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Origin of Reservoir Fractures in Little Knife Field, North Dakota

W. Narr , Robert C. Burruss

Conodont-Based Thermal Maturation of Paleozoic Rocks in Arizona

Bruce R. Wardlaw, Anita G. Harris

Continental Shelf Topography: Key to Understanding Distribution of Shelf Sand-Ridge Deposits from Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway

Roger M. Slatt

Seepage-Induced Anomalies, "False" Anomalies, and Implications for Electrical Prospecting

Dorothy Z. Oehler , Ben K. Sternberg

Influence of Paleoenvironmental Factors on Preservation of Organic Matter in Middle Cretaceous Greenhorn Formation, Pueblo, Colorado

Lisa M. Pratt

Synthetic Seismic-Reflection Profiles of Rift-Related Structures

Martha O. Withjack , D. J. Drickman Pollock

Development of a Comprehensive Oxygen-Deficient Marine Biofacies Model: Evidence from Santa Monica, San Pedro, and Santa Barbara Basins, California Continental Borderland

Charles E. Savrda, David J. Bottjer, Donn S. Gorsline

Free Hydrocarbons in Uinta Basin, Utah

Ganjavar Khavari-Khorasani

California and Saudi Arabia--Geologic Contrasts: ABSTRACT

Roger G. Alexander, Jr.

Paleozoic Oil and Gas Potential of Arabian Basin: ABSTRACT

Abdulaziz Abdullah Al-Laboun

Hydrocarbon Potential of Intracratonic Rift Basins: ABSTRACT

Donald G. Baker, Stephen J. Derksen

Deep Mediterranean Basins and Their Oil Potential: ABSTRACT

P. F. Burollet

Giant Fields: Present and Future Petroleum Resources: ABSTRACT

Samuel W. Carmalt

African Oil--Past, Present, and Future: ABSTRACT

Andy Clifford

Southern Mozambique Basin: Most Promising Hydrocarbon Province Offshore East Africa: ABSTRACT

Marc De Buyl, Giovanni Flores

Thermo-Mechanical Properties and Evolution of Pull-Apart Basins: ABSTRACT

John F. Dewey, G. D. Karner, W. C. Pittman, III

Deep Water (200-800 m) Hydrocarbon Potential of United States Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

P. Dolan

Trapping Styles and Associated Hydrocarbon Potential in Norwegian North Sea: ABSTRACT

R. B. Faerseth, K. A. Oppenboen, A. Saeboe

Hydrocarbon Potential of East Coast of India: ABSTRACT

Thomas A. Fitzgerald, M. N. V. Kumar

Northwest Shelf of Australia as Major Future Petroleum Province: ABSTRACT

J. T. Forrest, E. L. Horstman

Analogy Between Natural Gas Found in Lakes of Rift Valley System of East Africa and Its Allied Gas in Japan: ABSTRACT

Osamu Fukuta

Philippine Islands: a Tectonic Railroad Siding: ABSTRACT

John J. Gallagher, Jr.

Continental Margin of Eastern Canada--Geologic Framework and Petroleum Potential: ABSTRACT

A. C. Grant, K. D. Mcalpine, J. A. Wade

Circum-Arctic Petroleum Potential: ABSTRACT

A. R. Green, A. A. Kaplan, R. C. Vierbuchen

Basin Development and Hydrocarbon Occurrence Offshore Mid-Norway: ABSTRACT

T. Hagevang, N. B. Hollander, W. Karlsson, C. I. Robinson

Basins and New Frontiers: an Overview: ABSTRACT

Michel T. Halbouty

Alaska: Potential for Giant Fields: ABSTRACT

James J. Hohler, Wilfred Bischoff

Geology and Hydrocarbon Potentials of Arafura Sea: ABSTRACT

John A. Katili

Oil and Gas Possibilities Onshore and Offshore Ghana: ABSTRACT

G. O. Keese

Oil Possibilities of Mesozoic in Mexican High Plateau: ABSTRACT

E. Lopez Ramos

Oil and Gas Fields in East Coast and Arctic Basins of Canada: ABSTRACT

Robert A. Meneley

Future Petroleum-Productive Regions of USSR and Mongolia: ABSTRACT

Arthur A. Meyerhoff

Oil and Gas Potential of Amazon Paleozoic Basins: ABSTRACT

R. Mosmann, F. U. H. Falkenhein, A. Goncalves, F. Nepomuceno

Geology of Barents Sea: ABSTRACT

F. Riis, J. Vollset

Wrench Faults as Factor Controlling Petroleum Occurrences in West Siberia: ABSTRACT

Danilo A. Rigassi

Vega Field and Potential of Ragusa Basin, Offshore Sicily: ABSTRACT

Martin Schramm, Jr., G. Livraga

Antarctica--Geology and Hydrocarbon Potential: ABSTRACT

Bill St. John

Tectonic Development and Hydrocarbon Potential Offshore Troms, Northern Norway: ABSTRACT

Tore Sund

Permian of Norwegian-Greenland Sea Margins--Future Exploration Target: ABSTRACT

Finn Surlyk, J. M. Hurst, S. Piasecki, F. Rolle, L. Stemmerik, E. Thomsen, P. Wrang

Exploration History and Future Prospects of United States Atlantic Margin: ABSTRACT

Joel S. Watkins, A. M. Pytte

Petroleum Potential of Western Desert of Egypt: ABSTRACT

Dennis S. Wood

Geology and Petroleum Potential of Northwestern China: ABSTRACT

Zhai Guang Ming

Palynology and Oil Shale Genesis in Fossil Butte Member of Eocene Green River Formation, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Robert A. Cushman, Jr., H. Paul Buchheim, Lanny H. Fisk

Implications of Some Flow Sedimentary Structures Within Miocene Evaporitic Sequence, Red Sea, Egypt: ABSTRACT

Ashraf Wali

Heavy and Tar Sand Oil Deposits of Europe: ABSTRACT

Carl-Detlef Cornelius

Brown Dolomite Zone of Lehigh Acres Formation (Aptian) in South Florida--a Potentially Prolific Offshore Producing Zone: ABSTRACT

Albert V. Applegate

Recent Jurassic Discoveries in Southeastern Cass County, Texas: ABSTRACT

John Aubrey

Internal Geometry and Reservoir Potential of Some Modern Crevasse Splay Sands: ABSTRACT

Kevin W. Bowles, Thomas F. Moslow

Depositional and Structural Reconstruction of Southwestern Louisiana--a Temporal-Spatial Approach: ABSTRACT

Steven R. Brunhild

Ostracode Biostratigraphy and Paleoecology of Upper Taylor Group (Campian, Upper Cretaeous) in Central Texas: ABSTRACT

Juluis Baum Chimene II, Rosalie F. Maddocks

Surface Formations of Trinity Group in Southwestern Arkansas, and Proposed Revision of Stratigraphic Rank for Three Lower Units: ABSTRACT

Bruce K. Darling, Brian E. Lock

Oil Source Beds and Oil Prospect Definition in Upper Tertiary of Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

Wallace G. Dow

Exploration and Development of Gulf Coast Tertiary, 1983: ABSTRACT

William C. Eisenhardt, Harry T. Holzman

Thermal and Diagenetic History of Pleasant Bayou-Chocolate Bayou Area, Brazoria County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Thomas E. Ewing, Malcolm P. R. Light, Noel Tyler

Microfacies and Porosity in Vivian Field, Caddo Parish, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Stephen J. Folzenlogen

Transmission Electron Microscope Study of Illite/Smectite, at GCO/DOE 1 Pleasant Bayou Geopressured Geothermal Test Well, Brazoria County, Texas: ABSTRACT

R. L. Freed, D. R. Peacor

Surface Exposures of Late Cretaceous Strata at Rayburns Salt Dome, Bienville Parish, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Robert C. Frey, Richard D. Kaiser

Depositional Controls on Porosity and Permeability Evolution in Upper Smackover Formation at Tubal Field, South Arkansas: ABSTRACT

Larry G. Frizzell

Oil and Gas Prospects in Arkansas Ouachitas: ABSTRACT

A. John Gray, Art Pyron

Computerized Particle Size Analyzer--An Exploration Technique, Saint Mary Field, Lafayette County, Arkansas: ABSTRACT

Thomas L. Ham, Raymond P. Bruce

Variation in Chemical Composition of Oil Field Brines with Depth in Northern Louisiana and Southern Arkansas: Implications for Mechanisms and Rates of Mass Transport and Diagenetic Reaction: ABSTRACT

Jeffrey S. Hanor

Formulation of Development Strategy for a Rodessa Gas Play in Eastern De Soto Parish, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Russell B. Hennessey, Victoria Provenza

Petrology and Depositional Environment of Mitchell Member, Rodessa Formation (Lower Cretaceous), West Bradley Field, Lafayette County, Arkansas: ABSTRACT

Donald Lee Huguley, Jr.

Identification of Short-Term Changes in Sediment Depositional Rates--Importance in Environmental Analysis and Impact: ABSTRACT

Wayne C. Isphording, F. Dewayne Imsand, Gregory W. Isphording

Domes of East Texas: ABSTRACT

M. P. A. Jackson, Steven J. Seni

Comparison of Clay Mineralogy of Late Quaternary Back-Barrier and Barrier Sediments, South Texas Coast: ABSTRACT

C. W. Keighin, R. M. Flores

Basement Structure of Gulf Coast: Interpretation of Gravity Anomalies Supported with Structural, Magnetic, and Seismic Data: ABSTRACT

Gary L. Kinsland

Morphology and Dioptrics of Some Ostracod Eyespots: ABSTRACT

Mervin Kontrovitz, John H. Meyers

New Reference Locality for Saratoga Chalk, Howard County, Arkansas: ABSTRACT

Randal J. Landry

Catahoula Formation as Uranium Source Rock in East Texas: ABSTRACT

E. B. Ledger, T. T. Tieh, N. W. Rowe

Seismic Signature of Serpentine Plugs in Maverick Basin, Texas: ABSTRACT

J. O. Lewis

Channels in Resedimented Chalks, Cretaceous Gulf Coastal Province of Texas and Mexico: ABSTRACT

Brian E. Lock

Sediment Distribution About Salt Domes and Ridges on Louisiana Slope: ABSTRACT

Allen Lowrie

Paleoenvironments and Hydrocarbon Potential of Upper Jurassic Norphlet Formation of Southwestern Alabama and Adjacent Coastal Water Area: ABSTRACT

Ernest A. Mancini, Robert M. Mink, Bennett L. Bearden

Sources and Distribution of Silt, South Texas Shelf: ABSTRACT

Jim Mazzullo, Jeffrey Crisp

Rules of Sandstone Diagenesis Related to Reservoir Quality: ABSTRACT

Earle F. McBride

Southwestward Extension of Vicksburg-Jackson Shale Ridge, Refugio and Aransas Counties, Texas: ABSTRACT

James A. McCarthy

Recent Foraminifera of St. Andrew Bay, Florida: ABSTRACT

Linda S. Mechler, John R. Grady

Detrital Composition of Pliocene-Pleistocene Sands, Offshore Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Kitty Lou Milliken

Petrology and Depositional Environment of Sunniland Producing Fields of South Florida: ABSTRACT

Hugh J. Mitchell-Tapping

Submarine-Fan Sedimentation, Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas and Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

R. J. Moiola, G. Shanmugam

Regional Patterns of Diagenesis, Porosity Evolution, and Hydrocarbon Production, Upper Smackover of Gulf Rim: ABSTRACT

Clyde H. Moore

Deep-Basin Lignite in Northwest Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Harold D. Nilsson

Geology and Geophysics of South-Central Zavala and Adjoining Parts of Dimmit Counties, Texas: ABSTRACT

James A. Noel

Geology of De Queen Formation of Arkansas: ABSTRACT

Jeffrey G. Pittman

Jurassic Exploration Trends of East Texas: ABSTRACT

Mark W. Presly, Chris H. Reed

Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of Kincaid Formation, Midway Group (Paleocene), Upper Rio Grande Embayment, Texas: ABSTRACT

Edward C. Roy, Jr.

Depositional and Diagenetic History of Bodcaw Sand, Cotton Valley Group (Upper Jurassic), Longwood Field, Caddo Parish, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Billy Joe Russell, Jr., Austin A. Sartin

Petroleum Geology of East Dykesville Field, Smackover "C Sand," Claiborne and Webster Parishes, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Lane C. Sartor, Stephen R. Howard

Gibsland Salt-Stock Family in Northwestern Louisiana: ABSTRACT

A. E. Saucier

Internal Framework of Southwestern Florida Bank: ABSTRACT

F. Jeanne Shaub

Dolomitization by Ground-Water Flow Systems in Carbonate Platforms: ABSTRACT

Michael Simms

Deposition, Compaction, and Mineralogic Alteration of Miocene Sandstones, South Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Richard L. Smith, Thomas T. Tieh

Validity of Use of Spontaneous Potential Curve Shape in Interpretation of Sandstone Depositional Environments: ABSTRACT

John W. Snedden

Smackover and Haynesville Facies Relationships in North-Central East Texas: ABSTRACT

Sara K. Stewart

Petrology of Lower and Middle Eocene Carbonate Rocks, Floridan Aquifer, Central Florida: ABSTRACT

Paul A. Thayer, James A. Miller

Metallic Sulfide Deposits in Winnfield Salt Dome, Louisiana: Evidence for Episodic Introduction of Metalliferous Brines During Cap Rock Formation: ABSTRACT

Mark R. Ulrich

Early Opening of Initially Closed Gulf of Mexico and Central North Atlantic Ocean: ABSTRACT

Dewitt C. Van Siclen

Sedimentology of Upper Cretaceous Coffee Sands in North-Central Mississippi: ABSTRACT

E. J. Webb

Diagenesis of a Tight Gas Formation: Jurassic Cotton Valley Sandstone, East Texas Basin: ABSTRACT

William A. Wescott

Mineralogic and Chemical Alterations During Burial in Illite/Smectite from Wilcox Shales: ABSTRACT

John D. Whynot, David W. Moore, Thomas T. Tieh

Cotton Valley Sandstone of East Texas: A Log-Core Study: ABSTRACT

D. A. Wilson, W. M. Hensel, Jr.