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Deep Structure of Northern Mississippi Embayment

A. Ginzburg , W. D. Mooney , A. W. Walter , W. J. Lutter , J. H. Healy

Hydrocarbon Geochemistry in Surface Sediments of Alaskan Outer Continental Shelf: Part 2. Distribution of Hydrocarbon Gases

M. W. Sandstrom , D. Meredith , I. R. Kaplan

New Method of Oil Prediction

Yu Zhijun

Permeability Controls on Aquathermal Pressuring

John M. Sharp, Jr.

Relation of Lower Morrow Sandstone and Porosity Trends to Chester Paleogeomorphology, Persimmon Creek Field Area, Northwestern Oklahoma

Robert E. Webster

Geologic Interpretation of Space Shuttle Radar Images of Indonesia

Floyd F. Sabins, Jr.

Shelf and Deep-Sea Sedimentation in Eocene Forearc Basin, Western Oregon--Fan or Non-Fan?

M. A. Chan , R. H. Dott, Jr.

Geology and Hydrocarbon Prospects of Jamaica

Mansour S. Kashfi

Tectonic Analysis of a Viking Graben Border Fault

Nils Fagerland

Programmed Pyrolysis of Organic Matter from Thermally Altered Cretaceous Black Shales

K. E. Peters , J. K. Whelan , J. M. Hunt , M. E. Tarafa

Hydrocarbon Habitat in Main Producing Areas, Saudi Arabia: DISCUSSION

Philip Brennan

Lower Tertiary Sand Development in Viking Graben, North Sea: DISCUSSION

John Williams

Lower Tertiary Sand Development in Viking Graben, North Sea: REPLY

Andrew Morton

Notions of Stinking Oceans? Models for Organic Carbon Burial During Cretaceous "Anoxic Events": ABSTRACT

Michael A. Arthur

Cretaceous Wave-Dominated Delta, Barrier Island, and Submarine Fan Depositional Systems of the Rocky Mountains: Clastic Models for Hydrocarbon Exploration: ABSTRACT

John K. Balsley

Mode of Extension of Continental Crust: ABSTRACT

Warren Hamilton

Accretionary Growth of Western North America: Examples from Alaska: ABSTRACT

David L. Jones

Origin of Dolomite and Its Spatial and Chronological Distribution--A New Insight: ABSTRACT

Miriam Kastner

Shallow Gas Fields in High Porosity Chalk: An Independent's Exploration Strategy: ABSTRACT

John P. Lockridge

Hydrothermal Mineralization at Sea Floor Spreading Centers: ABSTRACT

Peter A. Rona

Rocks, Pores, and Enhanced Oil Recovery--A Geological Challenge: ABSTRACT

Norman C. Wardlaw

Future of Natural Gas: ABSTRACT

Richard E. Wyman

Selected Structural Basins of the Midcontinent, USA: ERRATUM

Paul Dean Proctor, John W. Koenig