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Relation of Natural Gas Composition to Thermal Maturity and Source Rock Type in San Juan Basin, Northwestern New Mexico and Southwestern Colorado

Dudley D. Rice

Evolution of Salt Structures, East Texas Diapir Province, Part 1: Sedimentary Record of Halokinesis

S. J. Seni, M. P. A. Jackson

Evolution of Salt Structures, East Texas Diapir Province, Part 2: Patterns and Rates of Halokinesis

S. J. Seni, M. P. A. Jackson

Paleoaquifer and Deep Burial Related Cements Defined by Regional Cathodoluminescent Patterns, Middle Ordovician Carbonates, Virginia

George Grover, Jr. , J. F. Read

Timing of Deformation in Overthrust Belt and Foreland of Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah

David V. Wiltschko, John A. Dorr, Jr.

Outlook for Domestic Exploration (AAPG President's Address): ABSTRACT

John J. Amoruso

A Mid-Continent Basin: A Reappraisal: ABSTRACT

J. Robert Berg

Adell Field and Vicinity--Sheridan and Decatur Counties, Kansas: ABSTRACT

Harold A. Brown

Kansas-Type Cyclothems and Porosity Development in Middle Pennsylvanian Marmaton Group, Dirks Field, Logan County, Kansas: ABSTRACT

Craig D. Caldwell

Strontium Isotopic Variations of Oil-Field Waters: A Clue to Migration History of Oils: ABSTRACT

S. Chaudhuri, V. Broedel, L. Nicastro, R. Robinson

Influence of Precambrian Shear Zones on Paleozoic Rocks in Southeastern Colorado: ABSTRACT

Jon R. Ford

Computer-Assisted Exploration in Kansas: ABSTRACT

Betsy Forrest, Andrew Ahroon

Control of Arbuckle (Cambrian-Ordovician) Production by Block Faulting: ABSTRACT

Dave Gagliardo

Naturally Occurring Hydrogen Gas from a Borehole on the Western Flank of Nemaha Anticline in Kansas: ABSTRACT

Edwin D. Goebel, Raymond M. Coveney, Jr., Ernest E. Angino, Edward Zeller

Basement Rift Control on Oil Production in Eastern Kansas: ABSTRACT

John B. Gustavson

Outlook for United States Natural Gas Industry: Pricing, Supply, and Demand: ABSTRACT

Nelson E. Hay

Ravia Nappe, Bryan County, Oklahoma: A Gravity Slide Block off the Tishomingo Uplift: ABSTRACT

Mark I. Jacobson

Mid-Continent Rift System--A Frontier Hydrocarbon Province: ABSTRACT

Carol Kindle Lee, S. Duff Kerr, Jr.

Geophysics in Kansas and Its Role in the Petroleum Exploration Industry: ABSTRACT

Donn McGuire

Morrowan Stratigraphy, Depositional Systems, and Hydrocarbon Accumulation, Sorrento Field, Cheyenne County, Colorado: ABSTRACT

David M. Orchard, Michael R. Kidwell

Control on Reservoir Distribution and Quality in Regressive Member of an Upper Pennsylvanian Cyclothem: ABSTRACT

Bradford E. Prather

Aeromagnetics in Exploration: ABSTRACT

Noel F. Rasmussen

Computer Exploration in Graham County, Kansas: ABSTRACT

Joseph E. Robinson

Scully Field--Marion County, Kansas: ABSTRACT

Brent Salgat

Highlights of 1983 Industry Activity in Mid-Continent--Good Signs in Difficult Times: ABSTRACT

Phillip H. Stark

Integration of Remote Sensing Data into the Exploration Effort: ABSTRACT

Harry E. Stewart

"Simpson" Reservoirs in Arkoma Basin and Ouachita Mountains, Oklahoma and Arkansas: ABSTRACT

Raymond W. Suhm

Relationship of Epeirogeny and Sedimentation in Kansas: ABSTRACT

W. Lynn Watney, Frank W. Wilson

Red Fork Sandstones (Lower Pennsylvanian) in Deeper Parts of Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Philip H. Whiting, Steven D. Levine

Shallow Gas in Arkoma Basin--Pine Hollow and South Ashland Fields: ABSTRACT

John Woncik

Minnelusa Depositional Cycles and Erosional Topography, Rozet Fields Area, Powder River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

C. W. Achauer

Roosevelt Hot Springs Unit Development: ABSTRACT

Terry S. Allen

Structural and Sedimentologic History of Nesson Anticline: ABSTRACT

Sidney B. Anderson, Lee C. Gerhard, Julie Lefever

Structural Influence on Lower and Middle Cretaceous Sedimentation, Northern Great Plains: ABSTRACT

Lawrence O. Anna

Paleotectonic Control of Pennsylvanian Sedimentation in Paradox Basin: ABSTRACT

D. L. Baars, G. M. Stevenson

Hydrocarbon Accumulation in Pennsylvanian-Age Tensleep Sandstone: Trapper Creek Deposit, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Steven S. Barrell, Beverly J. Giza

Winnipeg Formation (Middle Ordovician), Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

Mary Bitney

Exploration for Oil and Gas in Flathead Region, Montana and British Columbia, 1892 to 1983: ABSTRACT

W. W. Boberg

Petroleum Potential of Winnipeg Sandstone in South Dakota: ABSTRACT

Dudley W. Bolyard

Mid-Tertiary Conglomerate Deposition and Structural Implications, Southwestern Wind River Range, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Richard J. Bottjer, James R. Steidtmann, Larry T. Middleton

Facies, Fabrics, and Porosity of Selected Pre-Permian Rocks in Williston Basin, North Dakota: ABSTRACT

R. B. Burke, D. M. Catt, R. F. Lindsay, F. K. Lobdell, C. L. Lobue, P. T. Loeffler, T. J. Obelenus, N. A. Perrin, S. D. Sturm, R. L. Webster, B. J. Wilson

Geothermal Development and Problems in South Dakota: ABSTRACT

D. D. Carda

Eocene Paleotectonics and Sedimentation in the Rocky Mountain-Colorado Plateau Region: ABSTRACT

Charles E. Chapin, Steven M. Cather

Relation of Lithofacies and Diagenesis to Porosity Development, Mississippian Mission Canyon Formation, Eastern Montana and Western North Dakota: ABSTRACT

Pete J. Chimney, Marty D. Wittstrom

Cedar Creek--A Significant Paleotectonic Feature of Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

James H. Clement

Depositional Environment and Diagenesis of Teapot Sandstone (Upper Cretaceous), Converse and Natrona Counties, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Patrick Coughlan

Tectonic Significance of Ross Pass Fault Zone, Central Bridger Range, Montana: ABSTRACT

Carol Craiglow

Paleotectonics of Frontier Formation in Wyoming: ABSTRACT

William H. Curry, III

Vitrinite Reflectance of Coals from the Heath Formation, Central Montana: ABSTRACT

John A. Daniel, Gary A. Cole

Influence of Transcontinental Arch on Cretaceous Listric-Normal Faulting, West Flank, Denver Basin: ABSTRACT

Thomas L. Davis

Use of Seismic Stratigraphy for Minnelusa Exploration, Northeastern Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Terrell B. Daw

Evaluation of Low-Temperature Geothermal Potential of Cache Valley, Utah: ABSTRACT

Janet L. De Vries

Regional Structural Synthesis, Wyoming Salient of Western Overthrust Belt: ABSTRACT

Joe S. Dixon

Depositional Environments of Upper Cretaceous Fox Hills Formation, Niobrara and Weston Counties, East-Central Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Harry W. Dodge, Jr., Thomas M. Crandall

Upper Mission Canyon (Mississippian) Cyclicity and Hydrocarbon Occurrence, North-Central North Dakota: ABSTRACT

Paul Dolliver

Depositional Environments and Reservoir Properties, Lonetree Field, Southern Denver Basin, Colorado: ABSTRACT

John Dolson

Early Cretaceous Stratigraphy, Paleontology, and Sedimentary Tectonics in Paris Overthrust Foredeep (Western Wyoming and Southeastern Idaho) Compared with Quaternary Features of Indo-Gangetic Plain: ABSTRACT

John A. Dorr, Jr.

Depositional and Diagenetic Models for Devonian Birdbear (Nisku) Reservoirs, Northeastern Montana: ABSTRACT

J. R. Ehrets, Don L. Kissling

Poncho Field--Cretaceous "J" Sandstone Stratigraphic Traps--Denver Basin, Colorado: ABSTRACT

Frank G. Ethridge, John R. Ziegler

Application of Geological Studies to Overburden Collapse at Underground Coal Gasification Experiments: ABSTRACT

Frank G. Ethridge, William G. Alexander, Gerald N. Craig, II, Lary K. Burns, A. D. Youngberg

Potentiometric Surface and Quality of the Water of Madison Group, Montana: ABSTRACT

Richard D. Feltis

Depositional Framework for Lower Member of Metaline Formation (Cambrian), Northeastern Washington: ABSTRACT

Howard J. Fischer

Origins of Oil in Railroad Valley, Nye County, Nevada: ABSTRACT

Don E. French

Differential Vertical Tectonics: Insights from Models Composed of Sandstone and Limestone Deformed at Confining Pressure: ABSTRACT

Mel Friedman

Paleotectonic Implications of Arkose Beds in Park Shale (Middle Cambrian), Bridger Range, South-Central Montana: ABSTRACT

Jenny C. Fryxell, Donald L. Smith

Gas Reservoirs in Composite Shale-Sandstone Lithologies: A Rocky Mountain Energy Frontier: ABSTRACT

D. L. Gautier

Shannon Sandstone, Powder River Basin: Hydrodynamic Control of Sand Body Geometry and Facies Sequences in Western Interior Cretaceous Seaway: ABSTRACT

Gerard C. Gaynor, Donald J. P. Swift

Imaging Beneath Complex Structure: A Case History: ABSTRACT

Bruce Gibson, Ken Larner, Ron Chambers

Paleoenvironment of Fort Union Formation, South Dakota: ABSTRACT

Chris Goodrum

Petroleum Exploration Contributes to Structural Knowledge of Rocky Mountain Foreland Deformation: ABSTRACT

Robbie Gries

Depositional Processes in Beaverhead Formation, Southwestern Montana and Northeastern Idaho, and their Tectonic Significance: ABSTRACT

J. Christopher Haley

Tectonic Setting and Depositional Environments of Hanna Formation, South-Central Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Dan E. Hansen

Channeling in Paleocene Coals, Northern Powder River Basin, Montana: ABSTRACT

William B. Hansen

The Use and Misuse of the Nonlinear Vibroseis Method for the Acquisition of High Resolution Seismic Data: ABSTRACT

Kenneth L. Hargrove

Early Dolomitization: its Significance in Creating Subtle Diagenetic Hydrocarbon Traps in Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

Alf Hartling

Reconnaissance and Economic Geology of Copper Mountain Metamorphic Complex, Owl Creek Mountains, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

W. Dan Hausel

Conodonts of Bakken Formation (Devonian and Mississippian), Williston Basin, North Dakota: ABSTRACT

Michael D. Hayes, F. D. Holland, Jr.

Geothermal Resources of Wyoming Sedimentary Basins: ABSTRACT

Henry P. Heasler

Distribution and Age of Clinker in Northern Powder River Basin, Montana: ABSTRACT

E. L. Heffern, D. A. Coates, C. W. Naeser

Fault Leakage Characterization by Integrative Gas Geochemistry/Mass Spectrometry/Pattern Recognition Procedures: ABSTRACT

J. C. Hickey, R. W. Klusman, K. J. Voorhees

Introduction to Stratigraphy, Structure, and Geologic Problems in Big Horn Basin, Wyoming and Montana: ABSTRACT

Steve H. Hollis, Mark P. Fisher

Paleotectonic Control of Depositional Facies (Mississippian), Southwest Montana: ABSTRACT

Richard Inden

Development of Structure and Porosity at Medicine Lake Field in Northeast Montana Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

Christopher P. Indorf, E. Earl Norwood

Undrilled Giant Anticline in Overthrust Belt, Broadwater and Gallatin Counties, Montana: ABSTRACT

Arthur F. Jacob

An Economic Appraisal of Oil Potential of Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

A. H. Jennings

Seismic Interpretation in Cordilleran Thrust Belt: ABSTRACT

Eric H. Johnson

Williston Basin Red River Formation: Exploration Success, Development Failure: ABSTRACT

Eric H. Johnson

Paleotectonics and Sedimentation in Sweetgrass Arch, Montana: ABSTRACT

M. K. Jones, R. W. Fisher

Update on Coal in Big Horn Basin, Montana and Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Richard W. Jones

Inferred Subsurface Ramp in Paris Thrust South of Pocatello, Idaho, and Petroleum Potential of Related Structural Features: ABSTRACT

Thomas Kaldenbach

Paleotectonic Controls on Sedimentation in Northern Williston Basin Area, Saskatchewan: ABSTRACT

Donald M. Kent

Paleotectonic Controls on Carbonate Reservoir Development in Central Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

S. Duff Kerr

Paleotectonic, Stratigraphic, and Diagenetic History of Rangely Area, Colorado: ABSTRACT

Mark Koelmel

Stratigraphy of Upper Jurassic Morrison and Lower Cretaceous Cloverly Formations of Big Horn Basin, Northern Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Erik P. Kvale, Carl F. Vondra

Late Cretaceous Fluvial Systems and Inferred Tectonic History, Central Utah: ABSTRACT

Timothy F. Lawton

"Spearfish Water Sand": An Overlooked Play?: ABSTRACT

Julie A. Lefever, Sidney B. Anderson, Richard D. Lefever

Bivalve Associations of Cannonball Formation (Paleocene, Danian) of North Dakota: ABSTRACT

Rosanne Lindholm

Exploration Significance of a Possible Subsurface Meteorite Impact Feature in Garfield County, Montana: ABSTRACT

Paul E. Lindquist, Patricia I. Hagar

Minturn and Sangre de Cristo Formations of Southern Colorado--A Prograding Fan-Delta to Alluvial-Fan Sequence Shed from Ancestral Rocky Mountains: ABSTRACT

David A. Lindsey, Reino F. Clark, Sandra J. Ashe, Richard J. Flores

Compound Structural History of Sweetgrass Arch, Northwestern Montana: ABSTRACT

John C. Lorenz

Laramide Interactions of Structural Elements in Southwestern Montana: ABSTRACT

John C. Lorenz

Foreland Detached Deformation: ABSTRACT

James D. Lowell

Lineaments and Their Tectonic Implications in Rocky Mountains and Adjacent Plains Region: ABSTRACT

Edwin K. Maughan, William J. Perry, Jr.

Depositional Environment of Leo Sands, Middle Minnelusa Formation, Niobrara County, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

J. Duncan McBane, Robert P. Swinehart

Sedimentary Facies and Reservoir Characteristics of Cretaceous "J" Sandstone at Torrington Field (North), Goshen County, Wyoming--Exploration and Development Implications: ABSTRACT

David L. Mikesh, Randal F. Lafollette

Pennsylvanian Tyler Stratigraphic Seismic Concepts: ABSTRACT

C. E. Moore, R. J. Archer

Fault Control of Channel Sandstones in Dakota Formation, Southwest Powder River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

W. Richard Moore

Facies in Upper Part of Madison Group, Sawtooth Range, Northwestern Montana: ABSTRACT

K. M. Nichols

Great Falls Lineament, Idaho and Montana: ABSTRACT

J. Michael O'Neill, David A. Lopez

Erosional History of Big Horn Basin: Mackin Revisited: ABSTRACT

Robert C. Palmquist

Seismic Data Acquisition Parameters, Northwest Montana: ABSTRACT

Charles C. Perry, Jr., Pete Galvan

Late Jurassic Tectonism on West Side of Colorado Plateau, Utah and Arizona: ABSTRACT

Fred Peterson

Mesozoic and Early Tertiary Paleostructure and Sedimentology of Central Wasatch Mountains, Uinta Mountains, and Uinta Basin: ABSTRACT

M. Dane Picard, Ronald L. Bruhn, Susan L. Beck

Dissolution of Permian Salt and Mesozoic Depositional Trends, Powder River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Donald L. Rasmussen, Daniel W. Bean

Structural and Depositional History, Jefferson and Madison Basins, Southwestern Montana: ABSTRACT

Donald L. Rasmussen, Robert W. Fields

Example of Inner-Shelf Sand Ridges from Upper Cretaceous Eagle Sandstone, Central Montana Uplift: ABSTRACT

Dudley D. Rice, Donald L. Gautier, George W. Shurr

Haybarn Field, Fremont County, Wyoming, an Upper Fort Union (Paleocene) Stratigraphic Trap: ABSTRACT

Richard D. Robertson

Three-Dimensional Seismic Survey Applied to Field Development in Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

Gary C. Robinson, Fernand Baixas, Patrick J. Hooyman

Lemhi Arch: ABSTRACT

Edward T. Ruppel

Seismic Interpretation of Basement Block Faults and Associated Deformation in Rocky Mountains Foreland: ABSTRACT

William R. Sacrison

Foreland Deformation--A Critique of Cause: ABSTRACT

John K. Sales

Horizontal Compression and a Mechanical Interpretation of Wyoming Foreland Deformation: ABSTRACT

Jay R. Scheevel

New Sources of Gold in the West: ABSTRACT

Frederick A. Schilling, Jr.

Synorogenic Sedimentation Associated with Development of Paris-Willard Thrust System, Wyoming-Idaho-Utah Thrust Belt: ABSTRACT

James Schmitt, Katharine B. Sippel

Trace Fossils as Environment Indicators in the Rocky Mountains: ABSTRACT

Betsy Shepard

Color Infrared Imagery as an Aid to Regional Geological Mapping: ABSTRACT

Warren Shepard

Landsat Linear Features in Montana Plains: ABSTRACT

George W. Shurr

No Title Provided: ABSTRACT

George W. Shurr, Dudley D. Rice

Origin and Development of Northern Green River Basin: A Stratigraphic and Flexural Study: ABSTRACT

Mark W. Shuster, James R. Steidtmann

Ennis Geothermal System Fracture Porosity: an Overthrust Effect?: ABSTRACT

J. L. Sonderegger, Marek Zaluski

Depositional Environments of Fort Union Formation, Bison Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Elizabeth H. Southwell, James R. Steidtmann, Larry Middleton

Overpressured Reservoirs in Rocky Mountain Region: ABSTRACT

Charles W. Spencer

Inexpensive Remote Sensing Techniques: ABSTRACT

Mary Alice S. Spencer

Considerations of Vertical Tectonics for Big Horn Basin: ABSTRACT

David W. Stearns

Laramide Sedimentation, Folding, and Faulting in Southern Wind River Range, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

James R. Steidtmann, Linda C. McGee, Larry Middleton

Volcanic Stratigraphy, Timing, and Petroleum Exploration in Southeastern Absaroka Range, Big Horn Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Kent A. Sundell

Macrofossils of Bakken Formation (Devonian and Mississippian), Williston Basin, North Dakota: ABSTRACT

Larry Thrasher, F. D. Holland, Jr.

Possible Tectonic Influence on and Facies Distribution of Shannon Ridge Sandstones, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Roderick W. Tillman, Randi S. Martinsen

Influence of Tectonic Terranes Adjacent to Precambrian Wyoming Province on Petroleum Source and Reservoir Rock Stratigraphy in Northern Rocky Mountain Region: ABSTRACT

John J. Tonnsen

Depositional Environments of Middle Minnelusa "Leo" (Middle and Upper Pennsylvanian), Wyoming, South Dakota, and Nebraska: ABSTRACT

Paul L. Tromp

Trapper Canyon Deposit, Eastern Big Horn Basin, Wyoming: Tar Sand or Heavy Oil?: ABSTRACT

Alan J. Verploeg, Rodney H. Debruin

Thermal Infrared Survey of Sunlight Basin, Park County, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

D. H. Vice, J. P. Crowley, M. A. Vice

Comparison of Western Facies of Thermopolis, Muddy, and Mowry Formations with Other Areas of the Early Cretaceous Seaway, Northern Rocky Mountains and Great Plains Region: ABSTRACT

Susan Vuke

Depositional Environment of Bullion Creek Formation (Paleocene) in Southern McKenzie County, North Dakota: ABSTRACT

Brian P. Wallick

Corals of Madison Group (Mississippian), Williston Basin, North Dakota: ABSTRACT

Douglas L. Waters, F. D. Holland, Jr.

Paleotectonic Control of Depositional Facies, (Devonian), Southwest Montana: ABSTRACT

John C. Webb, Chandler Wilhelm

Codell Sandstone, Denver Basin--Frontier Exploration in a Mature Basin: ABSTRACT

R. J. Weimer, S. A. Sonnenberg

Air Drilling for Gas Sands--Marianne Field, Sweetwater County, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Robert Wellborn

Style of Deformation in Productive Fairway of Absaroka Plate: Southwest Wyoming and North-Central Utah: ABSTRACT

Judy L. West

Middle Proterozoic Belt Basin Syndepositional Faults and Their Influence on Phanerozoic Thrusting and Extension: ABSTRACT

Don Winston

Salt Diapirism in Central Utah: ABSTRACT

Irving J. Witkind

Utility of Microfossils in Rocky Mountain Exploration: ABSTRACT

Walter W. Wornardt, Jr.

Geology of North End of East Pioneer Mountains, Beaverhead County, Montana: ABSTRACT

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