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Empirical Relation Between Carbonate Porosity and Thermal Maturity: An Approach to Regional Porosity Prediction

James W. Schmoker

Determination of Paleoheat Flux from Vitrinite Reflectance Data

I. Lerche , R. F. Yarzab , C. G. St. C. Kendall

Tectonic Framework of Powder River Basin, Wyoming and Montana, Interpreted from Landsat Imagery

Ronald W. Marrs , Gary L. Raines

Distributary-Mouth Bar Development and Role of Submarine Landslides in Delta Growth, South Pass, Mississippi Delta

John F. Lindsay , David B. Prior , James M. Coleman

Evolution of Oil-Generative Window and Oil and Gas Occurrence in Tertiary Niger Delta Basin

J. E. Ejedawe, S. J. L. Coker, D. O. Lambert-Aikhionbare, K. B. Alofe, F. O. Adoh

Evaluating Seals for Hydrocarbon Accumulations

Marlan W. Downey

Temperatures and Depth-Dependent Heat Flow in Western North Sea

C. P. Andrews-Speed , E. R. Oxburgh , B. A. Cooper

Seismic Stratigraphy of Shelf and Slope, Northeastern Gulf of Mexico

Sunit K. Addy , Richard T. Buffler

Seismic Stratigraphic Framework of Deep Central Gulf of Mexico Basin

F. Jeanne Shaub , Richard T. Buffler , John G. Parsons

Influence of Overthrusting on Maturation of Hydrocarbons in Phosphoria Formation, Wyoming-Idaho-Utah Overthrust Belt

Janell D. Edman , Ronald C. Surdam

Graphic Approach to Determination of Hydrocarbon Maturation in Overthrust Terrains

Kevin P. Furlong , Janell D. Edman

Timing of Deformation in Overthrust Belt and Foreland of Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah: DISCUSSION

James G. Schmitt

Timing of Deformation in Overthrust Belt and Foreland of Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah: REPLY

David V. Wiltschko , John A. Dorr, Jr.

Episodic Sedimentation of Ancient Shelf Sandstones: ABSTRACT

Robert H. Dott, Jr.

Sedimentary Models of Pattern, Process, and Succession Derived from Bahamian Carbonates: ABSTRACT

Robert N. Ginsburg

Seismic Modeling: Geologic Predictions and Pitfalls: ABSTRACT

Fred J. Hilterman

Dynamics of Cretaceous Epicontinental Seas: ABSTRACT

Erle G. Kauffman

Anschutz Ranch East--Finding and Defining a Giant Oil Field in Thrust Belt: ABSTRACT

Jeffrey J. Lelek

Ancient Turbidite Systems: Models and Problems: ABSTRACT

Emiliano Mutti

Depositional Models, Intrabasin Tectonics, and Sea Level Changes in Petroleum Exploration: ABSTRACT

Robert J. Weimer

Rift-Related Structures and Their Seismic Expression: ABSTRACT

Martha O. Withjack

Rift Deformation Produced by Combined Extension and Shearing: ABSTRACT

Martha O. Withjack