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Structural Geology of Stewart Peak Culmination, Idaho-Wyoming Thrust Belt

David R. Lageson

The Ubiquitous Overbid

R. E. Megill, R. B. Wightman

Geologic Field Number and Size Assessments of Oil and Gas Plays

R. A. Baker, H. M. Gehman, W. R. James, D. A. White

Stratigraphic and Lithofacies Computer Modeling in Three Dimensions: ABSTRACT

Claude G. Abry

Bottom Boundary Layer Flow Profiling System: ABSTRACT

Charles E. Adams, Jr., R. D. Fredericks

Geochemical Characterization of Rocky Mountain, Northern Great Plains, and Interior Province Coals: ABSTRACT

Ronald H. Affolter, Joseph R. Hatch

Porosity Evolution of Pennsylvanian Morrow Formation in Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Zuhair Al-Shaieb

Importance of People in Resource Assessment: ABSTRACT

Roger G. Alexander, Jr.

Lower Cretaceous Viking Barrier Island, Southwestern Alberta, Canada: ABSTRACT

Levi C. Amajor

Lignite Occurrence in Relation to Depositional Facies, Eocene Wilcox Group, Sabine Uplift Area, East Texas--Regional and Local Comparative Studies: ABSTRACT

M. L. Ambrose, M. L. W. Jackson, W. R. Kaiser, D. J. Fly

Regional Distribution of Wave- and Fluvial-Dominated Deltaic Deposits of Olmos Formation (Upper Cretaceous) in Maverick Basin, Southwest Texas: ABSTRACT

William Ambrose, Noel Tyler

Relationships of Bexar Shale, Hensel Sandstone, and Hensel Dolomite (Basal Upper Trinity, Comanchean Cretaceous) in South-Central Texas: ABSTRACT

David L. Amsbury

Grain Size Vertical Progressions as an Exploration Tool: ABSTRACT

John B. Anderson, Robyn Wright, Elizabeth Watkins

A Model for Evolution of Small Pull-Apart Basins: ABSTRACT

Jean A. Andrews, Walter C. Pitman, III

Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Biostratigraphic Mapping--Two Case Studies: Bass Basin, Australia, and North Soldado, Trinidad: ABSTRACT

Felix R. Aquing

Distribution of Organic Richness in Time and Space: ABSTRACT

John M. Armentrout

Oblique-Slip Sedimentation and Deformation in Nonacho Basin (Early Proterozoic), Northwest Territories, Canada: ABSTRACT

Lawrence B. Aspler, J. A. Donaldson

Dakota Sandstone Facies, Western Oklahoma Panhandle: ABSTRACT

Erkan Atalik, Charles F. Mansfield

Role of Stepovers in Strike-Slip Tectonics: ABSTRACT

Atilla Aydin, Amos Nur

Lithofacies Control of Lignite Distribution and Ground-Water Quality, Wilcox Group (Eocene), East-Central Texas: ABSTRACT

W. B. Ayers, Jr., Amy H. Lewis

High-Potential Geothermal Energy Resource Areas of Nigeria and Their Geologic and Geophysical Assessment: ABSTRACT

Olufemi Oladapo Babalola

Printer-Posted Maps from a Well-Data File: ABSTRACT

D. J. Bailey

Geologic Field Number and Size Assessments of Oil and Gas Plays: ABSTRACT

R. A. Baker, H. M. Gehman, W. R. James, D. A. White

Production Graphics and Forecast and Evaluation Systems: ABSTRACT

Richard B. Banks

Geophysical Exploration in Brazilian Continental Margin: History and State of the Art: ABSTRACT

Jose Coutinho Barbosa, Joarez F. Tessis, Andre L. Romanelli Rosa

Thermal Stabilization of Kerogen Maturation Over a Finite Reaction Duration: ABSTRACT

Charles E. Barker

Distribution of Oil and Gas on Active Continental Margins: ABSTRACT

Colin Barker, Spyro Tsoutsouras

Seabed Morphology of George V Continental Shelf, Antarctica: ABSTRACT

Peter W. Barnes

Trapper Canyon Tar Sand Deposit Revisited: ABSTRACT

Steven S. Barrell

Macroborings and Epizoans on Late Cretaceous Rudists from West Coast Active-Margin Environments: ABSTRACT

Michael Bass

Dolomitization Stages in a Regressive Sequence of Hunton Group, Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Geoffrey B. Beardall, Jr., Zuhair Al-Shaieb

North Blowhorn Creek Oil Field--A Stratigraphic Trap in Black Warrior Basin of Alabama: ABSTRACT

Bennett L. Bearden, Ernest A. Mancini, Philip R. Reeves

Climate Control of Cretaceous Coal Distribution: ABSTRACT

Dale C. Beeson

Mega Cross-Bedding in Pyroclastic Flow Deposits: A Product of High Energy, High Aggradation Deposition on Steep Slopes: ABSTRACT

David L. Beeson, Stephen Self, John G. McPherson

Are There Petroleum Resources in Antarctica?: ABSTRACT

John C. Behrendt

Future of Personal Computer as an Interactive Geological Graphics Work Station: ABSTRACT

Lyndon H. Bell, John L. Stout

Porosity/Depth Relations in Smackover Formation, Southwest Alabama: ABSTRACT

D. Joe Benson, B. L. Bearden, E. A. Mancini

Inner Margin of Baltimore Canyon Trough: Future Exploration Play: ABSTRACT

Richard N. Benson, Robert G. Doyle

Petrographic, Geochemical, and Paleohydrologic Evidence of Nature of Petroleum Migration in Illinois Basin: ABSTRACT

Craig M. Bethke, J. D. Pruitt, Mary H. Barrows

Experimental Compaction of Ooids under Deep-Burial Diagenetic Temperatures and Pressures: ABSTRACT

Ajit Bhattacharyya, Gerald M. Friedman

Reef to Back-Reef Microfacies and Diagenesis of Permian (Guadalupian) Tansill-Capitan Transition, Dark Canyon, Guadalupe Mountains, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Barbara Biggers

Influence of Various Fold Mechanisms on Fold Geometry in Growth Faulted Areas: ABSTRACT

Lee Billingsley

Stress Release, Joints, and Instability on Submarine Slopes: ABSTRACT

James S. Booth, James M. Robb

Sedimentary Processes Along Sagavanirktok River, Eastern North Slope, Alaska: ABSTRACT

Jon C. Boothroyd, Barry S. Timson

Petrography and Diagenesis of Upper Smackover Formation (Oxfordian), Atlanta and Pine Tree Fields, Southwestern Arkansas: ABSTRACT

Thomas C. Boronow

Characteristics of Mississippi Fan Sediments, DSDP Leg 96: ABSTRACT

A. H. Bouma, J. M. Coleman

Lithologic Characteristics of Mississippi Fan: ABSTRACT

A. H. Bouma, J. M. Coleman


A. H. Bouma, C. E. Stelting, N. E. Barnes

Seismic Stratigraphy of Western Colombian Basin, Caribbean Sea: ABSTRACT

Christopher Bowland

Sedimentologic and Stratigraphic Framework of Some Modern Crevasse Splay Sands: ABSTRACT

Kevin W. Bowles, Thomas F. Moslow

Experimental Hydrothermal Dedolomitization: ABSTRACT

Julie S. Brauer, Paul A. Baker

Diagenetic Evolution of a Silurian Limestone Reef: Geochemical Documentation of Mixed-Water Dolomitization: ABSTRACT

Kathy A. Breining, Kyger C. Lohmann

A Community Model for Coalbed Methane Utilization: ABSTRACT

C. Everett Brett, J. Read Holland, Dan Thompson

Tide-Dominated Delta Model for Coal-Bearing Wilcox Strata in South Texas: ABSTRACT

John A. Breyer

Depositional Environments, Conodont Biostratigraphy, and Porosity Diagenesis of Montoya Group (Upper Ordovician), Sacramento Mountains, South-Central Mexico: ABSTRACT

David Lee Brimberry

Depositional Environments and Oil Shale Genesis in Eocene Green River Formation: Retrospect and Prospect: ABSTRACT

H. Paul Buchheim

Diagenetic Carbonate Concretions from Late Cretaceous Active Margin Slope Deposits, Southern California--Origin and Use in Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction: ABSTRACT

Steven P. Buck, David J. Bottjer

Paleoenvironmental Analysis of Late Cretaceous Active Margin Continental Slope Deposits, Southern California: ABSTRACT

Steven P. Buck, David J. Bottjer

Dedolomitization in Tectonic Veins and Stylolites: Evidence for Rapid Fluid Migration During Deformation: ABSTRACT

Joyce M. Budai

Basin and Range-Age Reactivation of the Ancestral Rocky Mountains in Texas Panhandle: Evidence from Ogallala Formation: ABSTRACT

Roy T. Budnik

Oil and Gas Fields of Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Margaret R. Burchfield

ISIS--Gulf's Interactive Interpretation System: ABSTRACT

J. H. Caldwell, P. S. Valuikas, R. M. Platek, R. R. Casavant

The Exploration Decision: How Much Skill? How Much Luck?: ABSTRACT

Ed Capen

Holocene Dolomitization of Supratidal Sediments by Active Tidal Pumping, Sugarloaf Key, Florida: ABSTRACT

Jose D. Carballo, Lynton S. Land

Morphologies of Gypsum on a Modern Sabkha: Clues to Depositional Conditions: ABSTRACT

Barbara Castens-Seidell

Anatomy of a Modern Marine Sabkha in a Rift Valley Setting, Northwest Gulf of California, Baja California, Mexico: ABSTRACT

Barbara Castens-Seidell, Lawrence A. Hardie

Strike-Slip-Influenced Sedimentation in Norfolk Basin, Southeastern Massachusetts: ABSTRACT

Edward C. Cazier

Preliminary Study of Palynomorphs and Other Plant Fossils from Mississippian Clastic Sediments, Antler Basin, Nevada and Utah: ABSTRACT

Alan K. Chamberlain, Gerald L. Waanders

Eocene Wave-Dominated Deltaic Sedimentation, Oregon Coast Range: ABSTRACT

Marjorie A. Chan, R. H. Dott, Jr.

Developing an Oil Generation Model for Resource Assessment of Bakken Formation, Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

Ronald R. Charpentier, Katherine B. Krystinik

Assessment of Role of Metamorphic Remobilization in Genesis of Uranium Ores from Ralston Buttes Area, Colorado: ABSTRACT

Subir K. Chatterjee, John C. Fountain

Paleoenvironments of Late Albian Stage (Early Cretaceous) of Eastern Trans-Pecos, Texas: ABSTRACT

Thomas L. Cheatham

Evaluation of Coalbed Methane Resource in Western United States: ABSTRACT

Raoul Choate

Three-Dimensional Plane Pass Filtering as a Regridding and Interpolation Technique: ABSTRACT

Steve Chilcoat, Chen Yu Wang

Microcomputer Stratigraphic Applications: ABSTRACT

Russ Choyce

Evolution of a Carbonate-Siliciclastic Platform: Middle to Upper Cambrian of Western Newfoundland: ABSTRACT

N. Chow, N. P. James

Strike-Slip Deformation, Basin Formation, and Sedimentation: A Summary: ABSTRACT

Nicholas Christie-Blick, K. T. Biddle

Synthetic Stratigraphy of Epicontinental Seas: A Carbonate Sedimentation Model and its Applications in Sea Level Studies: ABSTRACT

John L. Cisne, Raymond F. Gildner

Seismic Stratigraphy on a Micro Budget: ABSTRACT

Thomas M. Clark

Organic Geochemistry of Pennsylvanian-Permian Oils and Black Shales, Northern Denver Basin: ABSTRACT

Jerry L. Clayton, J. David King

Oil and Gas Economic Analysis with VisiCalc: ABSTRACT

Mark A. Clement

Culmination Collapse in Fanjah Saddle, Oman: ABSTRACT

Dana Q. Coffield

Environment of Deposition of an Eocene Lignite-Bearing Sedimentary Sequence in Northeast Rusk County, Texas: ABSTRACT

W. F. Cole, D. G. Kersey, C. C. Mathewson

Stratigraphy, Depositional Rates, and Other DSDP Leg 96 Conclusions: Mississippi Fan: ABSTRACT

J. M. Coleman, A. H. Bouma

Framework of Mississippi Fan, Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

J. M. Coleman, A. H. Bouma, C. E. Stelting, D. B. Prior

Variety of Geologic Silhouette Shapes Distinguishable by Multiple Rotations Method of Quantitative Shape Analysis Text: ABSTRACT

D. G. Collins, J. M. Parks

Depositional Setting and History of an Eocene Lacustrine Deposit, Brewster County, West Texas: ABSTRACT

Bart D. Collinsworth

Experimental Determination of Smectite Hydration States Under Diagenetic Conditions: ABSTRACT

Virginia A. Colten

Algal Origin of Peloids, Peloidal Intraclasts, and Structure Grumeleuse in Paleozoic Limestones: Evidence from Cow Head Group, Western Newfoundland: ABSTRACT

M. Coniglio, N. P. James

Diagenesis of Upper Cretaceous Teapot Sandstone, Powder River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Steven P. Conner, Thomas T. Tieh

Porosity Distribution in Wolfcamp Strata, Palo Duro Basin, Texas Panhandle: Implications for Deep-Basin Ground-Water Flow: ABSTRACT

R. D. Conti, P. Wirojanagud

Geophysical and Geologic Studies of Ross Sea Continental Margin, Antarctica: ABSTRACT

Allen K. Cooper

Implementation of Graphical Layout Editor for Geologic Applications: ABSTRACT

Daniel H. Cooper, R. J. Heil

Shear and Compressional-Wave Surface and Downhole Tests in Southern Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Robert J. Corbin, David W. Bell, Stephen H. Danbom

Improved Data Distribution at Kentucky Geological Survey Through Computer Usage: ABSTRACT

Steven Cordiviola

Channel Migration in Upper Indus Fan in Relation to Geologic History of Region: ABSTRACT

F. Coumes, V. Kolla

Biostratigraphic Restudy Documents Triassic/Jurassic Section in Georges Bank COST G-2 Well: ABSTRACT

Harold L. Cousminer, William E. Steinkraus, Raymond E. Hall

Transitions in a Fluvial System--Abo Formation, Southeastern Nacimiento Mountains, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Jeff P. Crabaugh, John G. McPherson

Geology of Point Arguello Discovery: ABSTRACT

William Crain, William Mero, Colin Wilkenson

Microcomputers in Exploration--Perspective and Forecast: ABSTRACT

David C. Crane

Seismic Reflection Profiles from Offshore Central California: Evidence for Post-Miocene Imbricate Thrust Faulting: ABSTRACT

James K. Crouch, Steve Bachman

Regional Post-Late Miocene Thrust Faulting in Offshore Central California--Implications for Wrench-Style Tectonics: ABSTRACT

James K. Crouch, Steve Bachman

Upward-Shoaling Origin of an Eastern Gulf Coast Barrier Island: ABSTRACT

Douglas E. Crowe, Richard A. Davis, Jr.

Depositional History of Smackover Carbonates in Manila Embayment of South Alabama: ABSTRACT

Alan E. Cunningham, D. Joe Benson

Shelf Morphodynamics of Drowned Barriers on Louisiana Shelf: ABSTRACT

Robert F. Cuomo, Bruce M. Kofron, Dag Nummedal

Possible Mantle Convection-Current Sink Under United States Cordillera: ABSTRACT

William H. Curry, III

Habitat of Hydrocarbons in Hackberry (Oligocene, Middle Frio), Texas and Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Doris M. Curtis, Dorothy J. Echols

Palynology, Oil Shale Genesis, and Depositional Environments of Fossil Butte Member, Green River Formation: ABSTRACT

R. Cushman, H. P. Buchheim, L. Fisk

Hibernia Field Delineation Using Three-Dimensional Seismic Techniques: ABSTRACT

C. T. Dale, D. Peters

Generic Comparison of Oil Shale and Tar Sand: ABSTRACT

George F. Dana

Geology and Petroleum Habitat for Brazilian East Atlantic Margin Basins: ABSTRACT

M. V. Dauzacker, H. Schaller, A. C. M. Castro, Jr., M. Marroquim

Seismic Stratigraphic Modeling with Western Canadian Examples: ABSTRACT

G. R. Davidson, R. E. Newman

Determination of Productivity, Wilcox-Frio Sands, South Texas: ABSTRACT

David K. Davies, Robert B. Truman, Richard K. Vessell

Rapid Sedimentation in Low-Energy, Microtidal Estuary: ABSTRACT

Richard A. Davis, Jr., David L. Schrader

Devonian Gas Shales and Related Tight Reservoir Rocks of Appalachian Basin: ABSTRACT

Wallace De Witt, Jr.

Regional Source Rock Mapping Using Source Potential Rating Index: ABSTRACT

Harry Dembicki, Jr., Fredric L. Pirkle

Thrust Faults that Violate Classic Thrust Belt Rules: Marathon Basin, Texas: ABSTRACT

William D. Demis

Expected Paleozoic Stratigraphy Beneath Western Part of Metamorphic Overthrust in Southern Appalachians: ABSTRACT

John M. Dennison

Jurassic-Cretaceous Nonmarine Foreland Basin Sedimentation in Western United States: ABSTRACT

A. S. Derman, B. H. Wilkinson, J. A. Dorr, Jr.

Evidence for Post-Cementation Migration of High-Temperature, High-Pressure Fluids--Siluro-Devonian Helderberg Group, Central Appalachians: ABSTRACT

S. L. Dorobek

Paradox of Great Thicknesses of Carbonate Turbidites--Some Synergistic Observations from French Western Pyrenees and Upper West Florida Continental Slope: ABSTRACT

Larry J. Doyle, Robert Bourrouilh

Shallow Structure and Carbonate Sedimentation of West Florida Upper Continental Slope: ABSTRACT

Larry J. Doyle, Charles W. Holmes

Basement Faults and Cover Tectonics in Southernmost Appalachians: ABSTRACT

J. A. Drahovzal, S. P. Hertig, W. A. Thomas

Thermal History of Otway Basin, Australia--Case Study of Fission-Track Analysis in Petroleum Exploration: ABSTRACT

I. R. Duddy, A. J. W. Gleadow, J. F. Lovering

Methods for Evaluating Occurrence and Origin of Radionuclide Concentrations in Texas Lignites: ABSTRACT

Timothy Jay Duduit

Paleohydraulic Analysis of Hummocky Cross-Stratified Sands Indicates Equivalence with Wave-Formed Flat Bed: Pleistocene Lake Bonneville Deposits, Northern Utah: ABSTRACT

William L. Duke

Abandoned Oil Fields of Texas Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

Shirley P. Dutton

Crustal Structure of South Florida Bank Derived from Ocean Bottom Seismometer Refraction Profiles: ABSTRACT

Joseph O. Ebeniro, William P. O'Brien, Jr., Subir K. Chatterjee

Ammonite Zonation in Condensed Zone, Middle Ozan Formation (Taylor Group, Upper Cretaceous) in Northeast Texas: ABSTRACT

Joan Echols

Subsurface Geological Data on a Microcomputer: ABSTRACT

Marc B. Edwards

Strong Transfer Function Links Thin-Section Data to Reservoir Physics: ABSTRACT

Robert Ehrlich

Pericollisional Strike-Slip Basins in Western Cordillera, Canada: ABSTRACT

G. H. Eisbacher

Offshore Investigations on Wilkes Land-Victoria Land Margin, Antarctica: ABSTRACT

Stephen L. Eittreim

Pull-Apart Basins Along Blanco Transform: ABSTRACT

Robert W. Embley, A. Malahoff, R. Ganse

California Blueschists and the Tectonostratigraphic Terrane Concept: ABSTRACT

W. G. Ernst

Rifting, Drifting, and Crustal Accretion in Taiwan: ABSTRACT

W. G. Ernst, C. S. Ho, J. G. Liou

Late Paleozoic Structural Evolution of Permian Basin: ABSTRACT

Thomas E. Ewing

Potiguar Basin: Geologic Model and Habitat of Oil of a Brazilian Equatorial Basin: ABSTRACT

F. U. H. Falkenhein, R. M. Barros, I. G. Da Costa, C. Cainelli

New Method in X-Ray Quantitative Mineralogical Determination of Sedimentary Rocks: ABSTRACT

J. H. Fang, Levy Zevin

Sedimentation in a Transgressed Interdistributary Bay on Mississippi-Lafourche Delta Lobe: ABSTRACT

Kathleen M. Farrell, Dag Nummedal, Sudhir B. Basumallick

Seismic Stratigraphic Interpretation of Mississippi Fan, Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Mary H. Feeley, Richard T. Buffler, William R. Bryant

Appraisal of Coal Resources from Uranium Drill-Hole Logs, Southern San Juan Basin, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Sandra C. Feldman

Log-Derived Evaluation of Shaly Sandstone Reservoirs: ABSTRACT

Walter H. Fertl

Depositional Systems and Productive Characteristics of Major Low-Permeability Gas Sandstones in Texas: ABSTRACT

R. J. Finley, S. J. Seni, Noel Tyler, Z. S. Lin

Zuloaga Formation (Upper Jurassic) Shoal Complex, Sierra de Enfrente, Coahuila, Northeast Mexico: ABSTRACT

Jane B. Finneran

Paleoenvironments of Middle Member of Quitman Formation, Hudspeth County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Steven A. Flint, D. M. Rohr

Morphology and Growth Pattern of Amazon Deep-Sea Fan: A Computer-Processed GLORIA Side-Scan Sonar Mosaic: ABSTRACT

Roger D. Flood, John E. Damuth

Upper Fort Union Coals in Western Powder River Basin, Wyoming: Alluvial-Plain Deposits: ABSTRACT

R. M. Flores, J. K. Hardie, J. M. Coss, J. N. Weaver, B. S. Van Gosen

Geothermal Resources of Balcones-Ouachita Trend, Central Texas: ABSTRACT

Duncan Foley, Jon Zeisloft, Charles M. Woodruff

Selection Parameters and Subsurface Explorations for Oil Mining Projects: ABSTRACT

Russell C. Fontaine, Tracy J. Lyman

Late Pleistocene Ice-Proximal Glaciomarine Subaerial Delta and Submarine Outwash Fan Lithofacies, Fraser Lowland, British Columbia, Canada: ABSTRACT

Katharine J. Fox

Relationships Among Carbon Dioxide, Pore-Fluid Chemistry, and Secondary Porosity, Texas Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

Stephen G. Franks, Richard W. Forester

Complete Dehydration of Illite/Smectite in Gulf Coast Overpressured Shales: ABSTRACT

R. L. Freed, D. R. Peacor

U. S. Geological Survey Oil and Gas Atlas of the United States: ABSTRACT

Sherwood F. Frezon, Katharine L. Varnes

Reservoir Facies Architecture in a Micro-Tidal Barrier System, Frio Formation, Texas Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

W. E. Galloway

Potassium-40/Argon-40 Age Determinations on Low-Potassium Glauconites Near Missing Cretaceous-Tertiary Transition at Littig Pit, Travis County, Texas: ABSTRACT

L. M. Gammill, J. A. S. Adams, R. E. Casey

Relationship of Morphologic Variation and Environment in Recent Bolivina (Foraminiferida) from Northwestern Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Anthony C. Gary, Nancy Healy-Williams

SAMPLE--Seismic Amplitude Measurement for Primary Lithology Estimation: ABSTRACT

Gary S. Gassaway, H. J. Richgels

Landsat Maps of Iraq: Tools for Non-Invasive Exploration: ABSTRACT

Susan L. Gawarecki, Stephen K. Perry

A Shallow Water Eocene Turbidite Sequence From Venezuelan Andes: ABSTRACT

Santosh Kumar Ghosh

Pteridinium: An Element of Late Precambrian Ediacaran Fauna from Carolina Slate Belt, Southern Appalachian Orogen: ABSTRACT

Gail G. Gibson

Multiple Depositional Cycles in Bashi and Hatchetigbee Formations (Lower Eocene), Alabama: ABSTRACT

Thomas G. Gibson, Laurel M. Bybell

Hydrocarbon Entrapment in Alberta Deep Basin: ABSTRACT

Robert M. Gies

Dipmeter Advisor--An Artificial Intelligence Interpretation Program: ABSTRACT

J. A. Gilreath, R. L. Langley, P. Pruchnik

Coral Content of Quaternary Reef Limestones: ABSTRACT

Robert N. Ginsburg, Dong Ryong Choi

Paleogene Sedimentation and Deformation Along Svalbard's Sheared Margin: ABSTRACT

J. Gjolberg, K. Kleinspehn, A. Nottvedt, M. Rye-Larsen, Ron Steel

Interactive Geologic Modeling: ABSTRACT

J. D. Glaeser, Stephen A. Krajewski, Ron Budros

Foraminiferal Biostratigraphy and Paleoenvironments of Eastover Formation (Late Miocene), Virginia: ABSTRACT

Joann H. Goshorn

Heat Flow as an Indicator of Regional Ground-Water Migration in Great Plains: ABSTRACT

W. Gosnold

Three-Dimensional Seismic Monitoring of Enhanced Oil Recovery Project: ABSTRACT

R. J. Greaves, T. J. Fulp, P. L. Head

Depositional Environment and Reservoir Characteristics of an Upper Devonian Sandstone in the Appalachian Basin, Cherryhill Field, Indiana County, West-Central Pennsylvania: ABSTRACT

Jeffery C. Greenawalt

Gulf Coast Geopressured Geothermal Resources: The Hard Facts: ABSTRACT

C. Groat

Geological Constraints on Models for the Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous (Wealdian) Longrono-Soria Strike-Slip Basin (Northwest Spain): ABSTRACT

Michel Guiraud, Michel Seguret

Deposition, Diagenesis, and Porosity Relationships in the Glorieta Formation, Keystone (Holt) Field, Winkler County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Richard C. Haack, A. D. Jacka

Hydrocarbon Maturation in Laramide Basins--Constraints from Evolution of Northern Big Horn Basin, Wyoming and Montana: ABSTRACT

E. Sven Hagen, Kevin P. Furlong, Ronald C. Surdam

Energy in the Reindustrialization of America: ABSTRACT

Michel T. Halbouty

Normalizing Exploration Functions for Powder River, Denver, and Midland Basins: ABSTRACT

Susan E. Halfman

Fast Reservoir Calculations Using Seismic Data and Well Logs: ABSTRACT

Gary Hamill

Fracturing and Brecciation Along the Max Meadows Thrust, Southwestern Virginia: ABSTRACT

William C. Haneberg

Determining Pore-Water Salinities from SP Response: A Thermodynamic Reevaluation: ABSTRACT

Jeffrey S. Hanor

Western Gulf of Mexico Continental Slope Geology, Hazards, and Processes Atlas: ABSTRACT

N. S. Hardin

Structural Styles and Plate-Tectonic Settings of Divergent (Transtensional) Wrench Faults: ABSTRACT

T. P. Harding, R. C. Vierbuchen, Nicholas Christie-Blick

A Microcomputer Geologic Well Data Management System: ABSTRACT

Joe W. Harris

Location of Gilmer Shelf Margin, Upper Jurassic, East Texas Basin: ABSTRACT

Gill M. Harwood, Kathy A. McGillis

Rudists as Historians--Smoky Hill Chalk Member (Upper Cretaceous), Kansas: ABSTRACT

Donald E. Hattin

Interpretation of Hydrocarbon Shows Using Light (C1-C5) Hydrocarbons: ABSTRACT

J. Haworth, M. Sellens, A. Whittaker

Fluid-Bearing Capacity of Strandline Sand Deposits--Implication for Hydrocarbon Exploration: ABSTRACT

Miles O. Hayes, Walter J. Sexton, Katharine W. Sippel

Morphostratigraphy of Foraminifera Via Automated Image Analysis: ABSTRACT

N. Healy-Williams, L. Robbins, R. Ehrlich

Isotopic Provenance of Sandstones from the Displaced Tyee Formation, Oregon Coast Range: ABSTRACT

Paul Heller, Z. E. Peterman, J. R. O'Neil, M. Shafiqullah

Geothermal Energy Resources in Trans-Pecos Texas--Characteristics and Potential for Development: ABSTRACT

Christopher D. Henry

Contour Mapping Using A Microcomputer--Techniques for Improvement: ABSTRACT

Mark A. Herkommer

Facies and Paleogeography of Middle Silurian Bisher and Lilley Formations, Adams County, Ohio: ABSTRACT

Donna M. Herring

Diagenetic Effects of Salt Intrusions--An Alternate Model of Caprock Development: ABSTRACT

Charles W. Holmes

A New Method of Estimating Risk-Adjusted Reserve and Economic Potential of Exploratory Prospects: ABSTRACT

Michael Holmes

Morphological and Morphometric Characterization of Microborings Caused by Heterotrophic Endoliths: ABSTRACT

James E. Hook, Stjepko Golubic

Channel-Fill Deposits Formed by Aggradation in Deeply Scoured, Superimposed Distributaries of Lower Kootenai Formation: ABSTRACT

John C. Hopkins

Carbonate Sediment Produced by Rock-Boring Urchin, Echinometra lucunter, and Infauna, Black Rock, Little Bahama Bank: ABSTRACT

Charles M. Hoskin, John K. Reed

Estimation of Oil and Gas Resources in Frontier Basins from Field-Size Distributions in Analogous Explored Basins: ABSTRACT

John C. Houghton, Lawrence J. Drew

Intergranular Pressure Solution and Porosity Evolution in Quartzose Sandstones: ABSTRACT

David W. Houseknecht

Textures Formed During Shallow Water Halite Deposition--An Example from Permian of Palo Duro Basin, Texas: ABSTRACT

Susan D. Hovorka

Sedimentologic and Tectonic Factors Controlling Growth and Dimensions of Submarine Fans: ABSTRACT

David G. Howell

Coal from the Swash Zone--Herrin (No. 11) Coal in Western Kentucky: ABSTRACT

James C. Hower, Gary L. Neuder, Anne M. Graese, Eric J. Trinkle

Accretionary Styles in Shelf-Edge Reefs, St. Croix, Virgin Islands: ABSTRACT

Dennis K. Hubbard, R. Burke, I. Gill

Seismic Stratigraphy of Winedale Prospect: Updip Wilcox Trend, Onshore Texas Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

Allen Huckabay

Upper Cretaceous Tempestites in Mancos and Mesaverde Formations--A Model for Shallow-Shelf Sandstone Reservoirs: ABSTRACT

P. M. Hudelson, R. L. Brenner, D. J. P. Swift

Seasonal Growth Rates and Carbonate Production in Halimeda opuntia at Marquesas Keys, Florida: ABSTRACT

J. Harold Hudson

Late Atokan Brachiopod Biostratigraphy, Bird Spring Group, Arrow Canyon, Clark County, Nevada: ABSTRACT

Bryan G. Huff, Ralph L. Langenheim

Diagenesis of Burbank Sandstone, North Burbank Field, Osage County, Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

W. R. Hufford, Thomas T. Tieh

Review of Electrical Methods in a Multidisciplinary Exploration Program: ABSTRACT

Larry J. Hughes, Norman R. Carlson

Depositional Environments of Devonian Cairn Formation, Rocky Mountain Foothills, Alberta, Canada: ABSTRACT

Ian G. Hunter, Graeme R. Bloy, Sidney R. Leggett

Geology of Oscar Range (Devonian) Reef Complex, Canning Basin, Western Australia: ABSTRACT

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Organic Petrology of Selected Oil Shale Samples from Lower Carboniferous Albert Formation, New Brunswick, Canada: ABSTRACT

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Biostratigraphy of Echinoid Spines, Cretaceous of Texas: ABSTRACT

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Integrated Geology and Geophysics: ABSTRACT

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Evidence for Vertical Movement of Diagenetic Fluids, Texas Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

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Effects of Diagenesis on Porosity Development, Tuscaloosa Sandstone, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

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Geologic Characteristics of Low-Permeability Gas Reservoirs in Greater Green River Basin of Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah: ABSTRACT

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Are Our Oil and Gas Resource Assessments Realistic?: ABSTRACT

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Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis of Uranium Phases in Primary Ores, Eocene and Miocene of South Texas: ABSTRACT

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Sedimentary Sequence of Offshore Southeastern United States: Preliminary Study Based on Exploration Wells: ABSTRACT

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Contrasts Between Ordovician and Mississippian Carbonate Depositional Styles in Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

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Walker Lake, Nevada: Sedimentation in an Active, Strike-Slip Related Basin: ABSTRACT

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A Microcomputer-Based Borehole Engineering System: ABSTRACT

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Estimation of Sediment Compaction Profiles Using Combination of Real-Time Drilling Response Modeling and Direct Porosity Measurements: ABSTRACT

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Upper Jurassic Norphlet Formation--New Frontier for Hydrocarbon Prospecting in the Central and Eastern Gulf of Mexico Regions: ABSTRACT

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Rotating Parallel Faults--"Book Shelf" Mechanism: ABSTRACT

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Late Mississippian Lime Mud Mounds, Pitkin Formation, Northern Arkansas: ABSTRACT

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Comparison of Basin Types in Active and Ancient Strike-Slip Zones: ABSTRACT

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Dead Sea Rift: Impact of Tectonics and Climate on Patterns of Sedimentation: ABSTRACT

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Compaction in Sandstones--Influence on Reservoir Quality: ABSTRACT

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Cenozoic Epeirogenic Uplift of Palo Duro Basin, Texas, and Its Influence on Structure, Salt Dissolution, and Topography: ABSTRACT

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Role of Submarine Canyons in the United States Atlantic Continental Slope and Upper Continental Rise Development: ABSTRACT

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Exploration--The Past is the Key to the Future: ABSTRACT

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Hydrocarbon Source Potential in Brazilian Margin Basins: ABSTRACT

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Mapping Dikes from Thematic Mapper Imagery: Raton Basin: ABSTRACT

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Environmental Significance of Pisoliths, Mississippian Madison Formation of the Williston Basin, Bottineau, Renville, and McHenry Counties, North Dakota: ABSTRACT

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Regional Facies Distribution and Tectonic Evolution of Appalachian and Ouachita Thrust Belts: ABSTRACT

William J. Metzger, Aderbal C. Correa

Resources of Small Oil and Gas Fields: ABSTRACT

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Sedimentation and Tectonics of Diffuse Plate Boundary: Canadian Arctic Islands from 80 Ma to Present: ABSTRACT

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Sedimentation on an Early Proterozoic Continental Margin: Gowganda Formation (Huronian), Elliot Lake Area, Ontario, Canada: ABSTRACT

Andrew D. Miall

Physical Stratigraphy and Facies Analysis, Lower Cretaceous, Maverick Basin and Devils River Trend, Uvalde and Real Counties, Texas: ABSTRACT

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Landsat 4 Thematic Mapper Imagery: Improved Tool for Geologic Mapping in Eastern Overthrust: ABSTRACT

Jack E. Miller

United States Geothermal Energy Overview--Current Status: ABSTRACT

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Facies Analysis of Upper Jackfork Formation (Pennsylvanian), DeGray Dam, Arkansas: ABSTRACT

R. J. Moiola, G. Shanmugam

Petroleum Resources in Powder River Basin: ABSTRACT

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Devonian and Mississippian Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments in Big Hatchet Mountains of Southwestern New Mexico: ABSTRACT

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Results of Separation of Antarctica and Australia During Late Cretaceous: ABSTRACT

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Sedimentology and Reservoir Characteristics of Tight Gas Sandstones, Frontier Formation, Southwestern Wyoming: ABSTRACT

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Geology and Major Oil Plays, Coastal Margin Basins, Brazil: ABSTRACT

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Diagenetic Relationships and Hydrocarbon Resource Implications, Nanushuk Group and Torok/Topagoruk Formation, National Petroleum Reserve, Alaska: ABSTRACT

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Late Cenozoic Pull-Apart Graben Development, Big Bend Region, Texas: ABSTRACT

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Magnetotelluric Sounding Method as Applied in Ouachita Thrust Belt, Central Texas: A Case History: ABSTRACT

Gery Muncey, Bill Ehni, Mark Katterjohn, Betty Harclerode-Moore, Dave Halpin

Control of Accretion Processes on Tiran Strait Sill by Evaporation-Driven Current Dynamics: ABSTRACT

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In-Situ Rock/Water Geochemistry of Holocene Marine Radial Ooid Environment, Lizard Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia: ABSTRACT

Douglas G. Neese, John D. Pigott

Stratigraphy of Transgressive Barrier Island Arc: ABSTRACT

Kevin J. Neese

Estimating Reserve Growth: Opportunities and Challenges for Petroleum Resource Assessment: ABSTRACT

Richard Nehring

Practical Consideration in Using Velocity, Frequency, and Phase in Stratigraphic Seismic Exploration: ABSTRACT

Norman S. Neidell

Fan-Deltaic and Marine Siliclastic Facies of Laborcita Formation, Northern Sacramento Mountains, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Robert H. Nelson

Reexploration in Reconcavo Basin, Brazil: ABSTRACT

A. S. T. Netto

Uranium Distribution and Sandstone Depositional Environments--Oligocene and Upper Cretaceous Sediments, Cheyenne Basin, Colorado: ABSTRACT

Kenneth A. Nibbelink, Frank G. Ethridge

Turbidite Facies and Facies Associations of Cretaceous and Paleocene Gottero Sandstone, Northern Italy: ABSTRACT

Tor H. Nilsen, Ernesto Abbate

Comparison of Tectonic Framework and Depositional Patterns of Hornelen Strike-Slip Basin in Norway and Ridge and Little Sulphur Creek Strike-Slip Basins of California: ABSTRACT

Tor H. Nilsen, Robert J. McLaughlin

Retardation of Vitrinite Reflectance in Green River Oil Shales, Piceance Creek Basin, Northwestern Colorado: ABSTRACT

V. F. Nuccio, R. C. Johnson

In-Place Barrier Drowning on Louisiana Continental Shelf: ABSTRACT

Dag Nummedal, Robert F. Cuomo, Bruce M. Kofron

Carbonate Pore Systems: Porosity/Permeability Relationships and Geologic Analysis: ABSTRACT

Roy D. Nurmi

Economics of Natural Gas Resources and Supply: ABSTRACT

Richard P. O'Neill, Phil Shambaugh, John Wood

Interpretation of Underpressuring Using Pressure-Depth Profiles, Palo Duro Basin, Texas: ABSTRACT

E. D. Orr, C. W. Kreitler

A Microcomputer Log Analysis System: ABSTRACT

Charles Ostrander

Surface and Subsurface Structural Analysis of a Part of Washita Valley Fault Zone, Southern Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Deanna L. Palladino

Depositional Control of Diagenesis in Tight Gas Sands, Corcoran and Cozzette Sandstone Members of Price River Formation (Upper Cretaceous), Book Cliffs of Western Colorado: ABSTRACT

Beth A. Palmer, Anthony W. Walton

Depositional Systems of Lower Tuscaloosa Formation (Cretaceous), North-Central Gulf Coast Basin: ABSTRACT

John A. Parker

Exploration Potential and Variations in Shelf Plume Sandstones, Navarro Group (Maestrichtian), East-Central Texas: ABSTRACT

Joseph E. Patterson, Jr., Alan J. Scott

Sand Shoal Development on Muddy Mississippi River Delta Shelf: ABSTRACT

Shea Penland, John R. Suter, Thomas F. Moslow

Cross Structures and Cover Response in Gulf of Suez Tilt Blocks: ABSTRACT

Stephen K. Perry, Susan L. Gawarecki

Presentation of New Tectonic Map (and Accompanying Sections) of Trinidad and Tobago: ABSTRACT

Krishna Mohan Persad

A Computerized Paleontological Work Station: ABSTRACT

F. Jay Phillips

New Ulm Field: An Example of Cretaceous Shelf-Slope Instability in East Texas: ABSTRACT

Edwin Pinero

Barium Partitioning in Carbonates: Theory and Applications: ABSTRACT

Nicholas E. Pingitore, Jr., Michael P. Eastman

Depositional Environments and Invasion Profiling in Heavy Oil Sands, Eastern Venezuela: A Case Study: ABSTRACT

Gordon Pirie, Robert Everett

Platform-Margin and Marginal Slope Relationships and Sedimentation in Devonian Reef Complexes of Canning Basin, Western Australia: ABSTRACT

Phillip E. Playford, Charles Kerans, Neil F. Hurley

Neptunian Dikes and Sills in Devonian Reef Complexes of Canning Basin, Western Australia: ABSTRACT

Phillip E. Playford, Charles Kerans, Neil F. Hurley

Uncertain Future of Natural Gas Production in U.S. Lower 48 States: ABSTRACT

Steven E. Plotkin

Timing of Saddle Dolomite in Tuscaloosa Formation, Mississippi: ABSTRACT

Scott Pluim

Sedimentation of an Upper Pennsylvanian Phylloid Algal Mound Complex, Hueco Mountains, El Paso County, Texas: ABSTRACT

James C. Pol

Nature of Fort Chadbourne Fault System and its Relation to Petroleum Potential of Wilberns Formation (Upper Cambrian) of West-Central Texas: ABSTRACT

Stephen E. Poorman

Petrographic and Trace Element Analysis of Nonreef Silurian Carbonates, Northern Lower Michigan: ABSTRACT

Eric Porcher, William B. Harrison, III

Reservoir Volume and Production Decline Programs for the IBM-PC: ABSTRACT

Livingston Porter, Jr.

Neogene Paleogeography of Western Snake River Plain, Idaho and Oregon: ABSTRACT

M. L. Porter, L. T. Middleton

Depositional Control on Red Clinton Sandstone Production, Holmes County, Ohio: ABSTRACT

Fred Portofe, Sylvia Cossentino, Warren Norton

An Extended Example of Microcomputer-Aided Interpretation: ABSTRACT

James A. Powell

Order and Randomness in Sedimentary Sequences: ABSTRACT

Dennis W. Powers

Should a Microcomputer Be Used to Make a Geologic Contour Map?: ABSTRACT

Eldon N. Powers

Application of Computer-Processed Well Log Data for Geologic Evaluation of Green River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Stephen E. Prensky, Warren W. Dickinson

Selected Upper Cretaceous and Paleocene Reservoirs in Hanna Basin, Carbon County, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Ronald W. Pritchett

Types of Tight Gas Reservoirs, San Juan Basin, New Mexico and Colorado: ABSTRACT

Ralph U. Pugmire

Cenozoic Diapiric Traps in Eastern China: ABSTRACT

Fei Qi, Wang Xie-Pei, Zhang Jia-Hua

Probability Distribution of United States Oil and Gas Discoveries for Various Levels of Exploratory Drilling Density: ABSTRACT

L. A. Rapoport, G. C. Grender

Oil and Gas Production from Submarine Fans of Los Angeles Basin: ABSTRACT

Tom Redin

Controls of Shallow Gas Accumulations in Low-Permeability Reservoirs of Northern Great Plains: ABSTRACT

Dudley D. Rice

Ferruginization and Phosphatization of Foraminifera in Pleistocene/Holocene Sands on Mid-Atlantic Continental Shelf: ABSTRACT

Stanley R. Riggs, Scott W. Snyder, Richard K. Spruill

Coal Beds--Source Rock and Reservoir: ABSTRACT

C. T. Rightmire

Provenance and Depositional Environments of Middle Eocene Canoe Formation, Big Bend National Park, Brewster County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Catherine A. Rigsby

Size Distributions of World's Largest Known Oil and Tar Accumulations: ABSTRACT

Roy Roadifer

Sedimentology of Mudflow Deposits in Mississippi River Delta-Front Environment: ABSTRACT

Harry H. Roberts

A New Holocene Sea Level Curve for Upper Florida Keys and Florida Reef Tract: ABSTRACT

Daniel M. Robbin

Bright Spot Validation Using Comparative P-Wave and S-Wave Seismic Sections: ABSTRACT

James D. Robertson, William C. Pritchett

Exploration Consequences of Divergent Strike-Slip Motion on Mexia Fault Zone of Central Texas: ABSTRACT

Donald A. Rodgers

Cyclicity Concept in a Deltaic to Shallow-Marine Environment of Deposition Concerning an Oil-Sand Setting: ABSTRACT

Argenis Rodriguez

Flexural Modeling of Devonian Catskill Delta in Eastern United States and Formation of Taghanic Unconformity: ABSTRACT

Francis O. Rollins, Christine A. Powell, John M. Dennison

Future Energy Invulnerability: ABSTRACT

Thomas W. Rollins

Potential Basin-Centered Gas Accumulation--Raton Basin, Colorado: ABSTRACT

Peter R. Rose, J. R. Everett, I. S. Merin

Coal Geology of Salt Lake Coal Field, West-Central New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Gretchen H. Roybal, Frank Campbell

Thin-Skinned Extension of Vienna Basin: ABSTRACT

Leigh Royden

Significance of Botryoidal Aragonite in Early Diagenetic History of Phylloid Algal Mounds in Bug and Papoose Canyon Fields, Southeastern Utah and Southwestern Colorado: ABSTRACT

Michael H. Roylance

Conventional United States Oil and Gas Remaining to be Discovered: ABSTRACT

R. A. Rozendal

Depositional History and Performance of a Bell Canyon Sandstone Reservoir, Ford-Geraldine Field, West Texas: ABSTRACT

Robert W. Ruggiero, Alan J. Scott

Depositional and Diagenetic History of Bodcaw Sand, Cotton Valley Group (Upper Jurassic), Longwood Field, Caddo Parish, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Billy Joe Russell, Jr.

Facies Relationships and Reservoir Potential of Ohio Creek Interval Across Piceance Creek Basin, Northwestern Colorado: ABSTRACT

Anne K. Rutledge, John C. Lorenz

Deep Marine Dolomitization, Enewetak Atoll: ABSTRACT

Arthur H. Saller

Explorationist's Model of a Patch-Reef Trap: ABSTRACT

Richard H. Sams

Structural Evolution of Val Verde Basin, West Texas: ABSTRACT

David E. Sanders, Neil Petersen

Gulf of Mexico Plate Reconstruction by Palinspastic Restoration of Extended Continental Crust: ABSTRACT

Dale S. Sawyer

3-D Seismic Interactive Interpretation of Complex Stratigraphic Environments: An Example From Grayson County, Texas: ABSTRACT

A. C. Schlosser, D. G. Jovanovich, R. C. Jones, J. H. Caldwell

Hydrocarbon Resources of United States Arctic: ABSTRACT

E. Robert Schroeder

Oil Exploration in Nonmarine Rift Basins of Interior Sudan: ABSTRACT

Thomas J. Schull

Effect of Radiation on Particulate Organic Matter Associated with Roll-Front Deposits: ABSTRACT

Karl W. Schwab, Douglas Perry

Paleodrainage-Unconformity Model as Guide to Uranium Deposits: ABSTRACT

David Seeland

Strike-Slip Tectonics, Related Basin Formation, and Sedimentology in Zones of Continental Escape: Turkey as a Case Study: ABSTRACT

A. M. C. Sengor, Naci Gorur

Role of Diagenesis in Formation of Stratigraphic Traps in Aux Vases of Illinois Basin: ABSTRACT

Beverly Seyler

Online Data Base Searching with Microcomputer: ABSTRACT

Katherine N. Shanks, Mary S. Woods

Microcomputer-Assisted Subsurface Mapping: ABSTRACT

Daniel E. Shier

Fire and Limestone: Origin of Black Pebbles: ABSTRACT

Eugene A. Shinn, Daniel M. Robbin, Barbara H. Lidz

Origin and Development of Northern Green River Basin: A Stratigraphic and Flexural Study: ABSTRACT

Mark W. Shuster, James R. Steidtmann

Petroleum Geology and Exploration of Scotts Bluff Trend, Northeastern Denver Basin, Nebraska: ABSTRACT

Matthew R. Silverman

Dolomitization by Thermal Convection in Carbonate Platforms: ABSTRACT

Michael Simms

Bituminous Sandstone Resource Evaluation of PR Spring Deposit, Uintah and Grand Counties, Utah: ABSTRACT

Donna J. Sinks, George F. Dana

Electrochemical Aspects of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs and Surface Seeps: ABSTRACT

Prokopis Sivenas, Frank Beales

Comparison of Predrilling Predictions with Post-Drilling Outcomes, Using Shell's Prospect Appraisal System: ABSTRACT

D. Sluijk, J. R. Parker

Fluid Inclusions in Burlington Limestone (Middle Mississippian)--Evidence for Multiple Dewatering Events from Illinois Basin: ABSTRACT

F. D. Smith, R. J. Reeder, W. J. Meyers

Mechanical Compaction and Porosity Reduction of Miocene Sandstones, South Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Richard L. Smith, Thomas T. Tieh

Porosity Development and Dedolomitization in Bass Islands Dolomite of Kentucky: ABSTRACT

Richard Smosna

Validity of Spontaneous-Potential Curve Shape for Interpretation of Sandstone Depositional Environments: ABSTRACT

John W. Snedden

Relationship of Benthic Foraminiferal Biofacies to Lithofacies in Phosphatic Miocene Sediments, Mid-Atlantic Continental Shelf: ABSTRACT

Scott W. Snyder, Virginia J. Waters, Stanley R. Riggs

Reservoir Properties and Pore Structure of Tight Gas Sands: ABSTRACT

D. J. Soeder

Application of Solids MAS Nuclear Magnetic Resonance to Study of Diagenetic Processes: ABSTRACT

S. E. Sommer, D. E. Woessner

Sorrento Field--Morrow Discovery in Southeast Colorado: ABSTRACT

Stephen A. Sonnenberg

Recent Resource Assessments of Tight Gas Reservoirs: ABSTRACT

Charles W. Spencer

Microcomputers and the Geoscientist: ABSTRACT

Tedd F. Sperling

Chemical Characteristics of Some Major Uranium Deposits in Western USA: ABSTRACT

Charles S. Spirakis, Charles T. Pierson

A Channelized, Sand-Rich, Deep-Sea Fan Deposit, Lower Atoka Formation (Pennsylvanian), Ouachita Mountains, Oklahoma and Arkansas: ABSTRACT

A. R. G. Sprague

Using Magnetotellurics in Regional Hydrocarbon Exploration of Parana Basin, Brazil: ABSTRACT

William D. Stanley, Roberto Antonio Saad, Walter Ohofugi

Laramide Sedimentation and Tectonic Development Along Southern Margin of Wind River Range, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

James R. Steidtmann, Larry T. Middleton

Sedimentological Cross Section of Cambro-Ordovician Carbonate Shelf (Knox Group, Conasauga Formation) in Central Alabama: Facies, Diagenesis, Potential Reservoirs: ABSTRACT

Linda Raine Sternbach

Predicting Pore Pressure and Porosity from VSP Data: ABSTRACT

Dale G. Stone

Porosity Type and Distribution in Selected Richfield Oil Fields, Middle Devonian, Central Michigan Basin: ABSTRACT

Kevin Sullivan, William B. Harrison, III

Mineral Oxidants and Porosity Enhancement: ABSTRACT

Ronald C. Surdam, Laura J. Crossey, Rich Lahamn

Nature and Significance of Austin-Taylor Unconformity on Western Margin of East Texas Basin: ABSTRACT

Milton A. Surles, Jr.

Late Quaternary Shelf Margin Deltas, Northwest Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

John R. Suter, Henry L. Berryhill

Geologic Framework of Sand Shoals on Muddy Mississippi Delta Shelf: ABSTRACT

John R. Suter, Shea Penland, Thomas F. Moslow

Some Ostracoda from Rodessa, Pearsall, Sligo, and Upper Hosston Formations (Lower Cretaceous) of Louisiana: ABSTRACT

F. M. Swain

Variations in Mg/Ca as a Control on Distribution of Strontium Concentrations and ^dgr18O in Upper Tertiary Dolomites from Bahamas: ABSTRACT

Peter K. Swart, Jean Michel Dawans

Tectonic Development of Baltimore Canyon Trough: ABSTRACT

B. Ann Swift, C. Wylie Poag, Dale S. Sawyer, John A. Grow

Rifting Mechanism of the Early South Atlantic and Its Control of Oil Reserve Distribution in Brazil: ABSTRACT

Peter Szatmari, Edison J. Milani, Marcos C. Lana, J. C. Conceicao

Politics and Hydrocarbon Resources: ABSTRACT

James C. Tanner

A Model for Fracture Genesis--Application to Mesaverde Group, Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado: ABSTRACT

L. W. Teufel, N. R. Warpinski, J. C. Lorenz

COGS--Computer Oriented Geological Society: ABSTRACT

James A. Thomson

Eustatic and Structural Control of Submarine-Fan Sedimentation, Conception Fan, Santa Barbara Basin, California: ABSTRACT

Devin R. Thor

Sedimentology and Depositional History of Neogene Gravel Deposits in Lower Tornillo Creek Area of Big Bend National Park, Texas: ABSTRACT

Jeffrey E. Thurwachter

Coal Anisotropism and its Relationship to Methane Concentration in Coal: ABSTRACT

Francis T. C. Ting, P. B. Wang

Precambrian Shield and Basement Tectonics in Sedimentary Basin Analysis: ABSTRACT

Jens F. Touborg

Mine Design Using Column Analysis--A Tool for the Incremental Evaluation of Open-Pit Mining Deposits: ABSTRACT

Lonnie N. Tracy

Oil Shales of Europe, North Africa, and the Near East: ABSTRACT

Uwe Troger

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