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Structural Evolution of Carpinteria Basin, Western Transverse Ranges, California

Patrick A. Jackson , Robert S. Yeats

Displacement Transfer at Thrust Terminations in Southern Appalachians--Saltville Thrust as Example

William M. House , David R. Gray

Reef Development on a Mid-Oceanic Island: Reflection Profiling Studies of the 500-Meter Shelf South of Oahu

Arthur E. Gregory III , Loren W. Kroenke

Upper Cambrian Intrashelf Basin, Nolichucky Formation, Southwest Virginia Appalachians

J. R. Markello , J. F. Read

Roosevelt Hot Springs Geothermal System, Utah--Case Study

Howard P. Ross, Dennis L. Nielson, Joseph N. Moore

Landsat and Soil-Gas Geochemical Study of Patrick Draw Oil Field, Sweetwater County, Wyoming

D. M. Richers , R. J. Reed , K. C. Horstman , G. D. Michels , R. N. Baker , L. Lundell , R. W. Marrs (5)

Anticipating Facies-Related Coal Mining Problems in Hartshorne Formation, Arkoma Basin: GEOLOGIC NOTES

David W. Houseknecht , Anthony T. Iannacchione

Aquathermal Pressuring and Geopressure Evaluation: GEOLOGIC NOTES

Stephen R. Daines

Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential of Offshore Indus Basin, Pakistan: GEOLOGIC NOTES

S. M. Shuaib

Geothermal Fields and Plate Tectonics in Circum-Pacific Area: ABSTRACT

Hemendra K. Acharya

Geochemistry of Manganese Deposits of Nicoya Ophiolite Complex in Costa Rica: ABSTRACT

Sunit Kumar Addy, Eric P. Kuypers

Compressed Air Energy Storage for Electricity Generation: ABSTRACT

Robert D. Allen

Worldwide Applications of Ground-Coupled Heat Pumps, Conventional and Solar Assisted: ABSTRACT

John W. Andrews, Philip D. Metz

Overview of International Solar Central Receiver Projects: ABSTRACT

Alvin A. Baker

Supply of Australian Export Coal--How Much at How Much?: ABSTRACT

Donald W. Barnett

Results of Exploration in Browse Basin, Northwest Shelf, Western Australia: ABSTRACT

T. P. Barter, P. Maron, I. Willis

Role of U.S. Geological Survey in Assessment of Conventional Energy Resources in Countries Other than USA: ABSTRACT

M. J. Bergin, E. R. Landis

Undrilled Reserves in Cook Inlet Oil Fields, Alaska: ABSTRACT

Robert A. Bishop

Solar Enhanced Oil Recovery Project Using Heliostats: ABSTRACT

F. A. Blake, A. J. Anderson

Tectonic Evolution of Pacific Ocean: ABSTRACT

N. A. Bogdanov

Thailand Gas Project--A Cooperative Effort of World Bank, Government of Thailand, and Private Enterprise: ABSTRACT

Philippe Bourcier, Harold M. Lian

On a Mechanism for Seam Splitting and Implications for Exploration, Evaluation, and Exploitation of Coal Resources: ABSTRACT

Graeme L. Boyd

Tectonic Framework of Melanesian Borderland: ABSTRACT

Thomas M. Brocher, R. Holmes

Mineral Resource Expansion in British Columbia: ABSTRACT

A. Sutherland Brown, J. Gilbert McArthur

Geothermal Drilling Problems and Their Impact on Cost: ABSTRACT

Charles C. Carson

Integrated Farming System (IFS): ABSTRACT

George L. Chan

Role of Small Scale Biomass Systems in Alternative Development: ABSTRACT

George L. Chan

Geochemistry of Geothermal Field in Eastern Taiwan, R.O.C.: ABSTRACT

Stanley S. L. Chang, H. S. Liu

A Simple Geological Model for Geothermal Systems in Central Range of Taiwan: ABSTRACT

Chao-Hsia Chen

Heavy Mineral and Manganese Nodule Distribution in Areas Adjacent to Taiwan: ABSTRACT

Ju-Chin Chen, Fei-Jan Lin

Hoadley--A Potential Supergiant Gas Field in South-Central Alberta, Canada: ABSTRACT

Kam Chiang, Caswell Silver

Nonlinear Creep Behavior of Oil Shale: ABSTRACT

Ken P. Chong, George F. Dana

Application of On-Site Prime Power Packaged Cogeneration Systems in Pacific Basin: ABSTRACT

James R. Clements

Molten Rock Drilling: ABSTRACT

John L. Colp, James C. Dunn, Richard P. Striker

Southeast Quadrant Mapping: Circum-Pacific Map Project: ABSTRACT

Jose Corvalan D.

Geologic Map of Antarctica: ABSTRACT

Campbell Craddock

Geophysical Surveys in Northeast Pacific: ABSTRACT

Ralph G. Currie, R. P. Riddihough

Geology and Potential Development of Queensland Oil Shales: ABSTRACT

R. W. Day

Eruption of Mount St. Helens: ABSTRACT

Robert Decker

International Mapping Activities of the World: ABSTRACT

Frances M. Delany

Philippine Geothermal Energy Resource: An Available Indigenous Alternative: ABSTRACT

Wenceslao R. De La Paz, Alfredo C. Troncales, Chester F. Budd

Philippine Energy Policy for the 80s: ABSTRACT

Antonio V. Del Rosario

Cooper Basin Gas Liquids and Crude Oil Development Project: ABSTRACT

S. B. Devine

Mesozoic-Cenozoic Tectonic Evolution of Western North America--Alternative to the Orocline: ABSTRACT

Joe S. Dixon

Status of Circum-Pacific Map Project--Southwest Quadrant, Mid-1982: ABSTRACT

H. F. Doutch

Industrial Use of Geothermal Energy in New Zealand: ABSTRACT

Stephen R. Drew

Northeast Quadrant Mapping, Circum-Pacific Map Project: ABSTRACT

Kenneth J. Drummond

Regional Trends and Tectonic Framework, Northeast Pacific: ABSTRACT

Kenneth J. Drummond

SEATAR-Related Geophysical Studies of BGR in the Southwest Pacific: ABSTRACT

Hans-Jurgen Durbaum

Model Presentation for Displacements Between Western North America, Eastern Eurasia, and Adjacent Oceanic Plates for the Past 180 Million Years: ABSTRACT

David Engebretson

Geology of Offshore New Ireland Basin in Northern Papua, New Guinea: ABSTRACT

N. F. Exon, D. L. Tiffin

Paleomagnetic Evidence for Large Microplate Rotations in the Southwest Pacific: ABSTRACT

David Falvey, Tim Pritchard

Burial and Thermal Geohistory Analysis at Passive Continental Margins: ABSTRACT

David Falvey, Brett Edwards, Ian Derglton

Petroleum Exploration Strategies in Developing Countries: ABSTRACT

Kjell G. Finstad

Development of Ranger Mine: ABSTRACT

B. G. Fisk, J. W. Farthing

Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of Australian Basins in Light of Recent Petroleum Exploration Results: ABSTRACT

D. J. Forman

Oil Economy of Brunei and Its Prospects for the 1980s: ABSTRACT

Johannes C. Franz

Effect of Degradinite on Coal Properties and Its Conversion at Ikeshima Coal Mine: ABSTRACT

Keizo Fujii, Sumio Yamazaki, Koji Shoda, Keiji Miki

Uranium on Oceanic Side of Circum-Pacific Mobile Belt: ABSTRACT

John W. Gabelman

Early Environmental Planning for Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration and Production: ABSTRACT

John T. E. Gilbert

Principal Features of Epithermal Lode Gold Deposits of Circum-Pacific: ABSTRACT

David L. Giles, Carl E. Nelson

Main Features of Kuril-Kamchatka Deep-Sea Trench Tectonics and Geologic Development: ABSTRACT

Helios S. Gnibidenko

Cenozoic Sedimentary Basins of Okhotsk Sea: ABSTRACT

Helios S. Gnibidenko, Igor I. Khvedchuk

Preliminary Results of Leg 2 Lee Cruise in Central Basin of Vanuatu to Assess Hydrocarbon Potential and Geologic Evolution of New Hebrides Arc Basins, Southwest Pacific: ABSTRACT

H. G. Greene, D. Falvey, A. MacFarlane, G. Cochrane, D. J. Orstom, M. A. Fisher, M. L. Holmes, H. R. Katz, G. L. Smith, J. Pragnell

Small Scale Hydropower in Papua New Guinea: ABSTRACT

P. Greenwood, P. Robinson

Reflection Profiling Studies of 500-Meter Shelf South of Oahu: Reef Development on a Mid-Oceanic Island: ABSTRACT

Arthur Gregory, III, Loren W. Kroenke

Developing Canada's Energy Resources in the 1980s: ABSTRACT

J. K. Grey

Circum-Pacific Minerals Maps: ABSTRACT

P. W. Guild, M. P. Lee

Basins of the World and New Frontiers: ABSTRACT

Michel T. Halbouty

Developing the Petroleum Resources of Bering Sea--Technology, Economics, and Geology: ABSTRACT

Peter T. Hanley, William W. Wade

Oil Discovery in New Zealand Overthrusts: ABSTRACT

Tom Haskell

Marine Geophysical Studies of Western Margins of Luzon, Philippines: ABSTRACT

Dennis E. Hayes, Stephen D. Lewis

Structural Styles of Mesozoic-Cenozoic Petroliferous Basins of China: ABSTRACT

Liu Hefu

Copper Deposits--Frieda River Prospect, Papua New Guinea: ABSTRACT

Drew D. Henry

Ok Tedi--A Gold-Copper Open Pit Development in Papua New Guinea: ABSTRACT

W. V. Hewitt

High Temperature Geothermal Well-Logging Techniques in Japan: ABSTRACT

Toshinobu Itoh

Preliminary Tectono-Stratigraphic Terrane Map of Circum-Pacific Region: ABSTRACT

D. L. Jones, D. G. Howell, E. R. Schermer

Mineral Resources and Maps of New Zealand, the New Hebrides, and the Solomons: ABSTRACT

H. R. Katz

Southwest Pacific Island Arcs: Sedimentary Basins and Petroleum Prospects in New Hebrides and Solomons: ABSTRACT

H. R. Katz

Alternative Liquid Fuel Developments in New Zealand: ABSTRACT

David Kear

A Marine Geologic Map Series of California: ABSTRACT

M. P. Kennedy, H. G. Greene, S. H. Clarke, Jr., R. McCarthy

Resource Driven Economic Potentials of Circum-Pacific Region: ABSTRACT

W. F. Kieschnick

Methanol and Ethanol from Wood as a Resource: ABSTRACT

A. L. Kitchner

Geothermal Energy in United States: Directions and Results, 1976-1982: ABSTRACT

James B. Koenig

Hawaii's Renewable Energy Program: ABSTRACT

Hideto Kono

Volcanogenic Manganese Deposits in Western Cordillera: ABSTRACT

Randolph A. Koski, James R. Hein

Geomorphology, Structure, and Geochemistry of North Fiji Basin Triple Junction: ABSTRACT

L. W. Kroenke, J. V. Eade

Late Cretaceous Oil Shale, Southwest South Korea: ABSTRACT

Dai Sung Lee

Seismicity, Faulting and Tectonics of Inner Continental Borderland Offshore Northern Baja California, Mexico: ABSTRACT

Mark R. Legg, Victor Wong O.

Prospects for Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) in the Pacific: ABSTRACT

Lloyd F., Lewis, Kenneth R. McDonald

Microtremor Studies in Roosevelt and Beowawe Geothermal Areas: ABSTRACT

Alfred L. Liaw, Wayne Suyenaga

Direct Use of Geothermal Energy in Circum-Pacific Region: ABSTRACT

John W. Lund

Minerals and Energy Prospects in Small Island Nations of Southwest Pacific: Vanuatu, a Type Example: ABSTRACT

A. Macfarlane

Polymetallic Sulfides of Ocean Floor--A New Mineral Resource of the Pacific?: ABSTRACT

Alexander Malahoff

Growth of Coal Industry in British Columbia: ABSTRACT

A. Matheson, J. Clancy, D. Grieve

Preliminary Metallogenic Map of New Caledonia--Second Part: Mineral Deposits Nonassociated with Ultrabasic Rocks: ABSTRACT

P. Maurizot, J. M. Eberle

New Surficial Sediment Maps of Pacific Ocean: Circum-Pacific Map Project (1:10,000,000): ABSTRACT

Floyd W. McCoy

Economic Geology and Mineral Resource Base of People's Republic of China: ABSTRACT

A. A. Meyerhoff, Chin Chen, J.-O. Willums

Geology of Northern Thailand: ABSTRACT

A. H. G. Mitchell, Werapon Jantaranipa

Tertiary Dismemberment of Western North America: ABSTRACT

George W. Moore

Geology and Geothermal Energy Development at Coso KGRA: ABSTRACT

James L. Moore, Carl F. Austin, Harold J. Prostka

Recent Regional Studies in Central Eromanga Basin Area in Southwestern Queensland, Australia: ABSTRACT

F. J. Moss, B. R. Senior, O. Dixon

Seismic Reflection and Mineral Prospecting: ABSTRACT

R. G. Nelson

Energy Requirements of South Pacific and the Role of Renewables: ABSTRACT

Kenneth Newcombe, Stephen Meyers, Wm. Sam Pintz, Kirk R. Smith

Tectonic Stress and Metallogenesis--Southwest Pacific Island Arc Region: ABSTRACT

Chikao Nishiwaki

Status of Geologic and Resource Mapping, Northwest Quadrant, Circum-Pacific Map Project: ABSTRACT

Chikao Nishiwaki, Tamotsu Nozawa, Yoshihiko Shimazaki

Relation of Metallogenesis to Accreted Tectono-Stratigraphic Terranes in Alaska: ABSTRACT

Warren J. Nokleberg, Henry C. Berg, Ian M. Lange, Donald Grybeck, David L. Jones

Geologic Setting of Polymetallic Sulfide Deposits on East Pacific Rise at 21°N and Juan de Fuca Ridge near 45°N: ABSTRACT

William R. Normark

Hawaii Deep Water Cable Program--Phase I Study: ABSTRACT

Gary N. Okura

Geothermal Development in Pacific Basin--Problems, Issues, and Answers: ABSTRACT

Carel Otte

Exploration for Geothermal Resources in Dixie Valley, Nevada--A Case History: ABSTRACT

W. L. Parchman, Jr., John W. Knox

Preliminary Metallogenic Map of New Caledonia: First Part--Mineral Deposits Associated with Overthrusted Ophiolite: ABSTRACT

J. P. Paris, A. Colleau, M. Esterle

Finding the Undiscovered Petroleum of the Circum-Pacific: ABSTRACT

John M. Parker

Coal in New Zealand Energy Scene: ABSTRACT

William S. Partel

The Role of the United States Geological Survey in Pacific Basin: ABSTRACT

Dallas Peck

Chilean Energy and Mineral Resources for the 80s: ABSTRACT

Bruno Philippi

Northern New Guinea Wrench Fault System: A Manifestation of Late Cenozoic Interactions Between Australian and Pacific Plates: ABSTRACT

John D. Pigott, Nancy I. Trumbly

Distribution of Manganese Nodules in Pacific Ocean: ABSTRACT

D. Z. Piper, T. R. Swint, V. E. McKelvey, L. Sullivan

Devonian Reef Prospects, Canning and Bonaparte Gulf Basins, Western Australia: ABSTRACT

Phillip E. Playford

Geology and Geothermal Exploration, Southernmost Peru: ABSTRACT

Harold J. Prostka, James L. Moore, Joe La Fleur

Rock-Multielement-Geochemistry at Copper-Gold Anomaly in Kaputusan (Bacan Island), Moluccas, Indonesia: ABSTRACT

H. Pudjowalujo, D. Bering

Hydrothermal Resources of Makushin Volcano Region of Unalaska Island, Alaska: ABSTRACT

John W. Reeder

Circum-Pacific Map Project: Framework for International Resources Assessment: ABSTRACT

John A. Reinemund, Warren O. Addicott

Experimental Results and Potential for Hot Dry Rock Geothermal Resources: ABSTRACT

John C. Rowley, Grant Heiken, Hugh D. Murphy, Michio Kuriyagawa

Recent Development in Pacific Metallogenetic Provinces of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Guillermo P. Salas

Geology and Production History of Offshore Northwest Palawan, Philippines: ABSTRACT

A. Saldivar-Sali, H. G. Oesterle, D. N. Brownlee

Tectonic Map of Circum-Pacific Southwest Quadrant - A Draft Presentation: ABSTRACT

Erwin Scheibner

Preliminary Results of Geophysical and Geological Studies to Assess Resource Potential and Geologic Evolution of Central Tonga Ridge and Summit Platform (21-24° Latitude): ABSTRACT

D. W. Scholl, T. U Maung, T. V. Vallier, J. Childs, A. J. Stevenson, N. F. Exon, R. H. Herzer, M. W. Sandstrom, S. Soaki

Wind Applications in Pacific: ABSTRACT

John W. Shupe, D. Richard Neill

Formation, Evolution, and Hydrocarbon Prospects of Makassar Basin, Indonesia: ABSTRACT

B. Situmorang

Energy Requirements of South Pacific and the Role of Renewables: ABSTRACT

Kirk R. Smith, Ken Newcombe, Steve Meyers, Sam Pintz

Assessment of Reservoir Potential of Bali Geothermal Field, Indonesia: ABSTRACT

B. Soetantri, Prijanto

Rio Zulia Field, Colombia: ABSTRACT

Karl W. Stauffer

Quartz Hill, Alaska: ABSTRACT

J. Stephens, P. Smith

A Comparison of Gold Mineralization at Jerritt Canyon, Nevada, with Other Disseminated Gold Deposits of Basin and Range Province: ABSTRACT

David L. Stevens, Robert B. Hawkins

Indonesia's Role in World Energy Markets in the 80s: ABSTRACT

Joedo Sumbono

Continental Margin Around Western Coral Sea Basin: Structural Elements, Seismic Sequences, and Petroleum Geological Aspects: ABSTRACT

Philip A. Symonds, Jurgen Fritsch, Hans-Ulrich Schluter

Impact of Agricultural Renewables on China's Energy Supplies: ABSTRACT

Ding-Lai Tao, Hsi-Chun Hsu

Subduction of Woodlark Spreading System at Solomon Island Arc: ABSTRACT

Brian Taylor, N. F. Exon

The Last 200 Million Years in Eastern Asia: Yanshanian Subduction and Post-Yanshanian Extension: ABSTRACT

Maurice J. Terman

Tectonic Guidelines for Oil and Gas in the Circum-Pacific: ABSTRACT

Thomas L. Thompson

Petroleum Potential of Southern Part of Tonga Platform: ABSTRACT

Tun U Maung, Karen Anscombe, Sione L. Tongilava

Preliminary Results of Leg 3 Lee Cruise--Basin Development and Resource Potential of Central Solomons Trough: ABSTRACT

J. G. Vedder, D. L. Tiffin, F. I. E. Coulson, L. A. Beyer, T. R. Bruns, J. Colwell, A. K. Cooper, L. Kroenke, M. Marlow, R. A. Wood

A Review of United States Active/Passive Solar Cooling Program for Building: ABSTRACT

Michael Wallhig

New Gold-Silver-Copper Orebody at El Indio, Chile: ABSTRACT

Thomas N. Walthier, Juan A. Proano, Ramon Araneda, Jack Crawford

Australian Energy Development and Policies for the 80s: ABSTRACT

Alan J. Woods

Impact of Renewables on China's Energy Supplies: ABSTRACT

Wu Xiang-Gan

Operating Experience of Johnson & Johnson Solar Industrial Process Steam Facility: ABSTRACT

Stanley B. Youngblood

Study of Microearthquake Activity in Four Geothermal Areas of Taiwan: ABSTRACT

Shui-Beih Yu, Yi-Ben Tsai

Bulgugsa Granitic Activity and Metallogeny in South Korea: ABSTRACT

Suckew Yun

Fossil Energy Resources of China: ABSTRACT

Luo Zhetan, Zhao Xiafei