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Frio Formation of Texas Gulf Coastal Plain: Depositional Systems, Structural Framework, and Hydrocarbon Distribution

William E. Galloway , David K. Hobday , Kinji Magara

Depositional and Statistical Exploration Models, Upper Cretaceous Offshore Sandstone Complex, Sussex Member, House Creek Field, Wyoming

John P. Hobson, Jr. , Michael L. Fowler , Edward A. Beaumont

Model for a Passive to Active Continental Margin Transition: Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration

Curtis R. Cohen

Geology of Oil-Shale Deposits Within The Narrows Graben, Queensland, Australia

David A. Henstridge , David D. Missen

Structural Framework, Stratigraphy, and Evolution of Brazilian Marginal Basins

H. A. O. Ojeda

Upwelling and Petroleum Source Beds, With Reference to Paleozoic

Judith Totman Parrish

Immature Oil and Condensate--Modification of Hydrocarbon Generation Model for Terrestrial Organic Matter

L. R. Snowdon, T. G. Powell

Role of Naturally Occurring Gas Hydrates in Sediment Transport

Richard D. McIver

NORTH AMERICAN COMMISSION ON STRATIGRAPHIC NOMENCLATURE: Report 9--Adoption of Geochronometric Units for Divisions of Precambrian Time

Jack E. Harrison, Zell E. Peterman

Chattanooga Shale in Tennessee--Resource Evaluation: ABSTRACT

Wayne H. Leimer, Chris McGowan

First Record of Palaeacis Haime 1857 from Western Canada: ABSTRACT

Alan McGugan

Geological and Chemical Conditions for Formation of Large Nonmarine Oil Field: ABSTRACT

Yang Wanli

New Upper Paleozoic and Lower Mesozoic Stratigraphic Units, Central and Western Brooks Range, Alaska: ERRATUM

C. G. Mull, I. L. Tailleur, C. F. Mayfield, Inyo Ellersieck, S. Curtis

Effects of Oil and Gas Accumulation on Water Movement: ERRATUM

Richard E. Chapman