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Upper Cretaceous Ferron Sandstone: Major coalbed methane play in central Utah (E & P Notes)

Scott L. Montgomery, David E. Tabet, Charles E. Barker

Effects of subsidiary faults on the geometric construction of listric normal fault systems (Geologic Note)

Tingguang Song, Peter A. Cawood

Analog models of restraining stepovers in strike-slip fault systems

Ken McClay, Massimo Bonora

Lowstand deltas in the Frontier Formation, Powder River basin, Wyoming: Implications for sequence stratigraphic models

Janok P. Bhattacharya, Brian J. Willis

Use of spectral gamma-ray signature to interpret stratigraphic surfaces in carbonate strata: An example from the Finnmark carbonate platform (Carboniferous-Permian), Barents Sea

S. N. Ehrenberg, T. A. Svånå

Improved identification of pay zones through integration of geochemical and log data: A case study from Upper Assam basin, India

N. Mathur, S. V. Raju, T. G. Kulkarni

Tectonic and eustatic signals in the sequence stratigraphy of the Upper Devonian Canadaway Group, New York state

Gerald J. Smith, Robert D. Jacobi

NOTE 63--Application for amendment of the North American Stratigraphic Code concerning consistency and updating regarding electronic publishing (NORTH AMERICAN COMMISSION ON STRATIGRAPHIC NOMENCLATURE)

Ismael Ferrusquía-Villafranca, R. Michael Easton, Lucy E. Edwards, Robert H. Fakundiny, James O. Jones (deceased)

NOTE 64--Application for revision of articles 48-54, biostratigraphic units, of the North American Stratigraphic Code (NORTH AMERICAN COMMISSION ON STRATIGRAPHIC NOMENCLATURE)

Alfred C. Lenz, Lucy E. Edwards, Brian R. Pratt

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