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Accretion of the South Florida Platform, Late Quaternary Development

Charles W. Holmes

Quantitative Evaluation of Lower Cretaceous Mannville Group as Source Rock for Alberta's Oil Sands

Stephen O. Moshier , Douglas W. Waples

Correlation of Stratigraphic Units of North America--COSUNA

Orlo E. Childs

Chronostratigraphic and Geochronometric Scales in COSUNA Stratigraphic Correlation Charts of the United States

Amos Salvador

Depositional Processes of a Meandering Channel on Mississippi Fan

K. A. Kastens, A. N. Shor

New Hypothesis for Formation of Lengguru Foldbelt, Irian Jaya, Indonesia

D. B. Dow , G. P. Robinson , N. Ratman

Outcrop, Subsurface, and Seismic Mapping of a Basal Transgressive Sand: ABSTRACT

Ward Owen Abbott

Exploration for Stratigraphic and Combination Traps by Use of Low-Cost Interactive Computer Work Station: ABSTRACT

Claude G. Abry

Subsurface Glen Rose Reef Trend of East Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi: ABSTRACT

G. Steven Adams, Douglas B. Watkins

Geophysical Review of Trans-Pecos Area of West Texas: ABSTRACT

Sunit K. Addy, H. W. Dejong, George W. Whitney, Ralph E. Worthington

Interactive Information Management in Exploration: ABSTRACT

Peter P. Adey, Steven Serpati

Geology and Exploration History of South Marsh Island Block 9 Field, Offshore, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

R. H. Akers, R. A. Cole, D. B. Meyer

Andean Structures Along West Flank of Neuquen Basin, Argentina: ABSTRACT

Richardson B. Allen, Jeffrey Feehan, Jeffrey Gernand, Bruce Nickelsen, Miguel Giraut

Breaking Walther's Law: ABSTRACT

E. J. Anderson, Peter W. Goodwin

Influence of Depositional Facies on Hydrocarbon Production in Pennsylvanian Tensleep Sandstone, Big Horn and Wind River Basins, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Sarah Andrews, Terri Bostedt, Lindi S. Higgins

Depositional Patterns of Kerogen, Atlantic Margin, North America: ABSTRACT

John M. Armentrout

Origin of Sulfate Minerals in San Andres and Grayburg Formations, Crane and Upton Counties, Texas: ABSTRACT

Stacy C. Atchley, Mike Hawthorne, William H. Jamieson, Jr.

Relationship Between Morphological Variation and Environment in Holocene North Atlantic Benthic Foraminifera: ABSTRACT

Tracie L. Aycox, James M. Parks

Crustal Structure and Tectonic Development of Gulf of Guinea Cul-de-Sac from Integrated Interpretation of New Aeromagnetic and Existing Geophysical Data: ABSTRACT

Olufemi O. Babalola

New Dense-Grid Aeromagnetic Map of Gulf of Guinea Cul-de-Sac, Northeastern Equatorial Atlantic Ocean: ABSTRACT

Olufemi O. Babalola

Smackover Exploration in the 1980s Along Conecuh Ridge, Southwestern Alabama: ABSTRACT

Janet E. Bailey, James L. Rice

Reworking of Sedimentary Pyrite on Euxinic Sea Floors, Devonian, Western New York: ABSTRACT

Gordon C. Baird, Carlton E. Brett

Geochemistry of Regionally Extensive Dolomites, Burlington and Keokuk Formations (Mississippian), Iowa and Illinois: ABSTRACT

Jay Banner, Gilbert Hanson, William Meyers, Joan Prosky

Composition of Ultradeep Gas--Theoretical and Experimental Study: ABSTRACT

Colin Barker, Nicholas E. Takach, Michael P. Smith

North Pecan Island Field: a Mature Trend Discovery in Miocene of Southern Louisiana: ABSTRACT

A. G. Bauer, J. A. McCormick

Woodbine Palynofacies--Their Relationship to Tuscaloosa of Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

Terry L. Beach

Diagenesis, Fracturing, and Production from Monterey Formation, Offshore California: ABSTRACT

William C. Belfield

Effects of Area-Wide Leasing in Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

A. L. Benson

Smackover Reservoirs in Southwestern Alabama: ABSTRACT

D. Joe Benson

Naturally Fractured Jambalaya--Analyzing a New Reservoir Type: ABSTRACT

Jerry L. Bergosh, T. R. Marks, A. F. Mitkus

Lagoa Feia Formation (Lower Cretaceous), Campos Basin, Offshore Brazil--Rift-Valley-Stage Lacustrine Carbonate Reservoirs: ABSTRACT

Renato T. Bertani, Albert V. Carozzi

Exploration Model for Unconformity-Related Hydrocarbon Accumulations in Cherokee Group of Western Kansas: ABSTRACT

David W. Bieber

Lunar Resources--Enabling Factor in Industrialization of Near-Earth Space: ABSTRACT

Alan B. Binder

Depositional Environment of Lower Cambrian Limestones, Nahant, Massachusetts: ABSTRACT

M. P. Bingham, R. H. Bailey

Eocene and Upper Cretaceous Carbonate Reservoirs in East-Central Tunisia: ABSTRACT

William F. Bishop

Measurement of Contemporary Thermal Properties in Sedimentary Basins: ABSTRACT

David D. Blackwell

Fluid Inclusion Analyses of Detrital Quartz Grains--New Provenance Tool: ABSTRACT

John D. Bloch

Paleovertisols as Indicators of Climate: ABSTRACT

Robert H. Blodgett

Ostracode Distribution in Late Pennsylvanian Finis Shale Cyclothem: ABSTRACT

Kimberly Ann Boller

New Vista of Crustal Architecture--High-Order Geoidal Images: ABSTRACT

Robert C. Bostrom

Quaternary Stratigraphy of Sable Island Bank, Nova Scotia: ABSTRACT

Ron Boyd

Bagnold's Log Hyperbolic Approach to Sand Grain-Size Analysis as Adapted to a Large Sedimentation Tower: ABSTRACT

G. Robert Brakenridge, Tao Vuong

Preservation of "Event Beds" Through Time: ABSTRACT

Danita Brandt Velbel

Lateral Continuity of Turbidite Lithofacies Within Pennsylvanian Jackfork Group Near DeGray Lake, Clark County, Central Arkansas: ABSTRACT

Curtis E. Breckon, Charles F. Mansfield

Offbank Transport of Carbonate Sands in Northern Straits of Florida--a Function of Sea Level: ABSTRACT

Gregg R. Brooks, Charles W. Holmes

Graphical Displays of Cross Sections Produced on the Computer: ABSTRACT

Lawrence L. Brooks

Sublacustrine Fan Reservoirs of Riacho da Barra Field, Reconcavo Rift Basin, Brazil: ABSTRACT

Carlos H. L. Bruhn, Jose M. Caixeta, Julio C. Scarton

Freshwater-Phreatic Calcite Cementation, Schooner Cays, Bahamas: ABSTRACT

David A. Budd

Distribution of Oceanic Versus Transitional Crust in Deep Gulf of Mexico Basin--Implications for Early History: ABSTRACT

Richard T. Buffler, Dale S. Sawyer

Plate Tectonic History of the Arctic: ABSTRACT

Kevin Burke

Paleo-temperatures from Fluid Inclusions--Advances in Theory and Technique: ABSTRACT

Robert C. Burruss

Sonograph Mosaic of Northern California and Southern Oregon Exclusive Economic Zone: ABSTRACT

David A. Cacchione, David E. Drake, Samuel H. Clarke, Douglas G. Masson

Paleoenvironmental Data as Exploration Tool in Lower Miocene of Offshore Texas: ABSTRACT

John L. Carney, Louise P. Draper, James H. Gamber, Alfred F. Geen, T. Karmen

Origin of Na-Ca-Cl Brines in Jurassic and Cretaceous Reservoirs of Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

Alden B. Carpenter

Hybrid Eolian Dunes of William River Dune Field, Northern Saskatchewan, Canada: ABSTRACT

M. A. Carson, P. A. Maclean

Neogene Deep-Living Radiolarian Zonation and Its Uses: ABSTRACT

Richard E. Casey, Cynthia R. Wigley

Uses of Vitrinite Reflectance in Determining Thermal History in Sedimentary Basins: ABSTRACT

John R. Castano

Thermal Subsidence of Santos and Sergipe-Alagoas Basins, Brazil--Application to Hydrocarbon Exploration: ABSTRACT

Hung K. Chang, Renato O. Kowsmann

Uniformitarian Hypothesis to Explain Permian-Triassic Life Extinctions: ABSTRACT

John J. Chapman

Computer-Generated Reconnaissance Maps Using Commercial Data: ABSTRACT

William H. Chapman

Numerical Simulation of Subsurface Flow in a Sedimentary Basin: ABSTRACT

Yee-Ping Chia

Analysis of Amplitude Versus Offset to Detect Gas/Oil Contacts in Arabian Gulf: ABSTRACT

Edward F. Chiburis

Bore-Hole Seismic Profiles in Ekofisk Field: ABSTRACT

P. A. F. Christie, J. A. Dangerfield

Siliciclastic Incursion in Southern Florida and Development of Florida Reefs During Late Cenozoic: ABSTRACT

Gong Soo Chung, Robert N. Ginsburg

Alaska--an Explorationist's Jambalaya: ABSTRACT

Michael Churkin, Jr., Wesley K. Wallace, Thomas E. Moore

Thickness Trends and Structure of Berea Sandstone (Mississippian) in Washington County, Ohio: ABSTRACT

Mitchell Ciccarone, Warren Norton

Methane Hydrate in Slope Sediments on West Coast of Central America: ABSTRACT

George E. Claypool, Charles N. Threlkeld

Applications of Geochemistry to Production, Storage, and Use of Natural Gas: ABSTRACT

Dennis D. Coleman

Stratigraphic Evolution of Paleozoic Erathem, Northern Florida: ABSTRACT

James L. Coleman, Jr.

Evaluation of Local Geothermal Gradients on North Slope of Alaska: ABSTRACT

Timothy S. Collett

Post-Laramide Uplift and Erosional History of Northern Wind River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

James E. Conel, Harold R. Lang, Earnest D. Paylor

Sixty-Five Volcanic Events Recorded in Single Coal Bed: ABSTRACT

Carol Waite Connor

Volcanic Sediments--New Reservoir Fairways in Back-Arc Basins, Eastern Australia: ABSTRACT

John R. Conolly, John C. Ferm

Predicting Interval Transit Time for Synthetic Seismograms from Nuclear Well Logs: ABSTRACT

B. H. Corley

Seismic Stratigraphy of Lower Cretaceous Carbonate Platforms and Margins, Eastern Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

William Corso, Richard T. Buffler

Sulfur Isotopes Related to Sedimentation Conditions for Metalliferous Black Shales of Pennsylvanian Age: ABSTRACT

Raymond M. Coveney, Jr., Nelson R. Shaffer

Morphologic Information on Cretaceous Nannofossils from Niobrara Formation: ABSTRACT

J. Mitchener Covington

Arctic Reconstruction from Alaskan Viewpoint: ABSTRACT

R. C. Crane

Reaction of Organic Material to Progressive Geologic Heating: ABSTRACT

S. Creaney

Benthic Foraminiferal Morphology: New Approach to Paleodepth Interpretations in Northern Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Stephen J. Culver, Anthony C. Gary, Martin A. Buzas

Molecular Thermal Maturity Indicators in Oil and Gas Source Rocks: ABSTRACT

Joseph A. Curiale, Stephen R. Larter, Robert E. Sweeney, Bruce W. Bromley

Paleoecology of Foraminifera of Lower Castle Hayne in Southeastern North Carolina: ABSTRACT

J. Michael Danford

Depositional and Diagenetic Aspects of Siliciclastic and Carbonate Reservoirs in Glorieta Formation (Permian), Northern Midland Basin, Texas: ABSTRACT

William T. Davidson

Wrenching and Oil Migration, Mervine Field, Kay County, Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Harold G. Davis

Geophysical Model of Gravity-Magnetic High, Virginia Coastal Plain: ABSTRACT

Gordon E. Davison, Ali A. Nowroozi, Ramesh Venkatakrishnan

Experimental Fabric-Selective Porosity in Phylloid-Algal Limestones: ABSTRACT

William C. Dawson, Albert V. Carozzi

Sedimentary and Reservoir Geology of Upper Cretaceous Doe Creek Sandstone, Alberta, Canada: ABSTRACT

David W. Dearborn, Dale A. Leckie, Dan Potocki

Regional Appraisal of Hydrocarbon Potential of Trans-Pecos Texas: Methodology and Conclusions: ABSTRACT

H. W. Dejong, Sunit K. Addy, George W. Whitney, Ralph E. Worthington

Expert Systems in Seismic Exploration: ABSTRACT

L. R. Denham

Geotectonic Evolution of Bering Sea Area, Alaska: ABSTRACT

David A. Desautels

Geology and Petroleum Potential of Saba Bank Area, Northeastern Caribbean: ABSTRACT

Jean-Marie Despretz, Thomas E. Daly, Edward Robinson

Depositional and Diagenetic History of Buda Limestone in Central Texas and Its Relationship to Petroleum Potential: ABSTRACT

Rodger L. Dickey

Geology of Canadian Arctic Basin: ABSTRACT

J. Dixon

Relationship of Temperature to Reservoir Quality for Feldspathic Sandstones of Southern California: ABSTRACT

S. A. Dixon, D. W. Kirkland

Predictive Depositional Models for Eolian Deposits of Leo Member of Minnelusa Formation, Powder River Basin, Eastern Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Daniel D. Domeracki, Jon J. McClurg, John C. Horne

Recent Estuarine Deposits, Chesapeake Bay and Apalachicola Bay: ABSTRACT

Joseph F. Donoghue

Facies Characterization by Use of Well Logs; San Andres Formation (Permian), Hanford Field, Gaines County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Myron H. Dorfman, James Dupree

Oil Source Bed Distribution in Upper Tertiary of Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

Wallace G. Dow

Stratigraphic Applications of Geologic Analysis System: ABSTRACT

T. S. Dyman, W. L. Materna, L. A. Wilcox

Role of Geologic Studies in Reservoir Modeling and Enhanced Oil Recovery: ABSTRACT

P. J. Ealey

Geomorphic Features off Southern California as Seen by GLORIA Side-Scan Sonar System: ABSTRACT

Brian D. Edwards, Michael E. Field, Paul R. Carlson, Neil H. Kenyon

Effect of Differential Subsidence in Growth-Faulted Regions on E-Log Patterns and Preservation Potential: ABSTRACT

Marc B. Edwards

Distinction of Glacial and Interglacial Cycles in Feni and Gardar Drifts, North Atlantic: ABSTRACT

Margaret R. Eggers, Robert Ehrlich

Exploration Potential of Paleozoic Rocks of Morocco: ABSTRACT

Robert Ehrlich, Haddou Jabour

Eocene Tidal Deposits, Northern San Diego County, California: ABSTRACT

Leonard I. Eisenberg, Patrick L. Abbott

Multiple Parallel Microstylolites and Early Diagenetic Pressure Solution in Chalk: ABSTRACT

A. A. Ekdale, R. G. Bromley

Initial Process of Rifting: ABSTRACT

Jack G. Elam

Depositional Controls on Production in San Andres Stratigraphic Traps, Southeastern New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Laura Ann Elliott

Mesozoic Stratigraphy of Canadian Arctic Archipelago and Implications for Opening of Amerasian Basin: ABSTRACT

Ashton F. Embry

Evaluation of Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators Through Comparison of Compressional- and Shear-Wave Data: Case Study of Myrnam Gas Field, Alberta: ABSTRACT

Ross Alan Ensley

Eolian Paleotopographic Highs as Stratigraphic Traps: Origin and Distinction: ABSTRACT

Terence B. Eschner, Gary A. Kocurek

Preserved Aragonite Cements in Miocene Coral Reefs: a Record of Messinian Salinity Crises in Mediterranean: ABSTRACT

Mateu Esteban, D. R. Prezbindowski

Applications of Digital Terrain Data to Multisensor Image Analysis: ABSTRACT

Diane L. Evans, Leslie R. Schenck

Intimate Relationships: Growth Faulting and Diapirism in South Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Thomas G. Fails

Jurassic Salt Tectonism Within Mt. Enterprise Fault System, Rusk County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Jerry D. Ferguson

Hydrocarbon Migration and Diagenesis in Miocene Marine-Shelf Deposits: ABSTRACT

Ray E. Ferrell, Jr., Allison H. Drew

Practical Guide to Dipmeter Applications in Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

Thomas H. Fett

Gas Hydrates Beneath Continental Slope off Northern California: ABSTRACT

Michael E. Field, Keith A. Kvenvolden

Salt Tectonics and Oil Accumulation in Campos Basin, Offshore Brazil: ABSTRACT

A. M. F. Figueiredo, M. J. Pereira, W. U. Mohriak, P. C. Gaglianone, L. A. F. Trinidade

Depositional Systems of a Tight Gas-Productive Barrier-Strandplain Sequence: Corcoran and Cozzette Sandstones, Northwest Colorado: ABSTRACT

Robert J. Finley, Lewis R. Ladwig

Coding, Storage, and Retrieval of Stratigraphic Data: FORTRAN Mapping Technique: ABSTRACT

Charles H. Fletcher, III

Evolutionary Importance and Economic Potential of Mesozoic Unconformities of Levant: ABSTRACT

A. Flexer, A. Livnat

Computer-Generated Graphic Displays of Commercial Production History and Reservoir Data: ABSTRACT

Richard L. Flores

Corsair Trend--Exploring for Deep Geopressured Gas, Middle Miocene, Offshore Texas: ABSTRACT

Billy S. Flowers

Siliciclastic-Carbonate Interactions in Laborcita Formation, Sacramento Mountains, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Sterling H. Fly, III

Diagenesis and Dolomitization in Triassic (Rhaetian) "Portoro" Limestone, Portovenere, Liguria, Italy: ABSTRACT

Robert L. Folk, Pamela A. Tiezzi

Controls of Bioclastic Turbidite Deposition in Eastern Muertos Trough-Northeast Caribbean Sea: ABSTRACT

G. M. Forsthoff, T. L. Holcombe

Quantitative Sedimentologic Application for Dipmeter Data: ABSTRACT

Marian J. Furst

Morphology of Central California Continental Margin, Revealed by Long-Range Side-Scan Sonar (GLORIA): ABSTRACT

James V. Gardner, David S. McCulloch, Stephen L. Eittreim, Douglas G. Masson

Prolific Overton Field Gas Reservoirs Within Large Transverse Oolite Shoals, Upper Jurassic Haynesville, Eastern Margin East Texas Basin: ABSTRACT

William G. Glynn, Thomas E. Covington, Robin G. Lighty, Wayne M. Ahr

Gas Monitoring During Drilling Substantiates Hydrogen Occurrence and Eliminates Corrosion as Source: ABSTRACT

E. D. Goebel, R. M. Coveney, Jr., E. J. Zeller, E. E. Angino, G. A. M. Dreschhoff

Diagenesis in Upper Miocene Sandstones, Louisiana Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

Paul B. Gold

Compactional Features in Cambro-Ordovician Carbonates of Central Appalachians and Their Significance: ABSTRACT

Robert K. Goldhammer, Lawrence A. Hardie, Chou Nguyen

Initiation and Reactivation of Proterozoic Aulacogen, Northern Mexico: ABSTRACT

Philip C. Goodell, R. Dyer, G. R. Keller

Carbonate Dissolution During Late-Burial Diagenesis of the Terumbu Limestone (Miocene), East Natuna Basin, South China Sea, Indonesia: ABSTRACT

George J. Grabowski, Jr., Robert M. Kick, Donald A. Yurewicz

Stratigraphic Dipmeter Interpretation--Fort Worth Basin Submarine-Slope Systems: ABSTRACT

L. M. Grace

Correlating Organic Facies and Turbidite Facies in a Hoh Turbidite Sequence (Miocene), Western Olympic Peninsula, Washington: ABSTRACT

Michael T. Grady

Diagenetic Destruction of Primary Reservoir Porosity in Viola Limestone, South-Central Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Michael G. Grammer

Implications of Offshore Northern Alaska Geology for Origin of Canada Basin, Arctic Ocean: ABSTRACT

Arthur Grantz, Steven D. May

Paleoenvironmental and Diagenetic Analysis of Wichita Group, Palo Duro Basin, Texas Panhandle: ABSTRACT

Mary L. Green

Fusselman-Cisco Play, Roosevelt Positive, Roosevelt and Curry Counties, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

W. R. Green, J. C. Schlueter, D. R. Glenn

Influence of Basement Islands and Ridges on Smackover Deposition, Southwest Alabama: ABSTRACT

Allen L. Greene

Facies Relationships and Diagenesis in Smackover Formation--Huxford Field, Southwest Alabama: ABSTRACT

Phillip G. Gregory

Cyclicity and Paleo-Environmental Dynamics of a 1.9 Ga Passive-Margin Carbonate Terrace, Wopmay Orogen, N.W.T.: ABSTRACT

John P. Grotzinger

Continuous Fracture Probability Determination as Applied to Monterey Formation: ABSTRACT

Greg Grove, Jeffery L. Whittaker

Crustal Rifting and Subsidence of Sirte Basin, Libya: a Mature Hydrocarbon Province: ABSTRACT

Yousef Gumati, S. Schamel, A. E. M. Nairn

Correlation of Illite Crystallinity and Thermal Maturity in Carboniferous Strata of Ouachita Mountains: ABSTRACT

John M. Guthrie, W. D. Johns, D. W. Houseknecht

Subcrop-Supracrop Play Concept: Example from Manitoba, Canada: ABSTRACT

Stephen P. Halabura, Beverley J. Hansen

Bahamas: Future Petroleum Province?: ABSTRACT

Michel T. Halbouty

Holocene Transgressive Stratigraphy and Sediment Dispersal, Eastern Shore, Nova Scotia: ABSTRACT

R. K. Hall, R. Boyd

Radiaxial Fibrous Calcite as Early-Burial, Open-System Cement: Isotopic Evidence from Permian of China: ABSTRACT

Robert B. Halley, Peter A. Scholle

Practical Use of Inverted Seismic Data: ABSTRACT

Gary Hamill

Application of Three-Dimensional Computer Modeling for Reservoir and Ore-Body Analysis: ABSTRACT

D. E. Hamilton, J. L. Marie, G. M. Moon, F. J. Moretti, W. P. Ryman, R. S. Didur

Geomorphic Features of Oregon-Washington Project EEZ-SCAN: ABSTRACT

Monty A. Hampton, Herman A. Karl, Neil H. Kenyon

Lacustrine Deposits in Rifted Deep Basins of Yellow Sea: ABSTRACT

Jong H. Han

Late Paleozoic Foreland Deformation in Northern Mexico: Paleogeographic and Tectonic Implications: ABSTRACT

James W. Handschy

Western Desert of Egypt: Geology and New Petroleum Exploration Concepts: ABSTRACT

G. Hantar, M. Alloui

Cambridge (UK) Arctic Shelf Programme Palinspastic Map Series: ABSTRACT

Brian Harland

Carbonate-Cement Stratigraphy of Burlington Limestone (Osagean) of Iowa: Evidence for Eh Gradients in a Regional Mississippian Paleogroundwater System: ABSTRACT

David C. Harris, William J. Meyers

Sodium Distribution in Eocene Dolomites from Castle Hayne Limestone, North Carolina: ABSTRACT

W. Burleigh Harris, Gerald R. Baum, Paul E. Drez

Petrology, Stratigraphy, and Depositional Environments of Burnt Bluff Group in Michigan: ABSTRACT

William B. Harrison, III, Kayleen Jalkut

Sedimentary Basin Thermal Histories Through 40Ar/39Ar Analysis of Detrital Microcline: ABSTRACT

T. Mark Harrison

Porosity Evolution and Diagenesis of Smackover Grainstones, Bryan's Mill Area, East Texas: ABSTRACT

Gill M. Harwood

Structural Characteristics and Evolution of Vicksburg Formation: Javelina and East McCook Fields, Hidalgo County, Texas: ABSTRACT

John O. Hastings, Jr.

Thermal and Hydrocarbon Maturation Models for Coastal California: ABSTRACT

Henry P. Heasler, Ronald C. Surdam

Origin of High-Permeability Reservoirs in Upper Minnelusa Sandstone (Permian) Powder River Basin, Wyoming and Montana: ABSTRACT

K. P. Helmold, R. G. Loucks

Joint Geosat-NASA/JPL Test Case Program: Field Evaluation of Future Geological Satellite Remote-Sensing Systems: ABSTRACT

F. B. Henderson

Reservoir Characteristics of Lower Wilcox Sandstones, Lobo Trend, Webb and Zapata Counties, Texas: ABSTRACT

Kim A. Henke

Deposition and Diagenesis of Flippen Limestone (Wolfcampian), Fisher and Jones Counties, Texas: ABSTRACT

Gary R. Henningsen

Crystallographic Influences on Pressure Solution in a Quartzose Sandstone: ABSTRACT

Brian D. Hicks, David W. Houseknecht, Kenneth R. Applin

Evaluation of Potential Hydrocarbon Sources in Lacustrine Facies of Newark Supergroup, Eastern United States: ABSTRACT

Lee R. High, Jr.

Regional Geology of Georges Bank Basin--OCS Sale 42 Drilling Results: ABSTRACT

Lee R. High, Jr.

Eocene Euthecosomatous Pteropoda (Gastropoda) of North America: ABSTRACT

Kenneth A. Hodgkinson, Allan W. H. Be, Christopher Garvie

Secondary Porosity in Miocene Sandstones of Louisiana Gulf Coast and Its Significance in Reservoir Properties: ABSTRACT

Michael D. Hogg

Geostatistical Analysis of Devonian Shale Production in Southwestern West Virginia: ABSTRACT

Michael Ed Hohn, Donald W. Neal

Mechanisms of Deposition of a Carbonate Mud Spit: Ramshorn Spit, Eastern Florida Bay: ABSTRACT

Valerie Holliday, James M. Parks

Tidal-Inlet Fills as Hydrocarbon Reservoirs: Example from Halfway Formation, Alberta: ABSTRACT

John C. Horne, Clarence V. Campbell, Sarah K. Odland

Fan-Delta Hydrocarbon Reservoirs: Example from Utikuma-Nipisi Fields, Alberta: ABSTRACT

John C. Horne, Chris L. Reel, Clarence V. Campbell

Effects of Abnormal Flooding Events on Microbial Mat Communities and Aragonitic Stromatolites, Laguna Mormona, Baja California, Mexico: ABSTRACT

Robert J. Horodyski

Effectiveness of Offshore Three-Dimensional Seismic Surveys: Case Histories: ABSTRACT

P. S. Horvath

Seabed Features Caused by Shallow Gas in North Sea: ABSTRACT

M. Hovland

Seismic Stratigraphic and Sedimentologic Studies of Paleogene Sediments, Eastern Coastal Region, China: ABSTRACT

Huaida Hsu

Abnormal Formation Pressure of Qaidam Basin and Its Cause: ABSTRACT

Baoquin Hua, Lin Xixiang

Relationship of Structural Development and Cenozoic Sedimentation, Northern Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

C. C. Humphris, Jr.

Origin of Laminae in Holocene-Pleistocene Evaporitic Sequence of Salt-Flat Playas, West Texas and New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Mahbub Hussain, John K. Warren

Triassic/Jurassic Faulting Patterns of Conecuh Ridge, Southwest Alabama: ABSTRACT

Janet Kamon Hutley

Depositional Environment of Lower Permian Stone Corral Formation: ABSTRACT

A. K. Hylton, D. F. Merriam

Mechanical Analysis of Salt Dome Growth in East Texas Basin: ABSTRACT

Frank Irwin, Raymond C. Fletcher

Modeling Thermal Evolution and Petroleum Potential of Basins Formed by Extension: ABSTRACT

Dale R. Issler, Chris Beaumont

Influence of Pressure, Salinity, Temperature, and Grain Size on Silica Diagenesis and Reservoir Quality in Quartzose Sandstones: ABSTRACT

W. C. James, E. W. Porter

Time-Transgressive Neogene Radiolarian Events: Equatorial Indian and Pacific Oceans: ABSTRACT

David A. Johnson, Catherine A. Nigrini

Reconstruction of Deformed North Pyrenean Basin: ABSTRACT

Jeffrey A. Johnson

Carbonate to Siliciclastic Transitional Facies in Tectonic Delta Complex--Basal Upper Devonian of East-Central New York State: ABSTRACT

Kenneth G. Johnson

Age of Douglas Creek Arch, Colorado and Utah: ABSTRACT

Ronald C. Johnson, Thomas M. Finn

Origin, Migration, and Accumulation of Petroleum in Thick Cenozoic Delta Systems: ABSTRACT

R. W. Jones

Three-Dimensional Computer Modeling for Exploration and Reservoir Analysis: ABSTRACT

Thomas A. Jones

Holocene Carbonate Facies of Pulau Seribu Patch-Reef Complex, West Java Sea: ABSTRACT

Clifton F. Jordan, Jr., Richard J. Wharton, Rufus E. Cook

Carbonate Facies and Landsat Imagery of Shelf Off Belize, Central America: ABSTRACT

Clifton F. Jordan, Jr., Walter C. Pusey, III, Robert C. Belcher, Robert L. Borger

North African Geology: Exploration Matrix for Potential Major Hydrocarbon Discoveries: ABSTRACT

W. H. Kanes, Thomas E. O'Connor

Role of Minerals in Generation and Release of Hydrocarbons: ABSTRACT

I. R. Kaplan

High-Resolution Seismic Data of Atlantic Margin Basement: ABSTRACT

John F. Karlo

Sedimentary Features and Soil-Like Fabrics in Cycles of Upper Lockatong Formation, Neward Supergroup (Upper Triassic), New Jersey and Pennsylvania: ABSTRACT

Samuel B. Katz, Joseph P. Smoot

Near-Surface and Burial Diagenesis of Mississippian Burlington and Keokuk Formations: ABSTRACT

Jonathan Kaufman, Harris Cander, William J. Meyers

Structural Relations Between Marfa, Marathon, Val Verde, and Delaware Basins of West Texas: ABSTRACT

G. R. Keller, K. J. Smith

Neotectonics, Sea Level Change, and Quaternary Natural Gas Occurrence in Coastal Maine: ABSTRACT

Joseph T. Kelly, Daniel F. Belknap, Craig R. Shipp

Disrupted Carbonate Hardgrounds in Shallow Carbonate-Shelf Sediments: Origin and Setting of Tepees and Their Associated Fabrics: ABSTRACT

Christopher G. Kendall, John K. Warren

Estimating Unconformity Thicknesses from Vitrinite Reflectance Data: ABSTRACT

C. G. St. C. Kendall, Ian Lerche

Seismic Expression of Catastrophic Slope Failure: Lower Cretaceous Torok Formation, North Slope of Alaska: ABSTRACT

Ralph S. Kerr

Low to Intermediate Subsurface Temperatures Calculated by Chemical Geothermometers: ABSTRACT

Yousif K. Kharaka, Daniel J. Specht, William W. Carothers

Sketching Cross Sections with a Portable Microcomputer: ABSTRACT

Michael M. Kimberley

Regional Cement Stratigraphy and Diagenetic History of Waulsortian Limestones, Eastern Midlands, Republic of Ireland: ABSTRACT

David E. King, William J. Meyers

Algeria: Structural Evolution and Hydrocarbon Potential of a Complicated Tectonic Province: ABSTRACT

H. W. Knudsen

Downslope Transportation of Metalliferous Sediments Along East Pacific Rise During Messinian: ABSTRACT

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Eolian Reservoir Characteristics Predicted from Dune Type: ABSTRACT

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Impact of Stylolites on Carbonate Reservoir Continuity: Example from Middle East: ABSTRACT

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Controls on Porosity and Dolomite Distribution in Upper Smackover Formation (Upper Jurassic), Southwestern Alabama and Western Florida: ABSTRACT

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Modern Analog for Deep-Water Deposition of Shallow-Water Pliocene Sands, Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Barry Kohl

Texture and Reservoir Potential of Micritized Ooids: ABSTRACT

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Depositional Environments and Sedimentology of Vinita Beds, Richmond Basin, Virginia: ABSTRACT

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Depositional Environments and Hydrocarbon Occurrence of Upper Jurassic Cotton Valley Sandstones, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas: ABSTRACT

Itzchak E. Kornfeld

Fine-Grained Sediments of an Interdistributary Basin, Mississippi Delta: ABSTRACT

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Using Paleosols to Elucidate Episodic Sedimentation in Alluvial Rocks: ABSTRACT

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Puerto Rico Trench: Site of a Shallow-Water Tertiary Basin and Regional Tectonic Implications: ABSTRACT

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Expert System for Computer Interpretation of Beach and Nearshore Facies: ABSTRACT

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Impact of Early Diagenesis of Eolian Reservoirs, Great Sand Dunes National Monument, Colorado: ABSTRACT

Lee F. Krystinik, Sarah Andrews, Steven G. Fryberger

Source Rock Characteristics, Los Molles and Vaca Muerta Shales, Neuquen Basin, West-Central Argentina: ABSTRACT

Ralph L. Kugler

Geochemical Conditions in Sediment Containing Gas Hydrates of Active and Passive Continental Margins: ABSTRACT

Keith A. Kvenvolden

Benthic Foraminiferal Biofacies in Stevens Sandstone: Relationships to Water-Mass Oxygen Levels in Late Miocene San Joaquin Basin, California: ABSTRACT

Martin B. Lagoe

Stratigraphic Significance of Uvigerinid Foraminifers in Western Hemisphere: ABSTRACT

James L. Lamb, Theo H. Miller

Depositional Facies and Diagenetic Fabrics of Falmouth Formation (Upper Pleistocene), Jamaica: ABSTRACT

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Geomorphic Indicators of Deeper Seated Structure on the Southern Margin, East Texas Basin: ABSTRACT

David Lemons

Processes Involved in Salt-Dome Development I: Dynamic Effects: ABSTRACT

I. Lerche, J. J. O'Brien

Processes Involved in Salt-Dome Development II: Thermal, Gravitational, and Chemical Effects: ABSTRACT

I. Lerche, J. J. O'Brien

Sources and Distribution of Upper Pleistocene Sand, Eastern United States Atlantic Shelf: ABSTRACT

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Deep-Water Hydrocarbon Potential of Georges Bank Trough: ABSTRACT

Donald S. Levie

Major Discoveries in Eolian Sandstone: Facies Distribution and Stratigraphy of Jurassic Norphlet Sandstone, Mobile Bay, Alabama: ABSTRACT

Joel B. Levy

New Evidence Suggesting Segmentation of Cocos Plate: ABSTRACT

L. R. Lew, R. P. Sauermann, J. De Boer

Lithostratigraphy and Chronostratigraphy of Catskill-Pocono Delta, Upper Devonian-Lower Mississippian, Northern West Virginia: ABSTRACT

J. Scott Lewis, Alan C. Donaldson

Diffusion of Low Molecular Weight Hydrocarbons Through Pore Space of Sedimentary Rocks: Its Recognition, Quantitation, and Geologic Significance: ABSTRACT

D. Leythaeuser, R. G. Schaefer, A. Yukler

Maturity Anomalies, Fluid Flow, and Permeability Preservation in Frio and Anahuac Formations, Upper Texas Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

Malcolm P. R. Light

Fluid and Rock Interaction in Permeable Volcanic Rock: ABSTRACT

J. Ione Lindley

Madison Group (Mississippian) Reservoir Facies of Williston Basin, North Dakota: ABSTRACT

Robert F. Lindsay

Reservoir Geology of Portion of Sailor Springs Consolidated Field and Its Impact on Primary and Secondary Production: ABSTRACT

John B. Lizak, Jr.

Beach-Swash Zone: Primary Ooid Factory?: ABSTRACT

R. Michael Lloyd, Ronald D. Perkins, S. Duff Kerr

Carbonate Structural and Stratigraphic Trap with a Diagenetic Twist: West Purt Field, East Texas: ABSTRACT

Anthony J. Lomando

Oil-Productive Miocene Algal and Sea Grass Carbonate Mudbanks, South Sumatra, Indonesia: ABSTRACT

Mark W. Longman, L. R. Beddoes, Jr.

Southern Appalachian Thrust Model: ABSTRACT

John A. Lopez

Morphologic Variations of Calcite Crystals in Waterfall Travertine Deposits, Arbuckle Mountains, Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Karen M. Love, Henry S. Chafetz

Sedimentation Dynamics About Salt Features: ABSTRACT

Allen Lowrie, Donna Wells Blake

Seismic Stratigraphy, Pleistocene Climate, and Tertiary Sea Level Changes: ABSTRACT

Allen Lowrie

Effect of Biological Markers and Kerogens in Geochemical Exploration for Oil and Gas: ABSTRACT

Song Nian Lu, Li Wei Min, Gu Hui Min, Gao Pin Wen

Distribution of Dolomite in Deep Marine Sediments as Function of Time: ABSTRACT

David N. Lumsden

Fibrous Calcium Sulfate in Veins: ABSTRACT

Hans-G. Machel

Geology of Fulmar Oil Field, United Kingdom Sector, Central North Sea: ABSTRACT

Thomas A. Mackay, Howard D. Johnson

Fracture Permeability and High Initial Water Cut in a Carbonate Gas Reservoir: ABSTRACT

Richard P. Major

Valencia Fan (Northwestern Mediterranean): Channelized Distal Deposition Fan Variant: ABSTRACT

A. Maldonado, H. Got, A. Monaco, S. O'Connell, L. Mirabile

Upper Jurassic Norphlet Eolian Dune, Wadi, and Marine Petroleum Reservoirs, Central and Eastern Gulf of Mexico Regions: ABSTRACT

Ernest A. Mancini, Robert M. Mink, Bennett L. Bearden

Depositional and Postdepositional History of Stuart City Member, Edwards Limestone (Lower Cretaceous), Washburn Ranch Field, LaSalle County, Texas.: ABSTRACT

W. L. Manger, W. R. Rice, J. I. Hogue, III, S. L. Hokett

Petrology and Porosity of Devonian Misener Formation, West Kremlin Field, Garfield County, North-Central Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

Charles F. Mansfield, Curtis E. Breckon

Penecontemporaneous Facies Relations in Pennsylvanian (Desmoinesian) Deltas of Southwestern Indiana: ABSTRACT

Christopher G. Maples, Allen W. Archer

Bathymetric Distribution of Foraminifera in Jamaican Reef Environments: ABSTRACT

Ronald E. Martin, David Liddell

Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of Mississippian Orogenic Sediments, East-Central Nevada: Proposed Solution to a Paradox: ABSTRACT

Robert M. Mason

Role of Microcomputer Geologic Work Station in Exploration: Case Study: ABSTRACT

Geoffrey W. Mathews

High-Resolution Seismic Stratigraphy of North Carolina Continental Margin, Cape Fear Terrace: Sea Level Cyclicity, Paleobathymetry, and Gulf Stream Dynamics: ABSTRACT

Thomas D. Matteucci, Albert C. Hine, Stephen W. Snyder, Stanley Riggs

Sources and Distribution of Late Pleistocene Sand, Northern Gulf of Mexico Shelf: ABSTRACT

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Significance of Eolian Quartzose Sheet Sands on Emergent Carbonate Shelves: Permian of West Texas-New Mexico: ABSTRACT

S. J. Mazzullo, Jim Mazzullo, Paul M. Harris

Complex-Mixing Dolomitization of Supratidal Deposits, Ambergris Cay, Belize, Central America: ABSTRACT

S. J. Mazzullo, A. M. Reid

Evolution and Stratigraphy of a Sandy Tidal-Flat Complex Within a Mesotidal Embayment: ABSTRACT

C. Y. McCants, G. A. Zarillo

Seismic Prediction of Pore Fluid and Gas Thickness: ABSTRACT

C. J. McCarthy

Burial Thermal Histories, Vitrinite Reflectance, and Laumontite Isograd: ABSTRACT

Thane H. McCulloh, J. J. Fan

Recent Armored Mudballs Associated with a Mudflow, Egan Range, Eastern Nevada: ABSTRACT

Ronald R. McDowell, Jay E. Valusek

Hydrodynamic Systems of Orthoconic Nautiloid Cephalopods: Independent Check on Phylogeny: ABSTRACT

Veronica McFarland

Depositional Facies, Diagenesis, and Reservoir Quality of Ivishak Sandstone (Sadlerochit Group), Prudhoe Bay Field: ABSTRACT

J. H. McGowen, S. Bloch

Continental Slope Morphology in Northern Gulf of Mexico Mapped with Long-Range (GLORIA) Side-Scan Data: ABSTRACT

B. A. McGregor, L. E. Garrison, N. H. Kenyon

Near-Surface Methane Anomaly over Shallow Foley Gas Field, Baldwin County, Alabama: ABSTRACT

Richard D. McIver, Richard W. McIver, David W. McIver

Migration and Maturation of Hydrocarbons--Evidence from Fluid Inclusions: ABSTRACT

R. K. McLimans

Petroleum Resources of North American Arctic Basins: ABSTRACT

N. J. McMillan

Late Tectonic History of Beaufort Sea-North Pacific Area: ABSTRACT

J. Ross H. McWhae

Regional Paleogeography and Habitat of Hydrocarbons in Ouachita Foredeep Basins: ABSTRACT

Larry Meckel, Dave Smith, Leon Wells

Quantitative Shape Analysis of Carbonate Sands by Use of Contour Registration and Template Matching: ABSTRACT

Martin E. Mengel, James M. Parks

Application of Structures Mapped from Landsat Imagery to Exploration for Stratigraphic Traps in Paradox Basin: ABSTRACT

I. S. Merin, R. C. Michael

Application of Landsat Imagery to Hydrocarbon Exploration in Niobrara Formation, Denver Basin: ABSTRACT

I. S. Merin, W. R. Moore

Sedimentation and Tectonic Implications of Cambrian-Ordovician Clastics, Renville County, North Dakota: ABSTRACT

Paul K. Mescher, James C. Pol

Feldspar Diagenesis in Neogene Sediments, Northern Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

K. L. Milliken, P. B. Gold, L. S. Land

Reservoir Description Applied to Iatan East Howard Field, Mitchell County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Stephen M. Mitchell

Quaternary Eustatic Sedimentary Accretion of Southern Bahamas Archpelago: ABSTRACT

Steven W. Mitchell

Potential Geologic Hazards of North Aleutian Shelf, Bristol Bay, Alaska: ABSTRACT

Bruce F. Molnia, William C. Schwab

Shelf Storm-Deposited Sandstones, Upper Mancos Shale, San Juan Basin, New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Melissa J. Montz, Dag Nummedal, Don Swift

Upper Jurassic of East Texas, a Stratigraphic Sedimentologic Reevaluation: ABSTRACT

Clyde H. Moore, Kathy McGillis, Sara Stewart, Scott Wilkinson, Gillian Harwood

Organic Facies and Petroleum Potential of Eastern North American Margin: ABSTRACT

George T. Moore, R. W. Jones

Significance of EOM/TOC Ratios in Identifying Possible Migration Fairways, NPRA, North Slope, Alaska: ABSTRACT

Leonard V. Moore

Reexamination of Middle Eocene Genus Cubitostrea Based on Collections from Central Virginia Coastal Plain: ABSTRACT

Christina C. Morrell

Exploration Applications Through Remote Sensing of Ice-Wedge Polygons: ABSTRACT

Joann Mossa

Williston Basin Seislog Study: ABSTRACT

R. C. Mummery

Use of Seislog for Basin Evaluation and Field Development: ABSTRACT

R. C. Mummery

Recognition of Paleosilcretes: Example from North Texas: ABSTRACT

Robert C. Murray

Shelf Sedimentation Across Precambrian-Cambrian Boundary: Chapel Island Formation, Southeastern Newfoundland: ABSTRACT

Paul Myrow

Fission-Track Dating and Its Application to Thermal History of Sedimentary Basins: ABSTRACT

Nancy D. Naeser, Charles W. Naeser

In-Situ Rock/Water Geochemistry of Holocene Radial and Tangential Ooid Sediment, Baffin Bay, Texas: ABSTRACT

Douglas G. Neese, John D. Pigott

Reconciliation of Measurement Differences Observed from Seismic, Well Logs, and VSP: ABSTRACT

E. B. Neitzel, T. K. Kan

Continental Shelf Sediment Transport, Northeastern South Carolina: ABSTRACT

Douglas D. Nelson

Porosity Evolution in Salem Limestone (Mississippian) of South-Central Indiana: ABSTRACT

Morgan R. Newton

Depositional Facies Mosaics and Their Time Lines in Lower Ordovician Carbonates of Central Appalachians: ABSTRACT

Chau T. Nguyen, Robert K. Goldhammer, Lawrence A. Hardie

Mesozoic (Early Cretaceous) Radiolarians from Northwest Atlantic, DSDP Hole 534A: ABSTRACT

Randy Niebuhr, Hsin Yi Ling

Recognition of Unconformity-Sourced Aquifer Cements and Later Burial Cements, Mississippian Newman Limestone, Kentucky: ABSTRACT

J. C. Niemann, J. F. Read

Stromatoporoid-Algal-Facies Hydrocarbon Traps in Upper Devonian (Fammenian) Wabamun Group, North-Central Alberta, Canada: ABSTRACT

D. K. Nishida, J. W. Murray, C. W. Stearn

Accumulation of Mixed Carbonate and Siliciclastic Muds on Continental Shelf of Eastern Spain: ABSTRACT

Charles A. Nittrouer, Bruce E. Bergenback, David J. Demaster, Stephen A. Kuehl

Economic Analysis of American Petroleum Exploration: ABSTRACT

Thomas Noll

Comparison Between Immature Vitrinite and Solid Bitumen, Green River Formation, Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado: ABSTRACT

Vito F. Nuccio

Channel Sand Bodies in Lower Mississippi Fan: ABSTRACT

Suzanne O'Connell, John B. Anderson

North African Petroleum Geology: Regional Structure and Stratigraphic Overview of a Hydrocarbon-Rich Cratonic Area: ABSTRACT

Thomas E. O'Connor, W. H. Kanes

Fluid Inclusion Study of Diagenetic Mineral Phases, Upper Jurassic Smackover Formation, Southwest Arkansas and Northeast Texas: ABSTRACT

Terrence C. O'Hearn, Clyde H. Moore

Wilcox Depth Prediction at Katy Field, Waller County, Texas: Problem and Solution: ABSTRACT

A. M. Olander

Exhumed Shoreface and Tidal-Delta Complexes in Lower Cretaceous Ferron Delta (Central Utah): ABSTRACT

C. R. Ossian

Late Quaternary Seismic Stratigraphy of a Shallow Marine Estuary, Corpus Christi Bay, Texas: ABSTRACT

Douglass E. Owen, John C. West

Cambrian Trilobites with Siberian Affinities, Southwestern Alaska: ABSTRACT

A. R. Palmer, R. M. Egbert, R. Sullivan, J. S. Knoth

Fluvial Sand Shapes: Effects of Tributary Mixing: ABSTRACT

James M. Parks

Paleopedogenesis in Lower Cretaceous Hensel Formation, Central Texas: ABSTRACT

J. H. Payne

Timing of Syntaxial Cement: ABSTRACT

Ronald D. Perkins

Recognition of Two Distinctive Diagenetic Facies Trends as Aid to Hydrocarbon Exploration in Deeply Buried Jurassic Smackover Carbonates of Southern Alabama and Southern Mississippi: ABSTRACT

Dusty Peters

Visual Kerogen Assessment of Thermal History: ABSTRACT

Neil F. Petersen, Patrick J. Hickey

Geochemical Investigation of Australian and New Zealand Crude Oils: ABSTRACT

R. P. Philp, T. D. Gilbert

Emplacement Mechanism and Trapping Potential of Gravity-Driven Allochthons: ABSTRACT

Reese B. Pinney

Geochemistry of an Insular Phosphate Deposit, Nauru, Equatorial Pacific: ABSTRACT

David Piper, Paul Aharon, Benny Loebner

Log-Analysis Problems Associated with Bimodal Pore System, Interlake Formation, North Dakota: ABSTRACT

S. B. Pluim, P. G. Painter, E. J. Bucher, A. L. Chaky

Cenozoic and Upper Cretaceous Sedimentary Facies of New Jersey Continental Slope and Rise: ABSTRACT

Wylie C. Poag

Early Diagenetic History of Late Pennsylvanian Calclithite Beds, Hueco Mountains, El Paso County, Texas: ABSTRACT

James C. Pol

Environmental Significance of Evaporitic Textures of Mississippian Mission Canyon Formation, Williston Basin, North Dakota: ABSTRACT

James C. Pol, Paul K. Mescher

Exploration Applications of a Transgressive Tidal-Flats Model to Mississippian Midale Carbonates, Eastern Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

Lorna A. Porter, Fred S. Reid

Provincial Variations in Cap Rock Source Materials of Gulf Coast Salt Domes: ABSTRACT

Harry H. Posey, Stephen D. Hurst, J. Richard Kyle, Peter E. Price, Arnold R. Taylor

Seismic Structure and Stratigraphy of Eastern New York-Western Vermont: ABSTRACT

Paul J. Post, Donald L. Taff

Powder River Basin, Wyoming: Structural Development, Hydrocarbon Migration, and Accumulation: ABSTRACT

Johann-Christian Pratsch

Examples, Causes, and Consequences of Vitrinite Reflectance Suppression in Hydrogen-Rich Organic Matter--a Major Unrecognized Problem: ABSTRACT

Leigh C. Price

Controls on Pennsylvanian Algal-Mound Distribution in Mid-Continent North America: ABSTRACT

Rex C. Price, John C. Mitchell, Robert L. Ravn

Petrology of Middle Jurassic Twin Creek Limestone, Lincoln and Sublette Counties, Southwestern Wyoming: ABSTRACT

David R. Raubvogel, Peter T. Kolesar

Subsurface Geology and Paleodepositional Environments of Pleistocene Trend; South High Island and South Galveston Area--a Regional Evaluation: ABSTRACT

Pulak K. Ray, Donald R. Newsom, Gregory Klocek, Taylor Blood

Structural Control on Molasse Sedimentation: Example of Siwalik Group of Northern Pakistan: ABSTRACT

Robert G. H. Raynolds, Gary D. Johnson

Evolution of Cambrian-Ordovician Carbonate Shelf, United States Appalachians: ABSTRACT

Fred J. Read

Igneous Intrusions in Porous Sandstone Sequences--Widespread Thermal Effects Measured by Fission Track Annealing and Vitrinite Reflectance: ABSTRACT

S. A. Reeckmann, I. R. Duddy, A. J. Gleadow

Chin Coulee Field--a Stratigraphic Trap in Lower Cretaceous Fluvial Valley-Fill Sandstones: ABSTRACT

Christopher L. Reel, Clarence V. Campbell

Processes of Sedimentation Associated with Fault-Controlled Trough Across a Shelf: ABSTRACT

M. N. Rees

Gas Compositions in a Well Column: ABSTRACT

R. H. Reitsema

Resistivity Curves from Complex Reservoirs: Under-Utilized Tools for Exploration and Production Geologists: ABSTRACT

Lowell W. Revett, Brian E. Lock

Thermal Transformation of Smectite to Illite: ABSTRACT

Robert C. Reynolds, Jr.

Character and Origin of Natural Gases from Wattenberg Area, Denver Basin, Colorado: ABSTRACT

Dudley D. Rice, Charles N. Threlkeld

Recognition of Anhydrite Dissolution--A Cause of Secondary Porosity in Two Petroleum Reservoirs: ABSTRACT

Randall W. Richardson, Christopher J. Schenk

Mixed Siliciclastic and Carbonate Sedimentation Within Spar Mountain Member of Ste. Genevieve Limestone, Hamilton County, Illinois: ABSTRACT

Michael J. Roberts, Wayne A. Pryor

Trenton Formation in New York, a Computer-Aided Study: ABSTRACT

Joseph E. Robinson

Exploration Concepts for Syntectonic Sediments of Triassic and Jurassic Age along Northern and Eastern Rim of Gulf of Mexico Basin: ABSTRACT

Donald A. Rodgers, Richard P. Wilkerson, Michael W. Putnam

Barrier-Bar System in Cerro Negro, Orinoco Petroliferous Belt, Venezuela, and Its Implication in Oil Exploration and Exploitation: ABSTRACT

Argenis Rodriguez

Dolomitization of Fossiliferous Siliciclastic Sediments in Salisbury Embayment: ABSTRACT

Michael R. Rosen, G. R. Holdren

Early-Diagenetic Sheet-Crack Cements of Guadalupian Shelf, Yates and Tansill Formations, New Mexico--a Field and Chemical Study: ABSTRACT

Mark Rosenblum

Cyrenaican Platform: Structure, Stratigraphy, and Exploration Play Concepts: ABSTRACT

Carolyn M. Ross, M. N. Zegaar

Shoreline, Grain-Size, and Total-Carbon Distribution Changes Before and After Hurricane Alicia, Galveston Island, Texas, 1983: ABSTRACT

Christine M. Rothammer, Lowell R. Morrison, Steven L. Warkentin

North America-Greenland-Eurasian Relative Motions: Implications for Circum-Arctic Tectonic Reconstructions: ABSTRACT

D. B. Rowley, A. L. Lottes, A. M. Ziegler

South China Sea Tectonic Evolution and Hydrocarbon Potential: New Geological and Geophysical Constraints: ABSTRACT

Ke Ru, John D. Pigott

Facies and Geochemical Characterization of Mississippian Rocks in Palo Duro and Hardeman Basins, Texas: ABSTRACT

Stephen C. Ruppel

Pore Size Distributions by Analysis of Back-Scattered Electron and Fluorescence Images: ABSTRACT

Kenneth Ruzyla

Paleozoic Producing Sequences in Ghadames Basin of Libya, Tunisia, and Algeria: New Stratigraphic Concepts for Hydrocarbon Exploration: ABSTRACT

F. M. Said, W. H. Kanes

Marine Diagenesis on Enewetak Atoll: ABSTRACT

Arthur H. Saller

Computer Mapping of Silurian Pinnacle Reefs in Northern Michigan: ABSTRACT

John M. Sappington, F. B. Davies

Thermal History of Sandstones and Shales: Oxygen Isotope and K/Ar Evidence: ABSTRACT

Samuel M. Savin, Mingchou Lee, James L. Aronson

Crust Type and Structure, Northern Gulf of Mexico: an Ocean Bottom Seismograph-Air Gun Seismic Transect: ABSTRACT

D. S. Sawyer, Y. Nakamura, W. O'Brien, J. Ebeniro

Micropaleontology, Textural and Isotopic Characteristics of Turbidites on Continental Slope and Rise off Newfoundland: ABSTRACT

Charles T. Schafer, David B. Scott

Tectonic Evolution and Hydrocarbon Prospects of Tunisia-Sicily Shelf: ABSTRACT

Steven Schamel, Habib Lazreg, Kenneth Ciriacks

Structural Style, Stratigraphic Variability, and Hydrocarbon Traps in Gulf of Suez: ABSTRACT

Martin Schuepbach, Steven Schamel, Stephen K. Perry, Donald U. Wise

Remote Detection of Anomalous Mineralogy Associated with Hydrocarbon Production, Lisbon Valley, Utah: ABSTRACT

D. B. Segal, M. D. Ruth, I. S. Merin, H. Watanabe, K. Soda, O. Takano, M. Sano

Lockhart Crossing Field: New Wilcox Trend in Southeastern Louisiana : ABSTRACT

Gregory A. Self, S. Q. Breard, Howard P. Rael, Jeffrey A. Stein, Martin O. Traugott, William D. Easom

Growth Movement of Citronelle Dome and Its Genetic Relationship to Other Salt Structures in Southern Mississippi Salt Basin: an Approach in Computer Applications: ABSTRACT

Gregory A. Self, Robert W. Pierce

Petroleum Reservoirs in Silurian Dolomite of Western Illinois: ABSTRACT

Beverly Seyler

Glacial Cycles, Hydrocarbon Generation and Salt Tectonics on Louisiana Slope: ABSTRACT

Frank R. Shaffer, Allen Lowrie

Is Turbidite Facies Association Scheme Valid for Interpreting Ancient Submarine-Fan Environments?: ABSTRACT

Ganapathy Shanmugam, John E. Damuth, Richard J. Moiola

Anisotropic Permeability, Eolian Lyons Sandstone: ABSTRACT

R. G. Shepherd

Bahamian Whitings--No Fish Story: ABSTRACT

Eugene A. Shinn, Randolph P. Steinen, Barbara H. Lidz, Robert B. Halley

Carbon Isotopic Composition of Amazon Shelf Sediments: ABSTRACT

William J. Showers, D. G. Angle, C. A. Nittrouer, D. J. Demaster

Seismic Expression of Structural Features on Landsat Lineaments: an Example from Denver Basin: ABSTRACT

George W. Shurr, John T. Jenkins Jr., Daniel M. Likarish

Chronostratigraphy and Biostratigraphy of Paleogene Formations in Eastern Gulf Coastal Province: ABSTRACT

William G. Siesser

Recognition of a Thin Stratigraphic Trap by Seismic Reflection Character Analysis: ABSTRACT

Roger M. Slatt, Kathe Lighty, John Robinson

Carbonate Cements in Sandstones--Mineralogy and Chemical Composition: ABSTRACT

Evan S. Slow, Robert Anderhalt

Decade of Exploration in Deep Lower Tuscaloosa Gas Trend in Southern Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Guy W. Smith

Petroleum Potential and Stratigraphy of Holitna Basin, Alaska: ABSTRACT

Thomas N. Smith, James G. Clough, John F. Meyer, Robert B. Blodgett

Bottom Currents During Early Winter on South Texas Continental Shelf: Implications for Shelf Sediment Transport: ABSTRACT

John W. Snedden, Anthony F. Amos, Dag Nummedal

Evolution and Hydrocarbon Potential of Navarin Basin, Bering Sea, Alaska: ABSTRACT

David A. Steffy

Status of Underground Coal Gasification: ABSTRACT

D. R. Stephens, R. W. Hill, I. Y. Borg

Basic Two-Dimensional Model for Thrust-Fold Oil-Field Structures of Rocky Mountain Foreland: ABSTRACT

Donald S. Stone

The Geologist in Space: Apollo, Shuttle, and Beyond: ABSTRACT

Kathryn Sullivan

Petroleum and Source-Rock Potential of Eagle Ford Group (Upper Cretaceous), East Texas Basin: ABSTRACT

Milton A. Surles, Jr.

Plate Tectonic Contest in North Greenland: ABSTRACT

Finn Surlyk

Trinity Shoal: a Reworked Deltaic Barrier on Louisiana Continental Shelf: ABSTRACT

John R. Suter, Shea Penland, Thomas F. Moslow

Canada Basin: Age and History of Its Continental Margin: ABSTRACT

J. F. Sweeney

Late Tertiary Sediment Basin on Continental Slope off Western Nova Scotia: ABSTRACT

Stephen A. Swift

Role of Minerals in Formation of Hydrocarbons During Pyrolysis of Organic Matter--a Material Balance Approach: ABSTRACT

Eli Tannenbaum, Bradley J. Huizinga, Isaac R. Kaplan

Oligocene Vicksburg Sandstones of TCB Field--a South Texas Diagenetic "Jambalaya": ABSTRACT

Dennis A. Taylor, Zuhair Al-Shaieb

Heavy-Mineral Distribution Along Coastline of Ghana, West Africa: ABSTRACT

Stephen M. Testa, Benjamin N. Akpati

Diagenetic Controls on Reservoir Quality, Matagorda Island 623 Field, Offshore Texas: ABSTRACT

Paul A. Thayer

Nature of Secondary Porosity Created by Dissolution of Aluminum Silicates: ABSTRACT

Alan Thomson, R. K. Stoessell

Occurrences of Sphalerite in Reservoir Rocks of North Texas and Gulf Coast: ABSTRACT

Thomas T. Tieh

Spectrum of Ancient Shelf Sandstones: ABSTRACT

R. W. Tillman

Cincinnatian Series--Model for Cyclic and Episodic Deposition of Carbonates and Shales on a Storm-Dominated Ramp: ABSTRACT

Rick C. Tobin, Wayne A. Pryor

Reservoir Development in Ellenburger Group of West Texas--a Diagenetic Jambalaya: ABSTRACT

Rick C. Tobin

Diagenesis of Miocene Gas Sands in Pattani Basin, Gulf of Thailand: ABSTRACT

A. S. Trevena, R. A. Clark

Origin and Diagenesis of Beachrock, Discovery Bay, Jamaica: ABSTRACT

Nancy I. Trumbly, John D. Pigott

Fluid Inclusions and Porosity Development in Arun Gas Field, Indonesia: ABSTRACT

Tien-Fung Tsui, Clifton F. Jordan

Facies Architecture and Production Characteristics of Wave-Dominated Deltaic Reservoir, Big Wells Field, Southern Texas: ABSTRACT

Noel Tyler, William A. Ambrose

Textural Evidence for Origin of Salt Dome Anhydrite Cap Rocks, Winnfield Dome, Louisiana: ABSTRACT

Mark R. Ulrich, J. Richard Kyle, Peter E. Price

Reexamination of Bengal Fan Model for Turbidites of Frontal Ouachitas: ABSTRACT

Michael B. Underwood

Biostratigraphy and Paleoenvironment of Morrowan (Zone 2) Brachiopoda, Bird Spring Group, Arrow Canyon, Clark County, Nevada: ABSTRACT

Robert C. Vaiden, Ralph L. Langenheim, Jr.

New Developments in Microphotometry of Kerogen and Bitumen at Various Stages of Thermal Maturity and Applications to Hydrocarbon Exploration: ABSTRACT

Pieter Van Gijzel

Organic Indicators of Thermal Maturity, a Review: ABSTRACT

Pieter Van Gijzel

Foraminiferal Paleoenvironments and Biostratigraphy of Eocene Nanjemoy Formation, Virginia and Maryland: ABSTRACT

S. Eric Vredenburg

Carbonate-Anhydrite Facies Determination by Quantitative Seismic Stratigraphy in Paradox Basin: ABSTRACT

Richard F. Wadleigh, Jr., John A. Ward

Hydrocarbon Production Potential of Mississippian Rocks in Cowley County, Kansas: ABSTRACT

Karma Wagner

Tectonics and Dispersal of Miocene Rift-Fill Sediments, Southern New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Dan Walker, Greg H. Mack

Seismic Stratigraphy of Pliocene-Pleistocene Deposits, Continental Slope-Upper Mississippi Fan, Northern Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Robert D. Walters, Richard T. Buffler

Early Diagenesis of a Phylloid Algal-Mound Complex, Laborcita Formation, Southeastern New Mexico: ABSTRACT

W. Bruce Ward, William J. Meyers, Robert Goldstein

Cormorant Field, United Kingdom North Sea--Synergistic Approach to Optimum Development of a Complex Reservoir: ABSTRACT

D. G. Watters, M. C. T. Pagan, D. M. J. Provan

Lithostratigraphic Revision Within Upper Pennsylvanian Mattoon Formation, Illinois: ABSTRACT

C. Pius Weibel

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