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Regional synthesis of the productive Neocomian complex of West Siberia: Sequence stratigraphic framework

O. V. Pinous, M. A. Levchuk, D. L. Sahagian

Architectural elements in a high-continuity sand-prone turbidite system, late Precambrian Kongsfjord Formation, northern Norway: Application to hydrocarbon reservoir characterization

N. J. Drinkwater, K. T. Pickering

Quick-look techniques for evaluating two-dimensional cross sections in detached contractional settings

M. Scott Wilkerson, Connie L. Dicken

Lowstand alluvial bypass systems: Incised vs. unincised

Henry W. Posamentier

Hydrocarbon exploration potential within intraplate shear-related depocenters: Deseado and San Julian basins, southern Argentina

Juan F. Homovc, Luis Constantini

Petroleum systems of Oman: Charge timing and risks

J. M. J. Terken, N. L. Frewin, S. L. Indrelid

Mushwad: Ductile duplex in the Appalachian thrust belt in Alabama

William A. Thomas

Lower Miocene Nukhul Formation, Gebel el Zeit, Egypt: Model for structural control on early synrift strata and reservoirs, Gulf of Suez

Robert D. Winn,Jr., Paul D. Crevello, William Bosworth

Gas generation and accumulation in the West Siberian basin (Discussion & Reply)

Discussion: R. J. Murris ; Reply: R. Littke, B. Cramer, P. Gerling, N. V. Lopatin, H. S. Poelchau, R. G. Schaefer, D. H. Welte

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