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Petrofacies Analysis of Carbonate Rocks: Example From Lower Paleozoic Hunton Group of Oklahoma and Texas

David C. Kopaska-Merkel, Gerald M. Friedman

Stratigraphy and Depositional Environment of Lower San Andres Formation in Subsurface and Equivalent Outcrops: Chaves, Lincoln, and Roosevelt Counties, New Mexico

L. A. Elliott , J. K. Warren

Experimental Study of Effect of Injection Waters on Cores from Citronelle Field, Mobile County, Alabama

Rona J. Donahoe, Linda E. Leard

Diagenesis and Hydrocarbon Accumulation, Brent Sandstone (Jurassic), Bergen High Area, North Sea

J. R. Glasmann , R. A. Clark , S. Larter , N. A. Briedis (5), P. D. Lundegard

Reservoir Sandstone Bodies in Estuarine Valley Fill: Lower Cretaceous Glauconitic Member, Little Bow Field, Alberta, Canada

James M. Wood, John C. Hopkins

Venture Gas Field, Offshore Nova Scotia: Case Study of Overpressuring in Region of Low Sedimentation Rate

Brett S. Mudford , Melvyn E. Best

Three-Dimensional Seismic Interpretation and Fault Sealing Investigations, Nun River Field, Nigeria

J. D. Bouvier , C. H. Kaars-Sijpesteijn , D. F. Kluesner , C. C. Onyejekwe , R. C. Van Der Pal (5)

Reservoir Geology of Fangst Group (Middle Jurassic), Heidrun Field, Offshore Mid-Norway

Nicholas B. Harris

Geological Modeling for Simulation Studies

W. J. E. Van De Graaff P. J. Ealey

NORTH AMERICAN COMMISSION ON STRATIGRAPHIC NOMENCLATURE: Note 57--Application for Amendment of North American Stratigraphic Code to Provide for Exclusive Informal Use of Morphological Terms Such as Batholith, Intrusion, Pluton, Stock, Plug, Dike, Sill, Diapir, and Body

Robert H. Fakundiny, Susan A. Longacre


Samuel A. Friedman