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Thermal maturity and suppressed vitrinite reflectance for Neogene petroleum source rocks of Japan

Yoshihiro Ujii, Neil Sherwood, Mohinudeen Faiz, Ron W. T. Wilkins

A simple method of determining sand/shale ratios from seismic analysis of growth faults: An example from upper Oligocene to lower Miocene Niger Delta deposits

S. Pochat, S. Castelltort, J. Van Den Driessche, K. Besnard, C. Gumiaux

Integration of subsurface applications to develop a dynamic stochastic modeling workflow

T. Svanes, A. W. Martinius, J. Hegre, J.P. Maret, R. Mjs, J. C. U. Molina

Sedimentation in a low-accommodation setting: Nonmarine (Cretaceous) Mannville and marine (Jurassic) Ellis groups, Manyberries field, southeastern Alberta

Dale A. Leckie, Karen E. Wallace-Dudley, Nancy A. Vanbeselaere, David P. James

An example of alternative correlation techniques in a low-accommodation setting, nonmarine hydrocarbon system: The (Lower Cretaceous) Mannville Basal Quartz succession of southern Alberta

K. T. Ratcliffe, A. M. Wright, C. Hallsworth, A. Morton, B. A. Zaitlin, D. Potocki, D. S. Wray

Transgressive changes from tidal estuarine to marine embayment depositional systems: The Lower Cretaceous Woburn Sands of southern England and comparison with Holocene analogs

Shuji Yoshida, Howard D. Johnson, Kenneth Pye, Richard J. Dixon

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