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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Material-balance assessment of the New Albany-Chesterian petroleum system of the Illinois basin

M. D. Lewan, M. E. Henry, D. K. Higley, J. K. Pitman

Outcrop-based reservoir characterization: A composite phylloid-algal mound, western Orogrande basin (New Mexico)

Patrick D. Doherty, Gerilyn S. Soreghan, John P. Castagna

Reservoir simulations developed from an outcrop of incised valley fill strata

Karl D. Stephen, Mark Dalrymple

Halokinetic sequence stratigraphy adjacent to the El Papalote diapir, northeastern Mexico

Katherine A. Giles, Timothy F. Lawton

Outcrop and behind-outcrop characterization of a late Miocene slope fan system, Mt. Messenger Formation, New Zealand

Greg H. Browne, Roger M. Slatt

Structural heterogeneity and permeability in faulted eolian sandstone: Implications for subsurface modeling of faults

Zoe K. Shipton, James P. Evans, Kim R. Robeson, Craig B. Forster, Stephen Snelgrove

An experimental study of the secondary deformation produced by oblique-slip normal faulting

Roy W. Schlische, Martha Oliver Withjack, Gloria Eisenstadt

Kilometer-scale upward migration of hydrocarbons in geopressured sediments by buoyancy-driven propagation of methane-filled fractures

Jeffrey A. Nunn, Peter Meulbroek

Sequence stratigraphic responses toshoreline-perpendicular growth faulting in shallow marine reservoirsof the Champion field, offshore Brunei Darussalam, South ChinaSea: Discussion

Marc B. Edwards, D. Hodgetts,J. Imber, C. Childs, S. Flint,J. Howell, J.Kavanagh, P. Nell, J. Walsh

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