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Submarine-Fan and Slope Facies of Tonkawa (Missourian-Virgilian) Sandstone in Deep Anadarko Basin

Naresh Kumar , Roger M. Slatt

Deep Gas Potential of Aquitaine Basin, France

Howard S. Mullan

Seismic Refraction Data from Sunda Shelf

Robert E. Houtz , Dennis E. Hayes

Subtidal Stromatolites in Monterey Formation and Other Organic-Rich Rocks as Suggested Source Contributors to Petroleum Formation

Loretta Ann Williams

Seismic Stratigraphy of Veracruz Tongue, Deep Southwestern Gulf of Mexico

Allen J. Bertagne

Ash Fusion Study of West Virginia Coals: ABSTRACT

Kenneth C. Ashton, Carl J. Smith, Mike E. Hohn

Trenton Limestone Fracture Reservoirs in Lee County, Southwestern Virginia: ABSTRACT

Charles S. Bartlett, Jr.

Origin and Implications of Fluid Inclusions from Filled Fractures, Oriskany Sandstone, Allegheny Plateau, Pennsylvania: ABSTRACT

Tim Basilone, Thomas Anderson, Robert C. Burruss

Mapping Seismic Reflectors in Southern New York: Compensation for Velocity Anomalies in Glacial Overburden: ABSTRACT

Katherine J. Beinkafner

Control of Lineament in Fluid Migration and Ore-Mineral Localization in Rifts and Rift-Faulted Basins: ABSTRACT

S. Bhattacharji, A. Rampertapp

Micro-Platform Carbonate Development and Facies in Mauch Chunk Formation (Chesterian) of Southwestern Pennsylvania: ABSTRACT

David K. Brezinski

Undiscovered Recoverable Natural Gas in Pennsylvania--Estimates and Projections: ABSTRACT

Reginald P. Briggs, Derek B. Tatlock

Hydrocarbon Production in Appalachian Basin: A Glance at the Forest: ABSTRACT

Patrick J. Burns, Robert C. Claus

Ohio Paleozoic Source-Reservoir Combinations: Source Rock Quality and Source-Oil Correlation Studies: ABSTRACT

R. Burwood, G. A. Cole, R. J. Drozd, H. I. Halpern, R. A. Sedivy

Environmental Aspects of Middle Ordovician Limestones in Central Appalachians: ABSTRACT

Burchard Carter, Peter Miller, Richard Smosna

Lower Pennsylvania Depositional Environments Reinterpreted: ABSTRACT

Habte G. Churnet, Richard E. Bergenback

Shelf Sedimentation Above Storm Wave Base in Upper Ordovician Reedsville Formation in Central Pennsylvania: ABSTRACT

John A. Conrad

Six Types of Trap or Reservoir-Producing Configurations in Trenton Limestone Reservoir, Northwestern Ohio: ABSTRACT

Alan H. Coogan

Berea Sandstone Gas Reservoir in Portage County, Ohio: ABSTRACT

Alan H. Coogan, L. L. Heath

Cave Levels of Trenton-Black River in South-Central Michigan: ABSTRACT

Ronald J. De Haas, M. W. (Casey) Jones

Silurian and Lower Devonian of Southwestern Virginia: ABSTRACT

John M. Dennison

Basement and Structural Control of Ordovician Trenton Dolomite in Extreme Southeastern Michigan, with Emphasis on Hydrocarbon Accumulations in Relationship to Dolomitization: ABSTRACT

Mark J. Dixon, Dean Bohjanen

Upper Devonian Catskill Delta of West Virginia: ABSTRACT

Alan C. Donaldson, J. Scott Lewis, Cetin Mumcuoglu, Ray Boswell, Kenneth Peace, Greg Jewell

Upper Devonian Deposystems of Catskill Delta, West Virginia: ABSTRACT

Alan C. Donaldson, J. Scott Lewis, Cetin Mumcuoglu, Ray Boswell, Kenneth Peace, Greg Jewell

Depositional Facies and Diagenetic History of Trenton Limestone in Northern Indiana: ABSTRACT

D. R. Fara, B. D. Keith

Cyclic Sedimentation Patterns in Middle Ordovician Trenton Group in Central Pennsylvania: ABSTRACT

Mary Anne Gardiner

To Drill or Not to Drill: a Synthesis of Experts' Judgments: ABSTRACT

Hamid Gholamnezhad, Alan Baharlou

Deposition in Anoxic Taconic Foreland Basin, Late Middle Ordovician, New York: ABSTRACT

Bernward J. Hay, John L. Cisne

Subsurface Stratigraphy of Upper Cambrian Through Carboniferous Rocks in Western and Central Pennsylvania: ABSTRACT

William C. Hayward

Effects of Clastic Dikes on Roof-Rock Stability in Central Pennsylvania Coal Mine: ABSTRACT

John L. Hill, III

Berea Sandstone Reservoirs in Ashland and Medina Counties, Ohio: ABSTRACT

Laurie B. Hillebrand, Alan H. Coogan

Coal Rank Trends in Eastern Kentucky: ABSTRACT

James C. Hower, Eric J. Trinkle

Reactivation of Landslides by Surface Subsidence from Longwall Mining: ABSTRACT

Anthony T. Iannacchione, Terry E. Ackman

Depositional Environment and Reservoir Characteristics of Upper Devonian Kane Sandstone in Central Western Pennsylvania: ABSTRACT

Shannon S. Johnson

Subsurface Geology of Medina Group (Lower Silurian) and Clinton Group (Lower to Upper Silurian) of New York: ABSTRACT

Matthew W. Kearney

Subsurface Stratigraphy of Medina Group (Lower Silurian), Clinton Group (Lower to Upper Silurian), and Lockport Group (Upper Silurian) of New York: ABSTRACT

Matthew W. Kearney, Lawrence V. Rickard

Depositional Systems of Clinton Sandstone and Petroleum Exploration, Guernsey County, Ohio: ABSTRACT

Brian Keltch

Influence of Depositional Environment on Type and Probability of Encountering Coal-Bed Discontinuities: ABSTRACT

Carla A. Kertis

Middle Ordovician (Chazyan-Trentonian) Tectonic Activation of Lower Paleozoic Carbonate Platform, Central Appalachian Orogene: ABSTRACT

Gary G. Lash

Paleozoic Carbonate Deep-Sea Fan Sedimentation--Evidence for Late Cambrian Regression: ABSTRACT

Gary G. Lash, Jeffrey R. Filock

Provenance of Upper Ordovician (Richmondian) Bald Eagle and Juniata Formations, Central Pennsylvania: Implications for Nature of Taconian Orogeny in Central Appalachians: ABSTRACT

Richard R. Leon

Foreland Fold and Thrust Belt Deformation Chronology, Trenton Group Limestones and Overlying Shales, Northwestern Vermont: ABSTRACT

Katherine E. Leonard

Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of Catskill Deltaic Sequence, Northern West Virginia: ABSTRACT

J. Scott Lewis

Upper Cretaceous and Cenozoic Sedimentary Sequence, Baltimore Canyon Trough, United States Atlantic Margin: ABSTRACT

Jan Libby-French

Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous Sedimentary Sequence, Baltimore Canyon Trough, United States Atlantic Margin: ABSTRACT

Jan Libby-French

Regional Depositional and Tectonic Model for Lower Mississippian Pocono Formation Sandstones, Hydrocarbon Entrapment, and Play Generation--Southern Appalachian Plateau of West Virginia and Virginia: ABSTRACT

Roy W. Lynch, Jr., James R. Aputic

Paleoenvironmental Control of Accumulation and Quality of Upper Freeport Coal Bed (Allegheny Formation, Middle Pennsylvanian), Castleman Coalfield, Maryland: ABSTRACT

Paul C. Lyons, Edwin F. Jacobsen, Romeo M. Flores

Bioclastic Turbidites in Trenton Limestone: Significance and Criteria for Recognition: ABSTRACT

Charlotte Mehrtens

Comparison of Foreland Basin Sequences: Trenton Group in Southern Quebec and Central New York: ABSTRACT

Charlotte Mehrtens, Ronald Parker

Consideration of Possible Productive Zones Within Gatesburg and Postsdam Formations, Northwest Pennsylvania: ABSTRACT

Marc A. Miller, Bruce A. Bennett, Gary G. Lash

Stratigraphic Relation of Silurian Sandstone in Part of Summit and Portage Counties, Ohio: ABSTRACT

Benjamin D. Motia, Arthur E. Burford

Upper Devonian First Bradford Formation of Southwestern Pennsylvania: Environment of Deposition and Factors Affecting Gas Production: ABSTRACT

Timothy M. Murin, Jack Donahue

Basin Analysis and Petroleum Potential of Michigan Basin: Deposition and Subsidence History from Middle Ordovician (Trenton Formation) to Early Devonian: ABSTRACT

Roy D. Nurmi

Lineament Analysis near French Creek, Northwestern Pennsylvania: ABSTRACT

Caron O'Neil, Thomas Anderson

Seismic and Stratigraphic Models in Exploration for Devonian Oriskany Sandstone Structural Targets, Eastern Overthrust Belt: ABSTRACT

Arthur E. Owen

Structural Influences on Facies Distribution in Silurian Medina Group of Northwestern New York: ABSTRACT

Mark A. Pearce, Beverly J. Seyler

Elliptical "Morphotectonic" Features on Landsat Imagery in Southwestern New York, Northwestern Pennsylvania, and Northeastern Ohio: ABSTRACT

Samuel T. Pees, John C. Palmquist

Trenton Strata in Western Illinois Basin, Brown and Schuyler Counties, Illinois: ABSTRACT

Randy M. Pochel

Lateral Ramps, Basement Block Faults, and Igneous Intrusions in Central Appalachian Valley and Ridge Province: ABSTRACT

Howard A. Pohn

Diagenesis of Coeymans (Lower Devonian) Patch Reefs, Northern Appalachian Basin: ABSTRACT

William F. Precht

Trenton Exploration and Wrenching Tectonics--Michigan Basin and Environs: ABSTRACT

C. E. Prouty

Geologic Framework and Hydrocarbon Evaluation of Devonian and Mississippian Black Shales in Appalachian Basin: ABSTRACT

John B. Roen

Model for Tectonic Deformation of Eastern Stable Interior Crustal Rocks as Interpreted from Overlying Sediments: ABSTRACT

Howard R. Schwalb

Environments of Deposition in Medina Group in Western New York: ABSTRACT

Beverly Seyler, Mark A. Pearce

Rocky Gap Sandstone and Huntersville Formation--Potential Hydrocarbon Reservoirs of Southwestern Virginia: ABSTRACT

Jesse A. Shell

Silica Cement Source and Porosity Preservation for Ohio's Lower Silurian Sandstones: ABSTRACT

Mark Smiraldo, Arthur E. Burford

Computer Mapping of Coal-Quality Data in West Virginia--an Aid in Finding the Right Coal for an Application: ABSTRACT

Carl J. Smith, Hobart M. King

Gas Reserves in Medina Group of Northwestern Pennsylvania as Related to Fracture-Porosity and Stratigraphic Control: ABSTRACT

Ira Star, David P. Gold, Michael R. Canich

Trenton Group of New York State: ABSTRACT

Robert Titus

Petrographic Characterization of Coals in Kozlu and Kilic Formations (Westphalian A), Zonguldak, Turkey: ABSTRACT

Selami Toprak, Maurice Deul

Hydrocarbon Entrapment in Trenton of Southern Ontario: ABSTRACT

Robert A. Trevail

Nature of Petrographic Variation in Taylor-Copland Coal of Middle Pennsylvanian Breathitt Formation of Eastern Kentucky: ABSTRACT

Eric J. Trinkle, James C. Hower, Deborah G. Tully, Charles T. Helfrich

Application of Vitrinite Reflectance to Interpret Gas Content, Maximum Depth of Burial, and Paleogeothermal Gradient of Coal Beds in Dunkard Basin: ABSTRACT

James P. Ulery, Donald G. Puglio

Stratigraphy and Structure of Clinton Section in Wayne County, Ohio: ABSTRACT

Brett A. Urian, Alan H. Coogan

High Fluid-Inclusion Homogenization Temperatures in Carbonates of Lower Ordovician Beekmantown Group in Northern Appalachian Basin: ABSTRACT

Stephen F. Urschel, Gerald M. Friedman

Oriskany Sandstone Lithofacies, Paleoenvironment, and Fracture Porosity in Somerset County, Pennsylvania: ABSTRACT

R. A. Welsh, Jr.

Geology of Trenton Limestone (Middle Ordovician) of Northwestern Ohio: ABSTRACT

Lawrence H. Wickstrom, John D. Gray, Ronald D. Stieglitz

Subsurface Stratigraphy and Depositional Environment of Ravencliff Sandstone (Upper Mississippian) in Southern West Virginia: ABSTRACT

Gregory R. Wrightstone

Metallic Sulfide Deposits in Winnfield Salt Dome Louisiana ...: ERRATUM

Mark R. Ulrich, J. Richard Kyle, Peter E. Price

Flexure of Lithosphere Beneath Apennine and Carpathian Foredeep Basins: Evidence for an Insufficient Topographic Load: ERRATUM

L. Royden, G. D. Karner