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A Model for Migrating Shelf-Bar Sandstones in Upper Mancos Shale (Campanian), Northwestern Colorado

J. Michael Boyles , Alan J. Scott

Tectonic Features of Oil and Gas Basins in Eastern Part of China

Tang Zhi

Tertiary Kenai Group, Cook Inlet, Alaska, Tectonic and Depositional Model Applied to Barranca Formation (Upper Triassic), Central Sonora, Mexico: ABSTRACT

Victor H. Abadie, III

Gulf of Suez--A Rewarding Environment: ABSTRACT

Shawky Abdine, K. W. Ciriacks

Deep-Water Evaporites: Detrital, Authigenic, or Diagenetic?: ABSTRACT

Wayne M. Ahr

Geochemistry and Isotopic Composition of Hydrocarbon-Induced Diagenetic Aureole (HIDA), Southwestern Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Zuhair Al-Shaieb, R. A. Lilburn

Pennsylvanian Shelf Carbonates, Madera Formation, Taos Trough, Northern New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Janice L. Alsop

Evidence for Pervasive Bioerosion of Silica Substrates in a Freshwater Peat Environment: ABSTRACT

Michael J. Andrejko, Robert Raymond, Jr., Robert Erlich, Arthur D. Cohen

Barra Nova Salt Domes Province, Espirito Santo Basin, Offshore Brazil: ABSTRACT

P. T. Araripe, M. Saito, S. Shimabukuro, C. H. R. Cunha, R. O. Kehle

Analysis of Upper Cretaceous Trace-Fossil Assemblages, U.S. Western Interior: ABSTRACT

Allen W. Archer, Donald E. Hattin

Hydrocarbon Exploration in Western Oregon and Washington: ABSTRACT

John M. Armentrout, David H. Suek

Tectonics of Monterrey Salient, Sierra Madre Oriental, Northeastern Mexico: ABSTRACT

Christopher G. Avenius

Evolution of a Fore-Arc Basin, Luzon, Philippines: ABSTRACT

Steven B. Bachman, William J. Schweller, Stephen D. Lewis

Destin Dome and Western Florida Shelf: ABSTRACT

Mahlon M. Ball, Ray G. Martin, David Taylor

Exploration History, North U.S. Atlantic Margin: ABSTRACT

Mahlon M. Ball, John S. Schlee, B. Ann Swift, Dale S. Sawyer, Karl Hinz

Stability of Natural Gas at High Temperatures, Deep Subsurface: ABSTRACT

Colin Barker, Marwin K. Kemp

Problems Facing Geophysical Industry Today with Suggested Solutions to These Challenges: ABSTRACT

D. D. Barman

Phayles Sandstone (Upper Cretaceous) Deltaic and Shelf-Bar Complex, Central Wyoming: ABSTRACT

John C. Barratt, Alan J. Scott

Carapebus Member (Eocene), Campos Basin, Brazilian Offshore: An Example of Deep-Sea Fan Turbidites Winnowed by Bottom Currents: ABSTRACT

M. C. Barros, S. Possato, L. R. Guardado, E. Mutti

Utility of Computerized Data Bases of Drill-Stem Test Information in Hydrogeologic Studies: ABSTRACT

R. L. Bassett, D. A. Smith, M. P. Roberts

An Alternative to Reservoir Simulation Using Critical Parameter Analysis of Reservoir Data Bases: ABSTRACT

Bill Bavinger, Herb Carroll, Donna Goodbread, James Gumnick

Mississippian Conodonts from Well Cores, Crossfield, Alberta: ABSTRACT

Sonny Baxter

Deposition of Prograding Carbonate Sand Shoals and Their Subsequent Diagenesis--Lower Glen Rose (Cretaceous), South Texas: ABSTRACT

Annell R. Bay

Stanley Field, North Dakota: New Model of Stratigraphically Trapped Oil, Mission Canyon Formation, Central Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

David K. Beach, Ann L. Schumacher

Stanley Field, North Dakota, Economic and Quantitative Significance of Mechanically Compacted Shallow-Water Limestone: ABSTRACT

David K. Beach, Ann L. Schumacher

Genesis of Mississippi Valley-Type Lead and Zinc Ore Deposits and Consequent Exploration Thinking: ABSTRACT

Frank W. Beales

Exploration Along Lower Cretaceous Shelf Margin--Golden Lane, Mexico, to Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Don G. Bebout

Structural Evolution of Chihuahua Tectonic Belt: ABSTRACT

Tim B. Berge

A Three-Dimensional Seismic Study of Challenger Knoll: ABSTRACT

Tim B. Berge, R. T. Buffler

Subsurface Temperatures, Sacramento Valley, California: Guide to F-Zone (Forbes) Gas Accumulations: ABSTRACT

Frederick A. F. Berry

Petroleum Geology of Arabian Peninsula: ABSTRACT

Saleh M. Billo

Early Cretaceous Sedimentation and Tectonics in Southeastern Arizona: ABSTRACT

William L. Bilodeau

Formation of Secondary Porosity in Sandstones: How Important is It and What are Controlling Factors?: ABSTRACT

Knut O. Bjorlykke

Three-Dimensional Seismic Interpretation of a Piercement Salt Dome: ABSTRACT

B. A. Blake, J. B. Jennings, M. R. Bone, R. M. Phillipson

Fan-Delta and Lacustrine Margin Sedimentation, Chinle Formation (Upper Triassic), Canyonlands National Park, Utah: ABSTRACT

Ronald C. Blakey, Richard Gubitosa

Sedimentology and Provenance of Miocene Intraclastic Chalks, Blake-Bahama Basin: ABSTRACT

Deborah M. Bliefnick

U.S. Geological Survey Activities in Oil Shale: ABSTRACT

Marc W. Bodine, Jr.

Deposition and Penecontemporaneous Deformation of Sediments on a Faulted Submarine Slope, Hunters Cove Formation (Campanian-?Maestrichtian), Southwest Oregon: ABSTRACT

Joanne Bourgeois

Depositional Systems in Naknek Formation, Late Jurassic, Lower Cook Inlet, Alaska: ABSTRACT

Robert L. Boyce

East Brentwood Gas Field: A Paleotopograhic Trap: ABSTRACT

Richard W. Boyd

Comparison of Wave-Dominated Deltaic Deposits and Associated Sand-Rich Strand Plains, Mesaverde Group, Northwest Colorado: ABSTRACT

Michael J. Boyles, Alan J. Scott

Mid-Cretaceous Black Shales: A Result of Excessive Fertility or Global Anoxia?: ABSTRACT

Tim Bralower, Hans R. Thierstein

Genetic Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbon Potential of a Combination Progradational-Retreating Barrier Island System: ABSTRACT

Jeffrey W. Brame

Geochemical and Mineralogical Analyses, Pennsylvanian Kendrick Fauna, Eastern Kentucky: ABSTRACT

Uwe Brand

Effects of Arkosic Sandstone Diagenesis on Reservoir Rock Properties: ABSTRACT

J. E. Brasher, J. D. Pike, T. T. Tieh, R. R. Berg

Geology of University Waddell Devonian Field, Crane County, Texas: ABSTRACT

David Brimberry

Geometry of Tertiary Coal Seams as a Response to Changes in Structural Framework: ABSTRACT

Paul L. Broughton

Breccias, Mudflows, Turbidites, Fossil Soils, or Transposition Structures? A Case Study from Eocene Green River Formation, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Paul H. Buchheim

Depositional Systems on Upper Jurassic Smackover Carbonate Ramp: Sedimentology of South Texas Frontier Play: ABSTRACT

D. A. Budd, R. G. Loucks

Pre-Cretaceous Geologic History of Deep Southeastern Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Richard T. Buffler, Ronald L. Phair

Facies, Fabrics, and Porosity, Duperow Formation (Upper Devonian), Billings Nose Area, Williston Basin, North Dakota: ABSTRACT

Randolph B. Burke

Facies, Fabrics, and Porosity of Kaskaskia Rocks in Williston Basin, North Dakota: ABSTRACT

Randolph B. Burke, Robert F. Lindsay, Diane M. Catt, Frederick K. Lobdell, Peter T. Loeffler, Thomas Obelenus, Nancy A. Perrin, Rick L. Webster

Computer-Assisted Prospect Generation in a Frontier Basin: ABSTRACT

David M. Bush, Paul R. Hall, Jr.

Structural Development of Upper Magdalena Valley, Colombia: ABSTRACT

Kim R. Butler, Steven Schamel

Lower Cretaceous Braided Stream-Fan Delta Deposition, Northwest Libya: A Future Petroleum Exploration Target, Offshore Gabes-Sabratha Basin: ABSTRACT

D. Gregory Cable

Lithofacies and Paleontology of Late Paleozoic Allochthonous Deep-Water Carbonates: Example from West Texas Subsurface: ABSTRACT

Craig D. Caldwell, John P. Hobson, Jr., Donald F. Toomey

Holocene Gypsum Types and Formative Processes in Tidal Flat Settings, Carnarvon Basin, Western Australia: ABSTRACT

Robert H. Caldwell

Sunnyside Petroleum-Impregnated Sandstone Deposit, Uinta Basin, Utah: ABSTRACT

Jock A. Campbell

Controls on Reservoir Quality of Sandstones, Cotton Valley Group (Upper Jurassic), East Texas Basin, Texas: ABSTRACT

Kirt M. Campion

Computer-Aided Offshore Reservoir Delineation: ABSTRACT

Douglas J. Canfield, John W. Howe

Sedimentology and Petroleum Geology, Spirit River Formation (Lower Cretaceous), Deep Basin, Alberta: ABSTRACT

Douglas J. Cant

Depositional Environments in Lower Cretaceous Gates Member, Northeastern British Columbia: ABSTRACT

Scott M. M. Carmichael, J. W. Murray

Depositional Environments of Ratcliffe Interval, Mississippian Madison Group, Williston Basin, North Dakota: ABSTRACT

Diane M. Catt

Production Analysis in Exploration: Stettler Field Extension, Alberta: ABSTRACT

J. R. Century

Progressive Stages of Diagenesis in Early-Middle Eocene Fore-Arc Delta, Shelf, Slope, and Basin Sandstones, Southern Coast Range, Oregon: ABSTRACT

Marjorie A. Chan

Mineral Reaction Pathways and Mass Transfer in Sandstone-Shale Sequences, Brazil: ABSTRACT

Hung K. Chang, Fred T. Mackenzie

Relation of Lithofacies and Diagenesis to Porosity Development, Mission Canyon Formation (Mississippian), Eastern Montana and Western North Dakota: ABSTRACT

Pete J. Chimney, Marty D. Wittstrom

Regional Assessment and Interregional Comparison of Oil Exploration Potential--Breaking the Time Barrier: ABSTRACT

David R. Collins

Arumbera Sandstone: A Possible Late Proterozoic-Early Cambrian Deltaic Complex, Central Australia: ABSTRACT

Keith T. Conrad, Robert Q. Oaks, Jr.

Diagenesis of Lime Mud, Mississippian-Age Bioherms, Sacramento Mountains, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Patricia E. Cowan, William J. Meyers

Interactive Video Digitization of Well Logs: ABSTRACT

David C. Crane

Distribution of Carbonate and Evaporite Facies of Mississippian Mission Canyon Formation: ABSTRACT

David B. Crass

Paleoenvironmental Factors Affecting Mine Planning of Pocahontas No. 3 Coal Seam in Southwestern Virginia: ABSTRACT

Gloria D. Cummins

Origin for Uraniferous Organic Nodules, Hennessey Group (Permian), Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Joseph A. Curiale, Salman Bloch, Janina Rafelska-Bloch, William E. Harrison

A Study of Channel Patterns and Morphology of Amazon Deep-Sea Fan Using Long-Range Side-Scan Sonar (GLORIA): ABSTRACT

J. E. Damuth, V. Kolla, R. D. Flood, R. O. Kowsmann, Cenpes/Petrobras, M. A. Gorini, J. J. C. Palma, R. H. Belderson

Sabkha or Subaqueous Intrastratal Origin of Chickenwire Gypsum, DeQueen Formation (Cretaceous), Arkansas: ABSTRACT

Bruce K. Darling, Brian E. Lock

Thermal Chromatography in Source-Rock Analysis: ABSTRACT

J. B. Davis, J. P. Stanley

Paleoenvironments of Upper Albian Stage (Cretaceous) of Western Trans-Pecos, Texas: ABSTRACT

Timothy B. Dear

Massive Zinc and Iron-Rich Sulfide Deposits Associated with Hot Springs, Juan de Fuca Ridge: ABSTRACT

J. R. Delaney, R. A. Koski, D. A. Clague, J. L. Bischoff, W. R. Normark

Devonian Storm- and Tide-Dominated Shelf Deposits, Parnaiba Basin, Brazil: ABSTRACT

Jorge C. Della Favera

Algal Mounds of Upper Cambrian Carbonates of Appalachians, Western Maryland: Examples of Early Patch and Marginal Reefs: ABSTRACT

R. V. Demicco, L. A. Hardie, J. S. Haley

Computer Analysis and Synthesis of Stratigraphy and Petroleum Geology, Upper Cambrian Strata, Morrow County, Ohio: ABSTRACT

Mark A. Dice, Alan H. Coogan

Benthic Foraminiferal Response to Glacial/Interglacial Episodes, Deep Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Thomas W. Dignes

Petroleum Potential of Continental Margin off Southeastern United States: ABSTRACT

William P. Dillon, Mahlon M. Ball

North Sea Petroleum Province: A Failed Rift Basin: ABSTRACT

Peter Dolan

Facies and Porosity Distribution, Swan Hills Reef Complex, Snipe Lake Oil Field, Alberta, Canada: ABSTRACT

J. A. Dolph, D. A. Nelson

Episodic Sedimentation--How Normal is Average? How Rare is Rare? Does it Matter?: ABSTRACT

R. H. Dott, Jr.

West Florida Continental Margin: A Major Carbonate Deposit Which is Not Dominated by Active Reefs: ABSTRACT

Larry J. Doyle

Bahamian Subtidal Stromatolites (Oolitic!): ABSTRACT

Jeffrey J. Dravis

Facies Control of Cementation and Porosity, Pennsylvanian Fan-Delta Sandstones, Texas Panhandle: ABSTRACT

Shirley P. Dutton

Preliminary Statistical Analysis of Large Sample of Lepidocyclina, an Eocene Orbitoid Foraminifer from Isla de Margarita, Venezuela: ABSTRACT

T. S. Dyman, S. H. Frost, K. I. Takahashi

Sedimentology and Development of Shallow Heavy Oil Deposit, Eastburn Field, Missouri: ABSTRACT

W. J. Ebanks, Jr., J. F. Weber

Diagenetic History of Phosphoria, Tensleep, and Madison Formations, La Barge Platform, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Janell D. Edman, Ronald C. Surdam

Comparative Petrography of Two Upper Devonian Oil Sands of Warren County, Pennsylvania: ABSTRACT

Charles K. Eger

Canyons, Submarine Fans, and Older Structures of Southern Greenland Continental Margin from Seismic Surveys: ABSTRACT

Julius Egloff, Gerd Sommerhoff, G. Leonard Johnson

Nova Scotia Shelf Mesozoic Carbonates--Summary of Canadian Data Useful for Analogy to the South: ABSTRACT

Leslie S. Eliuk

Tectonic Influence on Sedimentation of Lower Cretaceous Strata, East-Central Powder River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

James J. Emme, Robert J. Weimer

Basin to Platform Transition, Middle Cretaceous, Mexico: ABSTRACT

Paul Enos

Organic Matter Types and Depositional Environments in Thrace Basin, Turkey: ABSTRACT

Ugur Erkmen, Bulent Harput

Variations in Structure and Salt Tectonics, Gulf of Mexico Continental Slope Basins: ABSTRACT

Mary H. Feeley, Thomas W. C. Hilde

Clay Mineral Evidence for Movement of High Temperature Subsurface Fluids: ABSTRACT

R. E. Ferrell

Relevance of Cratonic Erosional Unconformities and Sedimentary Veneers to Mineral Exploration in Weathered Terranes: ABSTRACT

Charles W. Finkl

Geology of Norton Basin, Northern Bering Sea: ABSTRACT

Michael A. Fisher

Petrologic and Stratigraphic Controls of Secondary Porosity, "Second" Frontier Sandstone (Late Cretaceous), Moxa Arch, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Paul C. Franks, William L. Pelzmann

Sandstone Stratigraphy Using Core Description, Dipmeter Curves, and Other Available Logs: ABSTRACT

Rusty Frisinger

Secondary Porosity in Laumontite-Bearing Sandstones: ABSTRACT

Ronald B. Frost, Ronald C. Surdam, Laura J. Crossey

Primary Migration in Guaricema Field Area, Sergipe-Alagoas Basin, Brazil: ABSTRACT

Paulo Cesar Gaglianone, Justo Camejo Ferreira

Origin of Mid-Atlantic Barrier Islands and Implications for Petroleum Exploration: ABSTRACT

Cyril Galvin

Geochemical Research with Advanced Pyrolysis/Concentrator Technology: ABSTRACT

Greg A. Gargus, Shirley A. Liebman, Eugene J. Levy

Temperature Anomalies and Gulf Coast Structures: ABSTRACT

G. M. Gatenby, Jr.

Margin Types: Their Characteristics and Potential: ABSTRACT

W. K. Gealey

Geological Development, Origin, and Energy and Mineral Resources of Williston Basin, North Dakota: ABSTRACT

Lee C. Gerhard, Sidney B. Anderson, Julie A. Lefever, Clarence G. Carlson

Origin of Quebrada Arriba Oolitic Ironstone (Eocene), Venezuelan Andes: ABSTRACT

Santosh K. Ghosh

Origin, Migration, and Entrapment of Natural Gas in Alberta Deep Basin: Part 2: ABSTRACT

Robert M. Gies

Basic Physical Principles of Conventional and Deep Basin Gas Entrapment: ABSTRACT

Robert M. Gies

Reflection of Topography on Pre-Cretaceous Unconformity Through Overlying Section in Central Alberta: ABSTRACT

Douglas E. Glass

The Gulf/AOSTRA Surmont Project--South Athabasca Oil Sands Deposit, Alberta, Canada: ABSTRACT

Keith S. Glenday, T. R. Lennox

Facies Analysis of Pinnacle Reefs of Guelph Formation (Middle Silurian), Northern Michigan: ABSTRACT

Benjamin R. Gonzalez

Dispersal and Provenance of Terrigenous Sand by Fourier Grain Shape Analysis, Northern Puerto Rico: ABSTRACT

Emery D. Goodman, Robert Ehrlich

Hydrocarbon Accumulations in Overthrust Belt of Alberta: ABSTRACT

Peter L. Gordy

On the Use of the Modified Lopatin Method: ABSTRACT

P. E. Gretener

North-South Compression of Rocky Mountain Foreland Structures: ABSTRACT

Robbie Gries

Investigation of Beasman Prospect, Sykesville Mining District, Maryland, with a Proton Precession Magnetometer: ABSTRACT

Roland Lyle Griffith, Jr.

Near-Surface to Deeper Burial Cementation Patterns and Foreland Basin Evolution, Middle Ordovician Ramp Carbonates, Virginia: ABSTRACT

G. Grover, Jr., J. F. Read

Late Mesozoic Carbonate Banks and Reefs Along U.S. Atlantic Margin: ABSTRACT

J. A. Grow, W. P. Dillon, J. S. Schlee

Sedimentary and Structural Setting, Kuroko Ore Formation, Hokuroku District, Japan: ABSTRACT

Albert L. Guber, Hiroshi Ohmoto

A New Philosophy for Petroleum Exploration: ABSTRACT

Michel T. Halbouty

Interpretation of Well Logs at Cerro Prieto Geothermal Field: ABSTRACT

Susan E. Halfman, Marcelo Lippmann, Reuben Zewler

Carbonate Porosity Versus Depth: "Compaction" Curve for South Florida: ABSTRACT

Robert B. Halley, James W. Schmoker

Anomalous Seismic Character--Bering Sea: ABSTRACT

Roger D. Hammond, John R. Gaither

Reconstruction of Brine Compositions of Ancient Evaporites from Their Mineralogy: Application to Chemistry of Ancient Seawater: ABSTRACT

Lawrence A. Hardie

Influence of Early Cementation on Dolomitization and Compaction in Cambro-Ordovician Carbonates of Central Appalachians: ABSTRACT

Lawrence A. Hardie, Raymond W. Mitchell, III, Robert V. Demicco

Geology of Kuparuk River Oil Field, Alaska: ABSTRACT

Peter Hardwick, George R. Carman

Geothermal Resources of North Dakota: ABSTRACT

Kenneth L. Harris, F. L. Howell, Laramie M. Winczewski, Brad L. Wartman

Reefs of Smackover Formation, An Upper Jurassic Carbonate Shelf Sequence Rimming U.S. Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

Paul M. Harris, Paul D. Crevello

AAPG Presidential Address: ABSTRACT

Frank W. Harrison, Jr.

Geological Setting and Production History, Grosmont Pilot Project, Northern Alberta: ABSTRACT

Rand S. Harrison, Tim Presber

Late Pleistocene Deposits of Florida Keys: ABSTRACT

Rand Harrison, Mario Coniglio, Robert B. Halley

Comparative Organic Geochemistry of Shales and Coals from Cherokee Group and Lower Part of Marmaton Group of Middle Pennsylvanian Age, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, and Iowa: ABSTRACT

Joseph R. Hatch, Joel S. Leventhal

Mesozoic Paleo-Oceanography of Atlantic and Western Interior Seaway: ABSTRACT

William W. Hay

Continental Lower Cretaceous Stratigraphy, Sweetgrass Arch Area, Southern Alberta and Northern Montana: ABSTRACT

Brad J. R. Hayes

The Colony Shale Oil Project: ABSTRACT

L. D. Hayes

Variation in Depositional Systems Along Shoreline Embayments--Modern and Ancient Examples: ABSTRACT

Miles O. Hayes, John C. Horne

Diagenetic Model for Carbonate Rocks in Mid-Continent Pennsylvanian Eustatic Cyclothems: ABSTRACT

Philip H. Heckel

Facies Associations in Slope-to-Shelf Transition: Precambrian Miette to Lower Cambrian Gog Group, Kicking Horse Pass, Southern Canadian Rocky Mountains: ABSTRACT

Frances J. Hein

Discriminant and Cluster Analysis as Statistical Aids in Stratigraphic Correlation: ABSTRACT

W. B. Hempkins

Upper Mannville "Glauconitic" Channels, Little Bow Area, Alberta: Geologic Models for Seismic Exploration: ABSTRACT

Shirley W. Hermanson, John C. Hopkins, Don C. Lawton

Hydrodynamic Control of the Present and Mid-Tertiary Regional and Local Geothermal Gradients, Alberta, Canada: ABSTRACT

Brian Hitchon

Estimation of Organic Maturation from Seismic and Heat-Flow Data: ABSTRACT

Thomas T. Y. Ho, Surinder K. Sahai

Pyrolysis-Gas Chromatography as an Exploration Tool for Geochemical Evaluation of Source-Rock Potential: ABSTRACT

Thomas T. Y. Ho, Harry Dembicki, Jr., Brian Horsfield

Surficial Sediments, Chesapeake Bay, Virginia: ABSTRACT

Carl H. Hobbs, III, Robert J. Byrne, Michael J. Carron

Three-Dimensional Study of a Modern Flood-Tidal Delta in South Carolina: ABSTRACT

John Adams Hodge

Sedimentology of Quartzose Sandstones of Lower Mannville and Associated Units, Medicine River Area, Central Alberta: ABSTRACT

J. C. Hopkins

Niton Field: An Estuarine Sandstone Reservoir: ABSTRACT

J. C. Horne, M. O. Hayes, P. J. Reinhart, C. H. Ruby

How to Improve Your Exploration Success Ratio: A Case Study: ABSTRACT

Paul S. Horvath

Influence of Grain Size and Thermal Maturity on Intergranular Pressure Solution and Quartz Cementation in a Quartz-Rich Sandstone: ABSTRACT

David W. Houseknecht

Depositional Facies of Cretaceous Spring Canyon Member, Blackhawk Formation, Book Cliffs, Utah: ABSTRACT

James D. Howard, Diane Kamola, Armando Salazar

Paleo-Oceanographic Significance of Cretaceous and Cenozoic Diatomites Along Eastern Pacific Margin: ABSTRACT

James C. Ingle

Predication of Organic Maturation Levels: Scotian Shelf: ABSTRACT

D. R. Issler

Initiation of Salt Flow, East Texas Basin: ABSTRACT

M. P. A. Jackson, S. J. Seni, M. K. McGowen

Sedimentologic Aspects, Mannville Group, Southwestern Alberta: ABSTRACT

David P. James

Development and Hydrocarbon Potential, Carbonate Platforms Offshore Northeastern America: ABSTRACT

Lubomir F. Jansa

Sedimentation Associated with Cirque Barite-Zinc-Lead Deposit: ABSTRACT

C. W. Jefferson, D. B. Kilby, W. J. Roberts, L. C. Pigage

Oil Shale Development in Ohio: An Overview: ABSTRACT

Gene O. Johnson

Geothermal and Hydrocarbon Regimes, Northern Gulf of Mexico Basin: ABSTRACT

Paul H. Jones

Oil and Gas Beneath East-Dipping Underthrust Faults, Alberta Foothills: ABSTRACT

Peter B. Jones

Organic Facies Distribution: Contributor to Both Wins and Losses: ABSTRACT

R. W. Jones

Geologic History of a Basin Depicted by Computer Mapping: ABSTRACT

Thomas A. Jones, Carlton R. Johnson

Prospective Evaluation Techniques in Less Explored Basins of World: ABSTRACT

I. B. Kadri

Porosity Styles of the Midale Field in Williston Basin of Southeastern Saskatchewan: ABSTRACT

John Kaldi

Evidence for Migration Along Fractures Within a Fine-Grained Carbonate Rock: ABSTRACT

Barry J. Katz

Miocene Paleo-Oceanography and Paleo-Productivity: ABSTRACT

Gerta Keller

Oligocene/Miocene Boundary: Correlation, Biostratigraphy, and Foraminiferal Evolution: ABSTRACT

J. P. Kennett, M. S. Srinivasan

Chemical Geothermometers Applied to Formation Waters, Gulf of Mexico and California Basins: ABSTRACT

Yousif K. Kharaka, Michael S. Lico, Leroy M. Law

Utilization of Interactive Computer Graphics to Solve Complex Geological Problems--A Case Study: ABSTRACT

Louis J. Klahn, Jr., John H. Doveton

Ordovician Red River Formation, Eastern Montana and Western North Dakota: Relationships Between Lithofacies and Production: ABSTRACT

J. A. Kohm, R. O. Louden

Seismic Stratigraphy and Sedimentation, Magdalena Fan, Southern Caribbean Sea: ABSTRACT

V. Kolla, R. T. Buffler, J. W. Ladd

Terrigenous and Carbonate Clastic Facies in a Transgressive Sequence Over Volcanic Terrain: ABSTRACT

John C. Kraft, H. Fletcher Brown

Grand Rapids Formation, North-Central Alberta: An Example of Nearshore Sedimentation in a High Energy, Shallow, Inland Sea: ABSTRACT

John W. Kramers

Evolution of a Mixed Carbonate/Terrigenous Platform: Lower Cambrian Continental Terrace Wedge of Mackenzie Mountains, Northwest Territories, Canada: ABSTRACT

F. F. Krause

A Principal Component Enhancement for Landsat Images: Possible Structural Applications in Vegetated Virginia Piedmont: ABSTRACT

Dennis M. Krohn, Jeffrey D. Phillips

Regional and Fine-Scale Strata Formation in a Major Accretionary Environment: Amazon Continental Shelf: ABSTRACT

Steven A. Kuehl, Charles A. Nittrouer, David J. Demaster

Geothermal Patterns and Petroleum Traps, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Madhurendu Bhushan Kumar

Deep-Water Stratigraphic Traps in Interior Basins: Examples from Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Naresh Kumar, Roger M. Slatt

Structural Analysis of Western Sirte Basin, Libya (S.P.L.A.J.): ABSTRACT

Sugaier M. Kumati, Joseph M. Anketell

Large Tertiary Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy, Kirthar Province, Sind, Pakistan: ABSTRACT

A. A. Kureshy

Vitrinite Reflectance of Woodford Shale in Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Michael W. Lambert

Computer Applications System for Exploration: Offshore China Case History: ABSTRACT

David R. Lammlein

Evaporitic Lacustrine Environments of Canadian Plains: ABSTRACT

W. M. Last, M. Egan, T. Schweyen

Inferred Eastern Extent, Overthrust Belt, Central Utah: ABSTRACT

Timothy F. Lawton, William R. Dickinson, William S. Jefferson

Depositional Styles of Notikewan Member (Upper Gates Equivalent), Fort St. John Group, Northeastern British Columbia: ABSTRACT

Dale A. Leckie

Reef Exploration in Michigan Basin: Problems and Solutions: ABSTRACT

James Lee, Ron Budros

Limitations of Rock-Eval Pyrolysis Assay to Characterize Kerogen: ABSTRACT

Joel S. Leventhal

Application of Depositional Modeling to Coal Exploration, Green River Basin, Southwest Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Raymond A. Levey, Elinda L. McKenna, John C. Horne

Computer-Assisted Exploration in a Deltaic Environment: ABSTRACT

Samuel Levin, R. W. Balkum

Anatomy of the Dolomitized Carbonate Reservoir, Mission Canyon Formation, Little Knife Field, North Dakota: ABSTRACT

Robert F. Lindsay

A Late Cretaceous Submarine Canyon in Brazil: Seismic Stratigraphy: ABSTRACT

R. O. Lindseth, Vagner Beraldo, Petrobras

Missourian and Virgilian Brachiopod Biostratigraphy, Bird Spring Group at Arrow Canyon, Clark County, Nevada: ABSTRACT

Eric W. Lipman, Ralph L. Langenheim, Jr.

Kinematic Model for Evolution of Cordilleran Fold/Thrust Belt, Canada to Mexico: ABSTRACT

R. F. Livaccari, R. J. Staskowski, R. C. Michael, S. J. Prucha, J. R. Everett

Lithology and Depositional Environment of Ashern Formation (Middle Devonian), North Dakota: ABSTRACT

Frederick K. Lobdell

Depositional Environment and Rock Fabric, Birdbear ("Nisku") Formation (Upper Devonian), Williston Basin, North Dakota: ABSTRACT

P. Loeffler

Origin of Dolomite, Red River Formation, Richland County, Montana: ABSTRACT

Mark W. Longman, Thomas G. Fertal, James S. Glennie

Low-18O Authigenic Clays and Calcite in Shallow Cretaceous Sandstones of Alberta: ABSTRACT

Fred J. Longstaffe

Channels and Chimeras: Coastal vs. Fluvial Deposition of Mannville Group, Lloydminster Area, Saskatchewan: ABSTRACT

J. A. Lorsong

Subsurface-Derived Secondary Oomoldic Porosity, Smackover Formation (Upper Jurassic), South Texas: ABSTRACT

R. G. Loucks, D. A. Budd

Petrographic Approach for Study of Ancient Potash Evaporites, Salado Formation (Permian), New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Tim K. Lowenstein

Tectonic Setting and Eastward Migration of Mesozoic-Cenozoic Sedimentary Basins, Eastern China: ABSTRACT

Kezheng Lu

Succession of "Nonpaleocope" Ostracods Related to Graptolite Biozones, Type Wenlock Series: ABSTRACT

Robert F. Lundin, Lee E. Petersen

Erawan Field, Gulf of Thailand: A History of Applying Evolving Geophysical Technology to a Complex Geologic Structure: ABSTRACT

Vance M. Lynch

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Present Thermal State of Western Canada Sedimentary Basin: ABSTRACT

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Hydrodynamic and Geologic Significance of Upper Jurassic Smackover Marine Oncolites--Evidence for Penecontemporaneous Lithification: ABSTRACT

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Stratigraphy and Hydrocarbon Potential of Upper Jurassic Formations in Northeastern Gulf of Mexico Area: ABSTRACT

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Use of Dolostone Rhythmite Stratigraphy to Interpret Origin of Cross-Cutting and Manto Breccias Hosting a Lead-Zinc Deposit at Robb Lake, Northeastern British Columbia: ABSTRACT

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Jurassic Subcrop and Its Effect on Sedimentation, West-Central Alberta: ABSTRACT

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Diagenesis and Evolution of Secondary Porosity, Minnelusa Formation, Powder River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

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A Seismic Stratigraphy Case History in Northeast Mexico: ABSTRACT

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Correlation of Time Series: An Inverse Approach with Applications in Geology and Geophysics: ABSTRACT

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Particulate Organic Matter of Jurassic-Cretaceous "Black Shales" in Deep North Atlantic Ocean: ABSTRACT

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Carbonate Sedimentation of Reef and Associated Shoal-Water Facies, Sligo Formation (Aptian), Black Lake Field, Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

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Origin of Natural Gases, Po Valley Basin: ABSTRACT

L. Mattavelli, T. Ricchiuto, D. Grignani, M. Schoell

Evaluation of Potential of Stratigraphic Trends Using Computer Well Data Files: ABSTRACT

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Progradational Conglomeratic Shoreline, Eocene of San Diego: ABSTRACT

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Evolution of Offshore Seismic Exploration: ABSTRACT

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Extensive Coniatolite-Pelagosite Diagenetic Sedimentation in Marine Limestones, Tansill Formation (Permian), New Mexico: ABSTRACT

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Significance of Corallite Patterns in Fossil Anthozoan Colonies: ABSTRACT

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Economics of Scale Versus Completion Risks, Cottonwood Wash Oil Shale Project, Uinta Basin, Utah: ABSTRACT

Harry McCarthy, Douglas V. Flint, Joel Gehauf

Countess Oil Field, South-Central Alberta, Canada: Case History in Finding a Stratigraphic Trap: ABSTRACT

Alex W. McCoy, III, Carl A. Moritz

Gulf of Alaska: A Cold Bath: ABSTRACT

Scott McCoy, Jr.

Recognition of High Gradient Braided Stream Deposits, Sespe Formation (Tertiary), Ventura Basin, California: ABSTRACT

Willard A. McCracken

Eustatic Sea-Level Control of Silurian (Niagaran) Reefs, Michigan Basin: ABSTRACT

J. E. McGovney, P. J. Lehmann, J. F. Sarg

Canadian "Deep-Water" Carbonate Deposits: Distinction from "Analogous" Siliciclastic Deposits and Their Hydrocarbon Potential: ABSTRACT

I. A. McIlreath

Comparison of Two Enigmatic Contacts: Palliser-Exshaw, Devonian, Southwestern Canada, and Cupido-La Pena (Cretaceous), Northeastern Mexico: ABSTRACT

James W. McKee, Thomas S. Laudon, Norris W. Jones

Geology on the Continental Scale: The Decade of North American Geology: ABSTRACT

Digby J. McLaren

Early Cretaceous Edmonton Channel in Alberta: ABSTRACT

J. Ross McLean

Application of Computer Graphics to Coal Geology and Coal-Resource-Assessment Studies, Canyon Coal Bed, Birney 1° Sheet, Montana: ABSTRACT

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Coralline and Associated Carbonates from Florida Bank (Pliocene), Lee and Collier Counties, Florida: ABSTRACT

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Lithofacies, Diagenesis, and Porosity, Ivishak Sandstone, Prudhoe Bay Area, Alaska: ABSTRACT

John Melvin, Angela S. Knight

Deposition and Diagenesis of Glauconite Sandstone, Berrymore-Lobstick-Bigoray Area, South-Central Alberta: ABSTRACT

Indu D. Meshri, John B. Comer

Subsurface Paleoenvironmental Analysis of Gas-Producing Medina Group (Lower Silurian), Chautauqua County, New York: ABSTRACT

Stacy Lynn Metzger

Temperature Anomalies Associated with Rocky Mountain Oil and Gas Fields: ABSTRACT

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Structural and Stratigraphic Framework of Lower Mesozoic and Upper Paleozoic Strata, Northeast Texas: ABSTRACT

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Depositional and Diagenetic Facies, Smackover Formation, Chunchula Field, Alabama: ABSTRACT

James A. Miller, John M. Richart, Howard S. Samsel

Depositional Environments and Porosity Evolution, El Abra Limestone (Cretaceous), Mexico: ABSTRACT

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Sedimentary-Exhalative Pb-Zn Deposition, Grum Deposit, Anvil Range, Yukon, Canada: ABSTRACT

J. S. Modene, W. C. Shanks, III, D. S. Jennings

Depositional History and Seismic Stratigraphy of Lower Cretaceous Rocks, National Petroleum Reserve, Alaska and Adjacent Areas: ABSTRACT

C. M. Molenaar

Cretaceous-Lower Tertiary Depositional Relations, Northeastern Alaska: ABSTRACT

C. M. Molenaar, A. C. Huffman, A. R. Kirk

Correlation of Thermal Conductivity with Physical Properties Obtained from Geophysical Well Logs: ABSTRACT

Paul S. Molnar, Dennis Hodge

Diagenesis of Sandstone/Shale Package, GCO/DOE No. 1 Well, Brazoria County, Texas: ABSTRACT

George K. Moncure, Richard W. Lahann, Robert M. Siebert

Dolomitization of Pleistocene Reef Sediments by Magnesium Leaching Out of Overlapping Volcanics, Mauritius Island, Indian Ocean: ABSTRACT

Lucien Montaggioni

Depositional Environments and Processes of Calico Bluff Formation (Carboniferous), East-Central Alaska: ABSTRACT

Michael G. Moore

Use of Computer Enhanced Landsat Imagery as Planning Tool for Resource Exploration: ABSTRACT

Ken M. Morgan, Don Morris-Jones

Manetoe Facies--Gas-Bearing Late Diagenetic Dolomite of Northwest Territories, Canada: ABSTRACT

David W. Morrow

Rb-Sr Dating of Illite Diagenesis: ABSTRACT

John P. Morton, Leon E. Long

Was the Mannville Group the Source for Alberta's Heavy Oils?: ABSTRACT

Stephen O. Moshier, Douglas W. Waples

Petroleum Geology of Central Beaufort Sea, Northwest Territories, Canada: ABSTRACT

V. E. Mroszcak, D. R. Horn, D. S. Turner

Evidence of Cross-Formational Flow Above Healdton Oil Field, Carter County, Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Cheryl Ann Muzyl

Tectonics and Sedimentation Along Continental Margin of Western India, Pakistan, and Adjacent Arabian Sea: ABSTRACT

B. R. Naini, V. Kolla

Estimation of Paleo-Pore Pressure and Time of Hydrocarbon Expulsion--Computerized Simulation Model: ABSTRACT

Kazuo Nakayama, Tadao Hoizumi

Origin of Reservoir Fractures in Little Knife Field, North Dakota: ABSTRACT

Wayne Narr, Robert C. Burruss

Aracas Field--Reservoir Heterogeneities and Secondary Recovery Performance: ABSTRACT

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Camorim Field, Brazil--Facies and Oil Qualities Controlling Reservoir Behavior and Well Performances: ABSTRACT

O. S. Nascimento, S. X. Menezes, A. Bandeira, Jr., A. M. Pimentel, C. M. P. Oliveira, C. A. M. Silva, E. M. Ramos, H. P. Gomes

Development of Publicly Owned Oil Shale Lands of United States--Prospect for 1980s: ABSTRACT

Elisabeth G. Newton

Depositional Environments and Petroleum Potential of Miocene Lacustrine Deposit, West-Central Nevada: ABSTRACT

Kevin E. Nick, Ben L. Clausen, H. Paul Buchheim

Permian Evaporites, Western Colorado Plateau, Southwestern Utah and Northwestern Arizona: ABSTRACT

R. Larell Nielson

Localization of Tabular, Sediment-Hosted Uranium-Vanadium Deposits of Henry Structural Basin, Utah: ABSTRACT

H. Roy Northrop, M. B. Goldhaber, G. P. Landis, R. O. Rye, C. G. Whitney

Coal Quality and Overburden Reconstruction of Upper Cretaceous and Tertiary Coal-Bearing Formations, Plains Area, Alberta: ABSTRACT

John R. Nurkowski

Salt-Induced Growth Structures and Subsequent Overthrusts, Northeastern Amadeus Basin, Central Australia: ABSTRACT

Robert Q. Oaks, Jr., Keith T. Conrad, James A. Deckelman

Depositional Environments and Diagenesis of Frobisher-Alida Interval, Madison Group (Mississippian, North Dakota Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

Thomas J. Obelenus

Coal Geology of Eastern McCreary and Western Whitley Counties, Kentucky: ABSTRACT

Sharon Rose O'Donnell

Mid-Tertiary Carbonates, Western Oregon: ABSTRACT

William N. Orr, Paul R. Miller

Evolution of Formation Fluids in "J" Sandstone, Denver, Basin, Colorado: ABSTRACT

Jeffry D. Ottmann, Dewitt C. Van Siclen

Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential, United Kingdom Sector, Western Approaches Basin: ABSTRACT

B. D. Outlaw, G. G. Bennet

Petroleum Exploration on Niger Delta: ABSTRACT

Georges Pardo

Late Cretaceous Anastomosing Fluvial Systems, Northwestern Colorado: ABSTRACT

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Evolution of Transgressive Deltaic Environments on Louisiana Coast: ABSTRACT

Shea Penland, Ron Boyd

Environment of Deposition of Winnipegosis Formation (Middle Devonian), Williston Basin, North Dakota: ABSTRACT

Nancy A. Perrin

Programmed Pyrolysis of Organic Matter in Thermally Altered Cretaceous Black Shales: ABSTRACT

Kenneth E. Peters, Jean K. Whelan, John M. Hunt

Seismic Stratigraphic Analysis of Lower Cretaceous Rocks, Deep Southeastern Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Ronald L. Phair, Richard T. Buffler

Dipmeter Interpretation of Turbidite-Channel Reservoirs, Delaware Basin, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Sandra Phillips

Fan-Delta Sedimentation, Waltman Member, Fort Union Formation, Wind River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Stephen T. Phillips

Integrated Exploration: Frustration, Fulfillment, or Fun?: ABSTRACT

George R. Pickett

Carbonates, Evaporites, Red Beds, and Organic Shales--Global Tectonic Model for Their Chemical Cycling and Hydrocarbon Potential: ABSTRACT

John D. Pigott

Residual Temperature Analysis--Tracking Subsurface Fluid Migration: ABSTRACT

R. H. Pilger, Jr., Jeffrey A. Nunn

Classification of Onshore Sedimentary Basins in Brazil: ABSTRACT

Roberto Porto, Peter Szatmari

Geology of Willow Creek Foreland Thrust Play, Moffat County, Colorado: ABSTRACT

R. B. Powers

Epiphyton and Renalcis--Diagenetic Microfossils from Calcification of Coccoid Blue-Green Algae: ABSTRACT

Brian R. Pratt, Noel P. James

Time as Factor in Organic Metamorphism and Use of Vitrinite Reflectance as an Absolute Paleogeothermometer: ABSTRACT

Leigh C. Price

Cordilleran Overthrust Belt in Southern Canada--Its Regional Tectonic Implications, and Its Role in Hydrocarbon Generation and Entrapment: ABSTRACT

Raymond A. Price

Mannville Group of Lloydminster Heavy Oil Fields, Canada--Depositional Overview: ABSTRACT

Peter E. Putnam

Integrated Model for Vadose Diagenesis of Carbonate Rocks: ABSTRACT

Michael J. Queen

Exploration Strategies as Integral Part of Corporate Strategic Planning: ABSTRACT

Allen N. Quick

Facies Relationships and Paleoenvironments of a Tide-Dominated Delta--An Estuarine-Barrier Complex in a Mesotidal Setting, Upper Cretaceous, Drumheller, Alberta: ABSTRACT

R. A. Rahmani

Facies Control of Carbonate Reservoir Properties: ABSTRACT

Jeff P. Reid, Norman C. Wardlaw

Lime Peak--An Upper Triassic Reef Complex in Yukon: ABSTRACT

Pamela Reid

Sedimentologic and Stratigraphic Interpretation of Sand Bodies in a Tidal Embayment: ABSTRACT

P. J. Reinhart, C. H. Ruby

Niobrara Formation (Upper Cretaceous), Eastern North Dakota: ABSTRACT

Jeremy Reiskind

Biogenic and Nonbiogenic Ore-Forming Processes in South Texas Uranium District, Panna Maria Deposit: ABSTRACT

Richard L. Reynolds, Martin B. Goldhaber, Donald J. Carpenter

Structure and Salt Tectonics of Northwest Gulf of Mexico Banks: ABSTRACT

Richard Rezak, Mary H. Feeley

Interactive Color Display and Analysis--Added Dimension to Seismic Interpretation: ABSTRACT

G. W. Rice, B. B. Stebens, Peter Macalister Hall

Tectonic Control on Deposition of Frontier Formation (Upper Cretaceous), Northeastern Uinta Basin: ABSTRACT

Brian Richter

Solute Transport Model for Pollutant Flux in Vicinity of a Landfill, Dayton, Ohio: ABSTRACT

Salvador A. Riggi, Jr.

Hydrothermal Approach to Petroleum Exploration: ABSTRACT

W. H. Roberts, III

Thin Bed Stratigraphy from Complex Trace Attributes: ABSTRACT

J. D. Robertson, H. H. Nogami

Structural Patterns in Western Canada Basin: ABSTRACT

J. E. Robinson, H. A. K. Charlesworth

Organic Geochemical Studies of Cretaceous Sediments, Jamaica--Their Petroleum Potential: ABSTRACT

Kirton Rodrigues

Application of Geostatistics to Coal Exploration, Reserve Estimation, and Quality Studies: ABSTRACT

Foad Roghani, Khosrow Badiozamani

Late Paleozoic Regional Unconformities: Their Stratigraphic Significance and Correlation: ABSTRACT

Charles A. Ross, June R. P. Ross

Petroleum Origin: Heavy Rains, River Plume, Ocean Stratification: ABSTRACT

Martine Rossignol-Strick

Evaporitic Environments and Their Relationship to Porosity of Associated Carbonates in Williston Basin (Mississippian): ABSTRACT

M. Roth, B. C. Schreiber

Diagenetic Sequence, Oil Migration, and Reservoir Quality in Peace River Oil Sands, Northwestern Alberta: ABSTRACT

Brian A. Rottenfusser

Sedimentation and Depositional Environments Between Mistaya and Survey Peak Formations, Western Alberta, Canada: ABSTRACT

Charles M. Rubin

New Regional Magnetic and Gravity Maps of Central and Western Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

David S. Rubin, M. Terry Angelich, Rex H. Pilger, Jr.

Behavior of Some Common Clays in Response to Various Oil Field Fluids: ABSTRACT

Frank J. Samstag

Normalization of Well Log Data for Regional Stratigraphic Analysis: ABSTRACT

W. C. Schetter, R. A. Basse

Hydrogen and Carbon Isotope Analyses of Natural Gases from Candela, Italy--Case History of Mixing Gases of Different Origins: ABSTRACT

M. Schoell, T. Ricchiuto, L. Mattavelli

Humid Alluvial Fans: ABSTRACT

William E. Schramm, Dag Nummedal

Upper Permian Evaporites of Dolomite Mountains, Northern Italy: ABSTRACT

B. Charlotte Schreiber, Marc L. Helman

A Stable Isotope Study of Carbonate Cements in Sligo Formation: ABSTRACT

Tadeo H. Schultz

Tidal Deposition of Cypress, Ridenhower, and Bethel Sandstones (Chesterian, Late Mississippian), La Salle Anticlinal Belt, Lawrence and Crawford Counties, Illinois: ABSTRACT

Beverly Seyler

Role of Algal Assemblages in Middle Ordovician Deposits in St. Lawrence Lowlands: ABSTRACT

Hany Shalaby, Bernard Mamet

Eustatic Control of Deep-Sea Reservoir Facies: ABSTRACT

G. Shanmugam, R. J. Moiola

Geology of Gulf Canada's Pelican Oil Sands Pilot Project, Alberta, Canada: ABSTRACT

Robert J. Sharpe

Non-Oolitic, High-Energy Carbonate Sand Accumulation: the Quicksands, Southwest Florida Keys: ABSTRACT

Eugene A. Shinn, Charles W. Holmes, J. Harold Hudson, Daniel M. Robbin, Barbara H. Lidz

Fractured Devonian Shale Reservoir, Appalachian Basin: ABSTRACT

Robert C. Shumaker

Mechanism for Framework Grain Dissolution (Secondary Porosity in Sandstones): ABSTRACT

Robert M. Siebert, George K. Moncure, Richard W. Lahann

Evolution of Floating Drilling Systems: ABSTRACT

William H. Silcox

Gravity Interpretation of Northern Overthrust Belt, Idaho and Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Wendy I. Silver, Robert R. Berg, Davis A. Fahlquist

Geologic Controls of In-Situ Processing of Tar Sands, N.W. Asphalt Ridge, Utah: ABSTRACT

Donna J. Sinks, Lyle A. Johnson, L. John Fahy

Early Cretaceous Depositional and Structural Development of Wyoming-Idaho-Utah Foreland Basin: ABSTRACT

Katharine N. Sippel, James G. Schmitt

Geometry of Modern Anastomosed Channel Deposits and Potential Hydrocarbon Traps: ABSTRACT

Derald G. Smith

Anastomosed River Deposits--Modern and Ancient Examples in Western Canada: ABSTRACT

Derald G. Smith, Peter E. Putnam

Sedimentation Within Southern Oklahoma Aulacogen: Viola Limestone: ABSTRACT

Thomas M. Smith

Computer Applications by Geologists Using Micropaleontologic Data: ABSTRACT

W. Tom Smith

Use of Stand-Alone Computer "Work Stations" for Mapping and Engineering Management of Mineral Fuel Resources: ABSTRACT

William H. Smith

Sedimentary Fabrics of Debris Flow-Dominated, Stream-Modified Alluvial Fan, Saline Valley, California: ABSTRACT

Joseph P. Smoot

Detection and Characterization of Reservoir Rock, Deep Basin Gas Area, Western Canada: ABSTRACT

R. M. Sneider, H. R. King, H. E. Hawkes, T. B. Davis

Productivity Gradients for Paleo-Oceans: A New Application of Isotopes of C-13 and O-18: ABSTRACT

Anthony Socci

Tectonics, Sedimentation, and Petroleum Potential, Northern Denver Basin, Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska: ABSTRACT

Stephen A. Sonnenberg, Robert J. Weimer

Influence of the Pre-Cretaceous Unconformity on Deposition of Lower Mannville Clastic Sequence, Drumheller, Alberta: ABSTRACT

Ellen M. Sonneveld, J. W. Murray

Model of Ocean's Coupled Carbon, Oxygen, and Phosphorous System: ABSTRACT

J. R. Southam, W. H. Peterson, G. W. Brass

Prudhoe Bay Field--Geophysical Case History: ABSTRACT

R. N. Specht, A. E. Brown, J. H. Carlisle, C. H. Selman

Pyrolitic Properties of Maceral Types: ABSTRACT

Baruch Spiro, Prasanta K. Mukhopadhyay, Dietrich H. Welte

Diagenesis of Frontier Formation, Moxa Arch, Wyoming--Function of Sandstone Geometry, Texture, and Composition of Fluid Flux: ABSTRACT

Sharon A. Stonecipher, Robert D. Winn, Jr., Michele G. Bishop

Depositional Environments of Tyler Formation in Fryburg and Rocky Ridge Area, North Dakota: ABSTRACT

Stephen D. Sturm

Role of Organic and Inorganic Reactions in Development of Secondary Porosity in Sandstones: ABSTRACT

Ronald C. Surdam, Steven Boese, Laura J. Crossey

Effective Exploration Strategy--Stratigraphic and Paleostructural Controls on Hydrocarbon Migration in Denver Basin: ABSTRACT

Patrick A. Tainter

Fluctuations in Marine Productivity Through Time: Inverse Relation with Terrestrial Floras: ABSTRACT

Helen Tappan, Alfred R. Loeblich, Jr.

Petroleum Resource Evaluation Procedure--an Example: ABSTRACT

G. C. Taylor, K. Wallace-Dudley, P. J. Lee

Sedimentology and Mineralogy of Suffield Heavy Oil Sands (Lower Cretaceous), Southeastern Alberta: ABSTRACT

B. J. Tilley, F. J. Longstaffe

Paragenetic Relation of Thermal Maturation (Coalification) and Tectonic Framework of Some Canadian Rocky Mountain Coal: ABSTRACT

Francis T. C. Ting

Depositional History of Strawn Group (Pennsylvanian), Fort Worth Foreland Basin, Colorado River Valley, Central Texas: ABSTRACT

E. L. Trice

Resource Appraisal and Environmental Problems Associated with Oil-Shale Deposits in Morocco: ABSTRACT

Uwe Troger

Utopia Algal-Bank Complex and Its Potential in Shallow Gas Exploration in South-Central Kansas: ABSTRACT

Sherry F. Trotter, Rod E. Anderson

Hydrocarbon Migration and Accumulation as Influenced by Growth-Fault Building Mechanism: ABSTRACT

Emenike O. Ukazim, D. A. Fahlquist

Petroleum Trap Associations: a Basis for Systematic Exploration: ABSTRACT

Dewitt C. Van Siclen

Dolomitization of Brassfield Formation: ABSTRACT

Lisa L. Varga, William B. Harrison

Zoning in Chesapeake Bay Dredge Piles: ABSTRACT

John P. Varndell

Facies-Controlled Diagenesis and Reservoir Character, Entrada Sandstone (Late Jurassic), Durango, Colorado: ABSTRACT

Mark W. Ver Hoeve

Electron Microprobe Study of Mg Distributions in Recent Mg Calcites and Recrystallized Equivalents from Miocene of Eniwetok Atoll: ABSTRACT

Patricia E. Videtich

Attempted Heuristic Approach to Total Potential Estimation of a Petroleum Basin: ABSTRACT

Vassil T. Vuchev

Source-Rock Analysis, Bear River Formation, Western Wyoming Overthrust Belt: ABSTRACT

Daniel B. Wallem

Dissolution Kinetics of Biogenic Carbonates--Effects of Mineralogy, Microstructure, and Solution Chemistry: ABSTRACT

Lynn M. Walter, John W. Morse

Diagenetic Fabric and Structures in Ordovician Slope Limestones: ABSTRACT

Harold R. Wanless

Quaternary Mixing-Zone Dolomite, Eastern Yucatan Peninsula: ABSTRACT

W. C. Ward, R. B. Halley, A. E. Weidie

Hydrologic Setting, Occurrence, and Significance of Gypsum in Late Quaternary Salt Lakes, South Australia: ABSTRACT

John K. Warren

Early Carbonate Fabrics in Silurian Reefs of Gotland, Sweden: ABSTRACT

Nigel R. Watts

Orleansville Turbidite: ABSTRACT

Laurie Webber, Orrin Pilkey

Analysis of Petroleum Source-Rocks of Bakken Formation (Lowermost Mississippian) in North Dakota: ABSTRACT

R. L. Webster

Persimmon Creek Field--Anatomy of a Morrow Stratigraphic Trap: ABSTRACT

Robert E. Webster

Sea-Level Changes and Tectonic Control of Unconformities, Western Interior, U.S.A.: ABSTRACT

Robert J. Weimer

Origin, Migration, and Entrapment of Natural Gas in Alberta Deep Basin: Part 1: ABSTRACT

D. H. Welte, R. G. Schaefer, M. Radke, H. M. Weiss

Oxygen Isotopes as Index for Paleosalinity During Deposition of Pennsylvanian Marble Falls Limestone of Central Texas: ABSTRACT

William D. Wiggins

Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of Upper Mannville in Parts of East-Central Alberta: ABSTRACT

Daryl M. Wightman

Correlation of Lower Ordovician Rocks to Their Geophysical Log Signature: ABSTRACT

Forrest R. Wilson

Transition from Slope to Fan Facies, Lower Cretaceous Sediments, Andean Foothills, Southern Chile: ABSTRACT

Terry J. Wilson

Fluvial Model for Lower Cretaceous Lignite, Northern Ontario: ABSTRACT

C. G. Winder, P. G. Telford, H. Verma, W. S. Fyfe, D. Long

Depositional-Tectonic Setting of Clastic-Hosted Lead-Zinc Sulfide Deposits: ABSTRACT

R. D. Winn, Jr., R. J. Bailes

Reservoir Diagenesis and Convective Fluid Flow: ABSTRACT

J. R. Wood

Petrologic Controls of Reservoir Properties of Mid-Continent Pennsylvanian Sandstones: ABSTRACT

Marvin D. Woody, Robert L. Brenner

Cenozoic Calcareous Nannofossils from Klamath, Southern Oregon: ABSTRACT

Thomas R. Worsley, Vivian J. Kupka

Cardium Formation at Seebe, Alberta--Storm-Transported Sandstones and Conglomerates: ABSTRACT

Marsha E. Wright, Roger G. Walker

Paleokarsts at Unconformities: ABSTRACT

Paul V. Wright

Preliminary Analysis of Depositional Environments of Tar Sand Host Rocks, Uinta Basin, Eastern Utah: ABSTRACT

Danny J. Wyatt

Geology of Minagish Oil Field, Kuwait: ABSTRACT

Younathan Y. Youash, Amitabha Mukhopadhyay

Depositional Model of Falher Conglomerates, Elmworth Area, Alberta: ABSTRACT

Sung H. Youn

Geochemical Correlation of Crude Oils, Gulf of Suez Region, Egypt: ABSTRACT

M. Y. Zein El-Din, E. M. Shaltout

Shallow Thermal Anomaly Over San Sebastian Oil and Gas Field, Eastern Tierra del Fuego: ABSTRACT

Gary W. Zielinski, Peter M. Bruchhausen

Depositional and Diagenetic Model for Brine Related Stratiform Mineralization: Atlantis II Deep, Red Sea: ABSTRACT

R. A. Zierenberg, W. C. Shanks, III

Late Mississippian-Pennsylvanian Orogenic Movements of West Canadian Platform and Adjacent Areas--Their Role in Sedimentation and Hydrocarbon Accumulation: ABSTRACT

Gregory Zollnai