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Emplacement and evolution of the Mahogany salt body, central Louisiana outer shelf, northern Gulf of Mexico

Mark G. Rowan, Robert A. Ratliff, Bruce D. Trudgill, Jaime Barceló Duarte

Process controls on the development of stratigraphic trap potential on the margins of confined turbidite systems and aids to reservoir evaluation

William McCaffrey, Benjamin Kneller

Permian-Carboniferous tectono-stratigraphic evolution and petroleum potential of the northern Canning basin, Western Australia

Nicholas Eyles, Carolyn H. Eyles, S. Neil Apak, Greg M. Carlsen

Stress, pore pressure, and dynamically constrained hydrocarbon columns in the South Eugene Island 330 field, northern Gulf of Mexico

Thomas Finkbeiner, Mark Zoback, Peter Flemings, Beth Stump

Lake-type controls on petroleum source rock potential in nonmarine basins

Alan R. Carroll, Kevin M. Bohacs

Geologic evolution of the Cuu Long and Nam Con Son basins, offshore southern Vietnam, South China Sea

Gwang H. Lee, Keumsuk Lee, Joel S. Watkins

Energy resources--cornucopia or empty barrel? (Discussions & Reply)

Discussion: J. H. Laherrere; Discussion: C. J. Campbell; Discussion: R. C. Duncan; Reply: Peter J. McCabe, R. C. Duncan

A new geochemical-sequence stratigraphic model for the Mahakam Delta and Makassar slope, Kalimantan, Indonesia (Discussion & Reply)

Discussion: Tobias H. D. Payenberg and Andrew D. Miall; Reply: John W. Snedden, J. F. (Rick) Sarg, Kenneth E. Peters

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