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Upper Jurassic Reefs of Smackover Formation, United States Gulf Coast

Lawrence R. Baria , David L. Stoudt , Paul M. Harris , Paul D. Crevello (5)

Regional Distribution of Carbonate Facies, Bombay Offshore Region, India

S. C. Roychoudhury , S. V. Deshpande

Rift Basins in Western Margin of India and Their Hydrocarbon Prospects with Special Reference to Kutch Basin

S. K. Biswas

Sedimentology and Reservoir Potential of Matilija Sandstone: An Eocene Sand-Rich Deep-Sea Fan and Shallow-Marine Complex, California

Martin H. Link, Joann E. Welton

Chronology of Trap Formation and Migration of Hydrocarbons in Zagros Sector of Southwest Iran

M. A. Ala

Lower Tertiary Sand Development in Viking Graben, North Sea

Andrew C. Morton

Regional Structural Synthesis, Wyoming Salient of Western Overthrust Belt

Joe S. Dixon

Depositional Setting and Diagenetic Evolution of Some Tertiary Unconventional Reservoir Rocks, Uinta Basin, Utah

Janet K. Pitman, Thomas D. Fouch, Martin B. Goldhaber

Petroleum in Basement Rocks

Chung-Hsiang P'An

Frio Formation of Texas Gulf Coastal Plain: Depositional Systems, Structural Framework, and Hydrocarbon Distribution: ERRATUM

William E. Galloway, David K. Hobday, Kinji Magara

Upwelling and Petroleum Source Beds, with Reference to Paleozoic: ERRATUM

Judith Totman Parrish

Development and Distribution of Rift Systems: ABSTRACT

Kevin Burke

Comparative Cenozoic Petroleum Geology of Major Deltas--Mississippi, Niger, and MacKenzie: ABSTRACT

Doris M. Curtis

Character of Ancient Petroliferous Lake Basins of the World: ABSTRACT

Thomas D. Fouch

Geologic History of Reefs: ABSTRACT

Noel P. James

Geological Evaluation of Fractured Reservoirs: ABSTRACT

Ronald A. Nelson

Shales--Their Sedimentology and Geology: ABSTRACT

Wayne A. Pryor

Modern Wetlands and Their Potential as Coal-Forming Environments: ABSTRACT

Frederick J. Rich

Wrench Fault Tectonics: ABSTRACT

Arthur G. Sylvester

Prediction of California's Next Earthquake: ABSTRACT

Arthur G. Sylvester

Lithic Wackes of Early-Middle Eocene Lookingglass Formation, Southwest Oregon: ABSTRACT

Raisuddin Ahmad

Application of Nonlinear Constraints to Processing of Seismic Data: ABSTRACT

F. Baixas, P. Hooyman, C. Wu, R. Inguva, L. Schock

Geology and Slope Stability of Point Delgata, California: ABSTRACT

Steven G. Barlow, William C. Tracy

Sedimentology of Upper Cretaceous Submarine Fan Strata, San Miguel Island, California, and Comparison to Selected Mainland Localities: ABSTRACT

William A. Bartling, Patrick L. Abbott

Sedimentology of a Middle Tertiary Paludal Deposit, Northern San Joaquin Valley, California: ABSTRACT

Alan J. Bartow

Reaction Kinetics of Laboratory-Simulated Kerogen Maturation: ABSTRACT

M. E. Baur, H. I. Halpern, I. R. Kaplan

New Age Determinations in Franciscan Limestone Blocks, Northern California: ABSTRACT

K. D. Berry

Sandstone Diagenesis as Function of Depositional Environment and Plate Tectonic Setting--Comparison Between Jurassic Sandstones from North Sea Basin and Some Oligocene Sandstones from Coast Ranges of California: ABSTRACT

Knut O. Bjorlykke

Weathering Statics Problem and First-Arrival Time Surfaces: ABSTRACT

Joong H. Chun, Chester A. Jacewitz

Provenance and Depositional Mode of Upper Cretaceous Chatsworth Formation Conglomerates, Simi Hills, California: ABSTRACT

Ivan P. Colburn, Eric West, Deborah M. Olson

Cal Canal Field, San Joaquin Basin, California: ABSTRACT

D.F. Collins

Upper Cambrian Stratigraphic Cycles, Southwestern Great Basin: ABSTRACT

John D. Cooper, Richard H. Miller

Electro-Magnetic Oil Exploration Research Using Commensurate Frequency Phase Difference Technology: ABSTRACT

Donald B. Daniel

Closed-Basin Lithofacies in Upper Part of Esmeralda Formation, Clayton Valley, Nevada: ABSTRACT

Joseph R. Davis

Recognition of Middle and Upper Pleistocene Marine Deposits in Downtown San Diego, California: ABSTRACT

Thomas A. Demere, Daryl Streiff

Basin Analysis of Miocene Mint Canyon Formation, Southern California: ABSTRACT

Keith K. Ehlert

Correlations Between the Onshore and Offshore Santa Maria Basins -- A Dilemma: ABSTRACT

Samuel A. Epstein, Quay L. Nary

Significance of Neogene Phosphorites in Capistrano Embayment, Southern California: ABSTRACT

Donald L. Fife, Mark E. Bryant

Biostratigraphy and Paleoecology of a New Ostracode Fauna from Rincon Formation (Oligocene-Miocene), Los Sauces Creek, California: ABSTRACT

Kenneth L. Finger

Offset Panel Aids Processor and Interpreter: ABSTRACT

Thomas K. Fulton, K. Michele Darr

Tectonic and Climate Controls on Sedimentation of Upper Miocene Nonmarine Strata East of San Francisco Bay, California: ABSTRACT

Catherine L. Gavigan

Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of Upper Miocene Williams Sand, San Joaquin Valley, California: ABSTRACT

John R. Gilbert

Mineral-Kerogen Interactions in Laboratory Experiments--Significance for Petroleum Genesis: ABSTRACT

H. I. Halpern, I. R. Kaplan

Late Pliocene Turbidites, Adams Canyon, California: ABSTRACT

Tom Harnett

Marine Geophysical Measurements in Central Puget Sound, Washington: ABSTRACT

Mark L. Holmes, J. D. MacQueen, R. E. Sylwester

Distribution and Depositional History of Neogene Phosphorites Along Pacific Coast of North America: ABSTRACT

James C. Ingle, Martin B. Lagoe, Javier Helenes-Escamilla

Diagenetic Relationships Between Inorganic Matrix and Kerogen in Wilcox Group, Southwest Texas: ABSTRACT

Peter D. Jenden, I. R. Kaplan

Exploring for Subtle Sandstone Channels By Use of Electrical Geophysics: ABSTRACT

J. M. Jordan, J. I. Pritchard, H. Renick, R. C. West

Lithostratigraphy and Diagenesis of Monterey Formation near Ojai, California: ABSTRACT

Margaret A. Keller

Airborne Geophysical Surveying; Don't Forget to Look at the Data: ABSTRACT

William C. Kellogg

Current Technology in Airborne Radioactivity Surveying: ABSTRACT

William C. Kellogg

Sedimentologic, Stratigraphic, and Tectonic Significance of Neogene Sedimentary Megabreccias, Western Salton Trough, California: ABSTRACT

Dennis R. Kerr, S. Pappajohn

Sedimentology of Late Paleocene through Middle Eocene Poway Clast-Bearing Marine Depositional System, Southern California Borderland: ABSTRACT

Ronald P. Kies, Patrick L. Abbott, Mark Filewicz

Silicoflagellate Biostratigraphy of Upper Monterey and Lower Sisquoc Formations, Lompoc, California: ABSTRACT

Lauralee D. Kourse

Neogene Lacustrine Diatom Biostratigraphy of Western Snake River Basin, Idaho and Oregon: ABSTRACT

William N. Krebs, J. Platt Bradbury

Gypsum Deposits of Fish Creek Mountains, Imperial and San Diego Counties, California: ABSTRACT

Steven A. Kupferman

Miocene Geologic History of Southern Salinian Block, California--Perspectives from a Stratigraphic Study of Monterey Formation: ABSTRACT

Martin B. Lagoe

Thermal Recovery of Heavy Oil at Edison Field, Bakersfield, California: ABSTRACT

John M. Lohmar

Magnetic Polarity Stratigraphy of Middle Miocene Barstow Formation of Mojave Desert, Southern California: ABSTRACT

Bruce J. MacFadden, Michael O. Woodburne

Use of Stable Isotopes in Assessing Petroleum Biodegradation: ABSTRACT

P. J. Mankiewicz

Physical Modeling and Its Role in Solving Geologic Problems: ABSTRACT

John A. McDonald

Paleo-Oceanographic Significance of Eocene Diatomites in Kreyenhagen Formation of California: ABSTRACT

Robert Milam, James C. Ingle

Point Arena Coccolith Correlations with Mid-Tertiary California Stage Stratotypes: ABSTRACT

Peter L. Miller

Stratigraphy of Northeastern Cady Mountains and Its Implications for Cenozoic Volcanic Evolution of Mojave Desert: ABSTRACT

Craig G. Moseley, Don A. Williamson, Susan T. Miller

Location and Chronology of Tertiary Sedimentary Deposits in Arizona: ABSTRACT

J. D. Nations, J. J. Landye, R. H. Hevly

Pisoliths of Fairview Valley Formation, San Bernardino County, California: ABSTRACT

J. C. Nellis

Uranium Deposits in Channel Curves of Salt Wash Sandstone Member of Morrison Formation (Late Jurassic), Utah: ABSTRACT

J. C. Nellis

Palynology of Barstow Formation (Miocene), Rainbow Basin, Southern California: ABSTRACT

Sheila K. O'Connor

P-shooter--A Fast Seismic Source for Shallow Exploration: ABSTRACT

Gildas Omnes, Philippe Robert

Braided-Stream and Alluvial-Fan Depositional Environment of Lower to Middle Eocene Ione Formation, Madera County, California: ABSTRACT

Christopher M. Palmer, Robert D. Merrill

Paleomagnetic Study of Neogene Tectonic History of Baja California, Mexico: ABSTRACT

Gary Pischke

Resolution of Reefs, Overthrusts, and Pre-Volcanic Sediments by Electrical Geophysics: ABSTRACT

J. I. Pritchard, J. M. Jordan, R. C. West, H. Renick

Aggregate-Resources Evaluation of Lund Nevada Mapsheet: ABSTRACT

David H. Randell, Gerald R. Allen

Evaporite Mineral Cycles, Paradox Basin, Utah and Colorado: ABSTRACT

Omer B. Raup

Physical Evidence for Saline Cycles of Deposition in Eocene Lake Gosiute in Southwest Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Henry W. Roehler

Geology and Mineralogy of Vogel Specialty Sand Deposit, Barstow, San Bernardino County, California: ABSTRACT

Roy J. Rushing, M. S. Woyski

Land Seismic Source Study: ABSTRACT

William A. Schneider

Buried Pleistocene Gold-Bearing Channels, Central Great Valley, California: ABSTRACT

Roy J. Shlemon

Sedimentology and Paleolimnology of Miocene Peace Valley Formation, Ridge Basin, Central Transverse Range, California: ABSTRACT

Paul R. Smith

Nonmarine Trace Fossils in Miocene-Pliocene Ridge Basin, Central Transverse Range, California: ABSTRACT

Paul R. Smith, Andrew S. Harper, Mark F. Wood

Sedimentary Facies of Nonmarine Lower Miocene Diligencia Formation, Canyon Spring Area, Orocopia Mountains, Southern California: ABSTRACT

Richard L. Squires, David M. Advocate

Late Miocene Activity on San Gabriel Fault as Indicated by Paleoenvironment of Castaic Formation: ABSTRACT

Robert J. Stanton

Depositional Environment of Neogene Mehrten Formation at Its Type Section: ABSTRACT

Lori L. Summa, Jeffery F. Mount, Kenneth L. Verosub

Deep Thermal Structure of Mimbres Basin, New Mexico--Implications for Oil and Gas Potential: ABSTRACT

Chandler A. Swanberg

Precise Gravity Survey Across Newport-Inglewood Structural Zone, Long Beach, California: ABSTRACT

William C. Tracy, R.B. Grannell

Lacustrine Diatomaceous Deposits of Piute Valley, California and Nevada: ABSTRACT

Mark E. Unruh, Robert W. Ruff

Nonmarine Lithofacies Included In Scappoose Formation, Northwest Oregon: ABSTRACT

Robert O. Van Atta, Kevin B. Kelty

Preliminary Results, DSDP Leg 84, Middle America Trench Off Guatemala: ABSTRACT

R. Von Huene, J. Aubouin, M. Baltuck, R. Arnott, J. Bourgois, M. Filewicz, R. Helm, Y. Ogawa, K. Kvenvolden, B. Lienert, T. McDonald, K. McDougall, E. Taylor, B. Winsborough

Foraminiferal Distributions and Environmental History of Quaternary San Francisco Bay: ABSTRACT

Dana B. Wagner

Turbidite Reservoir Facies and Trap Types: ABSTRACT

Gregory W. Webb

Wellsite Geochemical Analysis in Frontier Exploration--Logistics, Benefits, and Examples: ABSTRACT

Alun Whittaker, Rafael Gurvis

Location of Burns and Faults at Hanna Underground Coal Gasification Area by Use of High-Resolution Seismic Survey: ABSTRACT

A. D. Youngberg, E. Berkman, A. Orange

Complex Subsurface Analysis Using Interactive Modeling and Simulation Techniques: ABSTRACT

Richard B. Banks, Joseph K. Sukkar

Dipmeter Advisor Expert System: ABSTRACT

Ingrid Carlbom

Microcomputers in Exploration--A Survey: ABSTRACT

David C. Crane

Interactive Gridding: ABSTRACT

James A. Downing

An Overview of Rule-Based Expert Systems: ABSTRACT

Richard Duda

Highly Interactive Contouring Systems: ABSTRACT

R. L. Dupree

A Microcomputer Workstation for Interactive Geology and Geophysics: ABSTRACT

H. A. Hildebrand

Future Interpretive Techniques: ABSTRACT

Robert N. Hodgson

Use of Interactive Computer Graphics to Solve Complex Geological Problems--A Case Study: ABSTRACT

Louis J. Klahn, Jr., John H. Doveton

Petroleum Exploration--Real World Examples Using Microcomputers: ABSTRACT

R. Mark Maslyn

Computer Modeling of Minnelusa Formation (Pennsylvanian-Permian) Paleotopography in Eastern Powder River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

R. Mark Maslyn

Distributed Exploration Data Processing: ABSTRACT

Robert McCallum, Douglas L. Bremner

Oil and Gas Exploration Using a Microcomputer: ABSTRACT

Walter H. Ortel

Interactive Surface Modeling and Display for Oil Industry: ABSTRACT

Arthur R. Paradis, Jeffrey W. Schwalm

Use of Apple II in Mapping Geology of Coastal Plain of NPR Alaska: ABSTRACT

Thomas G. Payne

Trends in Graphics and Graphics Technology: ABSTRACT

John Robertson

GIMMAP--An Interactive Computer Cartography System: ABSTRACT

Charles G. Ross

Normalization of Well Log Data for Regional Stratigraphic Analysis: ABSTRACT

W. C. Schetter, R. A. Basse

Seismic Modeling with an Apple: ABSTRACT

Tedd F. Sperling

Interactive Synthesis of Geological Data for Exploration in Frontier Provinces: ABSTRACT

P. H. Stark, Jim Fitzgerald, Larry Wilcox

COCORP Seismic Profiling, The Eastern Overthrust, and Continental Evolution: ABSTRACT

Larry D. Brown

Analysis of Simultaneously Acquired Airborne Gravity and Aeromagnetic Data in Eastern Overthrust Area: ABSTRACT

R. Hartman, D. Pasicznyk, C. Curtis

Mechanical Properties of Clays in Fault Zones Under High Pressure Conditions: ABSTRACT

Chi-Yuen Wang