACT

Christopher D. Henry, William E. Galloway, Gary E. Smith

Marine Petroleum Prospecting with Airborne Fraunhofer Line Discriminator: ABSTRACT

Mitchell E. Henry

Possible Geometries of Sandstone Bodies as Reflected by Geomorphic Features on Modern Submarine Fans: ABSTRACT

Gordon R. Hess, William R. Normark

Lower Cretaceous Shelf Storm Deposits, North Texas: ABSTRACT

David K. Hobday, Robert A. Morton

Williston Basin--Reawakening of Giant Petroleum Province: ABSTRACT

David R. Hoffman

Intertidal Zonation of Recent Microbial Endoliths, Bermuda: ABSTRACT

E. Hoffman

Impact of Holocene Transgression on Depositional Environment of Northern Gulf of Mexico Continental Margin: ABSTRACT

Charles W. Holmes, James S. Booth

Cretaceous-Tertiary Versus Carboniferous Depositional Settings--Factors Affecting Coal Parameters: ABSTRACT

J. C. Horne, J. K. Balsey, R. A. Evey

Oil Exploration in Southeast Turkey Thrust Belt: ABSTRACT

J. Horstink

Anticipating Coal Mining Problems in Hartshorne Formation, East-Central Oklahoma, Using Sedimentary Facies Analysis: ABSTRACT

David W. Houseknecht, Anthony T. Iannacchione

Sedimentation Rates and Illite-Smectite Diagenesis: ABSTRACT

James J. Howard

Delineation of Jacksonian-Vicksburgian Boundary in East-Central Gulf Coast Using Evolutionary Series in Ostracods: ABSTRACT

Herbert J. Howe

Petrographic Variation in Western Kentucky # 11 Coal Seam: ABSTRACT

James C. Hower, Garry D. Wild

High-Resolution Landsat for Geophysical Studies: ABSTRACT

Clyde Hubbard, Brian Fine

Seismic, Stratigraphic, and Structural Analysis of Northeast Campeche Escarpment, Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Raul Huerta, Richard T. Buffler

Petroleum Source-Rock Evaluation by Thermal Distillation and Pyrolysis: ABSTRACT

John M. Hunt, Alain Y. Huc

Water-Rock Interaction During Clastic Diagenesis in Both Open and Closed Systems: ABSTRACT

Ian Hutcheon

Temporal Changes in Depositional Facies in Great Valley Forearc Basin of California--Influence of Basin Evolution and Tectonics: ABSTRACT

Raymond V. Ingersoll

Basins of East India: Tectono-Stratigraphic Facies: ABSTRACT

S. N. Murty Inkollu, Martha O. Withjack, J. J Gallagher

Geologic Framework for Development, Production, and Reclamation of Coal Properties: ABSTRACT

John B. Ivey

Application of Cingulum Index to Dinogymnium in Hilliard Shale, Southwestern Wyoming: ABSTRACT

S. R. Jacobsen, D. J. Nichols

Stratigraphic Relations of Permian Formations in Parts of Colorado and Utah: ABSTRACT

Abdul Raof Jado

Sedimentology of Lower Cretaceous Subtidal Sand Complex, Woburn Sands, Southern England: ABSTRACT

Howard D. Johnson, Bruce K. Levell

Understanding Field Development History Using 3-D Seismic Survey: ABSTRACT

J. P. Johnson, M. R. Bone

Trace-Makers as Historians in Large-Scale Cycles of Western Interior Cretaceous Strata: ABSTRACT

Marcus W. Johnson, Allen W. Archer, Donald E. Hattin

Organic Facies--Stratigraphic Concept and Exploration Tool: ABSTRACT

R. W. Jones, G. J. Demaison

Trace Fossils and Stratigraphy of Devonian Black Shale in East-Central Kentucky: ABSTRACT

Douglas W. Jordan

Paleogeography and Structural Development of Late Pennsylvanian-Early Permian Oquirrh Basin, Northwest Utah: ABSTRACT

Teresa E. Jordan, Raymond C. Douglass

Whitney Canyon Field--Potential Gas Giant in Wyoming Thrust Belt: ABSTRACT

James B. Judd, William R. Sacrison, Robert A. Bishop

Sedimentologic Description of Part of Coal-Bearing Carboniferous Sequence Exposed Near Joggins, Nova Scotia: ABSTRACT

Sanford S. Kaplan, J. Donahue

Sedimentary Processes on Continental Shelf Off Southern California: ABSTRACT

H. A. Karl, D. A. Cacchione, D. E. Drake

Paleobiologic Evidence for Cretaceous Tides, Western Interior Basin, North America: ABSTRACT

Erle G. Kauffman, Thomas A Ryer

Rock Properties--Influence on Hydrocarbon Accumulation, Production, and Residual Oil Shows: ABSTRACT

Dare K. Keelan

Some Relations Between Diagenesis and Porosity (Real and Imagined), Sandstones of Mesaverde Group, Uinta Basin, Utah: ABSTRACT

C. W. Keighin

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Patterns of Thick Coal Deposition Across Powder River Basin in Northeastern Wyoming: ABSTRACT

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Department of Energy Drilling Programs and the Geosciences: ABSTRACT

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Patterns of Shallow-Marine Deposition, Upper Cretaceous of Northern Colorado: ABSTRACT

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Environmental Control of Trace Fossil Morphology: ABSTRACT

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Early Cementation by High-Magnesium Calcite from Gulf Coast of Louisiana: ABSTRACT

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Investigation of Measurements of Heat Flow Regime in Oceans as Related to Hydrocarbon Generation: ABSTRACT

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Early Porosity and Permeability Reduction in Deep-Sea Fan Sandstone and Shale By Authigenic Smectite and Carbonate Cement: ABSTRACT

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Thermogenic Hydrocarbon Gases in Unconsolidated Seafloor Deposits, Northern California Continental Margin: ABSTRACT

Keith A. Kvenvolden, Michael E. Field, Samuel H. Clarke

Exploring for Niagaran Pinnacle Reefs in Southern Michigan Basin: ABSTRACT

J. Labo, John Cousins

Stewart Peak Culmination, Idaho-Wyoming Thrust Belt, as Compared with Other Fold-and-Thrust Belt Culminations: ABSTRACT

David R. Lageson

Carboniferous Conodonts: ABSTRACT

H. Richard Lane

Barrow Gas Fields, North Slope, Alaska: ABSTRACT

Robert J. Lantz

Development of Secondary Porosity in Reservoir Sandstones by Dissolution of Silicate Mineral Constituents: ABSTRACT

Richard E. Larese, John B. Thomas, Edward D. Pittman

Tectonics and Sedimentation Along Antler Orogenic Belt of Central Nevada: ABSTRACT

Susan Wunderlich Laule

Evaluation of Organic Matter and Subsurface Temperature and Pressure with Regard to Gas Generation in Low-Permeability Upper Cretaceous and Lower Tertiary Sandstones in Pacific Creek Area, Sublette County, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

B. E. Law, C. W. Spencer, N. H. Bostick

Opal-Cristobalite-Cemented Sands in Catahoula Formation--Implications on Source of Silica Cementation of Quartzose Sandstones: ABSTRACT

Ernest B. Ledger, Thomas T. Tieh

Application of Conodont and Palynomorph Color Alteration Studies to Thermal Maturation History, Southern Ontario: ABSTRACT

Franklyn D. Legall, Christopher R Barnes

Porosity Evolution of Niagaran Pipe Creek Jr. Reef, Grant County, Indiana: ABSTRACT

Patrick J. Lehmann

Lofreco Process--Tailoring Shale Oil Extraction Method to Available Geology: ABSTRACT

Mitchell A. Lekas

Wave-Dominated Deltas--Important Economic Depositional Setting in Upper Cretaceous of Western Interior: ABSTRACT

R. A. Levey, J. C. Horne, J. K. Balsley

Hydrocarbon Exploration in Western Approaches, Offshore England: ABSTRACT

David M. Levin

Hydrocarbon Potential of Matilija Sandstone, an Eocene Sand-Rich, Deep-Sea Fan and Shallow-Marine Complex, California: ABSTRACT

Martin H. Link, Joann E. Welton

Nearshore Lithofacies of Mannville Group, Lloydminster Heavy Oil Area, Saskatchewan: ABSTRACT

J. A. Lorsong

Synsedimentary Deformation in Fossil Accretionary Prism, Greece: ABSTRACT

J. A. Lorsong

Sandstone Diagenesis in Geopressured Tertiary Gulf Coast Basin: ABSTRACT

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Properties of Water in Clay Mineral Systems: ABSTRACT

Philip F. Low

Multi-Parameter Regional Mapping and Interpretations: ABSTRACT

Allen Lowrie, William P. Searcy, III

Seismic Stratigraphy and Structure of Falkland Plateau: ABSTRACT

William J. Ludwig, Phillip D. Rabinowitz

Geology of Syncrude Canada Limited Mine Site, Athabasca Oil Sand Area: ABSTRACT

P.S. Lulman, G. D. Lobb, W. E. Flewitt

Depth Migration and Interpretation of Cocorp Wind River, Wyoming, Seismic Reflection Data: ABSTRACT

Heloise Bloxsom Lynn, George A. Thompson, Lisa R. Kanter

Resin Rods and Woody Rod-Like Structures in Pennsylvanian Coal Beds of Appalachian and Illinois Basins: ABSTRACT

Paul C. Lyons, Robert B. Finkelman, Orrin G. Oftendahl

Comparison of Shallow-Marine Shelf Carbonate Mounds of Fort Payne Formation (Lower Mississippian) of Tennessee with Waulsortian Mounds of Western Europe: ABSTRACT

William C. MacQuown, J. Hunt Perkins

Conveyer-Belt Tectonics and Geologic Evolution of Alaska's Eastern Interior: ABSTRACT

Esther R. Magathan

Two Oil Types on North Slope of Alaska--Implications for Future Exploration: ABSTRACT

Leslie B. Magoon, George E. Claypool

Depositional Environment of Lower Cincinnatian Kope Formation and Some Paleoecologic Implications: ABSTRACT

Thomas K. Mahan, William B. Harrison, III

Environmental and Diagenetic Controls of Carbonate Source Rocks: ABSTRACT

M. Malek-Aslani

Recent Activities in United States Tar Sand: ABSTRACT

L. C. Marchant, J. J. Stosur, C. Q. Cupps

Hydrocarbon Prospects of Bering Sea Shelf South of St. Lawrence Island, Alaska: ABSTRACT

M. S. Marlow, A. K. Cooper, D. W. Scholl

Development of Conceptual Model to Characterize Uncertainty in Coal Resource Estimates: ABSTRACT

David Mathew, M. A. Bauer, S. J. Tewalt

Geologic Setting and Oil and Gas Potential of Eastern United States Continental Margin North of Cape Hatteras: ABSTRACT

Robert E. Mattick

Definition and Development of Mackerel Field, Gippsland Basin, Australia: ABSTRACT

David M. Maughan

Phosphorite, Organic Carbon, and Hydrocarbons in Permian Phosphoria Formation, Western United States: ABSTRACT

Edwin K. Maughan

Radiolarian Biostratigraphy and Paleoecology of Eastern Part of Southern Peninsula of Haiti: ABSTRACT

Florentin Maurrasse, Robert Visconti

Importance of Secondary Porosity in Sandstones to Hydrocarbon Exploration: ABSTRACT

Earle F. McBride

Terrestrial Sedimentation Associated with Strike-Slip Fault Movement in Middle Carboniferous of Nova Scotia, Canada: ABSTRACT

Peter J. McCabe, Kevin L. McCarty, Scott B. Pluim

Preliminary Molluscan Biostratigraphy of Gulf of Alaska Tertiary Province: ABSTRACT

S. McCoy, Jr., L. N. Marincovich, Jr.

Porosity Evolution of Niagaran Thornton Reef, Northeastern Illinois: ABSTRACT

James E. McGovney

Eastern Green River Basin--A Developing Giant Gas Supply from Deep Overpressured Upper Cretaceous Sandstones: ABSTRACT

L. A. McPeek

Examples of Abnormal Fluid Pressure Produced by Hydrocarbon Generation: ABSTRACT

Fred F. Meissner

Stable Isotope Evidence for Modern Freshwater Diagenesis of Cretaceous Edwards Limestone, San Antonio Area, Texas: ABSTRACT

Patricia A. Mench, F. J. Pearson, Jr., Ruth G. Deike

Organophosphorites in Carboniferous Rocks of Central United States: ABSTRACT

Glen K. Merrill, David T. Long, W. Fred Falls

Geochemistry of Regionally Extensive Calcite Cement Zones in Mississippian Skeletal Limestones, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

William J. Meyers, Kyger C. Lohmann

Sedimentology and Paleogeography of Cambrian Transgression in Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Larry Middleton, James R. Steidtmann

New Precision in Biostratigraphy Through Graphic Correlations: ABSTRACT

F. X. Miller, R. W. Pierce, F. R. Sullivan

Depositional Environments and Biogenic Structures, Uppermost Crab Orchard Group (Pennsylvanian), North-Central Tennessee: ABSTRACT

Molly Fritz Miller, Larry W. Knox

Origin of Biogenic Carbonate Sands of Southern Shelf of St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands: ABSTRACT

Ronald J. Miller, George N. Wiley

Geometry and Mechanisms of Transverse Faulting, Rocky Mountain Front Ranges, Canmore, Alberta: ABSTRACT

I. W. Moffat, J. H. Spang

Cretaceous Stratigraphy, Chignik Area, Alaska Peninsula, Alaska: ABSTRACT

C. M. Molenaar

Stratigraphic Relations of Nanushuk Group (Middle Cretaceous) and Associated Strata, North Slope of Alaska: ABSTRACT

C. M. Molenaar, K. J. Bird

Depositional Environment of Clay Minerals from Northeast Gulf of Alaska: ABSTRACT

Bruce F. Molnia

Generation of Abnormal Pressures Through Organic Matter Transformations: ABSTRACT

James A. Momper

Post-Compaction, Subsurface Secondary Porosity Generation, and Occlusion in Upper Jurassic Smackover in Southern Arkansas: ABSTRACT

Clyde H. Moore, Yehezkeel Druckman

Powder River Basin "High" and its Implications for Future Exploration: ABSTRACT

W. Richard Moore

Oil Production from Fractured Cherts of Woodford and Arkansas Novaculite Formations, Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Lawrence S. Morrison

Getting the Most Out of Radon Geochemistry: ABSTRACT

Robert H. Morse

Cementation, Diagenesis, and Paragenetic Sequence in Biyad-Wasi Sandstones (Lower-Middle Cretaceous) of Central Saudi Arabia: ABSTRACT

Mohamed A. Moshrif

Evolution of Brooks Range Thrust Belt and Arctic Slope, Alaska: ABSTRACT

Charles G. Mull

Nodular Submarine Cementation on Bahamian Slopes--Possible Model for Origin of Some Nodular Limestones: ABSTRACT

Henry T. Mullins, A. C. Neumann, R. J. Wilber

Origin of Subsurface Fracture Systems--Example from Altamont Field, Uinta Basin, Utah: ABSTRACT

Wayne Narr, John B. Currie

Uranium Occurrence in Leadville Dolomite at Pitch Mine, Saguache County, Colorado: ABSTRACT

J. Thomas Nash

Coal Characterization for Optimum Utilization: ABSTRACT

Richard C. Neavel

Carbon Isotopic Signature as Criterion for Interpreting Origin of Synsedimentary Cements, Patch Reef Facies, Enewetak Atoll: ABSTRACT

Douglas G. Neese, Burr A. Silver, Bernie B. Bernard

Sedimentary Characteristics and Processes of Current-Dominated Epicontinental Shelf, Northern Bering Sea, Alaska: ABSTRACT

C. Hans Nelson, D. A. Cacchione, D. E. Drake

Paleocene Time Scale for Rocky Mountain Region: ABSTRACT

Karl R. Newman

Distribution, Diagenesis, and Depositional History of Porous Dolomitized Grainstones at Top of Madison Group, Disturbed Belt, Montana: ABSTRACT

K. M. Nichols

Depositional Environmental Analysis of Kaibab and Toroweap Formations in Southwestern Utah: ABSTRACT

R. Larell Nielson

Sedimentology of Fluvial Upper Devonian Kanayut Conglomerate, Brooks Range, Alaska: ABSTRACT

Tor H. Nilsen, Thomas E. Moore, J. T. Dutro, Jr.

Geometry and Dispersal Patterns of Deep-Sea Fans from Various Tectonic Settings: ABSTRACT

Tor H. Nilsen

Structural and Sedimentologic Study of Cerro Prieto Geothermal Field, Baja California, Mexico: ABSTRACT

John E. Noble

Study of Diagenetic Processes in Sandstone from Cerro Prieto Geothermal Field, Baja California, Mexico: ABSTRACT

John E. Noble, Stephen Van Der Har

Eastern Cordilleran Foldbelt and Foreland of Northern Canada: ABSTRACT

D. K. Norris

Sand Dispersal at Norderneyer Seegat, West Germany: ABSTRACT

Dag Nummedal, P. Shea Penland, Amy Maynard

Thermal Contraction and Petroleum Maturation in Michigan Basin: ABSTRACT

Jeffrey A. Nunn, Norman H. Sleep

Cross-Bedded Sandstone Reservoirs--Geologic Modeling of Geometry of Reservoir Units and Permeability Anisotropy Using Well Logs: ABSTRACT

R. D. Nurmi, Rusty Frisinger

Bowdoin Dome Area, North-Central Montana--Example of Shallow Biogenic Gas Production from Lower-Permeability Reservoirs: ABSTRACT

Gary L. Nydegger, Dudley D. Rice, Charles A. Brown

Trace-Element Content of Bituminous Coal from Appalachian and Eastern Interior Regions and Rocky Mountain Coal Province--Data as of 1979: ABSTRACT

Charles L. Oman, Peter Zubovic, A. L. Medlin

Overview of Geothermal Energy Developments: ABSTRACT

Carel Otte

San Juan Basin of New Mexico and Colorado, Classic Area of Stratigraphic Exploration: ABSTRACT

Donald E. Owen

Rock-Eval Pyrolysis as Source Rock Screening Technique: ABSTRACT

Mary M. Page, Clarence Kuhnel

Future Trends in Coal Resource and Reserve Evaluations in United States: ABSTRACT

James E. Palmer

MonDak Mississippian Oil Field, Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

John M. Parker, Paul D. Hess

Climate Asymmetry and Biogeographic Distributions: ABSTRACT

Judith Totman Parrish, A. M. Ziegler

Geochemistry of Artificially Heated Humic and Sapropelic Sediments: Protokerogen: ABSTRACT

K. E. Peters, B. G. Rohrback, I. R. Kaplan

Mudstones as Exploration Guides to Tabular Sandstone-Type Uranium Deposits in Salt Wash Member, Morrison Formation (Upper Jurassic), Henry Basin, Utah: ABSTRACT

Fred Peterson, R. H. Tschudy, S. D. Van Loenen

Lineament Analysis for Oil and Gas Exploration and Production in Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Rex M. Peterson

Petroleum Occurrences in Nonmarine Rocks: ABSTRACT

M. Dane Picard

Seismic Modeling of Pennsylvanian Carbonate Mounds in Paradox Basin, Utah: ABSTRACT

George R. Pickett, Frances G. Sherrill

Phanerozoic Carbonate Diagenesis--A New Model: ABSTRACT

John Pigott, Jane Schoonmaker, Fred T. MacKenzie

Differential Diffusion During Carbonate Diagenesis: ABSTRACT

Nicholas E. Pingitore, Jr.

Diagenetic Mobilization of Uranium and Iron from Red Beds of Catskill Formation in Eastern Pennsylvania: ABSTRACT

Simon Pirc, Arthur W. Rose

Effect of Cementation on Physical Properties of Sandstones: ABSTRACT

Edward D. Pittman

Geology of Continental Slope Adjacent to OCS Lease Sale 55, near Yakutat, Eastern Gulf of Alaska: ABSTRACT

George Plafker, Gary Winkler, George Claypool

Effective Stress and Abnormally High Fluid Pressure: ABSTRACT

William J. Plumley

Helium Surveying for Deeply Buried Uranium Deposits: ABSTRACT

Louis A. Pogorski, G. Stewart Quirt

Oil and Metals in Ordovician and Devonian Kerogenous Marine Strata of Central Nevada: ABSTRACT

Forrest G. Poole, George A. Desborough

Oil and Gas Potential of Wyoming-Utah-Idaho Overthrust Belt--Relation to Canadian Foothills Province Analog: ABSTRACT

Richard B. Powers

Algal-Metazoan Bioherms of Lower Ordovician Age--St. George Group, Western Newfoundland: ABSTRACT

Brian R. Pratt

Early Guadalupian (Permian) Bank Margin Erosion Surfaces, Guadalupe Mountains, Texas: ABSTRACT

L. C. Pray, G. A. Crawford, M. T. Harris

Hydrocarbon-Trapping Structures in Southern Canadian Rockies Segment of Cordilleran Foreland Thrust Belt: ABSTRACT

Raymond A. Price

Petroleum Exploration and Wrenching Model, Michigan Basin: ABSTRACT

C. E. Prouty

Shale--an Overview: ABSTRACT

Wayne A. Pryor, Paul Edwin Potter, J. Barry Maynard

Drilling in San Andreas Fault: ABSTRACT

C. Barry Raleigh

Paleogeography of Northern Arizona During Deposition of Permian Toroweap Formation: ABSTRACT

Richard R. Rawson, Christine E. Turner-Peterson

Carbonate Depocenters and Facies Distribution on Passive Cambrian Shelf and Middle Ordovician Foreland Basin, Appalachian Orogene, Virginia: ABSTRACT

J. F. Read, J.R. Markello

Fluorescence of Acritarchs in Study of Marine Kerogen: ABSTRACT

A. B. Reaugh, G. S. Bayliss

Depositional Environments and Kerogen Types: ABSTRACT

A. B. Reaugh, G. S. Bayliss

Hypothesis Involving Dilation and Natural Hydraulic Fracturing to Explain Petroleum Reservoirs in Monterey Shale, Santa Maria Area, California: ABSTRACT

Lowell Redwine

Lower and Middle Paleozoic Potential of Paradox Basin: ABSTRACT

Fred S. Reid, Claude E. Berghorn

Recent Advances in Helium Analysis as Exploration Tool for Energy "Deposits": ABSTRACT

G. M. Reimer, A. A. Roberts, M. E. Hinkle

Seabed Characteristics and Sand Dispersal on Bedrock-Dominated Inner Shelf of Southern Labrador: ABSTRACT

Gerald E. Reinson, Gustav Vilks

Deep Terrestrial Heat-Flow Studies in Southwestern United States: ABSTRACT

Marshall Reiter, Charles Shearer

Conodont Animal--Hypotheses and Speculations: ABSTRACT

John E. Repetski, Simon Conway Morris

History of Sulfidization of South Texas Roll-Type Uranium Deposit: ABSTRACT

R. L. Reynolds, M. B. Goldhaber, K. R. Ludwig

Upper Cretaceous Mosby Sandstone, Central Montana--Example of Thin, Widespread Storm-Generated Sandstone Cycles: ABSTRACT

Dudley D. Rice

Development of Biogenic Gas from Shallow, Low-Permeability Reservoirs--Examples from Southeastern Alberta and Bowdoin Dome Area, North-Central Montana: ABSTRACT

Dudley D. Rice, Donald L. Gautier

Low-Cost Microprocessor System for Paleontologic Information, Including Images: ABSTRACT

W. Riedel, Alexis Budai

Location of Littoral Energy Fence and Resolution of Relict Features on Atlantic Shelf, United States--Fourier Grain Shape Analysis: ABSTRACT

Debra Riester, Robert Ehrlich

Resource Evaluation of Gas-Bearing Coal Beds: ABSTRACT

C. T. Rightmire, H. H. Rieke, W. H. Fertl

Migration and Entrapment of Petroleum--Examples from Utah Oil-Impregnated Sandstone Deposits: ABSTRACT

Howard R. Ritzma

Common Factors Among Atypical Fields: ABSTRACT

W. H. Roberts, III

Computer Assisted Paleoecologic Analyses and Application to Petroleum Exploration: ABSTRACT

Gray S. Robinson, Barry Kohl

Sedimentary Aspects of Organic Material in Green River Shale: ABSTRACT

W. E. Robinson, Shuang-Ling Chong

Castillo Gas Field, Spain: ABSTRACT

Angel Rodriguez-Paradinas, Erik K. Ericson

Central Mediterranean Thrust Belts: ABSTRACT

Dietrich Roeder

Appalachian Thrust Belt Between Trenton, Georgia, and Tuscaloosa, Alabama: ABSTRACT

Dietrich Roeder

Zenith Field--Significant Dakota (Muddy) "D" Sandstone Discovery, Adams County, Colorado (Secs. 17-20, T3S, R62W): ABSTRACT

Michael R. Root

Oil-to-Source Correlation--Pineview Field, Overthrust Belt, Utah: ABSTRACT

Jeffrey K. Rosenfeld, Thomas T. Y. Ho, Harry Dembicki, Jr.

Facies Control on Bitumen Saturation, Peace River Oil Sands Deposit, Alberta, Canada: ABSTRACT

Brian A. Rottenfusser

Paleocene (Midway) Continental Shelf Deposits, Rio Grande Embayment, Texas: ABSTRACT

Edward C. Roy, Jr., Karen A. Gilchrist

Two Controls of Sand-Wave Size: Dynamic Equilibrium Processes and Kinematic Depositional-Erosional Processes: ABSTRACT

David M. Rubin

Mechanisms Controlling Porosity in Red River (Upper Ordovician) Carbonate Reservoir, Cabin Creek Field, Montana: ABSTRACT

Kenneth Ruzyla, Gerald M. Friedma

Seismic Models of 15 Stratigraphically Controlled Oil and Gas Fields Containing Sandstone Reservoirs in Rocky Mountain Basins: ABSTRACT

Robert T. Ryder, Gerald N. Smith, Myung W. Lee

Middle Member of Minnelusa Formation (Middle and Upper Pennsylvanian)--Implications for Stratigraphic-Trap Oil Accumulations in Powder River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Robert T. Ryder

Physical Evidence for Cretaceous Tides, Western Interior Basin, North America: ABSTRACT

Thomas A. Ryer, Erle G. Kauffman

Organic Matter in Sediments Underlying Ross Ice Shelf: ABSTRACT

William M. Sackett

Generation, Migration, and Entrapment of Petroleum in Extensional Basins: ABSTRACT

James O. Salveson

Sedimentation, Biostratigraphy, and Source-Rock Potential of Deseret Starved Basin (Mississippian), Western United States: ABSTRACT

Charles A. Sandberg, Raymond C. Gutschick

Use of Devonian Conodonts in Petroleum Exploration, Western United States: ABSTRACT

Charles A. Sandberg

Organic Model for Roll-Front Uranium Deposits: ABSTRACT

A. E. Saucier

Geologic-Seismic Exploration Model for Reworked Deltaic Sandstones--Excellent Subsurface Reservoir: ABSTRACT

R. S. Saxena

Heat-Flow and Heat-Production Studies in North Dakota: ABSTRACT

R. Scattolini, F. Howell, C. Bunker

Biostratigraphic Problems Generated by Deep Sea Coring--Biosystematic Analysis, Evolutionary Species, and Non-Validity of Lineage Zones: ABSTRACT

S. D. Schafersman

Seismic Stratigraphy of Atlantic Margin in Vicinity of Chevron COST B-3 Well: ABSTRACT

John S. Schlee, C. Wylie Poag

Continental Stretching--Explanation of Post-Mid-Cretaceous Subsidence of Central North Sea Basin: ABSTRACT

John G. Sclater, Phillip A. F. Christie

Early Cretaceous Reef Communities in Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

R. W. Scott

Temperature and Pressure Relations in Thick Sequences of Accumulating Sediments: ABSTRACT

John M. Sharp, Jr.

Paleogeography and Marine Communities of Silurian Carbonate Shelf in Utah and Nevada: ABSTRACT

Peter M. Sheehan

Uranium Deposits of Part of Central Great Divide Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

J. E. Sherborne, Jr., S. J. Pavlak, W. A. Buckovic

Experimental Compaction of Lime Sediment: ABSTRACT

Eugene A. Shinn, Daniel M. Robbin, Randolph P. Steinen

Sedimentary Facies Relations and Inferred Dynamics of a Single-Barred Nearshore Environment, Atlantic Coast of Eastern Long Island, New York: ABSTRACT

R. Craig Shipp

Geometry of Shelf Sandstone Bodies in Shannon-Equivalent Sandstone in Northern Black Hills, Montana and South Dakota: ABSTRACT

George W. Shurr

Mesozoic Accretionary Tectonics of Alaska: ABSTRACT

N. J. Silberling, David L. Jones

Oswego Limestone, Aline-Lambert Fields, Oklahoma--Source, Reservoir, and Trap: ABSTRACT

Burr A. Silver, Bernie B. Bernard, Timothy Drexler

Effects of Basalt Intrusions on Kerogens in Unconsolidated Oceanic Sediments in Guaymas Basin, Gulf of California: ABSTRACT

Bernd R. T. Simoneit, R. P. Philp

Tectonic Significance of Microstructures in Idaho-Wyoming Thrust Belt and Hinterland: ABSTRACT

Richard W. Allmendinger

Coarsening-Upward Shelf Sequences in Aphebian Wishart Quartzite, Knob Lake Area, Quebec and Newfoundland: ABSTRACT

Bruce M. Simonson

Drills as Tool for Studying Mineral Deposits and Hydrothermal Systems: ABSTRACT

Brian J. Skinner

Upper Paleozoic Paleogeography of Idaho: ABSTRACT

Betty Skipp, W. E. Hall

Basins, Basement, and the Drill: ABSTRACT

L. L. Sloss, Leon T. Silver

Cretaceous Niobrara Gas Play: ABSTRACT

Tom Smagala, Mary Beth Cooper

Geophysical Exploration for Precambrian-Related Uranium Deposits: ABSTRACT

B. D. Smith, J. T. Nash, J. Kalliokoski

Carbonate-Sulfate Mineral Replacements in Diagenesis of Peritidal Limestone: ABSTRACT

Richard Smosna

Coastal Swamp Origin of San Miguel Lignite Deposit, Jackson Group, South Texas: ABSTRACT

John W. Snedden, David G. Kersey

Anomalous Thermoluminescence Around Uranium Deposits: ABSTRACT

Charles S. Spirakis

Depositional Models for Fine-Grained Sediment in Western Hellenic Trench, Eastern Mediterranean: ABSTRACT

Daniel J. Stanley, Andres Maldanado

Forms and Associations of Pyrite in Upper Freeport Coal Bed, Homer City, Pennsylvania: ABSTRACT

R. W. Stanton, C. B. Cecil, F. T. Dulong

What's New in U.S. Industry Activity: ABSTRACT

Philip H. Stark, Tom Dougherty

Cementation of Lime-Mud and Pellet Mud Beneath Tidal Flats of Southwest Andros Island, Bahamas: ABSTRACT

Randolph P. Steinen

Profile of Unusual Oolite Deposit--Drum Limestone, Pennsylvanian (Missourian), Montgomery County, Kansas: ABSTRACT

William P. Stone, Jr.

United States Province Overviews: ABSTRACT

John Stout, Reta Bradley

Fan Models for Hydrocarbon Exploration with Examples from the North Sea: ABSTRACT

Dorrik A. V. Stow, Stephen J. Mills, Clive D. Bishop

Interpretation of Thorium to Uranium Ratios in Granitic Rocks and Implications for Uranium Exploration: ABSTRACT

John S. Stuckless

Diagenesis in Volcanogenic Rocks of Great Valley Sequence, Northern California--Isotopic and Chemical Data: ABSTRACT

Robert K. Suchecki

Organic Facies of Mid-Cretaceous Black Shales in Deep North Atlantic: ABSTRACT

C. P. Summerhayes

Submarine Carbonate Cementation and Pisolith Growth in Silurian Reefs of Northern Indiana: ABSTRACT

Jack A. Sunderman

Diagenesis in Monterey Formation, Pismo Syncline, Coast Ranges of California: ABSTRACT

R. C. Surdam, C. A. Hall, J. Murphy

Late Mesozoic to Early Cenozoic Foreland Sedimentation in Southwest Montana: ABSTRACT

Lee J. Suttner, Robert K. Schwartz, W. Calvin James

Comparison of Gulf Coast Late Jurassic Ostracoda with Those of Western Europe: ABSTRACT

F. M. Swain, E. G. Anderson

State of the Art in Conodont Taxonomy: ABSTRACT

Walter C. Sweet

Genesis of Sand Ridges on Storm-Dominated Shelves--Status Report: ABSTRACT

Donald J. P. Swift, William Stubblefield, David W. McGrail

Rationalization of Koyukuk "Crunch," Northern and Central Alaska: ABSTRACT

I. L. Tailleur

Interpretation of Fossil Fluvial Bivalve Burrows in Catskill Formation, Based on Analogy with Margaritifera margaritifera (L.): ABSTRACT

Richard E. Thoms, Thomas M. Berg

Slope-Centered Processes in Santa Barbara Basin, California Borderland: ABSTRACT

Scott E. Thornton

Shannon Sandstone (Upper Cretaceous) Offshore Bar Facies Distribution, Salt Creek Area, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Roderick W. Tillman, R. S. Martinsen

Early Paleozoic Conodont Biostratigraphy and Paleogeography of Northwestern Canada: ABSTRACT

R. S. Tipnis, M. P. Cecile

Jurassic Sea-Level Changes From Seismic Stratigraphy: ABSTRACT

R. G. Todd, P. R. Vail

Characterization of Regularly Interstratified Chlorite/Smectite Mixed-Layered Clay Using Combined Scanning Electron Microscopy/X-Ray Diffraction Techniques: ABSTRACT

Robert E. Tompkins

Evolution and Stress History of Low-Permeability Upper Cretaceous Gas Reservoirs, Rocky Mountains: ABSTRACT

Donald F. Towse

Applied Petrophysics--Case History: ABSTRACT

Lauren R. Tremper

Seelyville Coal--Major Unexploited Seam in Illinois: ABSTRACT

Colin G. Treworgy

Tabular Uranium Ore in Poison Canyon Area, Morrison Formation, San Juan Basin, and Application of Lacustrine-Humate Model: ABSTRACT

C. E. Turner-Peterson

Sedimentology of Westwater Canyon Member, Morrison Formation, Southern San Juan Basin: ABSTRACT

C. E. Turner-Peterson, L. C. Gundersen

Nature of Non-Recoverable Porosity Changes in Experimentally Deformed Indiana Limestone and Yule Marble: ABSTRACT

G. Twombly, J. H. Spang

Reevaluation of Depositional Environments of Salt Wash Member of Morrison Formation, Uravan Mineral Belt, Southwest Colorado: ABSTRACT

Noel Tyler, Frank G. Ethridge

Post-Middle Cretaceous Seismic Stratigraphy of Abyssal Southwestern Gulf of Mexico Basin: ABSTRACT

Tariq U. Usmani, Richard T. Bufflr

Multiple Barrier-Island and Deltaic Progradational Sequences in Upper Cretaceous Coal-Bearing Strata, Northern Kaiparowits Plateau, Utah: ABSTRACT

Gerald E. Vaninetti, Samuel R. Johnson

Geologic and Structural History of Zagros Foldbelt, Iran: ABSTRACT

P. Verrall

Geology of Calvin Field--Deep Basinal Jurassic Play in North Louisiana Salt Basin: ABSTRACT

James D. Voss

Mason Lake Field, Musselshell County, Montana: ABSTRACT

W. W. Wakefield

Paleoecologic Determination of Bathymetric Position of Organic Buildups--Example from Lower Paleozoic of Appalachians: ABSTRACT

Kenneth R. Walker, S. C. Ruppel, F. C. Breland

Evaluation of Uranium Potential of Frontier Areas by Functional Source-Rock Analysis: ABSTRACT

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