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Biogenic and Thermogenic Origins of Natural Gas in Cook Inlet Basin, Alaska

George E. Claypool , Charles N. Threlkeld , Leslie B. Magoon

Petroleum Geology of Kodiak Shelf, Alaska

Michael A. Fisher

Assessing Oil and Gas Plays in Facies-Cycle Wedges

David A. White

Anoxic Environments and Oil Source Bed Genesis

G. J. Demaison , G. T. Moore

Methods Used, and Experience Gained, in Exploration for New Oil and Gas Fields in Highly Explored (Mature) Areas

Michel T. Halbouty

Construction of Process-Response Models for Ancient Epicontinental Seaway Depositional Systems Using Partial Analogs

Robert L. Brenner

Pressure Origin and Distribution in Jurassic of Viking Basin (United Kingdom-Norway): GEOLOGIC NOTES

A. Chiarelli, F. Duffaud

Petroleum Source-Bed Evaluation of Tertiary Niger Delta: GEOLOGIC NOTES

Chukwuemeka M. Ekweozor , Ndibe V. Okoye

Nonmarine Upper Cretaceous Rocks, Cook Inlet, Alaska: GEOLOGIC NOTES

Leslie B. Magoon , Frederick B. Griesbach , Robert M. Egbert

Impact of Diagenesis on Exploration Strategy and Reservoir Management: ABSTRACT

William R. Almon

Energy Resources of Water-Bearing Geopressured Reservoirs: ABSTRACT

Don G. Bebout

Geologic History of Deep Gulf of Mexico Basin: ABSTRACT

Richard T. Buffler

Hydrocarbon Accumulations in Overthrust Belt of Alberta: ABSTRACT

Peter L. Gordy

Application of Depositional Models in Coal Exploration and Mine Planning: ABSTRACT

John C. Horne

Oil Expulsion--A Consequence of Oil Generation: ABSTRACT

James A. Momper

Resource Potential and Plate-Margin Geology of Frontier Basins of North Pacific and Bering Sea: ABSTRACT

David W. Scholl

Deep-Water Reservoirs: Submarine Fans and Fantasies: ABSTRACT

Roger G. Walker

Geology of Wheaton Consolidated Oil Field, Gibson County, Indiana: ABSTRACT

Robert Baker, Walter H. Pierce, R. William Orr

Coal Geology and Resources of Eastern Kentucky: ABSTRACT

Russell A. Brant, Norman C. Hester

Middle Ordovician Shelf Carbonate Sedimentation Around Bathymetric Highs in Southwestern Ontario: A Persian Gulf Analogy: ABSTRACT

Michael E. Brookfield, Carlton E. Brett

Geology and Geophysics of Middle Mississippian (Valmeyeran), Ewing Area, Jefferson and Franklin Counties, Illinois: ABSTRACT

Phillip M. Caserotti

Buried Structures in Marine Exploration: ABSTRACT

Robey H. Clark, Dianne Broadaway

Paleochannel Across Louden Anticline, Fayette County, Illinois: Its Relation to Cypress (Chesterian) Stratigraphic Entrapment of Petroleum: ABSTRACT

Robert M. Cluff

Depositional Trends of Lower Silurian "Clinton" Sandstone, Northeastern Ohio: ABSTRACT

A. H. Coogan, G. M. Walters, J. M. Austin, P. H. Brown, J. C. Cox, C. Suphasin

Prospects for Coal Development in Michigan Basin: ABSTRACT

Aureal T. Cross, C. E. Prouty

Devonian Shale Exploration Rationale Tested in Northeast Tennessee: ABSTRACT

Claude S. Dean, Laverne B. Cobb

Facies, Paleoecology, and Depositional Environments of Energy Shale Member (Pennsylvanian) and Their Relation to Low-Sulfur Coal Deposits, Southern Illinois: ABSTRACT

Marc P. Deshowitz, John Utgaard

Structural Interpretation of Buried Silurian Reefs in Southwestern Indiana: ABSTRACT

John B. Droste, Robert H. Shaver

Coal in Pennsylvania: Geology, Current Production, and Reserves: ABSTRACT

Albert D. Glover, Viktoras W. Skema

Coal Resources of Indiana and Potential Geologic Problems in Their Exploration: ABSTRACT

Denver Harper

Coal Resource Studies in Virginia: ABSTRACT

James A. Henderson, Jr.

Elemental Abundances in Devonian Shales of Kentucky and West Virginia: Statistical Comparison and Depositional Environments: ABSTRACT

Michael Ed. Hohn

Coal Rank in Part of Western Kentucky Coalfield: ABSTRACT

James C. Hower, Zhicong Gong

Devonian Oil Shale of Eastern United States: ABSTRACT

John C. Janka, John M. Dennison, R. David Matthews

Absence of Connate Water in Michigan Reefs Attributed to Anhydrite: ABSTRACT

Donald L. Katz

St. Louis and Salem Stratigraphy and Oil Production, Owensville North Consolidated and Mt. Carmel Consolidated Fields, Gibson County, Indiana: ABSTRACT

Stanley J. Keller

Geology and Mining of Tennessee Coal: ABSTRACT

Larry M. Knox, William J. Wade

Colmar-Plymouth Conundrum: ABSTRACT

Ralph L. Langenheim, Jr., C. John Mann

Depositional Environments of Ullin Limestone and Fort Payne Formation (Mississippian), Illinois Basin: ABSTRACT

Jerry A. Lineback

Seismic Refraction Study of Buried Valley Near Peninsula, Ohio: ABSTRACT

Mark B. Mangun

Illinois Basin, Its Future Petroleum Prospects, and Numbers: ABSTRACT

C. John Mann

Coal in West Virginia: Geology and Current Mining Trends: ABSTRACT

Gayle H. McColloch, Jr., B. Mitchell Blake, Jr.

Pottsville Alluvial Plain Coals in Northern West Virginia: ABSTRACT

Mark W. Presley

Red-Bed Evaporite, and Carbonate Facies Associations in Interior Basins--A Model for Resource Exploration: ABSTRACT

Mark W. Presley, Kathy A. McGillis

Upper Devonian Tide-Dominated Deltaic-Intradeltaic Sedimentation in West-Central Pennsylvania: A Sedimentologic Model for Distribution of Petroleum Sandstone Reservoir Types: ABSTRACT

Victor D. Rahmanian

Carbonate Diagenesis in a Quartzarenite: Dolomitic Keefer Sandstone of West Virginia: ABSTRACT

Richard Smosna

Illinois Coal--A Major Bituminous Coal Resource: ABSTRACT

Brian C. Trask, James E. Palmer

Coal Resources in Ohio: ABSTRACT

Robert G. Van Horn

Coal and Coal Developments in Western Kentucky: ABSTRACT

Allen D. Williamson, David A. Williams