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Carpathian Foreland Fold and Thrust Belt and Its Relation to Pannonian and Other Basins

B. C. Burchfiel, L. Royden

Thrust Systems

Steven E. Boyer , David Elliott

Origin of Fracture Porosity--Example from Altamont Field, Utah

Wayne Narr , John B. Currie

Global Geologic History and Distribution of Hydrocarbon Reserves

C. Bois, P. Bouche, R. Pelet

Seismic Detection and Evaluation of Delta and Turbidite Sequences: Their Application to Exploration for the Subtle Trap

O. R. Berg

Structural Control of Jurassic Sedimentation in Alabama and Florida

James A. Miller

Interpretation of Subsurface Hydrocarbon Shows

Tim T. Schowalter , Paul D. Hess

Continental-Oceanic Crustal Transition Off Southwest Africa

James A. Austin, Jr. , Elazar Uchupi

Applications of Landsat Imagery to Problems of Petroleum Exploration in Qaidam Basin, China

G. Bryan Bailey , Patrick D. Anderson

North Palawan Block, Philippines--Its Relation to Asian Mainland and Role in Evolution of South China Sea

N. H. Holloway

Sediment Thickness and Depth to Basement in Western North Atlantic Ocean Basin

Brian E. Tucholke , Robert E. Houtz , William J. Ludwig , (5)

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: A Technique for Direct Nondestructive Evaluation of Source-Rock Potential

Francis P. Miknis , J. Ward Smith , Edwin K. Maughan , Gary E. Maciel (5)

Measured Radiogenic Heat Production in Sediments from Continental Margin of Eastern North America: Implications for Petroleum Generation: GEOLOGIC NOTE

C. E. Keen , T. Lewis

Ekofisk: First of the Giant Oil Fields in Western Europe: DISCUSSION

L. W. Minturn

Saddle Crystal Dolomites as Fractured Reservoir Indicators, Mississippian Biohermal Facies, Hardeman County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Wayne M. Ahr

Chappel (Mississippian) Biohermal Reservoirs in Hardeman Basin, Texas: ABSTRACT

Wayne M. Ahr, Sheila L. Ross

Determination of Depositional Environments of Sand Bodies by Use of Vertical Grain-Size Progressions: ABSTRACT

John B. Anderson, Carl Wolfteich, Robyn Wright, Mary Lou Cole

Contrasting Depositional Processes of Sub-Clarksville and Woodbine Reservoir Sandstones: ABSTRACT

Robert A. Barton

Evolution and Porosity of Carbonate Shoaling Cycles, Lower Glen Rose (Lower Cretaceous), South Texas: ABSTRACT

Annell R. Bay

Potassium-Argon Age Dating of Interlayered Glauconites from Eocene Queen City Formation, East Texas: ABSTRACT

Candyce L. Beck, John A. S. Adams

Petrology and Reservoir Characteristics of Smackover Formation, Hatter's Pond Field--Implications for Smackover Exploration in Southwestern Alabama: ABSTRACT

D. Joe Benson, Ernest A. Mancini

Abnormal Pressures in Lower Vicksburg, McAllen Ranch Field, South Texas: ABSTRACT

Robert R. Berg, Mark F. Habeck

Geometry and Mechanisms of Folding Related to Growth Faulting in Nordheim Field Area (Wilcox), De Witt County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Lee T. Billingsley

Relation of Smectite-Illite Transformation and Development of Abnormal Fluid Pressure and Structure in Northern Gulf of Mexico Basin: ABSTRACT

Clemont H. Bruce

Late Eocene to Early Oligocene Calcareous Nannofossils in Alabama and Mississippi: ABSTRACT

Laurel M. Bybell

Hydrothermal Mineralization Within Balcones and Luling Fault Zones of Texas: ABSTRACT

S. Christopher Caran

Polycystine Radiolarian Distribution and Enhancements Related to Oceanographic Conditions in a Hypothetical Ocean: ABSTRACT

Richard E. Casey, Joan M. Spaw, Florence R. Kunze

Productive Lower Wilcox Stratigraphic Traps from Entrenched Valley in Kinkler Field, Lavaca County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Stewart Chuber, Robert L. Begeman

Ouachita Orogenic Complex, Central Texas--Geophysical Measurements and Basement Offset: ABSTRACT

H. C. Clark

Detailed Grain Size and Heavy Mineralogy of Sands of Northeastern Texas Gulf Coast--Implications with Regard to Coastal Barrier Development: ABSTRACT

Mary Lou Cole, John B. Anderson

Formation of Mississippi Canyon: ABSTRACT

J. M. Coleman, D. B. Prior, John F. Lindsay

Basement Structure in Northwest Peninsular Florida: ABSTRACT

Neil M. Coleman, Mark T. Stewart

Stratigraphic Distribution of Hydrocarbons with Differing API Gravities in East Texas Basin: ABSTRACT

Rob Conti

Implications of Fission-Track Ages from Kaplan Geothermal-Geopressure Zone, Vermilion Parish, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Roy K. Dokka

Using Nannofossil Counts in Interpretation of Subsurface Deltas: ABSTRACT

Robert W. Everett, Jr.

Late Cretaceous Volcanism in South and Central Texas--Stratigraphic, Structural, and Seismic Models: ABSTRACT

Thomas E. Ewing, S. Christopher Caran

Upper Jurassic-Lower Cretaceous Fan-Delta Complex--La Casita Formation of Saltillo Area, Coahuila, Mexico: ABSTRACT

K. S. Fortunato, W. C. Ward

Paleocene-Eocene Boundary in Eastern Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

Norman O. Frederiksen, Thomas G. Gibson, Laurel M. Bybell

Clay Mineralogy and Depositional History of Frio Formation in Two Geopressured Wells, Brazoria County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Robert L. Freed

Paleocene to Middle Eocene Stratigraphy of Alabama: ABSTRACT

Thomas G. Gibson, Ernest A. Mancini, Laurel M. Bybell

Modern Thecamoebinids (Arcellinida) from Balize Delta, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Drew Haman

Effects of Syndepositional Structures on Lower Vicksburg (Oligocene) Fluvial-Deltaic Sedimentation, McAllen Ranch Field Area, Hidalgo County, South Texas: ABSTRACT

Jong H. Han, Alan J. Scott

Reactivation of Fault Movement, Tepetate Fault Zone, South-Central Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Jeffrey S. Hanor

Misinterpretation of Environmental Monitoring Data--a Plague on Mankind: ABSTRACT

Wayne C. Isphording

Composition and Diagenesis of Upper Cretaceous San Miguel Sandstone, Northern Webb County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Alonzo D. Jacka

Jurassic Petroleum Geology of Southwestern Clarke County, Mississippi: ABSTRACT

J. B. Jackson, P. M. Harris

Gray Sandstones (Jurassic) in Terryville Field, Louisiana--Basinal Deposition and Exploration Model: ABSTRACT

Philip C. Judice, S. J. Mazzullo

Lithofacies and Depositional Environments of Middle Ordovician Shelf Carbonates in Southern Appalachians: ABSTRACT

Alison Lee

Toward a Better Understanding of Gulf Coast Miocene Deep-Water Sediments: ABSTRACT

Brian E. Lock

Recent Foraminifera Around Petroleum Production Platforms on Southwest Louisiana Shelf: ABSTRACT

Jo Ann Locklin, Rosalie F. Maddocks

Grain Shape Analysis--Application to Problems of Sediment Source and Transport: ABSTRACT

Jim Mazzullo

Preliminary Assessment of Louisiana's Uranium Potential: ABSTRACT

Richard P. McCulloh

Exploration Analysis of Jurassic Apalachicola Embayment of Florida: ABSTRACT

Hugh J. Mitchell-Tapping

Depositional Environment of Jurassic Smackover Sandstones, Thomasville Field, Rankin County, Mississippi: ABSTRACT

Rebecca S. Olsen

Facies Analysis of Cretaceous Hensel Formation--Response of a Fluvial System to Marine Transgression: ABSTRACT

Janie H. Payne, Alan J. Scott

Depositional Environments of Norphlet Formation (Jurassic) of Southwestern Alabama: ABSTRACT

Fred Pepper

Geology and Log Study of Tight Gas Sandstones--Cotton Valley Group: ABSTRACT

Gordon Pirie

"Big Look"--Future Trend of Exploration: ABSTRACT

William C. Ramsey-Palmer, Brian T. Fine

Field Size Distributions and Exploration Efficiencies by Depth Zones in Gulf Coast Area: ABSTRACT

L. A. Rapoport, G. C. Grender

Modern Benthic Foraminifera from Gyre Intraslope Basin, Northern Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Leslie A. Reynolds

Gulf Coast Magic: ABSTRACT

W. H. Roberts, III

Future Energy Invulnerability: ABSTRACT

T. W. Rolling

Catahoula Creek Field--a Complex Structural and Stratigraphic Trap in Downdip Cotton Valley Sands: ABSTRACT

Torstein Sanness, David Hancock

Prediction of Deep-Sea Reservoir Facies: ABSTRACT

G. Shanmugan, R. J. Moiola

Depositional Environment of Carter Sandstone (Chesterian) of Black Warrior Basin in Northwestern Alabama and Northeastern Mississippi: ABSTRACT

Brian Shepard

Tectonic Evolution of Trans-Pecos, Texas: ABSTRACT

Timothy M. Shepard, Jack L. Walper

Depositional Environments and Gas Production Trends, Olmos Sandstone, Upper Cretaceous, Webb County, Texas: ABSTRACT

John W. Snedden, David G. Kersey

Ecostratigraphic Model for Shelf Platform Development of Middle Cretaceous (Stuart City) Limestones of South-Central Texas: ABSTRACT

N. J. Tartamella

Regional Jurassic Lithostratigraphy of Alabama: ABSTRACT

Janyth S. Tolson

Use of High-Altitude Color Infrared Imagery in Structural Mapping of Monument Spring Area, West-Central Marathon Uplift, Brewster County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Walter D. Tomlinson

Monitoring Local Subsidence in Areas of Potential Geopressured Fluid Withdrawal, Southwestern Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Drukell B. Trahan

Elements of High-Constructive Deltaic Sedimentation, Lower Frio Formation, Brazoria County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Noel Tyler, Jong H. Han

Paleoecology of Mississippi River Mudlumps--Statistical Analysis of a Foraminiferal Assemblage: ABSTRACT

Robert T. Verrastro

Lithostratigraphy and Biostratigraphy of Upper Eocene and Lower Oligocene Strata in Southwest Alabama and Southeast Mississippi: ABSTRACT

Laura A. Waters, Ernest A. Mancini

Deposition and Stratification of Oblique Dunes, South Padre Island, Texas: ABSTRACT

Stephen Paul Weiner

Comparison of Radiolarian Thanatocoenosis and Biocoenosis from Oligotrophic Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean, and Eutrophic Southern California Sea: ABSTRACT

Cynthia R. Wigley

Cenozoic Shelf Margins, Northwestern Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Charles D. Winker

Clay Mineral Identification by Remote Sensing: ABSTRACT

Michael J. Abrams, Alexander F. H. Goetz

K/Ar Dating of Illitic Clay in Sandstone Reservoirs and Timing of Petroleum Migration: ABSTRACT

James Aronson, Roger L. Burtner

Silica and Metal Release During Clay Mineral Diagenesis and Shale Overpressuring: ABSTRACT

Kevin C. Beck

Relation of Illite/Smectite Diagenesis and Development of Structure in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Basin: ABSTRACT

Clemont H. Bruce

Illite/Smectite Diagenesis and Hydrocarbon Generation in Cretaceous Mowry and Skull Creek Shales of Northern Rocky Mountains--Great Plains Region: ABSTRACT

R. L. Burtner, M. A. Warner

Catalytic Effect of Smectitic Clays in Hydrocarbon Generation: ABSTRACT

J. B. Davis

Probable Interactions Between Stevens Sandstone (a Miocene Deep-Water Turbidite) and Surrounding Siliceous Shales in San Joaquin Valley, California: ABSTRACT

E. Eslinger, V. Ranganathan

Organic Carbon Content and Fractured Shale Reservoir Evaluation Based on Natural Gamma Ray Spectral Logging: ABSTRACT

Walter H. Fertl

Role of Clay Composition on Extent of Smectite-Illite Diagenesis: ABSTRACT

W. R. Foster, H. C. Custard

Clays as Acid Geocatalysts in Generation and Maturation of Petroleum: ABSTRACT

T. P. Goldstein

Clay Mineral Reactions in Clastic Diagenesis: ABSTRACT

John Hower

Clay Mineral Catalysis and Petroleum Generation: ABSTRACT

W. D. Johns

Brines, Clay Minerals, and Equilibria: Predicting Diagenetic History and Reservoir Quality in Oligocene Frio Formation of Texas: ABSTRACT

W. R. Kaiser, R. L. Bassett, R. A. Morton

Diagenesis and Mass Transfer in Sandstone-Shale Sequences and the Sedimentary Cycle: ABSTRACT

Fred T. Mackenzie, Jane Schoonmaker, H. Chang

Permeability of Clay Shales: ABSTRACT

G. Mesri

Illite/Smectite Diagenesis: Relation to Coal Rank in Tertiary Sediments of Pacific Northwest: ABSTRACT

D. R. Pevear

Combined Natural Gamma Ray Spectral/Litho-Density Measurements Applied to Clay Mineral Identification: ABSTRACT

J. A. Quirein, J. S. Gardner, J. T. Watson

Al-Hydroxy Smectite: An Intermediate Between Smectite and Mixed-Layer Illite/Smectite Formed in Burial Diagenesis of Pelitic Sediments?: ABSTRACT

Herman E. Roberson, Bruce Sass

Oxygen Isotopic Studies of Diagenetic Clay Minerals: Implications for Geothermometry, Diagenetic Reaction Mechanisms, and Fluid Migration: ABSTRACT

Samuel M. Savin

Numerical Model of Shale Compaction, Aquathermal Pressuring, and Hydraulic Fracturing: ABSTRACT

John M. Sharp, Jr., Michael H. Kortenhof

Importance of Physical Properties of Clays in Oil Formation and Migration: ABSTRACT

Philippe Ungerer

Effect of Bulk Composition on Clay Mineralogy: Examples from Jurassic Sandstones of North Sea: ABSTRACT

B. Velde

Mechanical Properties of Clays in Fault Zones Under High Pressure Conditions: ABSTRACT

C. Y. Wang