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Geological, geophysical, and other technical and soft skills needed by geoscientists employed in the North American petroleum industry

C. P. M. Heath

Geologic framework of upper Miocene and Pliocene gas plays of the Macuspana Basin, southeastern Mexico

W. A. Ambrose, T. F. Wawrzyniec, Khaled Fouad, S. C. Talukdar, R. H. Jones, D. C. Jennette, M. H. Holtz, Shinichi Sakurai, S. P. Dutton, D. B. Dunlap, E. H. Guevara, Javier Meneses-Rocha, Jorge Lugo, Leonardo Aguilera, Jose Berlanga, Lino Miranda, Jos Ruiz Morales, Roberto Rojas, Hector Sols

Sealing properties of faults and their influence on water-alternating-gas injection efficiency in the Snorre field, northern North Sea

E. Sverdrup, J. Helgesen, J. Vold

Revised Upper Cretaceous and lower Paleogene lithostratigraphy and depositional history of the Jeanne d'Arc Basin, offshore Newfoundland, Canada

Mark E. Deptuck, R. Andrew MacRae, John W. Shimeld, Graham L. Williams, Robert A. Fensome

A geochemical perspective and assessment of leakage potential for a mature carbon dioxideenhanced oil recovery project and as a prototype for carbon dioxide sequestration; Rangely field, Colorado

Ronald W. Klusman

Discrimination of effective from ineffective porosity in heterogeneous Cretaceous carbonates, Al Ghubar field, Oman

Langhorne B. Smith, Gregor P. Eberli, Jose Luis Masaferro, Salah Al-Dhahab

New insights on the Green River petroleum system in the Uinta basin from hydrous pyrolysis experiments: Discussion

David J. Curry

New insights on the Green River petroleum system in the Uinta basin from hydrous-pyrolysis experiments: Reply

Tim E. Ruble, Michael D. Lewan, R. Paul Philp

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