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Listric Normal Faults: An Illustrated Summary

John W. Shelton

Sequence of Formation of Back-Limb Thrusts and Imbrications: Implications for Development of Idaho-Wyoming Thrust Belt

Peter B. Jones

Crustal Profile of Mountain Belt: COCORP Deep Seismic Reflection Profiling in New England Appalachians and Implications for Architecture of Convergent Mountain Chains

C. J. Ando , B. L. Czuchra , S. L. Klemperer , L. D. Brown , M. J. Cheadle , F. A. Cook , J. E. Oliver , S. Kaufman , T. Walsh , J. B. Thompson, Jr. (5), J. B. Lyons (6), J. L. Rosenfeld (7)

Use of Trace Elements for Classification of Crude Oils into Families--Example from Alberta, Canada

Brian Hitchon , R. H. Filby

Slope and Deep-Sea Fan Facies and Paleogeography of Upper Cretaceous Chatsworth Formation, Simi Hills, California

Martin H. Link , Richard L. Squires , Ivan P. Colburn

15/9 Gamma Gas Field Offshore Norway, New Trap Type for North Sea Basin with Regional Structural Implications

R. M. Pegrum, T. E. Ljones

Paleotemperature Analysis by Authigenic Minerals and Its Application to Petroleum Exploration

Koichi Aoyagi , Tadashi Asakawa

North Palawan Block, Philippines--Its Relation to Asian Mainland and Role in Evolution of South China Sea: DISCUSSION

John A. Wolfe

Hydrocarbon Generation in Lacustrine Rocks of Tertiary Age, Uinta Basin, Utah: ABSTRACT

Don Anders, Peter Gerrild

Depositional Environment and Petroleum Geology of Muddy Formation (Lower Cretaceous) in Parts of Converse and Niobrara Counties, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Bruce E. Archinal

Lacustrine-Interdeltaic Coal in Fort Union Formation (Paleocene), Powder River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

W. B. Ayers, Jr., W. R. Kaiser

Hydrocarbon Potential Along Cordilleran Hinge Line in Utah, South of Uinta Axis: ABSTRACT

James L. Baer

Stratigraphic Sequences and Paleoenvironmental Interpretation of Upper Cretaceous Almond Formation in Cow Creek Area, Little Snake River Coalfield, South-Central Wyoming: ABSTRACT

C. S. Venable Barclay

Stratigraphy, Petrography, and Paleoenvironmental Interpretation of Mississippian-Pennsylvanian Amsden Formation South of La Barge Guard Station, Salt River Range, Western Wyoming: ABSTRACT

K. Scott Barker

Structural Control and Fractured Reservoirs in Relation to Oil Production from Green River Formation, Pleasant Valley-Monument Butte Fields, Uinta Basin, Utah: ABSTRACT

S. Robert Bereskin, David R. Richards

Geometry of Wind River Thrust, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Robert R. Berg

Geology and Economics of Tar Sands: ABSTRACT

Saleh M. Billo

Road Hollow Unit Gas Field, Utah-Wyoming Thrust Belt: ABSTRACT

J. W. Boettcher, A. J. Bertagne, J. A. Newhart

Demarcation of a Duplex Zone: Rockport Lake Area, Utah: ABSTRACT

Michael D. Bradley

Possible Volcanogenic Origin of Uranium at Anderson Mine, Yavapai County, Arizona: ABSTRACT

William E. Brooks

Overview of Petroleum Activities in Utah, 1972-1982: ABSTRACT

Karl W. Brown

Extensional Tectonics of Eastern Basin-Range/Overthrust Belt: Inferences on Structural Style from Reflection Data, Surface Geology, and Rheologic Models: ABSTRACT

R. L. Bruhn, R. B. Smith

Paleoenvironmental Interpretation Based on Foraminifera of Coal-Bearing Almond Formation, Little Snake River Coalfield, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

W. Anthony Bryant

Marine Sandstone "Rolls" in a Coal Mine in Northern Wasatch Plateau, Utah: ABSTRACT

Mark Bunnell, Chris Kravits, Joseph Reese

Red Beds of Middle Pleistocene Olorgesailie Formation, Kenya: ABSTRACT

Bethany Bye, Thure Cerling

Lateral Accretion Channel Deposits in Athabasca Delta: Potential Modern Analog to McMurray Formation: ABSTRACT

Anne Calverley

Economic Potential for Upper Cretaceous and Lower Tertiary Rocks Near Helper, Carbon County, Utah: ABSTRACT

Richard E. Carroll

Shallow-Water Clastic Sediments of Great Blue Formation and Manning Canyon Shale, Oquirrh Basin, Utah: ABSTRACT

Alan K. Chamberlain

Complex Interaction of Eolian and Marine Sedimentation in Permian White Rim Sandstone, Elaterite Basin, Southeast Utah: ABSTRACT

Majorie A. Chan, Jacqueline F. Huntoon

Hydrocarbon Potential Beneath Paris-Willard Thrust of Utah and Idaho: ABSTRACT

Thomas C. Chidsey, Jr.

Petroleum Source-Rock Potential of Pennsylvanian Black Shales in Powder River Basin, Wyoming, and Northern Denver Basin, Nebraska: ABSTRACT

Jerry L. Clayton, Robert T. Ryder

Geochemistry of Black Shales in Minnelusa Formation and Desmoinesian Age Rocks (Permian-Pennsylvanian), and Associated Oils, Powder River Basin and Northern DJ Basin, Wyoming and Colorado: ABSTRACT

Jerry Clayton, Robert T. Ryder, Fred Meissner

Petroleum Geology of Greater Altamont Area, Uinta Basin, Utah: ABSTRACT

Keith Clem

Tar Sand Triangle--Largest United States Tar Sand Deposit: ABSTRACT

George F. Dana, Donna J. Sinks, Robert Oliver, James Elliott

Seismic Facies and Reservoir Distribution in a Prograding Shelf-Slope-Basin Plain System: Chandler and Torok Formations, North Slope, Alaska: ABSTRACT

James S. Dean

Stratigraphy and Depositional Environment of Middle Member of Minnelusa Formation, Central Powder River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Robert J. Desmond, Jr., James R. Steidtmann, Donald F. Cardinal

Sedimentologic and Tectonic Control of Uranium Mineralization, Upper Triassic Chinle Formation, Southeastern Utah: ABSTRACT

Russell F. Dubiel

Oil Generation and Entrapment in Railroad Valley, Nye County, Nevada: ABSTRACT

Herbert D. Duey

Teton Pass--A Window on Structure of a Thrust Belt-Foreland Overlap Area: ABSTRACT

Sandra L. Dimitre Dunn

Effects of Overthrusting on Triassic Shelf Strata, East Range, Nevada: ABSTRACT

M. W. Elison, R. C. Speed

Little Known Mid-Paleozoic Salts of Northwestern North Dakota: ABSTRACT

David W. Fischer, Sidney B. Anderson

Alteration of Magnetite and Ilmenite in Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation, San Juan Basin, New Mexico: Relationship to Facies and Primary Uranium Mineralization: ABSTRACT

Neil S. Fishman, Christine E. Turner-Peterson, Richard L. Reynolds

Comparison of Landsat Multispectral Scanner and Thematic Mapper Data from Wind River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Rolin L. Geronsin, Michael C. Merry

Maturation History and Thermal Evolution of Cretaceous Source Rocks of Bighorn Basin, Wyoming and Montana: ABSTRACT

E. Sven Hagen, Ronald C. Surdam

Possible Salt Movement in Northern Wasatch Plateau: ABSTRACT

Chris D. Hansen

Reactivation of Mesozoic Thrusts as Normal Faults, Humboldt Range, North-Central Nevada: ABSTRACT

F. R. Heck, D. C. Demets, R. C. Speed

Geologic and Engineering Parameters Used in Stimulating Tight Gas-Bearing Sandstones by Modified Hydraulic Fracturing Techniques: North Douglas Creek Arch Field, Colorado: ABSTRACT

M. Holland, U. Ahmed, J. Strawn

Late Cenozoic History of Safford-San Simon and Bonita Creek Structural Basins, Graham County, Arizona: ABSTRACT

B. B. Houser

Permian Paleotopography and Depositional Patterns--White Rim Sandstone, Elaterite Basin, Southeast Utah: ABSTRACT

Jacqueline E. Huntoon, Marjorie A. Chan

Early Eocene Tectonics and Sedimentation in Northern Fossil Basin, Wyoming Overthrust Belt: ABSTRACT

D. J. Hurst, J. R. Steidtmann

Tectonic Significance of Currant Creek Formation, North-Central Utah: ABSTRACT

John S. Isby, M. Dane Picard

Stratigraphy and Facies Analysis of Upper Kaibab and Lower Moenkopi Formations in Southwest Washington County, Utah: ABSTRACT

John Jenson

Deformation Consequences of Impingement of Foreland and Northern Thrust Belt (Palisades-Jackson Hole Area), Eastern Idaho and Western Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Andrew A. Kopania

Examination of Lower Jurassic Mudrocks Using Backscattered Electron Microscopy: ABSTRACT

David Krinsley, Kenneth Pye

Conceptual Model of Gas-Seal Development, Green River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

B. E. Law, Warren W. Dickinson

Relationships of Source Rock, Thermal Maturity, and Overpressuring to Gas Generation and Occurrence in Low-Permeability Upper Cretaceous and Lower Tertiary Rocks, Greater Green River Basin, Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah: ABSTRACT

B. E. Law

Biogenic Gas Accumulations in Large-Scale Compaction Structures, Powder River Basin, Wyoming and Montana: ABSTRACT

Ben E. Law

Mississippian Frobisher-Alida-Kisbey Sandstone, North-Central North Dakota: ABSTRACT

Julie A. Lefever, Richard D. Lefever, Sidney B. Anderson

Laramide and Neogene Structure of Northern Sangre de Cristo Range, South-Central Colorado: ABSTRACT

David A. Lindsey, Bruce R. Johnson, P. A. M. Andriessen

Tectonic Development of Southwestern Montana and East-Central Idaho: ABSTRACT

David A. Lopez

Cyclic Deposition and Sea Level Changes: Record in Twin Creek Limestone (Jurassic), Northern Utah: ABSTRACT

Gregory D. Lord, M. Dane Picard

Gravity and Magnetic Survey of Portneuf River Valley Between McCammon and Lava Hot Springs, Idaho: ABSTRACT

Christopher Martin

Post-Burn Mineralogic and Trace Element Relationships from an In-Situ Oil Shale Experimental Retort: ABSTRACT

Glenn M. Mason, Robert D. Giauque, Lowell K. Spackman

Sedimentology and Depositional Environments of Emery Sandstone, Emery and Sevier Counties, Utah: ABSTRACT

J. Paul Matheny, M. Dane Picard

Geologic Setting of Petroleum Source Rocks in Permian Phosphoria Formation: ABSTRACT

Edwin K. Maughan

Stratigraphic Relationships and Distribution of Hydrocarbon Source Rocks in Greater Rocky Mountain Region: ABSTRACT

Fred F. Meissner, Jane Woodward, Jerry L. Clayton

Applied Depositional Modeling for Developing Western Coal Deposits: ABSTRACT

J. M. Mercier, R. D. Tifft, III, G. E. Vaninetti

Geology of Scipio Pass Quadrangle, Millard County, Utah: ABSTRACT

Roger Michaels

Utah State Prison Geothermal System: ABSTRACT

Leland Roy Mink, Craig Hibberd

Permo-Triassic of Northwestern Paradox Basin Area, Utah: ABSTRACT

Gary C. Mitchell

Kaiparowits Basin: An Old Frontier with New Potential: ABSTRACT

Scott L. Montgomery, Thomas R. Lyons

Oil and Gas Prospective Thrust Belts, West-Central North America: ABSTRACT

Floyd C. Moulton

Reservoir Potential of Cretaceous Rocks, National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska: ABSTRACT

Thomas C. Mowatt

Computerized Coal-Quality Prediction from Digital Geophysical Logs: ABSTRACT

D. L. Nations, D. E. Tabet, C. R. Gerould

Oil and Gas Exploration and Development in Arizona: ABSTRACT

Dale Nations, A. K. Doss, Rudy Ubarra

Evolution and Petroleum Potential of Mesozoic Marine Province of Northwestern Great Basin: ABSTRACT

John S. Oldow, Ravinda S. Tipnis

Petroleum Occurrences Associated with Uinta Mountains, Utah and Colorado: ABSTRACT

John C. Osmond

Hydrocarbon Source Potential of Organic Facies of Lacustrine Elko Formation (Eocene-Oligocene), Northeastern Nevada: ABSTRACT

Susan E. Palmer

Bison Basin, Central Wyoming--Geologic Overview: ABSTRACT

Michael L. Pinnell

Nacimiento Uplift and Its Similarity to Foreland Uplifts with Associated Production: ABSTRACT

Michael L. Pinnell

Westernmost Structures of Idaho-Wyoming Thrust Belt: Structural Geology of Mt. Putnam and Vicinity, Northern Portneuf Range, Southeastern Idaho: ABSTRACT

K. R. Pogue, P. K. Link

Potential for New Stratigraphic Play in Mississippian Midale Anhydrite, Eastern Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

Lorna A. Porter, Fred S. Reid

Use of Gamma-Ray Log for Locating Cretaceous-Tertiary Unconformity, Pinedale Area, Northern Green River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Stephen E. Prensky

Exploration Planning in 1980s--Methods, Techniques, and Philosophy: ABSTRACT

Allen N. Quick

Hydrothermal Uranium Vein Deposits in Marysvale Volcanic Field, Utah: ABSTRACT

James D. Rasmussen, Charles G. Cunningham, Thomas A. Steven, Robert O. Rye, Samuel B. Romberger

Relationship Between Reflectivity and Organic Sulfur Content of Macerals with Respect to Total Organic Sulfur Content and Rank of Coals: ABSTRACT

Robert Raymond, Jr., Thomas D. Davies, Nathan W. Bower, Susan H. Freeman

Tectonic Analysis of Belt Terrane of Northwest Montana-Northern Idaho and Its Implications for Oil and Gas Potential West of Disturbed Belt: ABSTRACT

William A. Rehrig, William A. Gallant

Geometry and Mechanical Development of Heart Mountain Thrust Stack, Exshaw, Alberta: ABSTRACT

V. L. Riggert

Landsat and Field Studies Link Structural Lineaments and Mineralization in St. Francois Mountains, Missouri: ABSTRACT

Charles E. Robertson

Stratigraphy and Economic Potential of Castle Gate Area, Carbon County, Utah: ABSTRACT

Mike Russon

Heart Mountain, Wyoming--Blocks in a Collapsing Volcanic Pile: ABSTRACT

John K. Sales

Collapse of Rocky Mountain Basement Uplifts: ABSTRACT

John K. Sales

Correlation of Ogden Thrust, Durst Mountain Thrust, and Allochthonous Precambrian Farmington Canyon Complex in North-Central Wasatch Mountains, Utah: ABSTRACT

Tad W. Schirmer

Late Cretaceous and Paleocene Faulting in Rocky Mountain Foreland and Frontal Thrust Zone, Southeastern Montana: ABSTRACT

Christopher Schmidt

Provenance Control of Fluvial Sandstone Diagenesis, Frontier Formation (Upper Cretaceous), Wyoming-Idaho-Utah Thrust Belt: ABSTRACT

James G. Schmitt

Tertiary Age Extension of Leppy Hills Area (Southwest Silver Island Mountains) Near Wendover, Nevada: ABSTRACT

Joel D. Schneyer

Geology of Raymond Canyon, Sublette Range, Western Wyoming: ABSTRACT

William A. Shoemaker

Structural Geology of Swift Reservoir Culmination, Sawtooth Range, Montana: ABSTRACT

D. Scott Singdahlsen

Anastomosed River Deposits, Sedimentation Rates, Basin Subsidence, and Locations in Proximal Molasse Basins: ABSTRACT

Derald G. Smith

Submarine-Fan Complex in Late Precambrian Yellowjacket Formation, Central Idaho: ABSTRACT

Lloyd S. Sobel

Tectonic and Sedimentation Model for D Sandstone Deposition, Zenith Field Area, Denver Basin, Colorado: ABSTRACT

S. A. Sonnenberg, L. B. Conyers

Basement Fault Configurations, Wyoming Province: ABSTRACT

J. H. Spang, J. P. Evans

Correlation of Twin Creek Limestone with Arapien Shale in Arapien Embayment, Utah--Preliminary Appraisal: ABSTRACT

Douglas A. Sprinkel, Gerald L. Waanders

Overstep Thrust Sequence Development in Winnemucca Fold and Thrust Belt, North-Central Nevada: ABSTRACT

Stephen D. Stahl, Robert C. Speed

Bioerosion in Rocky Intertidal Zone of Northern Gulf of California: ABSTRACT

Ralph F. Stearley, A. A. Ekdale

Paradox Basin: A Model Pull-Apart Basin of Pennsylvanian Age: ABSTRACT

Gene M. Stevenson, Don L. Baars

Radio Imaging Method (RIM) Used to Map Coal Seam Thickness Within Developed Longwall Panels: ABSTRACT

Larry G. Stolarczyk, Rodger C. Fry, Thomas W. Lloyd

Greybull Sandstone Pool (Lower Cretaceous) on Elk Basin Thrust-Fold Complex, Wyoming and Montana: ABSTRACT

Donald S. Stone

Petrography and Fluorescence Spectral Analysis of Resinite Macerals from Coals of Hanna Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Stanley C. Teerman, John C. Crelling

Origin of Gilsonite Fractures in Uinta Basin, Utah: ABSTRACT

Thomas N. Tetting

Regional Lithostratigraphy of Permian Phosphoria Formation, Western Overthrust Belt: ABSTRACT

Daniel Tisoncik

Influence of Tectonic Terranes Adjacent to Precambrian Wyoming Province of Petroleum Source and Reservoir Rock Stratigraphy in Northern Rocky Mountain Region: ABSTRACT

John J. Tonnsen

Implications to Exploration of Porosity Relationships and Paragenetic Sequences, Jurassic Navajo (Nugget) Sandstone, Utah and Southwestern Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Kadir Uygur, M. Dane Picard

Geothermal Exploration Using Surface Mercury Geochemistry: ABSTRACT

G. K. Van Kooten

Tectonic Significance of Depositional Patterns in Nonmarine North Horn Formation, Central Utah: ABSTRACT

Douglas Wachtell, M. Dane Picard

High Resolution Seismic Surveys and Their Applications to Coal Exploration and Mine Development: Case Histories: ABSTRACT

Anthony R. Wagner

Alluvial Model for Eocene Wasatch Formation Coal, Powder River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

P. D. Warwick, R. M. Flores, J. C. Ferm

Petroleum Source Rocks and Stratigraphy of Bakken Formation in North Dakota: ABSTRACT

Rick L. Webster

Structural Complexities that Control Localization of Mississippian Shale-Generated Oil Prospects in Eastern Great Basin, Utah and Nevada: ABSTRACT

John E. Welsh, Sr.

Potential Precious and Strategic Metals as By-Products of Uranium Mineralized Breccia Pipes in Northern Arizona: ABSTRACT

Karen J. Wenrich, Miles L. Silberman

Source Areas and Paleotectonic Implications of Upper Cretaceous Ohio Creek Member of Mesavarde Group, Piceance Basin, Colorado: ABSTRACT

Mike Whited, M. Dane Picard

Geology and Energy Resources of Southwest Sego Canyon Quadrangle, Grand County, Utah: ABSTRACT

Grant C. Willis

Stratigraphy and Structural History of Salina Quadrangle, Sevier County, Utah: ABSTRACT

Grant C. Willis

Laramide History of Northwestern Wind River Basin and Washakie Range, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Gustav Winterfeld, Joann B. Conard

Meeteetse Field, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Roger Wolff, Robert Roy

Boise Geothermal System, Western Snake River Plain, Idaho: ABSTRACT

Spencer H. Wood, Willis L. Burnham