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Sequential restoration and unstraining of structural cross sections: Applications to extensional terranes: Reply

S. Gregg Erickson, Stuart Hardy, John Suppe

Structure, stratigraphy, and hydrocarbon system of a Pennsylvanian pull-apart basin in north-central Texas

Brian S. Brister, William C. Stephens, Gregg A. Norman

Stratigraphic organization of carbonate ramps and organic-rich intrashelf basins: Natih Formation (middle Cretaceous) of northern Oman

Frans S. P. van Buchem, Philippe Razin, Peter W. Homewood, W. Heiko Oterdoom, Jean Philip

Modeling secondary oil migration with core-scale data: Viking Formation, Alberta basin

Elise B. Bekele, Mark A. Person, Benjamin J. Rostron, Randal Barnes

Ancient shelf ridges-A potentially significant component of the transgressive systems tract: Case study from offshore northwest Java

Henry W. Posamentier

Upper Permian as a new play model on the mid-Norwegian continental shelf: Investigated by shallow stratigraphic drilling

T. Bugge, J. E. Ringas, D. A. Leith, G. Mangerud, H. M. Weiss, T. L. Leith

Seismic simulations of experimental strata

Lincoln Pratson, Wences Gouveia

Overpressures in the Anadarko basin, southwestern Oklahoma: Static or dynamic?

Youngmin Lee, David Deming

Sedimentation and basin evolution of the Oligocene-Miocene Mesohellenic basin, Greece

A. Zelilidis, D. J. W. Piper, N. Kontopoulos

Sequential restoration and unstraining of structural cross sections: Applications to extensional terranes: Discussion

John Wickham, George Moeckel

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