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Synchronous Global Sequence Boundaries

Neil Parkinson , Colin Summerhayes

Scappoose Formation, Columbia County, Oregon: New Evidence of Age and Relation to Columbia River Basalt Group

Robert O. Van Atta , Kevin B. Kelty

Hydrothermics in the Wyoming Overthrust Belt

Gary W. Zielinski , James A. Drahovzal , Gail Moritz Decoursey , (5), Joseph M. Ruperto , (6)

Determination of Widths of Meander-Belt Sandstone Reservoirs from Vertical Downhole Data, Mesaverde Group, Piceance Creek Basin, Colorado

John C. Lorenz , David M. Heinze , James A. Clark , Craig A. Searls

Regional Controls of Gas Accumulation in Oriskany Sandstone, Central Appalachian Basin

Richard J. Diecchio

Selected Characteristics of Limestone and Dolomite Reservoirs in the United States

James W. Schmoker, Katherine B. Krystinik, Robert B. Halley

Seismic Stratigraphy and Cenozoic Evolution of West Sumatra Forearc Basin

Desiree Beaudry , Gregory F. Moore

Oil Shale and Coal in Intermontane Basins of Thailand

Martin R. Gibling , Yongyut Ukakimaphan , Suthep Srisuk

Oil Shale Sedimentology and Geochemistry in Cenozoic Mae Sot Basin, Thailand

Martin R. Gibling , Charn Tantisukrit , Wutti Uttamo , Theerapongs Thanasuthipitak , Mungkorn Haraluck

Salinity and Temperature Anomalies over Structural Oil Fields, Carter County, Oklahoma

C. L. McConnell

Eastern Cordilleran Foldbelt of Northern Canada: Its Structural Geometry and Hydrocarbon Potential

D. K. Norris

Middle Cretaceous Carbonate Reservoirs, Fahud Field and Northwestern Oman: DISCUSSION

Philip Brennan

Diagenesis of Cotton Valley Sandstone (Upper Jurassic), East Texas: Implications for Tight Gas Formation Pay Recognition: DISCUSSION

James L. Coleman, Jr.

Diagenesis of Cotton Valley Sandstone (Upper Jurassic), East Texas: Implications for Tight Gas Formation Pay Recognition: REPLY

William A. Wescott

Seismic Exploration in Raton Basin: ABSTRACT

James K. Applegate, Peter R. Rose

"Jelly Bean" Conglomerate (Lower Permian): Record of a Forebulge in Southeastern Arizona?: ABSTRACT

Richard Armin

Seismic Lithology and Pitfalls in Seismic Porosity Detection: ABSTRACT

D. R. Balogh, W. Barney, D. Harvey, G. W. Snyder

Integrated Geochemical and Paleoecological Approach to Petroleum Source Rock Evaluation, Cretaceous Niobrara Formation, Lyons, Colorado: ABSTRACT

L. K. Barlow, L. M. Pratt

Facies Control of Mississippian Porosity, Whitney Canyon-Carter Creek Field, Wyoming Overthrust Belt: ABSTRACT

Charles E. Bartberger

Seismic Line Across Wind River Thrust Fault, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

William L. Basham, Walter F. Martin

Stratigraphic Reconstruction Using Digitized Well Logs: Lewis Shale, South-Central Wyoming: ABSTRACT

M. G. Bishop, P. S. Gardner, R. D. Winn, Jr.

Anatomy of a Regional Play in Rio Grande Rift Basins of New Mexico and Colorado: ABSTRACT

Bruce A. Black

Hydrocarbons in Northern Basin and Range, Nevada and Utah: ABSTRACT

Louis C. Bortz

Red Wing Creek Field, North Dakota: Growth-Faulted or Meteoritic-Impact Structure?: ABSTRACT

L. W. Dan Bridges

Seismic Definition of Detachment and Basement-Involved Structures Beneath Absaroka Range, Western Big Horn Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Marvin D. Brittenham, Bruce H. Tadewald

Petroleum Geology of Santa Rosa Sandstone (Triassic), Northeastern New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Ronald F. Broadhead

Deadwood Formation and Winnipeg Group Stratigraphy of Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

Clarence G. Carlson, Stephan C. Thompson

Mustang Flat--Significant New Paradox Basin Field: ABSTRACT

Richard M. Carroll

Uranium Exploration in 1970s and 1980s, Lessons for the Future: ABSTRACT

William L. Chenoweth

Three Oil Types in Paleozoic Rocks of Northern Denver Basin--Implications for Exploration: ABSTRACT

Jerry L. Clayton, J. David King

Cedar Creek--Significant Paleotectonic Feature of Williston Basin: ABSTRACt

James H. Clement

Rock Types, Pore Types, and Hydrocarbon Exploration: ABSTRACT

Edward B. Coalson, Dan J. Hartmann, John B. Thomas

Variations in Plate Kinematics and Subduction Geometries: Unifying Explanation of Mesozoic and Cenozoic Deformation in Rocky Mountains Region: ABSTRACT

Timothy A. Cross, Rex H. Pilger, Jr.

Appropriate Stratigraphic Nomenclature for Coal Reservoirs in Piceance Basin, Colorado: ABSTRACT

David Decker

Paleogeographic and Sedimentologic Significance of Mississippian Sequence at Mt. Darby, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Jeff Dejarnett

Stratigraphy and Depositional Environments of Middle Member of Minnelusa Formation, Central Powder River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Robert J. Desmond, James R. Steidtmann, Donald F. Cardinal

Burial History of Upper Cretaceous and Tertiary Rocks Interpreted from Vitrinite Reflectance, Northern Green River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Warren W. Dickinson, B. E. Law

Conditional Simulation: Geostatistical Tool Applied to Athabasca Oil-Sands Deposit: ABSTRACT

R. Dimitrakopoulos, W. Griffin, G. D. Williams

C13-Rich Diagenetic Carbonates Associated with Heavy-Oil Deposits: ABSTRACT

Roussos Dimitrakopoulos, Karlis Muehlenbachs

Regional Aquifers and Petroleum in Williston Basin Region of United States: ABSTRACT

Joe S. Downey, John F. Busby, George A. Dinwiddie

Application of Principal Axis Ordination (Q-Mode Analysis) in Classification of Depositional Environments of Morrow (Upper Carboniferous) Strata in Southeastern Colorado: ABSTRACT

James D. Doyle, Douglas M. Lorenz

Geologic Analysis System--Oil and Gas Exploration and Research Applications: ABSTRACT

T. Dyman, T. Flaherty, B. Hall, Magoon K. Takahashi, R. Walton

Mechanism for Enhanced Reservoir Porosity Generation in Tripolitic Chert: ABSTRACT

Janell D. Edman, L. J. Crossey, R. C. Surdam

Lithofacies and Diagenetic Controls on Reservoir Development and Production, Goose Lake Field, Eastern Montana: ABSTRACT

Jeff Ehrenzeller, Richard Inden

Hydrocarbon Potential in Paradox Basin: an Overview: ABSTRACT

J. A. Tony Fallin

Paleotectonic Implications of Arkose Beds in Park Shale (Middle Cambrian), Bridger Range, South-Central Montana: ABSTRACT

Jenny C. Fryxell, Donald L. Smith

Radiometrics for the Petroleum Explorationist: ABSTRACT

Alton V. Gallagher, Brenda C. Gallagher

Geologic Development, Origin, and Energy Mineral Resources of Williston Basin, North Dakota: ABSTRACT

Lee C. Gerhard, Sidney B. Anderson, Julie Lefever, Clarence G. Carlson

Heat Flow in Geophysical Exploration of Sedimentary Basins: ABSTRACT

William D. Gosnold

Diagenetic Destruction of Primary Reservoir Porosity in Viola Limestone, South-Central Oklahoma: ABSTRACT

G. Michael Grammer

Oil-Bearing Sediments Beneath San Juan Volcanics--Colorado's Newest Frontier: ABSTRACT

Robbie R. Gries

Seismic Exploration in Rocky Mountain Region: ABSTRACT

Robbie R. Gries

Exploration Tectonics and Vitrinite Reflectance, South Park Basin, Colorado: ABSTRACT

Peter K. H. Groth

Discovery of Upper Cretaceous "Parkman Sandstone" Production, Denver Basin, Colorado: ABSTRACT

Douglas J. Guion, L. Roger Hutson, Ted Shelton, Bill Gandera, Louise Kitely

Stratigraphy, Depositional History, and Trapping Mechanisms of Lone Tree Creek and Lodgepole Creek Oil Fields, Lower Cretaceous Fall River Formation, Powder River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Edmund R. Gustason, Thomas A. Ryer

Stratigraphy and Depositional History of Lakota and Cloverly Formations, Powder River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Edmund R. Gustason, Thomas A. Ryer

Stratigraphy and Depositional Environment of Upper Mississippian Big Snowy Group, Bridger Range, Montana: ABSTRACT

Gary E. Guthrie

Libby Thrust Belt and Adjacent Structures--New Factors to Consider in Thrust Tectonics of Northwestern Montana: ABSTRACT

Jack E. Harrison, Earle R. Cressman

Carbon Isotope Variation in Mid-Continent "Ordovician-Type" Oils: Relationship to a Major Middle Ordovician Carbon Isotope Shift: ABSTRACT

Joseph R. Hatch, Stephen R. Jacobson, Brian J. Witzke, Donald E. Anders, W. Lynn Watney, K. David Newell

Source of Triassic Thaynes Hydrocarbons in Idaho-Wyoming-Utah Thrust Belt: ABSTRACT

Christopher G. Hayes, Robert K. Merrill

Regional Trends in Porosity and Permeability of J Sandstone in Denver Basin--Controls of Burial History: ABSTRACT

D. K. Higley, D. L. Gautier

Development of Structure and Porosity at Medicine Lake Field, Northeastern Montana, Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

Christopher P. Indorf, E. Earl Norwood

Petroleum Potential of Western Washington and Oregon: ABSTRACT

Tom F. Ise

Largest Exposed Anticline in Denver Basin Area: Model for Mountain-Front Subthrust Structures: ABSTRACT

Arthur F. Jacob

Depositional Environments and Diagenesis of Mississippian Midale Beds, Midale Field Area, Williston Basin, Southeastern Saskatchewan: ABSTRACT

John Kaldi

Seismic Evaluation of Hanna Basin and Implications for Regional Structure: ABSTRACT

Sanford S. Kaplan, Riley C. Skeen

Facies Control on Oil Production From Upper Member of Permo-Pennsylvanian Minnelusa Formation, Powder River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Anne O. Kelly, John C. Horne, Christopher L. Reel, Matthew A. Sares

Structurally Controlled Sediment Distribution Patterns and Their Relationship to Uranium Deposits in Jurassic Morrison Formation, Northwestern New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Allan R. Kirk, Steven M. Condon

Plate Tectonics of Ancestral Rocky Mountains: ABSTRACT

Charles F. Kluth

Paleotectonic, Stratigraphic, and Diagenetic History of Weber Sandstone, Rangely Area, Colorado: ABSTRACT

Mark Koelmel

Potential Exploration Targets for Roxby Downs-Olympic Dam Type Mineral Deposits: ABSTRACT

A. Kwarteng, L. Salazar, P. Goodell, G. R. Keller

Fossil Basin and its Relationship to Absaroka Thrust System, Wyoming and Utah: ABSTRACT

Paul R. Lamerson

Parautochthonous Core-Thrusted Kink Folds and Chronologic Sequence of Thrusting, La Barge Platform, Sublette County, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

James W. Langman

Fluvial Systems of Upper Cretaceous Mesaverde Group and Paleocene North Horn Formation, Central Utah: Record of Transition from Thin-Skinned Deformation in Foreland Region: ABSTRACT

Timothy F. Lawton

Geohistorical Analysis of Paradox Basin: ABSTRACT

Lawrence D. Lemke

Anatomy of a Dolomitized Carbonate Reservoir--Mission Canyon Formation at Little Knife Field, North Dakota: ABSTRACT

Robert F. Lindsay

Minturn and Sangre de Cristo Formations of Southern Colorado--Prograding Fan-Delta and Alluvial-Fan Sequence Shed from Ancestral Rocky Mountains: ABSTRACT

David A. Lindsey, Reino F. Clark, Sandra J. Soulliere

Seismic Profile Across Leading Edge of Fold and Thrust Belt of Southwestern Montana: ABSTRACT

David A. Lopez, Christopher Schmidt

Tectonostratigraphic Analysis of Powder River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

David L. Macke, W. L. Bilodeau

Early Campanian Coastal Progradational Systems and Their Coal-Forming Environments, Wyoming to New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Walter E. Marley, Romeo M. Flores, Frank G. Ethridge, Victor V. Cavaroc

Estimating Coal Quality from Borehole Logs: ABSTRACT

Geoffrey W. Mathews

Reinterpretation of Relationships Among Keystone Thrust, Red Springs Thrust, Contact Thrust, and Cottonwood Fault, Clark County, Nevada: ABSTRACT

Vincent Matthews, III

Carboniferous Tectonics, Stratigraphy, and Mississippian-Pennsylvanian Boundary, Western Interior United States: ABSTRACT

Edwin K. Maughan

Lineaments and Their Tectonic Implications in Rocky Mountains and Adjacent Plains Region: ABSTRACT

Edwin K. Maughan, William J. Perry, Jr.

Pressure Cycles Related to Gas Generation in Coals and Their Relation to Deep Basin Gas Accumulations: ABSTRACT

Fred F. Meissner

Regional Hydrocarbon Generation, Migration, and Accumulation Pattern of Cretaceous Strata, Powder River Basin: ABSTRACT

Fred F. Meissner

Biostratigraphic Units and Tectonism in Mid-Cretaceous Foreland of Wyoming, Colorado, and Adjoining Areas: ABSTRACT

E. A. Merewether, W. A. Cobban

Thermal Maturity of Bowie Coals in Southern Portion of Piceance Basin, Colorado: ABSTRACT

R. D. Merry, V. E. Larsen

Wall-Rock Alteration and Uranium Mineralization in Parts of Thomas Range Mining District, San Juan County, Utah, and Its Significance in Mineral Exploration: ABSTRACT

Hasan Mohammad

Permian Tectonism in Rocky Mountain Foreland and Its Importance in Exploration for Minnelusa and Lyons Sandstones: ABSTRACT

W. Richard Moore

Seismic Exploration for Pennsylvanian Algal Mounds, Paradox Basin: ABSTRACT

Bruce Moriarty, Robert Grundy

Depositional Systems of Fountain Formation and Its Basinal Equivalents, Northwestern Denver Basin, Colorado: ABSTRACT

Kenneth F. Napp, Frank G. Ethridge

Regional Significance of Mississippian Rocks at Pentagon Mountain, Lewis and Clark Range, Northwestern Montana: ABSTRACT

K. M. Nichols

Morrow Fluvial and Deltaic Sandstones of Anadarko Basin in Southeastern and East-Central Colorado: ABSTRACT

Earl Patterson, Wayne Cruthis

Seam Profiling of Three Coals from Upper Cretaceous Menefee Formation near Durango, Colorado: ABSTRACT

Mark J. Pawlewicz

Cedar Hills Field, San Juan County, New Mexico: a Multi-Well Coal Degasification Project, San Juan Basin, New Mexico--a Case Study: ABSTRACT

Stephen H. Perlman

Structural Geometry of Newly Defined Blacktail Salient of Montana Thrust Belt: ABSTRACT

William J. Perry, Jr., William J. Sando, Charles A. Sandberg

Jurassic Crustal Deformation in West-Central Part of Colorado Plateau: ABSTRACT

Fred Peterson

Subsurface Stratigraphy and Depositional History of Madison Limestone (Mississippian), Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

James A. Peterson

Regional Stratigraphy and General Petroleum Geology, Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

James A. Peterson, Lawrence M. MacCary

Influence of Preexisting Tectonic Trends on Geometries of Sevier Orogenic Belt and Its Foreland in Utah: ABSTRACT

Frank Picha, Richard I. Gibson

Computer-Assisted Reconstruction of Stratigraphic Framework of an Anderson Coal Deposit, Powder River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Frances Wahl Pierce, Carol L. Molnia

Stratigraphic Controls on Duperow Production in Williston Basin, Montana and North Dakota: ABSTRACT

R. H. Pilatzke, D. W. Fischer, C. L. Pilatzke

Source-Potential Rating Index--Evaluation of Bakken Formation: ABSTRACT

Fredric L. Pirkle, Harry Dembicki, Jr.

Depositional Environments, Diagenesis, and Hydrocarbon Potential of Nonmarine Upper Cretaceous and Lower Tertiary rocks, Eastern Uinta Basin, Utah: ABSTRACT

J. K. Pitman, D. E. Anders, T. D. Fouch, D. J. Nichols

Origin and Distribution of Fractures in Tertiary and Cretaceous Rocks, Piceance Basin, Colorado, and Their Relation to Hydrocarbon Occurrence: ABSTRACT

Janet K. Pitman, Eve S. Sprunt

Electric Utilities' Stake in Applied Coal Geoscience: ABSTRACT

Jeremy Platt

Seismic-Stratigraphic Analysis of Lanyard-Lost Creek Field Area, Denver Basin, Colorado: Application to Exploration and Field Delineation: ABSTRACT

Steven C. Plybon, David W. Oldham

Petroleum Source Rock Potential and Crude Oil Correlation in Great Basin: ABSTRACT

Forrest G. Poole, George E. Claypool

Exploration Applications of a Transgressive Tidal Flats Model to Mississippian Midale Carbonates, Eastern Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

Lorna A. Porter, Fred S. Reid

Absaroka Thrust Exploration Plays in Wyoming-Utah-Idaho Thrust Belt: ABSTRACT

Richard B. Powers, T. M. Finn

Relationship of Cretaceous Synorogenic Conglomerate in Central Utah to Sevier Thrust Events: ABSTRACT

Richard M. Pratt

Changing Exploration Concepts in Arapien Basin, Central Hinge Line, Utah: ABSTRACT

Richard M. Pratt

Generation of Depositional Facies Maps Using Microcomputers and Lithocrossplot Data, Minnelusa Formation, Powder River Basin: ABSTRACT

Robert A. Przybylo, Sally K. Odland, William L. Thoen

Seismic Exploration for Oil and Gas Traps in Wind River Basin: a Laramide Example: ABSTRACT

Randy R. Ray, W. R. Keefer, C. R. Berg

Comparison of Hydrocarbon Production Trends in Middle and Upper Members of Minnelusa Formation: ABSTRACT

Christopher L. Reel, John C. Horne, Anne O. Kelly

Origin and Significance of Surface Occurrences of Natural Gas, Northern Denver Basin, Colorado: ABSTRACT

Dudley D. Rice, Charles N. Threlkeld, April Vuletich

Evidence for Extension of Lake Basin Fault Zone from Coal Bed Correlations in South-Central Montana and Implications for Hydrocarbon Exploration: ABSTRACT

Laura N. Robinson, Bruce E. Barnum

High-Resolution Stratigraphic Correlations and Geochemical Analyses, Cretaceous Niobrara Formation, Northwestern Denver-Julesburg Basin: ABSTRACT

T. E. Rodriguez, L. M. Pratt

Structural Development and Oil Occurrence on Northeast Flank of Uinta Mountains near Irish Canyon, Northwestern Colorado: ABSTRACT

Henry W. Roehler

Solution of Devonian Prairie Formation Salts: Implication, Seismic Recognition, and Interpretation: ABSTRACT

Mark H. Rogers, Wayne A. Mattox

Paleozoic Paleotectonics and Sedimentation in Southern Rocky Mountain Region: ABSTRACT

Charles A. Ross, June R. P. Ross

Lemhi Arch, a Late Proterozoic and Early Paleozoic Landmass, Central Idaho: ABSTRACT

Edward T. Ruppel

Stratigraphy and Depositional History of Coyote Creek-Miller Creek Trend, Lower Cretaceous Fall River Formation, Powder River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Thomas A. Ryer, Edmund R. Gustason

Stratigraphy, Depositional History, and Petroleum Geology of Lower Cretaceous Fall River Formation, Powder River Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Thomas A. Ryer, Edmund R. Gustason

Upper Cretaceous Vernal Delta of Utah--Depositional or Paleotectonic Feature?: ABSTRACT

Thomas A. Ryer, Jon R. Lovekin

Models for Hydrocarbon Accumulation and Maturation in Deep Dysaerobic Basins: ABSTRACT

Charles A. Sandberg, Raymond C. Gutschick

New Biostratigraphic and Paleotectonic Interpretation of Devonian and Mississippian Rocks in Southwestern Montana Thrust Belt: ABSTRACT

Charles A. Sandberg, William J. Sando, William J. Perry, Jr.

Rediscovering an Abandoned Reservoir: Lakota Formation at Lost Soldier Field, Fremont County, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

D. J. Schmechel, M. J. McGuire

Erosional History and Possible Passive Uplift of Paris-Willard Thrust Allochthon, Wyoming-Idaho-Utah Thrust Belt: ABSTRACT

James G. Schmitt

Integrating Geology and Geophysics in an Interactive Environment: ABSTRACT

Edward Schreiber

Stratigraphy of Blair Formation, an Upper Cretaceous Slope and Basin Deposit, Eastern Flank of the Rock Springs Uplift, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Lee T. Shannon

Three Ancient Montana Fluvial Systems: Pennsylvanian Tyler, Lower Cretaceous Muddy, and Upper Cretaceous Eagle--Their Reservoir and Source Rock Distribution: ABSTRACT

Betsy Shepard

Tectonic History of Sweetgrass Arch, Montana and Alberta--Key to Finding New Hydrocarbons: ABSTRACT

Warren Shepard, Betsy Shepard

Prospect Generation Using Digital Well Log Data--Minnelusa Formation: ABSTRACT

Daniel E. Shier

Paleotectonic Controls on Deposition of Niobrara Formation, Eagle Sandstone, and Equivalent Rocks (Upper Cretaceous), Montana and South Dakota: ABSTRACT

George W. Shurr, Dudley D. Rice

Geologic Setting and Natural Gas Potential of Niobrara Formation, Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

George W. Shurr, Dudley D. Rice

Stratigraphy and Petroleum Potential of Trout Creek and Twentymile Sandstones (Upper Cretaceous), Sand Wash Basin, Colorado: ABSTRACT

Bret R. Siepman

Williston in the Family of Cratonic Basins: ABSTRACT

L. L. Sloss

Hummingbird Structure in Southeastern Saskatchewan: ABSTRACT

David D. Smith

Tectonic and Sedimentation Model for Morrow Sandstone Deposition, Sorrento Field Area, Denver Basin, Colorado: ABSTRACT

S. A. Sonnenberg

Paradox--Pull-Apart Basin of Pennsylvanian Age: ABSTRACT

G. M. Stevenson, D. L. Baars

Geologic Interpretation of a Seismic Profile Across Oregon Basin Thrust, West Flank of Big Horn Basin, Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Donald S. Stone

Pre-Laramide Tectonics--Possible Control on Locus of Turonian-Coniacian Paralic Coal Basins, West-Central New Mexico: ABSTRACT

Gary D. Stricker, Orin J. Anderson

Continental-Scale Ground-Water Flow Systems and Occurrence of Oil and Gas: ABSTRACT

W. K. Summers

Time-Temperature Reconstructions of Diagenetic Systems: ABSTRACT

Ronald C. Surdam, Laura J. Crossey, E. Sven Hagen, Henry P. Heasler

Echo Springs Upper Almond Field, Washakie Basin: Study of a Successful Tight Gas Reservoir: ABSTRACT

Joan N. Tilden

Paleotectonic Influence of Precambrian Wyoming Province and Adjacent Terranes on Phanerozoic Sedimentation on Western Cratonic Shelf: ABSTRACT

John J. Tonnsen

Age Correlation and Tectonic Significance of Wildcat Peak Formation, Northern Toquima Range, Nevada: ABSTRACT

George J. Verville, D. D. Drowley, J. F. Baesemann, S. L. James

Thrusting and Synorogenic Sedimentation in Central Utah: ABSTRACT

Alain Villien, Roy Kligfield

Pennsylvanian-Permian Block Faulting in Subsurface of Piceance Basin, Colorado: ABSTRACT

Noel Waechter, Walter E. Johnson

Oil and Gas Potential of Idaho Thrust Belt North of Snake River Plain: ABSTRACT

John R. Warne

Coral Zonules: New Tools for Petroleum Exploration in Mission Canyon Limestone and Charles Formation, Williston Basin, North Dakota: ABSTRACT

Douglas L. Waters, William J. Sando

New Age Interpretation of Bell Creek Sandstone, Powder River Basin, Montana and Wyoming: ABSTRACT

Robert J. Weimer

Minnelusa Formation Exploration, Powder River Basin, Wyoming: an Integrated Approach: ABSTRACT

Laura A. Welch, Jesse C. Taylor

Discovery of a Mineralized Breccia Pipe in Mohawk Canyon, Northern Arizona: ABSTRACT

K. J. Wenrich, J. H. Scott, R. A. Balcer, B. S. Vangosen, G. M. Bedinger, Betsi Burmaster, J. F. Mascarenas, H. B. Sutphin

Carbonate-Evaporite Cycles in Lower Duperow Formation of Williston Basin: ABSTRACT

James Lee Wilson, R. H. Pilatzke

Depositional Environments and Diagenesis of D Sandstone, Wild Horse Field, Weld County, Colorado: ABSTRACT

Kevin M. Wilson, Jack B. Thomas

Geologic Characterization of a Field Laboratory for Coalbed Methane Exploration and Development: ABSTRACT

Stephen K. Wiman, Gregory J. Bell, Stephen H. Perlman, A. David Decker

Tectonics and Sedimentation of Middle Proterozoic Belt Basin, and Their Influence on Cretaceous Compression and Tertiary Extension in Western Montana and Northern Idaho: ABSTRACT

Don Winston

Distribution and Significance of Hydrocarbon Source Rocks in Greater Rocky Mountain Region: ABSTRACT

Jane Woodward, Fred F. Meissner, Jerry L. Clayton

Stratigraphy of Upper Morrison and Lower Dakota Group of Front Range, Colorado: New Play in Central Denver Basin?: ABSTRACT

Danny J. Wyatt

Gas Resources in Elmworth Coal Seams, Alberta, Canada: ABSTRACT

R. E. Wyman

NORTH AMERICAN COMMISSION ON STRATIGRAPHIC NOMENCLATURE: Report 10--New Articles of Organization and Procedure of North American Commission on Stratigraphic Nomenclature

Donald E. Owen , Norman P. Lasca , Edward H. Schultz