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Crustal Structure in Gulf of Mexico from OBS Refraction and Multichannel Reflection Data

A. K. Ibrahim, J. Carye, G. Latham, R. T. Buffler

Simulation Model for Petroleum Exploration

Kazuo Nakayama , Dewitt C. Van Siclen

Paleogeography and Sedimentology of Upper Cretaceous Turbidites, San Diego, California

Tor H. Nilsen , Patrick L. Abbott

Determination of Organic-Matter Content of Appalachian Devonian Shales from Gamma-Ray Logs

James W. Schmoker

Mesozoic and Cenozoic Rocks from Malta Escarpment (Central Mediterranean)

P. Scandone , E. Patacca , R. Radoicic , W. B. F. Ryan , M. B. Cita (5), M. Rawson , H. Chezar , E. Miller , J. McKenzie (6), S. Rossi (7)

Mesozoic Stratigraphy of Central Honduras

R. C. Finch

Fluid Dynamics for Cap-Rock Formation in Gulf Coast: GEOLOGIC NOTES

Kinji Magara

Petroleum Prospects of Saya de Malha and Nazareth Banks, Indian Ocean: GEOLOGIC NOTES

A. A. Meyerhoff , M. Kamen-Kaye

Plate Tectonics, Organic Matter, and Basin Evaluation for Petroleum Potential: ABSTRACT

Colin Barker

Applying Modern Geologic Methods to Petroleum Exploration and Development--Case Study of Jurassic Reservoirs in East Texas, North Louisiana, and South Arkansas: ABSTRACT

Stephen E. Collins

Potential of Evaporitic Environment as Source of Petroleum: ABSTRACT

Robert Evans, Douglas W. Kirkland

Clastic Depositional Models: ABSTRACT

J. C. Harms

Sedimentology and Petrology of Tar Sands: ABSTRACT

Grant D. Mossop

Middle East--Stratigraphic Evolution and Oil Habitat: ABSTRACT

Roelof J. Murris

Late Triassic-Jurassic Paleogeography and Origin of Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Amos Salvador

Shallow Geothermal Survey of Durkee Oil Field and Woodgate Fault, Harris County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Loran D. Ambs

Exploration Applications of Temperatures Recorded on Log Headings: Theory, Data Analysis, and Examples: ABSTRACT

Stanton M. Ball

Stability of Natural Gas at High Temperatures in Deep Subsurface: ABSTRACT

Colin Barker, Marwin K. Kemp

Subsurface Temperatures, Sacramento Valley, California: Guide to F-Zone (Forbes) Gas Accumulations: ABSTRACT

Frederick A. F. Berry

Geotemperatures of North Sea Basins: Implications to Exploration: ABSTRACT

H. Carstens, B. Jepsen

Clay Mineral Evidence for Movement of High Temperature Subsurface Fluids: ABSTRACT

R. E. Ferrell

Temperature Anomalies and Gulf Coast Structures: ABSTRACT

G. M. Gatenby, Jr.

Relations Between Hydraulics, Temperatures, and Crude Oil and Natural Gas Composition in Some Upper Devonian Reefs of Alberta, Canada: ABSTRACT

Brian Hitchon

No Title Provided: ABSTRACT

Mark W. Hodson, John M. Sharp, Jr.

Estimation of Heat Flow in Oil Wells Based on Relation Between Heat Conductivity and Sound Velocity: ABSTRACT

J. J. H. C. Houbolt, P. R. A. Wells

Geothermal and Hydrocarbon Regimes in Northern Gulf of Mexico Basin: ABSTRACT

Paul H. Jones

Effect of Temperature and Pore Pressure on Velocity and Attenuation of Seismic Waves in Rocks: Applications to Crustal Exploration: ABSTRACT

Terry Jones, Amos Nur

Subsurface Temperatures Calculated by Chemical Geothermometers Applied to Formation Waters from Northern Gulf of Mexico and California Basins: ABSTRACT

Yousif K. Kharaka, Michael S. Lico, Leroy M. Law

Geothermal Trends in Petroliferous Regions of Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Madhurendu Bhushan Kumar

Present Thermal State of Western Canada Sedimentary Basin: ABSTRACT

Jacek Majorowicz, Alan M. Jessop

Limits of Subsurface Temperature and Fluid Pressure Field of Commercial Oil and Gas Reservoirs: ABSTRACT

Thane H. McCulloh, Marie Pavish

Temperature Anomalies Associated with Rocky Mountain Oil and Gas Fields: ABSTRACT

H. J. Meyer, H. W. McGee

Geothermics of Landau Field by Corrected Temperature Measurements: ABSTRACT

Mauro Parini, Dietrich Werner

Organic Geochemistry and Petroleum Exploration--Problems?: ABSTRACT

Leigh C. Price

Hydrothermal Approach to Petroleum Exploration: ABSTRACT

W. H. Roberts, III

Present Thermal Conditions in Baltimore Canyon and Georges Bank Basins in Relation to Extensional Models: ABSTRACT

D. S. Sawyer, J. G. Sclater, M. N. Toksoz

Current Geothermal Environment of Oil and Gas in Indus River Basin of Pakistan: ABSTRACT

Roger J. Schoeppel, M. H. Rizvi

Calculation of Thermal Conductivity from Lithology and Laboratory Measurements on Oil Well Cores: ABSTRACT

Victor Vacquier

No Title Provided: ABSTRACT

R. P. Von Herzen, J. A. Helwig

Thermal Anomaly Detected by Shallow Measurement Across San Sebastian Oil and Gas Field, Eastern Tierra del Fuego: ABSTRACT

Gary W. Zielinski, Peter M. Bruchhausen