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Concepts for Estimating Hydrocarbon Accumulation and Dispersion

Richard S. Bishop , Harry M. Gehman, Jr. , Allen Young

Statistical Appraisal of Seismic Prospects in Louisiana-Texas Outer Continental Shelf

John C. Davis , John W. Harbaugh

Hydrocarbon-Bearing Submarine Fan System of Cellino Formation, Central Italy

Raffaele Casnedi

Early Devonian Conodont-Graptolite Collation and Correlations with Brachiopod and Coral Zones, Central Nevada

M. A. Murphy , W. B. N. Berry

Link Between Aluminum Mobility and Destruction of Secondary Porosity: GEOLOGIC NOTES

C. D. Curtis

Pristane, Phytane, and Lower Molecular Weight Isoprenoid Distributions in Oils

Harold A. Illich

New Techniques for Clay Mineral Identification by Remote Sensing: ABSTRACT

Michael J. Abrams, Alexander F. H. Goetz, H. Lang

Seismic Reflection Surveys in Central Palo Duro Basin: ABSTRACT

H. Acharya, L. Buller, J. Lewkowicz, P. Murphy

Subsurface Glen Rose Reef Trend in East Texas and West-Central Louisiana: ABSTRACT

G. Steven Adams

Depositional Microfacies and Burial Diagenesis of Upper Jurassic Cotton Valley Limestone, Teague Townsite Field, Central Texas: ABSTRACT

Wayne M. Ahr, R.C. Faucette, C. Steffensen

Storm-Generated Accumulation of Nummulite Banks in Eocene of Cairo, Egypt: ABSTRACT

Thomas Aigner

Origin and Genesis of Fracture Porosity in Viola Limestone (Ordovician): ABSTRACT

George Dorroh Allen

Textural Controls on Sandstone Diagenesis: ABSTRACT

William R. Almon

Role of CO2 in Evolution of Secondary Porosity in Pennsylvanian Morrow Sandstones, Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Zuhair Al-Shaieb

Dolomitization and Late Secondary Porosity Development in Nisku Reefs (Late Devonian) of Alberta: ABSTRACT

James H. Anderson

Fine Structure of Radiolaria: ABSTRACT

O. R. Anderson

Trace Fossils of Middle Mississippian Carbonates, South-Central Indiana: ABSTRACT

Allen W. Archer

Eocene-Oligocene Boundary Problems, West Coast, North America: ABSTRACT

John M. Armentrout

Tectonic Control of Eocene Arkosic Sediment Deposition, Oregon and Washington: ABSTRACT

John M. Armentrout, Ulrich A. Franz

K/Ar Dating of Illitic Clays in Jurassic Nugget Sandstone and Timing of Petroleum Migration in Wyoming Overthrust Belt: ABSTRACT

James Aronson, Roger L. Burtner

Yellow Cat Revisited: A Review of Helen Cannon's Selenium Indicator Plants: ABSTRACT

G. K. Arp

Depositional Environments of the Mississippian Chappel Bioherms, Hardeman County, Texas: ABSTRACT

G. B. Asquith, M. D. Allison

Late Eocene to Early Oligocene Calcareous Nannoplankton Biostratigraphy and Biogeography: ABSTRACT

M.-P. Aubry

Use of Synthetic Sonic Logs Derived from Seismic Data in Interpretation of Stratigraphic Variation in Cretaceous Carbonates of North Field Area, Qatar: ABSTRACT

Helena S. Aves, Daniel M. Tappmeyer

Analysis of Hydrocarbon Potential of Outer Continental Shelf, Slope, and Rise of the Niger Delta, Nigeria, from Seismic and Geological Data: ABSTRACT

Olufemi O. Babalola

Reflection Seismogram in a Solid Layered Earth: ABSTRACT

Milo M. Backus, Filho Nepomuceno, Jingzhong Cao

Lacustrine and Paludine Facies: Cretaceous Baum Limestone, South-Central Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

E'Lesha D. Balkan, R. Douglas Elmore

Seismic Expression of Carbonate to Terrigenous Clastic Sediment Facies Transitions of Western Florida Shelf: ABSTRACT

Mahlon M. Ball, Ray G. Martin, David Taylor, Jim Leinbach

Significance of Limestone-Shale, Rock-Stratigraphic Contacts--The Connecting Links Between Areas of Contemporaneous Carbonate and Terrigenous Detritus Sedimentation: ABSTRACT

Stanton M. Ball

A Surface Vitrinite Reflectance Anomaly Related to Bell Creek Oil Field, Montana U.S.A.: ABSTRACT

C. E. Barker, M. C. Dalziel, M. J. Pawlewicz

Organic Geochemistry--Perspectives and Projections: ABSTRACT

Colin Barker

Hydrocarbon Accumulation in Pennsylvanian-Age Ten Sleep Sandstone: The Trapper Creek Tar Sand Deposit, Big Horn Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

S. S. Barrell

Distribution of Thermal Maturity in Central Graben, North Sea: ABSTRACT

Mary L. Barrett

Numerical Climate Modeling: An Exploration Frontier in Petroleum Source Rock Prediction: ABSTRACT

Eric J. Barron, Warren M. Washington

Genesis and Preservation of Antidune Stratification in Modern and Ancient Washover Deposits: ABSTRACT

J. H. Barwis, M. O. Hayes

History of Development and Depositional Environment and Upper Cherokee Prue Sand, Custer and Roger Mills Counties, Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

David K. Baumann, Miles L. Peterson, Linda W. Hunter

Transverse Structural Styles and Subduction-Related Deformation in Sumatra Fore-Arc Basin, Western Sunda Arc, Indonesia: ABSTRACT

D. Beaudry, G. F. Moore

Depositional Environments of Lower Portion of Pottsville Group (Pennsylvanian) in Southern Ohio: ABSTRACT

Dennis J. Bebel

Chemical Characterization of Petroleum from a Seep on Slope of Northern Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

E. W. Behrens, R. S. Scalan, P. L. Parker

Monterey Fractured Reservoir, Santa Barbara Channel, California: ABSTRACT

William C. Belfield, James Helwig, Paul R. La Pointe, W. K. Dahleen

Hydrodynamics of Denver Basin, An Explanation of Subnormal Fluid Pressures: ABSTRACT

Kenneth Belitz, John Bredehoeft

Importance of Shelf to Trough Black Phosphatic Shales in Mid-Continent: ABSTRACT

Allan P. Bennison

Changes in Deep-Sea Ostracode Fauna from Eocene into Oligocene: ABSTRACT

Richard H. Benson

Abnormal Pressures and Their Relation to Oil and Gas Migration and Accumulation: ABSTRACT

R. R. Berg

The Age of the Eocene/Oligocene Boundary is ...: ABSTRACT

W. A. Berggren

Paleozoic Lithofacies in Southwestern Sinai and Their Depositional Environments: ABSTRACT

D. P. Bhattacharyya, Nathan R. Peck, S. E. Mansour

Fan-Delta Deposition in Lower Cotton Valley Group Sandstones of Northeast Texas: ABSTRACT

C. E. Black

Use of Precise Temperature Logs in Determination of Thermal Properties of Sedimentary Rocks and Investigation of Thermal Evolution of Sedimentary Basins: ABSTRACT

David Blackwell, John Steele, Dan Hagedorn

Pebble Shale (Early Cretaceous) Depositional Environments in National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska (NPRA): ABSTRACT

David c. Blanchard, Irvin L. Tailleur

Radiolarian Biostratigraphy of Hawasina Complex, Northern Oman: ABSTRACT

Charles D. Blome, Phyllis Tippit, Robert E. Garrison, Daniel Bernoulli, John D. Smewing

Reevaluation of Early Tertiary Radiolarian Faunas from Kellogg and Sidney Shales of Mount Diablo Area, California: ABSTRACT

Joyce R. Blueford, Charloette Brunner

Distribution of Spongodiscid-Type Radiolarians In Modern Sediments: ABSTRACT

Joyce R. Blueford, Christopher King

A New Model of Succession of Middle and Late Pennsylvanian Fossil Communities in North Texas, Mid-Continent, and Appalachians with Implications on Black Shale Controversy: ABSTRACT

D. R. Boardman, II, T. E. Yancey, R. H. Mapes, J. M. Malinky

Geology and Petroleum Potential of Flathead Region, Flathead County, Montana, and Southeastern British Columbia: ABSTRACT

W. W. Boberg

Dissolution of Plagioclase as Hydrocarbon Reservoirs: ABSTRACT

James R. Boles

Thermal-Mechanical Modeling of Early Paleozoic Miogeoclinal Sequences in Southern Canadian Rockies: ABSTRACT

Gerard C. Bond, Michelle A. Kominz

Vitrinite Reflectance and Temperature Gradient Models Applied at a Site in Piceance Basin, Colorado: ABSTRACT

Neely H. Bostick

Hummocks--Do They Grow?: ABSTRACT

Joanne Bourgeois

An Incipiently Drowned Platform Deposit in Cyclic Ordovician Shelf Sequence: Lower Ordovician Chepultepec Formation, Virginia: ABSTRACT

John A. Bova, J. F. Read

Oil-Bearing Glacial Deposits from Permo-Carboniferous Haushi Group, Oman: ABSTRACT

J. H. Braakman, B. K. Levell, K. W. Rutten

Critical Appraisal of Fluvial Facies Models: ABSTRACT

John S. Bridge

Computer-Assisted Map Evaluation of a Coal Prospect: ABSTRACT

Peter L. Briggs

"Tight" Abo Gas Sands, East-Central New Mexico: ABSTRACT

R. F. Broadhead

Preservation of Trace Fossils in Flint in European Chalk: ABSTRACT

Richard G. Bromley, A. A. Ekdale

Structural Interpretation from Horizontal Seismic Sections: ABSTRACT

Alistair R. Brown

Interactive Seismic Interpretation: ABSTRACT

Alistair R. Brown, Anthony C. Gerhardstein, Keith D. Burkart

Geology and Petroleum Prospectivity of Officer Basin, Western Autralia: ABSTRACT

D. Milton Brown, J. Karajas

Florida Mountains, Southwest New Mexico: Part of Cordilleran Overthrust Belt or Foreland Block Uplift?: ABSTRACT

Glen A. Brown, Russell E. Clemons

Relation of Illite/Smectite Diagenesis and Development of Structure in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Basin: ABSTRACT

Clemont H. Bruce

A Coordinated Geological-Geophysical Approach to Finding Stratigraphic Traps: ABSTRACT

Eugene R. Brumbaugh

Carbonate Facies Patterns and Oil Shale Genesis in Eocene Green River Formation, Fossil Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

H. Paul Buchheim

Recurrent Motion on Precambrian-Age Basement Faults, Palo Duro Basin, Texas Panhandle: ABSTRACT

Roy T. Budnik

Results of Ocean Margin Drilling Program Synthesis of Gulf of Mexico Basin: ABSTRACT

Richard T. Buffler, Stanley D. Locker, Clint D. Cagle, William B. Sawyer, John C. Crowe, Ronald L. Phair

Dolomite Selectivity, An Experimental Approach: ABSTRACT

Susan B. Bullen, Duncan F. Sibley

Petroleum Exploration and Resource Potential of Offshore Newfoundland and Labrador: ABSTRACT

Donna M. Burden, Judi Dobbin, Martin G. Sheppard

Regional Distribution of Hydrocarbon Fluid Inclusions in Carbonate Fracture Filling Cements: Geohistory Analysis and Timing of Oil Migration, Oman Foredeep: ABSTRACT

R. C. Burruss, K. R. Cercone, P. M. Harris

Illite/Smectite Diagenesis and Hydrocarbon Generation in Cretaceous Mowry and Skull Creek Shales of Northern Rocky Mountains-Great Plains Region: ABSTRACT

R. L. Burtner, M. A. Warner

Permian Upper Yates Formation Carbonate/Siliciclastic Depositional Patterns, Northwestern Shelf, Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Magell P. Candelaria

Importance of Radar Look Direction in Petroleum Exploration: ABSTRACT

P. Jan Cannon

Dolomitization and Dedolomitization Models in a Fractured Reservoir, Reed City Oil Field, Michigan: ABSTRACT

Ronald R. Carlton, C. E. Prouty

Geochemical Evaluation of Proposed Ore Genesis Models for Colorado Plateau Tabular-Type Uranium-Vanadium Deposits: ABSTRACT

Donald J. Carpenter, Martin B. Goldhaber

A Spectrum of Late Paleozoic Siliciclastic Shelf-Bars, Sacramento Mountains, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

David L. Carr, Alan J. Scott

Conodont Paleoecology of Lower Triassic Thaynes Formation: ABSTRACT

Timothy R. Carr

Dominant Distributions and Niches of Polycystine Radiolarians in Modern Oceans: ABSTRACT

Richard E. Casey

Regional Aspects of Diagenesis in Niagaran Pinnacle Reefs, Northwest Michigan: Evidence for Differential Fluid Migration: ABSTRACT

Karen Rose Cercone, Kyger C. Lohmann

Freshwater Carbonate Cements: ABSTRACT

Henry S. Chafetz, Bruce H. Wilkinson

Surface Gamma Logs: A Helpful Correlation Tool: ABSTRACT

Alan K. Chamberlain

Channel-Levee-Overbank Sequence in Paleocene Submarine Canyon Fill, Point Lobos, California: ABSTRACT

H. Edward Clifton

Relative Role of Waves and Tides in Development of Transgressive and Regressive Coastal Sequences: ABSTRACT

H. Edward Clifton, Richard A. Davis, Jr.

Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of Ledge Sandstone in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Northeastern Alaska: ABSTRACT

Harriet S. Cloft

Effects of a Finite Length Rifting Event on Development of Sedimentary Basins and Continental Margins: ABSTRACT

James R. Cochran, Michael S. Steckler

Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of Vicksburgian Oligocene of Northern Gulf Coastal Plain: ABSTRACT

James L. Coleman, Jr.

Systematics and Paleoecology of Silicified Gastropoda of Tonoloway Formation (Upper Silurian) at Pinto, Maryland: ABSTRACT

Timothy M. Collins

Potential Oil Corridor Bisects Australian Continent: ABSTRACT

John R. Conolly

A Uraniferous Granite in Central Texas: ABSTRACT

Curtis P. Conrad, Ernest B. Ledger, Thomas T. Tieh

Thermal Maturation Model of Late Proterozoic-Paleozoic Amadeus Basin, Central Australia: ABSTRACT

Keith T. Conrad, Charles E. Griffith

Aspects of Silurian Clinton Sandstone Development in Ohio More Conducive to Oil and Gas Production: ABSTRACT

Alan H. Coogan, Mark A. Osten

Precision Measurements of Interval Velocity Differences from Seismic Data: ABSTRACT

Ernest E. Cook, Norman S. Neidell, John H. Beard

Sedimentology of Some Allochthonous Deep-Water Carbonate Reservoirs, Lower Permian, West Texas: Carbonate Debris Sheets, Aprons, or Submarine Fans?: ABSTRACT

Harry E. Cook

Upper Jurassic Carbonate Deposition, Smackover and Buckner Formations, East Texas: ABSTRACT

S. D. Cooper, K. A. McGillis, C. H. Moore, S. K. Stewart, S. E. Wilkinson

Structural Stratigraphy of Austin Chalk: ABSTRACT

Kevin P. Corbett, Mel Friedman

Eocene-Oligocene Benthonic Foraminifera: Implications for Deep-Water Circulation History: ABSTRACT

Bruce H. Corliss, L. D. Keigwin, Jr.

Some Permian (Leonardian) Radiolarians from Bone Spring Limestone, Delaware Basin, West Texas: ABSTRACT

William C. Cornell

Geology and Exploration in Takutu Basin, Guyana: ABSTRACT

F. D. Crawford, C. E. Szelewski, G. C. Alvey

Surface Expression of a Deep Mafic Pluton in Kentucky and Tennessee: ABSTRACT

Elizabeth A. Creamer

Plants of Devonian-Mississippian Black Shales, Eastern Interior, U.S.A.: ABSTRACT

Aureal T. Cross

Ichnology of Pleistocene Carbonates on San Salvador, Bahamas: ABSTRACT

H. Allen Curran

Geologic Factors Influencing Reservoir Performance at Texaco's Salem Tertiary Recovery Project, Marion County, Illinois: ABSTRACT

H. M. Dahl, C. A. Callender, P. A. Schroeder

Holocene Infilling of Coastal Lagoons by Mixed Terrigenous Siliciclastic and Marine Carbonate Sediments, Vieques, Puerto Rico: ABSTRACT

Gary D'Aluisio-Guerrieri, Richard A. Davis, Jr.

Effects of Clays on Well Economics, Wire-Line Log Interpretation, and Completions: ABSTRACT

David K. Davies, Robert B. Truman

Fluid Movement and Diagenesis in Fine-Grained Geopressured Sediments of Frio Formation (Oligocene), Kaplan Field, Southwestern Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Barbara A. Davis, Ray E. Ferrell

Catalytic Effect of Smectitic Clays in Hydrocarbon Generation: ABSTRACT

J. B. Davis

Sediment Gravity Flow Deposition on a Modern Carbonate Slope Apron: Northern Little Bahama Bank: ABSTRACT

Richard Alan Davis

Hardground Petrography and Carbonate Microfacies: Paola Limestone (Upper Pennsylvanian), Southeastern Kansas: ABSTRACT

William C. Dawson, Albert V. Carozzi

Regional Fracture Analysis in Western Valley and Ridge and Adjoining Plateau, West Virginia and Maryland: ABSTRACT

S. L. Dean, M. Baranoski, L. Bertoli, G. Kribbs, T. Stephens, B. Kulander, D. Lockman, D. Mumpower

Sedimentology of a Shallowing-Upward Sequence in Middle Cambrian Carbonate-Siliciclastic Associations, Western Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Daniel Deboer, Larry Middleton

Barreirinhas Basin, an Equatorial Atlantic Transform Basin: ABSTRACT

Antonio M. F. De Figueiredo, Mario Carminatti, Jorge A. Pereira Filho, Lino Teixeira

Depositional Patterns in Point Lookout Sandstone, Northwest San Juan Basin, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Paul E. Devine

Radiolarian Preservation in Geologic Sequences: ABSTRACT

Patrick De Wever

Diagenesis of Nonmarine Rocks and Gas Entrapment in Northern Green River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Warren W. Dickinson, Donald L. Gautier

Acritarchs from Ponta Grossa Formation and Their Stratigraphic Significance--Devonian of Parana Basin: ABSTRACT

Rodolfo Dino

Effects of Depositional and Diagenetic History Upon the Reservoir Properties of Parkman Sandstone, Powder River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Ahmet U. Dogan, Robert L. Brenner

Experimental Low-Altitude Aeromagnetic Reconnaissance for Petroleum in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska, Using Horizontal Gradients--A Progress Report: ABSTRACT

Terrence J. Donovan, John D. Hendricks, Alan A. Roberts, Patricia T. Eliason

Applied Biostratigraphy in Paleozoic Exploration: ABSTRACT

Ken J. Dorning

Regional Cathodoluminescent Cement Zonation Related to Upland-Sourced Paleoaquifers: Devonian Helderberg Carbonates and Clastics, Central Appalachians: ABSTRACT

Steven L. Dorobek

A Petrologic Examination of Some Resedimented, Coarse-Grained, Clastic Intervals in Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas: ABSTRACT

Pete Dotsey

Foraminifera as Paleobathymetric Indicators: ABSTRACT

Robert G. Douglas

Significance of Carbonate-Clastic Shoaling Cycles in Mississippian of Northern Arkansas: ABSTRACT

John W. Downs

Massive Siliciclastic Deposits Juxtaposed Against Massive Carbonate Bodies: Paradox of Eastern Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

L. J. Doyle

Palo Duro Basin, An Exploration Frontier in the Texas Panhandle: ABSTRACT

Shirley P. Dutton

Research in Geology Applied to Enhanced Oil Recovery: ABSTRACT

W. J. Ebanks, Jr.

Influence of Overthrusting on Maturation of Hydrocarbons in Phosphoria Formation, Idaho-Wyoming Overthrust Belt: ABSTRACT

Janell D. Edman, Ronald C. Surdam

Depositional Environments of Ranger Limestone (Pennsylvanian), North-Central Texas: ABSTRACT

Thomas P. Ehrhart

Evolution of Oil-Generative Window (OGW) in Niger Delta Basin: ABSTRACT

J. E. Ejedawe, S. J. L. Coker, D. O. Lambert-Aikhionbare, K. B. Alofe, F. O. Adoh

Biogenic Structures in Pelagic Carbonates: An Ichnofacies Comparison of Deep-Sea and Shelf-Sea Chalks: ABSTRACT

A. A. Ekdale, Richard G. Bromley

Depositional Environment of Pittsburgh No. 8 Coal Seam: ABSTRACT

Lynn H. Eller

Subsurface Geology of Tertiary Rocks of Northeastern District of Western Desert, Egypt: ABSTRACT

Mohamed Hossny Elzarka, Ibrahim Ahmed Radwan

Storm-Deposited Outer Shelf Facies from Precambrian Ortega Group, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Kenneth A. Eriksson, Kristian Soegaard

Diagenesis in Stevens Sandstone, a Miocene Deep-Water Turbidite in San Joaquin Valley, California, and Probable Interactions with Surrounding Siliceous Shales: ABSTRACT

E. Eslinger, V. Ranganathan

Oil Migration Examples in Irati Formation, Parana Basin, Brazil: ABSTRACT

J. Espitalie, K. Mizuta, T. E. M. Carvalho, J. A. Triguis

Cementation of Upper Miocene Reefs in Western Mediterranean: ABSTRACT

Mateu Esteban, F. Calvet

Sour Gas Resources in Western Wyoming Basins and Adjacent Overthrust Belt: ABSTRACT

A. G. Everett

Hackberry Oil and Gas Fields in Southeast Texas: Channel/Fan Depositional Systems and Structural Controls: ABSTRACT

Thomas E. Ewing, Ronee S. Reed

Tectonic Map of Texas--A Progress Report: ABSTRACT

T. E. Ewing, C. D. Henry, M. P. A. Jackson, C. M. Woodruff, Jr., A. G. Goldstein, J. R. Garrison, Jr.

Tectonic Analysis of a Viking Graben Border Fault: ABSTRACT

Nils Fagerland

Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, and Petrology of Upper Cretaceous Horsethief and St. Mary River Formations, Western Montana: ABSTRACT

William Fairhurst

Prevention of Carbonate Cementation in Petroleum Reservoirs: ABSTRACT

Charles T. Feazel, Richard A. Schatzinger

Significant Role of Structural Fractures in Ren-Qiu Buried-Block Oil Field, Eastern China: ABSTRACT

Fei Qi, Wang Xie-Pei

Downslope Transport on a High-Energy Shoreface: Evidence From Eastern Australia: ABSTRACT

Michael E. Field, Peter S. Roy

Sediment Failure on Continental Shelf: Response to 1980 Earthquake off Northern California: ABSTRACT

Michael E. Field, Brian D. Edwards, Robert K. Hall, Henry Chezar

Comparison of Depositional System and Reservoir Characteristics of Selected Blanket-Geometry Tight Gas Sandstones: ABSTRACT

Robert J. Finley

North Channel Slope Fault, Santa Barbara Basin, California: A Reevaluation: ABSTRACT

P. J. Fischer, G. W. Simila

Diagenetic Calcite Varieties from Travertines of Central Italy: ABSTRACT

Robert L. Folk, Henry S. Chafetz

Geochemistry, Mineralogy, and Petrography of "Hooker" Ironstone Unit, Middle Ordovician Shellmound Formation, Northeast Georgia: ABSTRACT

Annabelle Foos

Role of Clay Composition on Extent of Illite/Smectite Diagenesis: ABSTRACT

W. R. Foster, H. C. Custard

Lacustrine Siliciclastic Rocks and Hydrocarbons: ABSTRACT

Thomas D. Fouch

Comparisons of Pyrite Variability From Selected Western Kentucky and Western Pennsylvania Coals: ABSTRACT

Kathleen Adams Frankie, James C. Hower

Future Trends in Sandstone Diagenesis: ABSTRACT

Stephen G. Franks

Organic Facies of Some Mesozoic Source Rocks on Alaskan North Slope: ABSTRACT

U. A. Franz, A. R. Daly, S. W. Brown

Coexisting Reefs and Terrigenous Muds in Java Sea: ABSTRACT

Gerald M. Friedman

Problem of Cements in Classifying Carbonate Rocks, Especially Reefs: ABSTRACT

Gerald M. Friedman

Sedimentary Sequence from 1980 and 1982 Mount St. Helens Sediment Flows: A Model for Older Volcaniclastic Deposits: ABSTRACT

William J. Fritz, Sylvia Harrison

Graphical Approach to Determination of Hydrocarbon Maturation in Overthrust Terrains: ABSTRACT

Kevin Furlong, Janell D. Edman

Spectral Reflectance of Carbonate Rocks and Minerals: ABSTRACT

Susan J. Gaffey

VSP Fundamentals that Improve CDP Data Interpretation: ABSTRACT

J. E. Gaiser, J. P. Disiena

Iodine--A Pathfinder for Petroleum Deposits: ABSTRACT

Alton V. Gallagher

Depositional Architecture and Reservoir Characterization of Late Paleozoic Submarine Slope and Basin Depositional Systems--Midland and Delaware Basins, Texas: ABSTRACT

William E. Galloway

Deep-To-Shallow Carbonate Ramp Transition in Viola Limestone (Ordovician), Southwest Arbuckle Mountains, Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Patrick K. Galvin

Tectonics, Stratigraphy, and Petroleum Potential of Tripura-Mizoram Folded Belt, Northeast India: ABSTRACT

Susnato Ganguly

Lower Eocene Carbonate Facies of Egypt--Paleogeographic and Tectonic Implications: ABSTRACT

R. E. Garrison

Hydrocarbon Accumulations in Turbidite and Contourite Sands of Upper Cretaceous Forbes Formation, Bounde Creek Gas Field, California: ABSTRACT

Timothy P. Garvey

Significance of Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy for Evaluating Shallow Gas Reservoirs from Bowdoin Dome, Montana: ABSTRACT

Donald L. Gautier, Dudley D. Rice

Exploration Implications of Neotectonic Fault Pattern, Gulf of Suez: ABSTRACT

S. L. Gawarecki, S. K. Perry

Stratigraphy and Environmental Significance of Continental Triassic Rock of Texas: ABSTRACT

Ted Gawloski

Structural Style of Foothills of Andean Overthrust Belt, Northern Neuquen Basin, Argentina: ABSTRACT

Jeff Gernand, Richardson Allen, Ernesto Garcia

Secondary Detachment Above Basement Faults in North Sea: Clyde Field Growth Fault: ABSTRACT

A. D. Gibbs

Close Encounters of Reefal Carbonates and Siliciclastics: ABSTRACT

Robert N. Ginsburg, Dong Ryong Choi, Ian A. McIlreath

Upper Eocene North American Microtektite Layer: Associated Radiolarian Extinctions, Climatic Change, and Iridium Anomaly: ABSTRACT

B. P. Glass

Late Cretaceous Multicolored Shales and Phosphatic Sedimentary Rocks in Egypt: ABSTRACT

C. R. Glenn, R. E. Garrison, M. A. Arthur

Storm Deposits (Tempestites) in Ordovician Cratonic Carbonates (Arbuckle Group, South-Central Oklahoma): ABSTRACT

Robert K. Goldhammer, R. Douglas Elmore

Skeletal Fine Structure of Polycystine Radiolaria: ABSTRACT

Robert M. Goll, Kjell R. Bjorklund

Evolution of Three Trissocyclid Radiolaria Lineages Across "Terminal Eocene Event": ABSTRACT

Robert M. Goll, James B. Zeppieri

Microbial Endoliths: Benthic Overscript in Sedimentary Record: ABSTRACT

Stjepko Golubic, Susan E. Campbell, Jamie E. Hook

Pyrolytic Generation of Oxidized Carbon Species Estimated from Rock-Eval FID Response: ABSTRACT

James R. Gormly, Baruch Spiro

Interpretation of Conodont Color Alteration and Thermal Maturation in Amadeus Basin, Central Australia: ABSTRACT

J. D. Gorter, Robert S. Nicoll

Paleobathymetry of Late Cretaceous-Paleogene Agglutinated ("Flysch Type") Benthic Foraminiferal Faunas and a Modern Analog: ABSTRACT

F. M. Gradstein, W. A. Berggren, M. J. Kaminski, K. G. Miller

Diagenesis of Viola Limestone (Middle and Upper Ordovician), Southeastern Arbuckle Mountains, Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

G. Michael Grammer

Geologic Framework and Petroleum Potential of United States Chukchi Shelf North of Point Hope, Alaska: ABSTRACT

Arthur Grantz, Steven D. May

Mechanical Factors Affecting Stimulation Design in Devonian Gas Shale: ABSTRACT

William J. Gregg, T. H. Mroz

Enhanced Gas Recovery From Watered-Out Reservoirs: ABSTRACT

A. R. Gregory, R. A. Morton

Quantitative Paleobathymetry of Early Proterozoic (1.9 B.Y.) Continental Slope, Rocknest Formation, Wopmay Orogen, N.W.T., Canada: ABSTRACT

J. P. Grotzinger, P. F. Hoffman

Global Source Rock Distribution in Time: ABSTRACT

Hans R. Grunau

Exploration Geology and Depositional Modeling of a Continental Tight Sand Reservoir, Abo Formation, Chaves County, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Alberto A. Gutierrez

Oil-Oil and Oil-Source Rock Correlations in Gulf of Suez, Egypt: ABSTRACT

S. K. Hajibrahim, S. Okla

Offshore World Petroleum Frontiers: ABSTRACT

Michel T. Halbouty

Geologic and Geothermal Fluid Flow Models of Cerro Prieto Field: ABSTRACT

Susan E. Halfman, Marcelo J. Lippmann, Ruben Zelwer

Computer-Aided Exploration for Small Companies: ABSTRACT

Paul R. Hall, Jr.

Larger Foraminifera as Depth Indicators in Carbonate Depositional Environments: ABSTRACT

Pamela Hallock

Facies Analysis and Petroleum Potential of Smackover Formation, Western and Northern Areas, East Texas Basin: ABSTRACT

Joan M. Hancharik

Aragonite Crusts and Pisolites Beneath Dolomitic Tepees, Lake MacLeod Evaporite Basin, Western Australia: ABSTRACT

C. Robertson Handford, Alan C. Kendall, John B. Dunham, Brian W. Logan

Depositional Environments in an Alluvial-Lacustrine System: Molluscan Paleoecology and Lithofacies Relations in Upper Part of Tongue River Member of Fort Union Formation, Powder River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

John H. Hanley, Romeo M. Flores

Oil Potential of Western Gulf of Suez: ABSTRACT

M. Hargras, G. Hunter, A. E. M. Nairn

Seismic Stratigraphy and Clay Mineral Distribution in Shallow-Marine Siliciclastic Deposits, Central Mississippi Sound, North-Central Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Gerald G. Harper, Frederick H. Manley, Albert C. Staheli

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Organic Geochemistry of Recent Marine Ooids as a Key to Origin of Petroleum in Oolite Reservoirs: ABSTRACT

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Termination of Southern Appalachian Overthrust: ABSTRACT

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Undrilled Shallow Giant Trap in Denver Basin, Colorado: Mountain-Front Thrust: ABSTRACT

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Shape Parameters and Distribution of Macroborings: St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands: ABSTRACT

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Early Diagenesis, Atherton Formation (Quaternary), Northern Indiana: A Guide to Understanding Early Cement Distribution in Nonmarine Sandstones: ABSTRACT

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Clay Mineral Catalysis and Petroleum Generation: ABSTRACT

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Structural and Thermal History of Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado, in Relationship to Hydrocarbon Occurrence in Mesaverde Group: ABSTRACT

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Ranking South Louisiana Trends by Probability of Economic Success: ABSTRACT

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Eocene-Oligocene: A Time of Transition: ABSTRACT

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Use of Fission-Track Annealing Systematics in Constraining the Thermal Evolution of Sedimentary Basins: ABSTRACT

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New Cements for Old Radiaxial Fibrous Calcite--A Reassessment: ABSTRACT

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Unconformity-Associated Replacement Limestones After Anhydrite in Mississippian of Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

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Organic-Matter Preservation in Chattanooga Shale: Revised Late Devonian Correlations, Kentucky and Tennessee: ABSTRACT

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Oil Shale Perspectives: ABSTRACT

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Coastal Barrier and Inner Shelf Lithosomes Related to Shoreface Erosion: ABSTRACT

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Selected Common Estate Planning Problems for Oil and Gas Investor in 1983 with Suggested Solutions: ABSTRACT

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Correlation of Wireline Logs with a Shaly Sandstone Sequence, Red Fork Sandstone, Payne County, Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

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Geologic Implications of Dewatering of Coal and Other Carbonaceous Lithologies--A Hypothesis: ABSTRACT

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Geology and Hydrocarbon Accumulations, Columbus Basin, Offshore Trinidad: ABSTRACT

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Stable Isotope Variations in Modern Articulate Brachiopods: ABSTRACT

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Controls on Carbonate Cementation and Solution: ABSTRACT

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Seismic Stratigraphy and Sea Level Changes in Active Margin Settings: An Example from Luzon, Philippines: ABSTRACT

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Submarine Cementation Patterns of Holocene Reefs Provide Models for Porosity Development in Ancient Reef Reservoirs: ABSTRACT

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Biostratigraphy and Phylogeny of Paleocene Radiolaria: ABSTRACT

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"Transgressive" Pore-Filling Calcite, Cretaceous of South Texas: ABSTRACT

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Role of Fluid Inclusions in Diagenesis of Metastable Marine Cements: ABSTRACT

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Early Diagenesis of Sands and Sandstones from Middle America Trench and Trench Slope, Offshore Mexico and Guatemala: ABSTRACT

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Determination of Widths of Meander-Belt Sandstone Reservoirs from Vertical Downhole Data: ABSTRACT

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Distinguishing Diagenetic Environments of Equant Calcite Cementation: Example from Lower Cretaceous Pearsall Formation in South Texas: ABSTRACT

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Cathodoluminescence in Carbonate Petrography: Some Aspects of Geochemical Interpretation: ABSTRACT

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Submarine Cements--The Peloidal Question: ABSTRACT

Ian G. MacIntyre

Diagenesis and Mass Transfer in Sandstone-Shale Sequences: ABSTRACT

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Mississippian Carter and Lewis Sandstone Petroleum Geology of Black Warrior Basin of Alabama: ABSTRACT

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Bellerophontaceans from Hancock, Maryland--Gastropod (Torted) or Monoplacophoran (Untorted)?: ABSTRACT

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Thermal Maturity of Carboniferous Strata, Ouachita Thrust Fault Belt: ABSTRACT

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Eustatic Control of Synchronous Stratigraphic Development: A Case for Facies Prediction in Basin Modeling: ABSTRACT

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Influence of Basin History on Reservoir Quality of Sandstones: Upper Cretaceous of Northern Mexico: ABSTRACT

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Case Study of Stratigraphic Interpretation Using Shear and Compressional Seismic Data: ABSTRACT

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Depositional Environment of Eocene Queen City Formation in East Texas: ABSTRACT

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Neogene Fore-Arc Basin Development in Northern California: Eel River Basin: ABSTRACT

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Glen K. Merrill

Geochemistry of Regionally Extensive Calcite Cement Zones, Mississippian of New Mexico: ABSTRACT

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Tectonic Control of Pennsylvanian Fan Delta Deposition, Southwestern Colorado: ABSTRACT

Kimberlee W. Millberry

Petroleum Resource Assessment of Wilderness Lands: ABSTRACT

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Eocene to Oligocene Paleo-Oceanography of the Northern North Atlantic: Seismic, Isotopic, and Faunal Evidence: ABSTRACT

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Paleogene Bathymetry and Oceanography of Deep-Sea Benthic Foraminifera from the Atlantic Ocean: ABSTRACT

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Controls of Deformation Mechanisms and Fracturing on Local and Regional Hydrocarbon Potential in the Central Appalachian Overthrust Belt: ABSTRACT

Shankar Mitra

The Interaction of Natural Organic Matter with Grain Surfaces: Implications for Calcium Carbonate Precipitation: ABSTRACT

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Submarine Fan Sedimentation, Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas and Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

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The Occurrence of Cycladophora (?) davisiana Ehrenberg in the Gulf of California: ABSTRACT

Adolfo Molina-Cruz

The Geomorphic Evolution of the Taylor Black Prairie Between the Trinity and Colorado Rivers: ABSTRACT

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Intertidal Cementation: Some Geochemical, Mineralogical, and Petrographic Considerations: ABSTRACT

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Jurassic Subsurface Calcite Cementation, Central Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

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Development and Infilling of the South Pass Shelf-Edge Failure Bowl, Offshore Mississippi Delta: ABSTRACT

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Lake-Margin Deposition in Ensialic Rift Basins--The Miocene Chalk Hills Formation of the Southwestern Snake River Plain: ABSTRACT

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Radiolarians in Plankton Samples from Ice-Covered Antarctic Waters: ABSTRACT

J. J. Morley, J. D. Hays

Extending Present Coal Reserves with Self-Bursting Coal Pellets: ABSTRACT

John D. Morris, Asadollah Hayatdavoudi

Chemical Diagenesis of Pennsylvanian Brush Creek (Pennsylvania) Carbonate Components: Trace Elements: ABSTRACT

Joan Morrison, Uwe Brand

Age of Clay Diagenesis in Oligocene Frio Formation: ABSTRACT

John P. Morton

Thermoluminescence Evidence of Uranium Migration: Jackpile Mine Area, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

B. Mukhopadhyay, R. G. Beck, J. C. Renault

Base-of-Slope Carbonate Aprons: An Alternative to Submarine Fan Model: ABSTRACT

Henry T. Mullins

Detection of Shallow Hydrocarbons with High-Frequency Seismic Reflection Data: ABSTRACT

Henry T. Mullins, David K. Nagel

Tectonic and Paleobiologic Significance of Permian Radiolarian Distribution in Circum-Pacific Region: ABSTRACT

Benita Murchey, D. L. Jones

Pennsylvanian and Permian Radiolarian Assemblages in Cordillera of North America: ABSTRACT

Benita Murchey, B. K. Holdsworth, D. L. Jones

Control of Terrigenous-Carbonate Facies Transitions by Baroclinic Coastal Currents: ABSTRACT

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Middle Ordovician Knox Unconformity, Virginia Appalachians: Transition from Passive to Convergent Margin: ABSTRACT

William J. Mussman, J. F. Read

Facies Cycles and Related Main Depositional Environments in Ancient Turbidite Systems: ABSTRACT

Emiliano Mutti

Paleogene Oxygen Isotope Record for DSDP Sites 511 and 512, Sub-Antarctic South Atlantic Ocean: Paleotemperatures, Paleo-oceanographic Changes, and Eocene/Oligocene Boundary Event: ABSTRACT

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Trace Fossils in Siluro-Devonian Tidal Flat to Distal Basin Slope Carbonates of Arctic Canada: ABSTRACT

G. M. Narbonne, J. J. Packard

Radiolarian Succession of Latest Carboniferous through Permian, Urals and West Texas: ABSTRACT

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Carbonate Petrology of Arun Limestone, Arun Field, Sumatra, Indonesia: ABSTRACT

H. F. Nelson, M. Abdullah, C. Jordan, A. J. Jenik

Estuarine and Fluvial Systems, Lower Mesaverde Group (Campanian), Northwestern Colorado: ABSTRACT

Katherine Nelson

Origin of Chert in Permian System in Southwestern Utah and Northwestern Arizona: ABSTRACT

R. Larell Nielson

Evaluation of a Structurally Disturbed Portion of Wilcox Lignite Trend: ABSTRACT

Thomas Niquette, Marc Norris

Storm-Dominated Shoreface Deposits, Sego Sandstone (Campanian), Northwestern Colorado: ABSTRACT

David C. Noe

Role of Geophysical Logging in Coal Exploration and Discrimination: ABSTRACT

James A. Noel

Subsidence and Heat Flow Across a Sedimentary Basin-Uplift Boundary: A Thermal-Mechanical Model: ABSTRACT

Jeffrey A. Nunn

Geochemical Study of Depletion of Elements During Retorting of Oil Shales from Lewis County, Kentucky: ABSTRACT

Andrew T. O'Hare

Paleoslope Models of Miocene-Pliocene and Campanian-Lower Maestrichtian Foraminifera of Maryland and New Jersey: ABSTRACT

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Chemical Composition of 116 Gulf Coast Lignite Samples: ABSTRACT

Charles L. Oman, Charles R. Meissner, Jr.

Water Injection Scheme in E2.0 Sand of Nigerian Kolo Creek Field--Optimization through Geological Modeling: ABSTRACT

L. N. Osai

Regional Geomorphic Expressions of Subsurface Structure on Poorly Consolidated Surface Sediments, Coastal Mississippi: ABSTRACT

Garry C. Owen, Albert C. Staheli

Sedimentology of Cretaceous Kuskokwim Group, Southwestern Alaska: A Borderland Complex: ABSTRACT

J. A. Pacht, W. K. Wallace

Biostratigraphic and Paleoenvironmental Results from Neogene Radiolarians, U.S. Mid-Atlantic Coastal Plain and Continental Margin: ABSTRACT

A. A. Palmer

Concepts and Creativity (AAPG Presidential Address): ABSTRACT

John M. Parker

Reference-Rotated Eigenshape Analysis of Sands and Sandstones: ABSTRACT

James M. Parks

Upwelling Deposits: Nature of Association of Organic-Rich Rock, Chert, Chalk, Phosphorite, and Glauconite: ABSTRACT

Judith Totman Parrish

Sandstone Diagenesis and its Variation with Deltaic Depositional Environments, Upper Cretaceous, Southern Rio Escondido Basin, Coahuila, Mexico: ABSTRACT

Dorothy Slator Paterson

Regressive and Transgressive Sand Bodies Associated with Lafourche Delta in South Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Shea Penland, Bob Gerdes, Kevin Neese, Ron Boyd

Marine Geology Off Southeast Baffin Island--Results from a 1981 and 1982 Survey: ABSTRACT

Christopher P. G. Pereira

Stratigraphic and Environmental Interpretation of Miocene Radiolarian Assemblages of Maria Madre and Maria Cleofas Islands and Baja California, Mexico: ABSTRACT

Ana Maria Perez-Guzman

Stratigraphic and Diagenetic Controls on Porosity Distribution Within a Cretaceous Carbonate Bank: West Stuart City Trend, Texas: ABSTRACT

R. D. Perkins

Using a Microcomputer for Entry of Geologic Core Descriptions: ABSTRACT

John D. Perrin

Wagwater Trough, Jamaica: Model for Aulacogen Transgressive Sedimentation: ABSTRACT

Christopher L. Perry, John D. Pigott

Laramide Foreland Thrust Faulting in Southwestern Montana: ABSTRACT

William J. Perry, Jr., D. M. Kulik

Illite/Smectite Diagenesis: Relation to Coal Rank in Tertiary Sediments of Pacific Northwest: ABSTRACT

D. R. Pevear

Observations Concerning Benthic Foraminiferal Genus Melonis: ABSTRACT

Charles E. Pflum

Ichnology of Trenton Group Between Montreal and Quebec City, Eastern Canada: ABSTRACT

Ronald K. Pickerill, Denis Fillion

Carbonate-Clastic Facies Changes, Pennsylvanian-Early Permian, Northwest Arizona-Southern Nevada: ABSTRACT

Walter H. Pierce

Distribution and Preservation of Carbonate Cements in Pleistocene Limestones of Hogsty Reef Atoll, Southeast Bahamas: ABSTRACT

Bernard J. Pierson, Eugene A. Shinn

A Basin Plain Sand-Layer Geometry Classification: A Predictive Tool: ABSTRACT

Orrin H. Pilkey, Claudia Hokanson

Mixed Carbonate and Clastic Sedimentation: North Insular Shelf of Puerto Rico: ABSTRACT

Orrin H. Pilkey, Rafael W. Rodriguez

Regional Stratigraphic and Depositional Study of Rock Units in Upper Garden Gulch and Parachute Creek Members of Green River Formation, Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado: ABSTRACT

Janet K. Pitman

Paleoenvironments of Lower Cretaceous DeQueen Formation of Southwestern Arkansas: ABSTRACT

Jeffrey G. Pittman

Implications for Role of Density Currents in Generation of Hummocky Cross-Stratified Beds in an Upper Devonian Shallow-Marine Sequence, New York: ABSTRACT

Ellen Platzman

Clay-Mineral Relationships in Some Low-Permeability Hydrocarbon Reservoirs and Their Use as Predictive Resource Tools: ABSTRACT

Richard M. Pollastro, Jeffrey W. Bader

Patterns of Uranium Mineralization in Reading Prong: ABSTRACT

George H. P. Popper, Thomas A. Baillieul

Burial Cementation--Is It Important? A Case Study--Stuart City Trend, South-Central Texas: ABSTRACT

Dennis Prezbindowski

Ocean Margin Drilling Project Data Synthesis off Eastern North America: 34° to 41°N Latitude: ABSTRACT

P. D. Rabinowitz, J. I. Ewing

A Synthesis of Marine Geological/Geophysical Data for Ocean Margin Drilling on Continental Margin of Morocco: ABSTRACT

Philip D. Rabinowitz, Dennis E. Hayes, Karl Hinz

A Synthesis of Marine Geological/Geophysical Data for Ocean Crustal Drilling on Mid-Atlantic Ridge: ABSTRACT

Philip D. Rabinowitz, Alice M. Rogan, Hans Schouten

Lower Cretaceous Wabiskaw Tar Sands: Shallow Shelf Reworking of Submarine Fans: ABSTRACT

Mike Ranger, Robert Sharpe

Discovery Functions of Oil and Gas by Depth Zones Throughout U.S. Basins: ABSTRACT

L. A. Rapoport, G. C. Grender

TEM as a Tool in Study of Carbonate Crystal Chemistry: ABSTRACT

Richard J. Reeder

Depositional History and Petroleum Potential of Permian Tannehill Sand, King and Knox Counties, Texas: ABSTRACT

Bernal V. Reneer

Hydrocarbon Assessment of the Chattanooga (Devonian) Shale in North Alabama, Northwest Georgia, and South Tennessee: ABSTRACT

Karen F. Rheams, Thornton L. Neathery, Charles W. Copeland, Lawrence J. Rheams

Distinction Between In-Situ Biogenic Gas and Migrated Thermogenic Gas in Ground Water, Denver Basin, Colorado: ABSTRACT

Dudley D. Rice, Lewis R. Ladwig

Porosity Types in Limestones: ABSTRACT

David W. Rich

Lithologic Comparison of Two Linear Sand Ridges from Nearshore and Middle Portions of New Jersey Continental Shelf, U.S.A.: ABSTRACT

J. M. Rine, R. W. Tillman, W. L. Stubblefield

Gulfs of Northern Red Sea: Depositional Settings of Distinct Siliciclastic-Carbonate Interfaces: ABSTRACT

Harry H. Roberts, Stephen P. Murray

A Three-Dimensional Seismic Survey Applied to Field Development in Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

Gary C. Robinson, Fernand Baixas, Patrick J. Hooyman

Computer Analysis of Early Well Logs: ABSTRACT

J. E. Robinson

Geology and Organic Geochemistry of Dakla Shale, Egypt: ABSTRACT

Vaughn D. Robison, Uwe Troeger

Coal Occurrence and Characteristics as Related to Environment of Deposition in Cerro Negro Area of Orinoco Tar Sands, Venezuela: ABSTRACT

Argenis Rodriguez

Style Zonation in Fold-Thrust Belts: ABSTRACT

Dietrich Roeder

Late Paleozoic Foraminifera as Depth Indicators: ABSTRACT

Charles A. Ross

Regional Inventory of Peace River Oil Sands, Alberta, Canada: ABSTRACT

Brian A. Rottenfusser

Depositional and Exploration Models for Cretaceous Lower Mannville Fluvial Sandstones of South-Central Alberta: ABSTRACT

Thomas A. Ryer, John C. Horne, Miles O. Hayes

Sedimentology of Spearfish Formation: ABSTRACT

Joseph M. Sabel

Evaluation of Ancient Aragonite Cements and Their Temporal Distribution: ABSTRACT

Philip A. Sandberg

Euxinic Biofacies in Anoxic Basins: San Pedro and Santa Barbara Basins, California Continental Borderland: ABSTRACT

Charles E. Savrda, David J. Bottjer, Donn S. Gorsline

Uranium in Igneous Rocks of Central Davis Mountains, West Texas: ABSTRACT

Wendy E. Schaftenaar, Thomas T. Tieh

Stratigraphic and Paleo-Oceanographic Setting of Organic Carbon-Rich Strata Deposited During Cenomanian-Turonian "Oceanic Anoxic Event": ABSTRACT

S. O. Schlanger, M. A. Arthur, H. C. Jenkyns, P. A. Scholle

Development of Diagenetic Seals in Carbonates and Sandstones: ABSTRACT

Volkmar Schmidt, William Almon

Genetic Characterization of Natural Gases: ABSTRACT

Martin Schoell

Burial Diagenesis in Carbonate Rocks: ABSTRACT

P. A. Scholle, R. B. Halley

Current Research in Geological Applications of Remote Sensing Techniques and Implications for Petroleum Geology: ABSTRACT

Mark Settle, James V. Taranik

Secondary Porosity in Sandstones: ABSTRACT

G. Shanmugam

Numerical Model of Shale Compaction, Aquathermal Pressuring, and Hydraulic Fracturing: ABSTRACT

John M. Sharp, Jr., Michael H. Kortenhof, Mark W. Hodson

Outcrop-to-Basin Stratigraphy and Structure of Glen Rose Limestone of Central Texas: ABSTRACT

Martin L. Shields

Continental Shelf Topography: Possible Key to Understanding Distribution of Shelf-Bar Sandstones from Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway: ABSTRACT

Roger M. Slatt

Early Cretaceous Drowning and Recovery of a Carbonate Continental Margin, Eastern Arabia: ABSTRACT

J. Smewing, N. P. James, M. Coniglio

Regional Variations in Development and Characteristics of Barrier Island Foredunes Along Texas Coast: ABSTRACT

Karen P. Smith

Fourier Grain Shape Analysis as a Tool for Indicating Batch Recoveries of Bitumen from Athabasca Tar Sands: ABSTRACT

Marian McNally Smith, Robert Ehrlich, Arvid Hardin

3-D Stratigraphic Modeling from High-Resolution Seismic Reflection Data: An Example from North Carolina Continental Shelf: ABSTRACT

S. W. Snyder, A. C. Hine, S. R. Riggs

Evolution of a Fluvial Clastic Wedge, Abo Formation (Wolfcampian), Sacramento Mountains, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Stephen W. Speer, Alan J. Scott

Effects of Lower Cambrian Archaeocyathid Patch Reefs on Distribution of Interreef Faunas: ABSTRACT

Lana M. Spencer

Vertically Accreted Foreshore to Shoreface Deposits of Sego Sandstone (Campanian), Northwest Colorado: ABSTRACT

Richard Stancliffe

Detailed Reservoir Analysis using EPT-Cyberlook and Dipmeter Computations: ABSTRACT

Eric Standen

Plate Tectonics and Offshore Boundary Delimitation: Tunisia-Libya Case at the International Court of Justice: ABSTRACT

Daniel Jean Stanley

Flexure of Anadarko Basin: ABSTRACT

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